A Nun Without A Skirt. Secrets Of The Skin Sound

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A Nun Without A Skirt. Secrets Of The Skin Sound
A Nun Without A Skirt. Secrets Of The Skin Sound

Video: A Nun Without A Skirt. Secrets Of The Skin Sound

Video: A Nun Without A Skirt. Secrets Of The Skin Sound
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A nun without a skirt. Secrets of the skin sound

"Sex is so primitive, rude, somehow animal-like … and why? To give birth to a child? Today it can be done in dozens of other ways. And, to be honest, I have slightly different interests in life …"

I tried sex with a man. Nothing supernatural. The same as masturbation, only together. And with him then you also need to talk about something. I want him to get up and leave right away.

Do you think these are the words of an ardent man-hater, lesbian feminist, or a mentally ill woman? Not! There are women who are not interested in sex because of her psychological characteristics and conditions. And at the same time, it is they who can have a large number of partners, and outwardly express themselves almost sexually unbridled. Contradiction? In any case, only seeming …

Attraction, desire for sex, libido is a manifestation of our most vital, physical, even animal desires. In a combination of skin and sound vectors, desires of this kind can be expressed much less compared to other vector combinations. More than others, the skin vector, prone to self-limitation, is able to limit itself even in sex, its libido is clearly balanced. It is excited by the factor of novelty, personal gain or benefit. A new place, posture, entourage, accessories, however, in an insufficiently developed state, the leatherworker satisfies his desire for novelty by simply changing his partner.

The presence of a sound, asexual and dominant vector can completely suppress a low cutaneous libido. That is why skin sound specialists often call themselves asexuals and can lead an almost ascetic lifestyle.

Sex is so primitive, rude, somehow animal-like … and why? To have a baby? Today this can be done in a dozen other ways. And, to be honest, I have slightly different interests in life.

Skin-sound woman lives in her own world. Her range of interests is mostly non-material issues: music or poetry, physics or esotericism, programming or gaming. However, whatever it is, on a subconscious level it is a search for answers to my life, an attempt to understand why I am here, where I came from and where I am going, the desire to satisfy the sound need for understanding myself.

The strength of the sound desire is so great that a low cutaneous libido is suppressed by the needs of the dominant sound vector, as a result of which the feeling of intimacy of intercourse is lost. She can change partners like gloves, getting a little carnal satisfaction, often without even having an orgasm. But these meetings allow her to temporarily leave the sound states that cause such great discomfort, to feel like a living, real woman who can have the desires of the body and the ability to satisfy them.

Sex in this case becomes on a par with other ways of self-knowledge. For teenage girls with deteriorating condition, the most accessible and simple way to relieve tension in the sound is masturbation, obsessive, repeated, repeated several times a day. This way this method can remain with an adult woman who has not learned to receive satisfaction otherwise. Or it can transform into a frequent change of partners, even without remembering their names or faces.

Lack of internal understanding of the value of one's own body, the value of intimacy, higher and more complex than the level of the body, connection with a partner, but with a keen desire to satisfy sound needs in any way.


A direct, easy and infantile version of enjoying oneself, an attempt to feel an altered state of reality even for a moment, to look behind the curtain of life, but return.

This world is emptiness, and people in it are meaningless shadows. Today one, tomorrow another … Do they want my body? So let them take it. It's not that important to me.

Embodying the projection of the power of reception, a woman, under the influence of sound shortages, transfers the process of self-knowledge from the spiritual to the physical. She makes this transfer to her own body, without feeling the value of her intimate life and not striving to develop further relationships with the opposite sex.

The sexually unbridled behavior of a skin sound person is a primitive attempt to satisfy the sound need for self-knowledge at the bodily level, which is not even able to partially fill the high temperament of a modern sound person, which means it turns into a kind of temporary relief from the tension of psychological properties and requires more and more repetition.

In this state, the skin-sound woman often falls into various esoteric movements, sects of a sexual nature. In addition, she herself becomes capable of inducing others with her own fanaticism, conviction of involvement in a higher mission and other self-deception.

I'm not made for a relationship, I don't see the point in that. I study parallel worlds, the influence of stars on our life, the movement of cosmic energy from planet to planet. Deep meditation is my way of cultivating myself.

Not striving for paired relationships due to her asexuality, the skin-sound woman does not get the opportunity to fulfill her general genus specific role - the role of the mother.

Choosing the wrong path of meditation and spiritual practice, separating ourselves even more from others, thereby we distance ourselves from the real comprehension of our own essence - a woman and a member of society.

In fact, a skin-sound woman is easier than others to make any changes, turns in development and adaptation to new conditions. She is faster than others able to go through the process of cognition and development of her own psychological properties through the formation of systems thinking in the process of training in system-vector psychology.

Asexual behavior cannot fill a woman, it is alien to her by nature. Likewise, sexual licentiousness is not able to truly satisfy her, but only increases the internal emptiness and worsens the psychological state. Understanding the systemic meaning, opportunities and prospects of pair relations for herself, a woman is able to open up for a partner, realizing herself first of all, filling her own shortcomings.


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of a developed and systemically thinking sound man in the life of a modern skin and sound woman. Only such a partner does she feel equal to herself even on a subconscious level and is capable of real steps in her development, leading to significant changes in her life. With such a man, it is a sound woman who can not only discover real sex, real life, real love for herself, but also feel the sound spiritual fulfillment.

For the first time feeling the fullness of the relationship between a man and a woman, realizing what the sound consonance of partners means, spiritual coition, embodied in the physical closeness of two kindred souls, a sound woman is able to receive pleasure from sex at a much higher level than just temporary satisfaction from faceless intercourse.

Wandering in the darkness of our own desires without a systematic understanding of the nature of our psyche, we often look for answers exactly where there are none. We have a choice today. To understand yourself and taste a fulfilling life, or continue the fruitless search for meaning in meditation and self-isolation from the world and yourself.

Free lectures on system-vector psychology provide an opportunity to open the veil of the unconscious and see what is there, deep inside, where consciousness ends.

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