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Skin Vector
Skin Vector
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Skin vector

Skin legend: "Those who save become rich", "Save a penny a ruble". This is the biggest ambush for a skin person: in an attempt to save on little things, he loses a lot. For example, by saving on an advertising campaign, you will lose money for the entire project.

Business time, fun hour.

Your shirt is closer to your body.

The penny saves the ruble.

Movement is life.

Population: 24%.

Archetype: Limiting primary urges for sex and murder.

Species role:

In peacetime - creator and custodian of food supplies.

In wartime - a side hunter-alimentator.


1. The color of the greatest comfort is khaki.

2. The geometry of the greatest comfort is the cross.

3. Place in the quartet - the outer part of the SPACE quartel, extrovert.

4. Type of thinking - logical.


Returning to the cave, the leather man became the keeper of food resources. The army returning from the hunt brought prey, everyone sat at a common table, starting a feast for the whole world. And only the leatherman at that moment thought that tomorrow there might not be any prey, and therefore part of the food must be saved, left in reserve.

Until now, here and there we notice archetypal skin grandmothers, who store in their bins everything that can be useful to a person for 20 years in advance. Today, such behavior does not make sense, but once it saved the life of the entire flock.

Later, another form of economy became relevant - saving energy, time and resources. It was the leatherman who first thought about how much extra time and effort the flock spends on reaching the nearest ford or to carry all the belongings on itself. And then he came up with the idea of ​​knocking down a palm tree to make a bridge, and invented the first wheel.

From a natural thirst for economy, skin people became inventors, innovators and engineers. A bow, spear, carts, roads, and subsequently any engineering structures, structures, technologies - all this is the result of the activity of skin people.

Just as young healthy skin has amazing elasticity, so the body of a skin person has amazing flexibility and mobility. A pure dermal person always has long, slender legs, a flexible spine, which allows him to become a genius dancer. Only skinny women gracefully keep the space on stiletto heels - they move beautifully and quickly in high heels.

A developed dermal person is distinguished by precise, dexterous movements of the body and hands, it is always pleasant to observe his work. It makes the most dexterous and accurate hunter and shooter, accurately feeling the trajectory of a spear, arrow, bullet.

Overloads on the skin vector affect the body: the skin instantly becomes covered with spots, acne, and a rash.

In addition to a flexible body, the skin man also has a flexible psyche. Its distinctive feature is the ability to turn 180 degrees: today I will assert and prove one thing, and tomorrow with the same conviction - the opposite, the only question is what is more beneficial for me to speak at the moment.

Psychological flexibility allows leather workers to easily and quickly adapt to any changing conditions, be it a job change, moving to another city or even to another country. The skin type of people will always be able to find their niche in a new environment.

Logic, logical thinking is also a distinctive feature of skinners. In their speech you can often hear phrases: “This is not logical! Where is the logic here? It would be logical to assume, "and so on. Causal relationships are built in their heads with amazing accuracy, which allows leather workers to become ingenious inventors, engineers, designers, the best accountants, bankers, and logistics.

Skin people are stingy with emotions, praise, restrained, secretive. The question is always answered with a question. They never tell anything about themselves, but everyone will ask about others, collect all the information. Conciseness is the skins' horse.

The skin vector forms the outer part of the space quartel. On a physical level, the skin separates a person from the environment and limits the human body. The same happens at the mental level: it was the skin vector that limited the primary urges for sex and murder, thereby tearing a person away from the animal world.

From that moment on we ceased to be just animals obeying instincts, our natural actions began to fall under the regulation. By dividing the whole world into an area "inside the cave" and "outside the cave", the skin established different behavior on different sides of the border. Inside the cave we do not kill and do not take by force other people's wives - otherwise punishment, outside the cave we fight (kill) and take women away - and there is no punishment for this. This is where the roots of all the laws of the world lie.

The inner need to limit, prohibit, control is the essence of the skin vector.

Skinner's keywords - "No!" and "You can't!" … They prefer to first refuse, and then, perhaps, agree. They come up with various rationalizations for their behavior. In fact, the essence of skin desire is simple: skin people get pleasure, fulfilling their natural function of prohibition and restriction, and the word "no" is basic here.

leather3 no
leather3 no

The leather worker saves, like everything else, his own and other people's time. The skin man really does not like it when you are late for a meeting, and he himself prefers not to be late. The sense of time allows him to wake up a minute before the alarm goes off and never be late. Precision is the courtesy of skin kings.

