Between The Creator And The Red Button. Sounds

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Between The Creator And The Red Button. Sounds
Between The Creator And The Red Button. Sounds

Video: Between The Creator And The Red Button. Sounds

Video: Between The Creator And The Red Button. Sounds
Video: Dumb Ways to Die (I wonder what this red button does) 2023, March

Between the Creator and the red button. Sounds

In the sensations of the other vectors, there is “I” (in the body) and there is “the world outside of me” (outside of my body). At the same time, the remaining seven vectors have this "world outside me" - the physical world - outside. The sound engineer has both worlds inside: consciousness and the unconscious hidden from me. The external world in pure sound is illusory, unknowable.

I was sayin 'let me outthere before I was even born, It's such gamble when you get face, It's fascinatin 'to observe what the mirror does, But when I dine it's for the wall that I set place.

I belong to the blank generation, And I can take it or leave it each time

We often hear from them about the meaninglessness of life, emptiness, despair, melancholy, "existential crisis", a black abyss inside. God is dead, nothing is true, existence is absurd. Their dumb question and the answer not found to it shines through in their entire essence. There are many children of the same kind, at the age of 15 they are already old people who are not interested in anything in the world. Experiencing severe depression, running away from themselves into alcohol, drugs and heavy music. These are not empty words. In previous generations, such conditions overtook them much later. They are not ordinary children or ordinary adults. In a way, very special. They are sound people with a sick sound. Such children and adults suffer, even with all the earthly blessings and love of loved ones. Why?

What is the threat of unfilled sound today? And what is its own unfilled sound for each such person. What actually lives on them when they experience such colossal pain for seemingly invisible reasons. There are answers to these questions. How is it when the "sound hurts"? What is at the root of egocentrism? Why are so many drugs and antidepressants used? Why are so many people going to commit suicide today? Why are people secluded today? Why are there more urban massacres? After all, what is the cause of the global crisis today at all levels? And how are all these things related? And how can these problems be solved for future generations? What to do with the total emptiness and loneliness of the sound specialist closed within himself …

Picture between the Creator and the red button
Picture between the Creator and the red button

Keep in mind that a large number of sounders (especially if they are without a visual vector) never tell anyone about their states, they generally communicate little with other people, often selectively.

“As a teenager, I constantly ate pills, did not differentiate other people at all, did not feel them, it was all some kind of illusion. I didn’t even understand anything at all: neither who they were nor where I was, everything was confused and muddled. there was a time at the university when I promised myself that I would no longer talk to people and leave the house, such a vow. it seemed that from this super state you would become cleaner. but in reality I felt very bad and had to cut my hands to get out somehow. even at the physical level, I understood that I had to go out somehow, take a step towards, but at a higher level - no. I will burst into tears right now, either from anger and powerlessness, or from something else, if then someone told me, even I just saw and read it. I can’t even remember so hard for me this miserable existence and floundering.

yes, IF SOMEONE WOULD TELL ME ABOUT THE SOUND! said and showed !!!!

these are nanobytes of light years of pain and despair that fit into your box in your head. when I heard about sound, you know what happened to me? everything trembled inside and I listened many times, every word was important. with every word every million pain went away. I wanted to cry from understanding myself. YOU ARE LIVING ALL YOUR LIFE AND YOU KNOW THAT NO ONE SOUL OF YOU WILL UNDERSTAND only anger and powerlessness. all life! I want to go out, you suck there. you think how to interrupt, quickly let go of these difficult conditions, go away for a while, and then in a new way.

these same idiots sound otherwise later … to learn about them in a few years, as one sticks out, the other wets people, the third wanted to blow up the station, the fourth went out the window … it's impossible to hear about it! everything is bubbling with me …"

Surely you have met these people, and someone, quite possibly, even recognizes himself. "I am a sound engineer." You need to understand what it is. What is sound? What kind of metaphysical entity is called by this word? What lump is behind the words "I am the Soundman"? What does it mean to have a sound vector? What are sound desires? Why today they are geniuses in potential and degenerates in fact …

In my feelings I am arrogant, from the earliest years - "I am above you all", I just know that I am different - not born for this world. Sound is the top of the eight-vector pyramid with the greatest desire, which makes it the dominant vector. Sound is the top of the pyramid and has a special task. Comprehension of the root cause, essence, the basic law of the universe, comprehension of your I. Of all eight vectors, only me, a sound engineer, have the following question: “What is the meaning of life? What's after it? What are we living for? Is there a God? What is he like? " Sound contains the greatest desire for comprehension, the most powerful abstract intellect and, as a result of non-realization, the greatest shortages and sufferings. Empty generation. Between comprehending myself and the red button, I, the sound engineer, always balance between genius and insanity. It is about the sound specialists that it is written: “I sawhow the best minds of my generation fell victim to madness."

