Sublimants Sound Vector

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Sublimants Sound Vector
Sublimants Sound Vector

Video: Sublimants Sound Vector

Video: Sublimants Sound Vector
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Sublimants sound vector

Filling in sound is the greatest happiness of all its possible categories, inaccessible in other vectors. This is called a spiritual state. Without any esotericism. The sound vector has the highest potential for happiness, equal to its gigantic psychic volume. He was given by nature more than anyone else. That is why there is such a strong demand from him for failure to fulfill the inherent natural task …

The sound vector is assigned to its bearer as an inescapable striving to search and comprehend meanings. The meanings of everything around - from the smallest to the greatest: words, deeds, phenomena, world order. Potentially up to the ultimate destination - the meaning of life itself and the Creator's plan. This is the very main meaning that the sound engineer was born to comprehend.

"Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? What is the idea? " - sound questions, the search for an answer about the meaning of everything.

The search for meaning as a dominant

The sound vector is dominant. This means that his needs and aspirations are prioritized. Metaphysical existential search in sound is more important than any values and needs of other vectors, more important than anything material. And it's not a matter of choice. Here one cannot wait, postpone until later, until better, more convenient times. The mental volume of the sound vector is so great that it overshadows with its lack all other needs, even the needs of the body. An unfilled sound is capable of suppressing desires in other vectors, as if they did not exist at all. A person feels this as "I want nothing." The entire life of a sound engineer will wait on pause until the sound is full.

If desires leave, then only together with the energy given for their realization. They are replaced by apathy and energy vacuum. But this is nothing in comparison with the persistent excruciating pain of chronically unfilled sound voids. Unfulfilled, unrealized sound is depression as it is. Unbearable, unrelenting, filling the soul to the brim with suffering, the cause of which is hidden from the sufferer himself in the unconscious, unconscious to him.

Depression is a missed meaning. A person does not understand why he is so bad that life is not sweet, but with the deterioration of his condition, he unconsciously utters suicidology: “Life has no meaning”.

That being said, every sonic suicide actually wants to live. After all, sound is the largest volume of the mental, and hence desire. By suicide, he means the cessation of suffering, but not life, death of the body, but not death as such for itself. Because the sound engineer is convinced that "I am not my body." The soundman identifies himself with his consciousness, with his psyche, but not with his body.

Filling sound gaps. Sonic happiness

Meaning recognition is the only thing that fills the sound deficits. It is not the search in itself that is important, the meaning found is important. But not all meanings are created equal. The more precisely, the closer the revealed meaning is to the root cause of being, the more it has to do with the design of the universe, the more filling it gives.

Filling in sound is the greatest happiness of all its possible categories, inaccessible in other vectors. This is called a spiritual state. Without any esotericism. The sound vector has the highest potential for happiness, equal to its gigantic psychic volume. He was given by nature more than anyone else. That is why there is such a tough demand from him for failure to fulfill the inherent natural task.

Sublimants sound vector picture
Sublimants sound vector picture

And that is why this bottomless hungry abyss is so difficult to fill. The volume of the sound psyche is too great. It is much easier to leave the race straight into the scrap, never knowing your sonic happiness.

With each new generation born, the volume of the psyche is growing rapidly, including the sound vector. The size of its potential is expanding and deepening. This is the law of the evolution of the human psyche. At the same time, it becomes more and more difficult to fill the sound with the realization of its properties - to find meanings and ideas suitable for disclosure.

Sublimants sound vector

For the realization of the task of searching and revealing metaphysical meanings, the sound engineer is given a powerful abstract intellect. Applying abstract intelligence for its intended purpose, sound scientists for generations performed the task of existential cognition and reached the state of realization in sound.

However, with the growth of the volume of the psychic, the time-tested options for realizing the desire of the sound vector are rapidly exhausting themselves, disappearing into oblivion. The growing sonic desire is no longer getting the proper return from investing in old ideas, once created, no doubt, by genius sound artists. Commitment to them no longer fills the growing sonic hunger. And what seemed important until recently does not satisfy the passion for knowing oneself. No more.


Religions once completely ruled the world. Today we live in an era of finally victorious humanism. We no longer believe in God as we used to, we believe in man, we worship human life. It is she who is the most important value. Everything is now in the name of man. We do not want to serve God, but ourselves.

We have ceased to perceive this world as a reserve for the future. We want to live not in the name of the future eternal life, but in the name of the present one. We want to live and enjoy here and now.


Philosophy has also exhausted itself. Nobody lives according to Kant or Nietzsche: in their works there are answers to some questions, reasoning where there are no answers, but the main question still hangs unresolved. Nobody expects the salvation of the world from philosophy, as it was before. We grew out of it.


Poetry once embodied the highest way of realizing sound. Now she is gone. Poetry is much less in demand today than a few decades ago, because it no longer provides answers, does not bring meaning to life.

Do you know the great poets of today? At least one? All the great poets remained in the time when it was still filling the sound.


Classical music, as the quintessence of music in general, was created by the great genius of the sound vector. Music is the sensory perception of vibrations filled with deep meaning. But today it is not enough either. This is a weak filling of sound gaps.

Today we muffle our sensitive sound ears with music, so as not to hear anything around. Deafening music in headphones is like anesthesia from the pain of the surrounding world, so as not to hear, not feel, not distinguish. The louder the better.