This is a person who can do several things at the same time and be in time for everything. He does not strive, like an anal sex, to do everything perfectly, but he manages to do much more in the same time.

Skin legend: "Those who save become rich", "Save a penny a ruble". This is the biggest ambush for a skin person: in an attempt to save on little things, he loses a lot. For example, by saving on an advertising campaign, he loses money for the entire project.

Stressed leather workers love sales. They wait for it to become 15% cheaper, then 30%, then 50%, then 90%, and they suffer a lot if they bought it 2 rubles more expensive than in a nearby store.

The only thing he doesn't save on is health. The leather worker eats a lot of vitamins, biologically active additives, carefully monitors his diet, limits himself to food, eats only what is useful. Skin people are regulars in beauty salons and health resorts. The native fear of a person with a skin vector is the fear of getting infected with something through the skin.

The erogenous zone of the skin is its sensitive skin surface. He needs tactile contact: he will always stroke a person, touch, shake, and he himself loves stroking and light touches. For this reason, the skins are spoken of as affectionate and gentle people.

The libido of the skin relative to other vectors is low. In this regard, he does not form a persistent sexual attachment to one partner. In the emergence of sexual desire, the novelty factor plays the main role, therefore, the skinner often has a greater number of partners compared to representatives of other vectors.

The roots of all marriages of convenience and what anal people call "adultery" lie in the skin vector. This is where the answer to the questions "Why do wives cheat?" and "Why do men cheat?" …

A relatively low libido forces the owner of the skin vector to expand his sexual rights through career advancement and an increase in social status. High status and wealth increase his attractiveness as a sexual partner, and the chances of transferring his gene pool to the future increase.

That is why the dermal man is very ambitious and self-confident, career growth and a bank account are important for him. He is not a leader, he is a leader. Trade, business is his element. Here are the roots of the skin's love for sports and various competitions.

Developed leatherworkers today are becoming engineers and lawmakers.

All modern civilization is built on the law, on the recognition of everyone's right to their individuality. Western civilization is the bearer of the skin mentality, and it is she who proclaims skin freedom, based on the law.

It is important to teach a child with a cutaneous vector in the pre-pubertal period to discipline and play sports. You can and should negotiate with him: "Do this and that, then you can go for a walk", "Finish the quarter with excellent marks, we'll buy you a bicycle." Only you need to keep your promises, otherwise the skin child, who finished a quarter with all fives, but never received a bicycle, will learn for life that promises can not be kept, and everyone around lies.

Regime is extremely important for the skin child. It is important to adequately guide him, explaining why something cannot be done. He must be taught to obey, then he will subsequently be able to lead subordinates.

It must be taken into account that an active, mobile, always ready for new exploits and adventures, a skin rascal caught for a misdemeanor will surely be cunning, dodge and lie in order to avoid punishment. In the case of punishment through physical impact, traumatizing his skin erogenous zone, he will relieve stress through petty theft, for example, carrying small change from the pockets of classmates. The fact is that stress in the skin vector causes an archetypal urge to steal, which the child cannot cope with, which again incurs the wrath of the parents.

Frequent painful effects on delicate sensitive skin lead to adaptation to pain, it even becomes pleasant and desirable. This is how masochism arises. In some cases, this can develop into a life scenario of failure. Skin boys, beaten in childhood, are future masochists, “losers” - losers, petty thieves and drunkards.

The stimulus in raising skin boys (but not girls) can be material stimulation. Adequate punishment in raising a skin child - limitation in space and time - does not interfere with the development of his properties, allowing him to subsequently become a successful businessman, engineer, economist, legislator, etc.

Today we live in the skin world, in skin times. It is very important to understand what difficulties they bring us, it is important to be able to correctly orient your life in this ever-accelerating flow. You will be able to deeply understand yourself and realize your place in this new world, understand how to properly raise children with a skin vector, at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Detailed information about the peculiarities of the psyche of people with a skin vector, the scenarios of their relationships with others can be found already at the free online training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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