Sounds picture
Sounds picture

In the sensations of the other vectors, there is “I” (in the body) and there is “the world outside of me” (outside of my body). At the same time, the remaining seven vectors have this "world outside me" - the physical world - outside. The sound engineer has both worlds inside: consciousness and the unconscious hidden from me. The external world in pure sound is illusory, unknowable. By the way, the sound engineer is the only one who separates his physical body and his I.

My, the sonic's, task from nature is to win a place from the unconscious with consciousness, to reveal what lives by me. Call it a word. Understand the reason for your existence. I start all sentences with "I" - there is something hidden from me, on which I am focused, which focuses me on my internal states. But comprehension takes place in the correct way only if there is concentration on both sides of the eardrum.

In other words, when I focus on the mental friend (on the projections in the physical world of the metaphysical, hidden from me), I comprehend the hidden within myself. When an audio engineer focuses on disturbing sounds outside, he has a complementary development of precise thought that develops into serious ideas. Concentration outward led to the development of thoughts, created philosophers. The idea is to comprehend the non-physical states by the sound engineer through his erogenous zone. Only by entering through the ear does knowledge become voluminous.

It was about the developed sound specialists in high temperament that they said: "Genius". A genius poet, musician, composer, physicist, revolutionary, writer, spiritual leader, philosopher, even a surgeon. The sound engineer, having concentrated his thought in the right direction, is able to reach unprecedented heights, due to his enormous abilities from birth. Even today, sound scientists are looking for answers to an inner question in the outside world, they feel the need to realize the reason for their existence and design. In books, philosophy, religion, theology, physics, sects, ideas of social transformation, psychiatry, psychology, esoteric teachings, even in programming. They are looking for something that worked before, in past generations, but today it stops working for them. Doesn't fully satisfy. Previously, they could quite fill even with music or poetry,today it is not enough for a high temperament in sound. The desire for comprehension has grown, it has become enormous. Today, every sound child is potentially genius. But substitutes in comprehending oneself, which all of the above were, are not enough for the current sound desire. The aching hunger will remain, no matter what they try, and it will only grow.

Zwischen Mikrophon und Makrokosmos / Between Microphone and Macrocosm

Zwischen Chaos und ohne Ziel / Amid chaos and without any goal

Zwischen Plankton und Philosophie / Between Plankton and Philosophy

Zwischen Semtex und Utopie / Between Semtex and Utopia

Gibt es sie / There they are

Zwischen Genesis und sixsixsix / Between Genesis and the number 666

Why are audio professionals such a problem today? Precisely because the desire of the sound engineer, multiplied by egocentrism, is not filled with thought. Because I, the sound engineer, focus on myself directly, bypassing the outside world, I lock myself in egocentrism. I, a sound person, egocentric by birth - inside myself (I do not feel anyone). Both worlds are inside, I am an introvert. I am smart, I have powerful abstract intelligence. As an egocentric sonic, it is incredibly difficult for me to admit that there is someone smarter than me. This is an aberration of perception. My own egocentrism is the wall that I need to overcome, otherwise the path to nowhere does not develop, I remain in the archetype.

Why sound engineers are such a problem today picture
Why sound engineers are such a problem today picture

Sound in egocentrism, instead of focusing on the world outside of itself - outside, focuses on itself directly. Then thoughts are not born or false thoughts are born, often schizoid - about God's chosenness, ideas in sects or about the mass destruction of other bodies - for example, fascism. The soundman lives with a false sense of his own genius mind. It takes on a huge void that cannot be filled. She fades into depression. If a sound person is closed on himself, in egocentrism, he closes his thoughts inside himself and feels like a genius, but his thought does not give rise to anything except an insanely inflated desire. And the more his egocentrism and the feeling of his own genius grows, the more the external world moves away from him and turns into an illusory, meaningless, connection with the external world is lost, the value of the body is lost. Potential geniusessound people turn into moral degenerates.