Music - sensory perception of vibrations picture
Music - sensory perception of vibrations picture


The writing business still provides a certain opportunity for self-realization for the sound engineer. The writer, as a researcher, follows the path of understanding human nature - what is human in us, our psyche. This is a moral search for the root cause of being.

Although literature is also rapidly depleting itself. Soon, like poetry, it will cease to be relevant as a point of application of the sound potential, giving way to other, more perfect possibilities of cognition of the human soul.

The science

Science is still the most powerful of the so-called sublimants for the sound vector. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, even medicine. This is especially true of the exact sciences, since science is always closely related to technology, the application of scientific knowledge in practice. It is the professions that implement technologies that are the last refuge of sound specialists. For example, programming.

The implementation of abstract intelligence in scientific knowledge and the search for the laws of the universe, as well as in the practical application of scientific knowledge, allows modern sound scientists to stay afloat, does not allow them to plunge into the abyss with their heads. But nothing more. A depressive background of varying degrees of intensity haunts them too.

Science deals with the study of the material world and does not investigate metaphysical things. This is its essence and this is the same - limitation as a way of filling the sound vector. Since the human soul is immaterial and has a rather metaphysical nature.

Profession in our time is no longer a guarantee of filling the sound vector. You can even engage in refined sound work from morning to night, but this no longer provides insurance against depression. The pressure of increased sound deficits calls for something more.

A workaround to nowhere. Anesthesia and self-deception

The unbearable pain of sound voids falls on modern sound specialists already in puberty and sometimes leads to the wrong path. Instead of a genuine search for sound meanings and the application of forces to generate new ideas, sound scientists try to directly influence brain chemistry with drugs, anesthetizing persistent pain. Refusal to sell in favor of drugs is an easy and quick dead end. Crash test for the mind and body with a predictable outcome.

A more harmless, but no less dead-end way is to physically influence the brain through various practices of expanding consciousness, such as meditation and deprivation. They turn off those parts of the brain that are responsible for the perception of space and time. Through this we get a new experience in sensations, but not a new meaning. In this experience there is no cognition for which the soundman was born.

You cannot simply replace the work of opening with direct action on the brain. It's a shortcut, but it leads nowhere. At the end it is self-deception, not the sound happiness of fullness.

Direct implementation in sound

For a modern sound engineer, the issue of filling sound deficiencies and implementing the sound vector is a matter of survival. Refusal to implement today will no longer allow the sound engineer to remain just a moderately depressive grump, make him sip from this bowl in full.

How to be able to realize all the universal psychic potential that is given? He will not let you forget about himself, he will not let you pretend that you are different. What awaits you ahead: meaninglessness of existence, depression or sound happiness, spiritual state, potential at the peak of fulfillment? Hell or Heaven?

And which road leads to heaven? How not to go astray?

Implementation in sound picture
Implementation in sound picture

Sublimants are just substitutes for direct implementation in the sound vector. Therefore, with the increase in the volume of the mental, they no longer provide the necessary content.

And what gives? What is a direct realization in sound? This is the knowledge of the human psyche directly. To see, hear, feel, understand the soul - any, including your own. The first step towards disclosing an idea.

Today there is an opportunity to reveal the human psyche in all its volume at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". At the training, everyone gets the opportunity to explore the metaphysical properties of our psyche. From its deep roots to the smallest manifestations in everyday life.

With the help of a system of precise differences, the observer reveals a previously unknown unconscious - a single eight-dimensional matrix of the psychic. We begin to be aware of it and observe it in other people.

The knowledge of the deep eight-dimensional structure of the psyche causes tectonic shifts in the perception of the surrounding reality - akin to the way Copernicus discovered that the Earth is round. This is systemic thinking - the skill to see the human soul through a system of differences in vectors as part of a single eight-dimensional matrix of the collective unconscious.

Through eight vectors, we see the psyche of another person as it is. From cause to effect. From the past to the future. We can tell more about a person than he can about himself. We begin to truly understand people, accept them, justify with all our hearts, as ourselves. This is the effect of a deep understanding of the nature of the human psyche and the true reasons for his actions.

The untapped field of application of systems thinking is no less than the whole world, wherever there are other people. Since the matrix of the psyche is unified, systemic knowledge is scaled to any level - the level of an individual, relationships in a couple, in a family, in a team, in society, between countries and even mentalities. It also means that such knowledge is unprecedentedly effective in solving practical problems at any of these levels.

Systems thinking is the skill to reveal meaning in everything that happens around. People, events - everything suddenly becomes full of true deep meaning, everything fits into a coherent picture of the general design of the world order.

And it fills the starving sound psyche with delight like nothing else. Because this is the direct disclosure of the meanings leading to the true intention.

This level of realization leaves no room for sound voids, depression and suicidal thoughts. It opens up a breathtaking perspective on the embodiment of all the immense potential of sound happiness - both personal and general, specific.

The filled sound no longer crushes the needs and possibilities of realizing other vectors, and we get a bonus to sound happiness - ordinary worldly human happiness in other vectors.

Full sound picture
Full sound picture

Everyone can get the skill of systems thinking at Yuri Burlan's online trainings "System-vector psychology".

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