By the way, we almost certainly met such sound people in egocentrism, albeit not in monstrous forms, in our environment. These people are arrogant, in fact, consider themselves insanely significant, having read several more books or, for example, distinguishing several styles of music. They have no real spiritual comprehension, they are not brilliant scientists, nothing. They do not understand that they are measuring according to a false standard, do not realize, they follow the lead of a false sensation. We sometimes say that they have an off-scale PSV.

The external world for the sound engineer in egocentrism is a complete illusion, it does not exist. There is only I and God, and nothing else. Also, due to egocentrism, I, a sound engineer, have a feeling that everything that happens in the world is connected only with me, I look everywhere for signs. Conversely, only the sound people are militant atheists, only they can deny God. Trying to answer the question about God, they say: "There is no God."

If I do not come out of egocentrism, the outside world becomes more and more illusory, which often leads to moral and moral autism, moral degeneration. Morality and ethics are associated with the outside world - as the meaning of culture. When communication with the outside world is lost, these secondary cultural constraints fall away. I do not find God and I stop feeling other people. And then Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Egocentrism soundman picture
Egocentrism soundman picture

When I, the sound engineer, sit in a virtual game, I immerse myself in an illusion that entertains me. I create false unemotional schemes, take someone's life, and this does not harm anyone. By the same pattern, we begin to perceive the outside world, as if we can take a machine gun with impunity and shoot people (moral degeneration), while not experiencing any worries.

It depends on how the sound thought is concentrated - inside oneself or outside - and it depends whether Einstein, Perelman or Lenin grows out of the sound engineer, or he becomes Hitler or Breivik. They were all sound specialists.

The growth of egocentrism leads to an increase in depression, and they, in turn, to an increase in suicidal thoughts. Because there is a break with the outside world. Suicide - the killing of my body - occurs when I, the sound engineer, desperate to find meaning here in the physical world, decide to enter the world of eternity and infinity through the back door.

A suicidal soundman does not mean death, he means eternal life. He means to get rid of the body and finally merge with the Creator within himself, which the body only interferes with (in its sensations). Suicide - a lost battle with your egocentrism - is actually the murder of the soul. Ultimately, the sound engineer does not realize his plan, does not fulfill his mission, does not take his destiny. The body was given to him in order, being in it, to comprehend eternity and infinity.

Why is the sound engineer locked? The ear erogenous zone is the most sensitive, capable of picking up even the slightest vibrations. What happens when we get into the world? It is full of different sounds. Even when the baby is in the womb, he distinguishes between them. And if suddenly from everywhere everything starts to rattle, rumble, yell in his ear, if he receives any negative through the ear (for example, his own mother whispers in his ear: "Well, I have a son, idiot, brake, I'd better have an abortion"). Then the sound person, in an attempt to avoid suffering, narrows the channel of perception through the ear, extinguishes neural connections, the ability to learn. Becomes autistic or permanently remains with selective contact. By the way, a large number of mental illnesses are in sound with various combinations. Schizophrenia is a sound vector neurosis.

Even if he does not become autistic from the rumble and noise, the sound engineer begins to reject the people around him. From the very birth, he realizes that he needs from life not the same as all other people: children, family, work, relationships - this is not what he is looking for, this is not something that can satisfy him. The sound engineer may even completely refuse to communicate with people: “Other people do not understand me. Not a single soul in the world understands me. I'm lonely". In fact, other sound specialists, exactly the same as him, - 5% of the whole. But he is always alone in his egocentrism. Sound specialists even came up with the idea that “all people are different, each person is unique” in order to justify the inner feeling of their own significance and God's chosenness.

We sound musicians are generally big music lovers. Electronic, rock music, unusual, complex, experimental. But in an attempt to isolate ourselves from the outside world even more, we start listening to very heavy music. We are fenced off with a rumbling wall from the world so as not to hear it. Heavy music also tends to break down neural connections. Pay special attention to people who reach for speakers at rock festivals. They have billions of neuronal connections dying at this time, and they feel a little better. The suffering is relieved. After - you feel devastation, but the soul does not hurt.

Then, in the same attempts to escape from suffering, we, the sound people, all, or almost all, go to drugs. In order to pacify our insane, unfulfilled sound desire, in pursuit of imaginary pleasure we switch to heavier substances and achieve that we "kill" it: the most powerful intensity from trips emasculates desire, neutralizes it. The soundman seems to stop looking, calms down. There is a false feeling of fullness, peace. It is a false feeling that in several sessions he has known "eternity", that his search is over. Drugs are a dead end. All the arguments that the sound addict can give in his justification are the rationalization of an unfulfilled natural task and a crippled, now half-dead gut.

Drugs are a dead end picture
Drugs are a dead end picture

“I don’t remember exactly when it started, so you feel completely black and empty and want to disconnect from reality, not feel my self, but at 14 I started reading some kind of esotericism, and at 15 and 16 I almost stopped going to school throwing a mountain of pills at home from the first aid kit. the days were not remembered but looked like a muddy dream and nothing really hurt. everything was terribly boring, stupid and unnecessary, except that there was music. I've been a slave and a fan of music (any complex, experimental) for a long time, but now I hardly listen. and it seems that I was just waiting for something, waiting for the opportunity to get out of this boring little town where I was born. at school the teachers disliked me and despised me, thinking that I was a hooligan or something like that, my classmates treated me with contempt,after the 9th grade, I closed myself off and was almost always silent or sat with the player on the back of the desk, drew, and they began to consider me also strange. there were no friends who understood, too, almost nothing "mine" leaked into the city, even the radio was jammed, but all that I could get out of "mine" I eagerly sought. but it was still zero, and then I began to drink heavily. I hated being at home, I generally tried to lock myself in the room and not communicate with my parents. then there was a university, from which I was safely kicked out 2 times due to my own stupidity, since I did not climb out from behind a computer day and night and drank like hell. when the internet appeared, that's all. I didn't need anything else in my life, I didn't want to know anything, I eagerly absorbed any esotericism. mystical books - millions of authors, I got lost in them, drowned and intertwined all this heresy in my head. I could not go out for weeks,except for the addition of alcohol and then at night. but I had to go to work and I still talked with some sound specialists from the university. then I had a hobby - when I was really bad and did not feel at all either the body or the reality, where I am, I cut my hands or burned my skin with a cigarette. so that at least tears from my eyes bring this pain out.

this huge loneliness and misunderstanding of anything that was happening was insanely tormented, I was getting more confused. with our equally crazy friends, we discussed all these insane states, dreams, books. like stretches to like and we read crazy crowley, lavea, wilson, thelems, ufo, all sorts of revelations of angels, xs that in general, aghori, all sorts of rare tantric black sects. I was always attracted by the blackest bottom, which by the way was never seen and I sank lower and lower. she invented all sorts of nonsense, rituals, could not communicate with anyone, completely lost touch with her parents, could remain silent for several days, lived only at night. then I had to move to another city where things got even worse. I just writhed in pain, went crazy, did not remember what I was doing, binges and the Internet, emotional vampirism and a complete abyss in sound.and once I got to the point and there was an attempt at suicide, only because of my neglect, nothing came of it. only severe poisoning and I several. days did not get out of bed.

I managed to return to the city where I studied. everything changed abruptly there, with friends we rode the roof even more, not knowing how to fill our sound and began to try drugs. all this rolled like a snowball - nightclubs, strange people who carried new sects and many, many, many drugs, there was everything except heroin, since we valued primarily what they could give for the psyche. acid as the most psychedelic as one of the main, they were quite heavy on the action of about 20 or more hours of brain burning. this went on for a couple of years, they stopped filling and everyone was drawn further, seminars on lucid dreaming, stupid hippie festivals, hard music, the most radical sects. almost nobody came back. they have grown beards or qigun in their Zen, go to the elders on Baikal for the next enlightenment,someone is still using. I also closed myself off from friends. Yes, drugs eased suffering, but then I got stuck in them and completely stopped dividing my world and the outside. I didn’t want to work or study, only to hammer more and more. still attracted to music, sometimes I played. but having lost some other stupid drug-spoiled relationship, I closed myself off and again and harder everything started. I deceived everyone just to give money, no one lent anymore. hard drinking and drugs and the internet. then my father had already died and my mother stopped giving money, I had to go to live with her. to that city, but I didn't care where to suffer. not a ray of light.still attracted to music, sometimes I played. but having lost some other stupid drug-spoiled relationship, I closed myself off and again and harder everything started. I deceived everyone just to give money, no one lent anymore. hard drinking and drugs and the internet. then my father had already died and my mother stopped giving money, I had to go to live with her. to that city, but I didn't care where to suffer. not a ray of light.still attracted to music, sometimes I played. but having lost some other stupid drug-spoiled relationship, I closed myself off and again and harder everything started. I deceived everyone just to give money, no one lent anymore. hard drinking and drugs and the internet. then my father had already died and my mother stopped giving money, I had to go to live with her. to that city, but I didn't care where to suffer. not a ray of light.

Great loneliness and misunderstanding of anything picture
Great loneliness and misunderstanding of anything picture

there I started hallucinations. I could not sleep, I felt someone's presence in the room, there were terrible dreams about the devil and the Mother of God, the dead father appeared, everything knocked at night - the walls, the closet. here they sound. fears, I could not be alone in the room at all, and not alone could not. these poltergeists finished them off the rest of the household heard. One night, after smoking a lot of Salvia, I thought that I was dying and rushed to my mother, losing consciousness. after that I decided that everything was enough, that I could get out and just tied it up, threw everything that tormented me. but hit a raw food diet, the state of fanaticism did not leave. and the internet again. I returned to Nizhny Novgorod some time ago, but again I could not help learning not to work. stupid, but I rolled down again, because it was all over - nothing I tried filled …"

Sound specialists today can easily take other people's lives, because they do not value their own. They can exchange the comprehension of the Creator for the ideas of religions and sects. And they can comprehend the Creator in groups, overcoming their egocentrism, expand the channel of Divine Light for a single organism - all of humanity. Fulfill your specific role using the enormous opportunities of today's global world.

Sound people want to change. Gasping for lack, rushing about in search, finding something. There is a mass of information around, a huge number of teachings, ideas, previously hidden, but now available. They don't know what to start. They find, try and search further. Or remain if the temperament is low. Freedom of will, freedom of choice sounds today as a call to develop into a Spiritual person. The level of direct comprehension of the Creator has become available. And collective comprehension can give tremendous results. The situation around the world today depends on the state of the sound specialists. They channel sparks of light into the world for all through their realization. Therefore, it depends on the collective state of the sound whole whether catastrophes will occur at different levels: volcanoes, world famine, nuclear wars, destruction of states, or not.

Why do we say that system-vector psychology is capable of filling the sound engineer today? What does he care, it would seem, to other people, to their vectors, their essence? What kind of relief can it bring when you don't care about anyone else? The fact is that, receiving this knowledge, for the first time in my life I go outside, focus on the world outside myself, focus my thought on the psychic of other people and, concentrating thought inside myself in the right direction, comprehend great meanings inside. What I long for. For the first time in my life. One step of yours - and the end of your soul, or another step - and light pours on the world.

“Something prompted me to write all this about myself. more in order to show you from what terrible conditions you get out of training. maybe someone who is still in doubt will see something familiar. there was a lot more that I did not write, it doesn't matter.

I never thought that anything could help me. barely learning about svp, it was not perceived at all, so.. just another crutch, of which there were, as it seemed, millions of tried ones.

but gradually I began to understand, thanks to those who told, watched the introductory lectures and slowly very slowly began to look differently. tried on others, tried to understand that everyone with svp is so worried and say that it helps. I finally realized it at the next chernushny its peak, since in general have had faith, was something to fight for. but I put off the training. only in the summer, having ceased to rationalize, when this unbearable heaviness and pain began again, I decided. this is how my new life began. or rather, before that it was not. I didn’t know anything before, I understood almost nothing and didn’t feel, only spoiled years of life and wasted time, my favorite rake and walking in circles. I did not see any purpose and meaning. I didn't even know that I was looking for some answers to questions. Thank you very much for everything! everything became clear.although I have not worked everything out yet - but the svp is the only way out now for everyone, in any situation, at any level, the key to a new real happy world!"

When writing the article, the materials of the first level of training in systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan were used. What is described in the article is a small fraction of the entire volume that is given during the training. This knowledge must enter through the ear.

PS Photo of a previously deaf child who first heard a sound with a device

Unbearable heaviness and pain soundman picture
Unbearable heaviness and pain soundman picture


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