"Positive Thinking", Or My Path To The System-Vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan

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"Positive Thinking", Or My Path To The System-Vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan
"Positive Thinking", Or My Path To The System-Vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan

Video: "Positive Thinking", Or My Path To The System-Vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan

Video: "Positive Thinking", Or My Path To The System-Vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan
Video: When Laziness Beats Talent. Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology 2023, September

"Positive thinking", or my path to the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan

I have always been distinguished by heightened suggestibility and impressionability, and the ability to control reality through working with thoughts, through the representation of the desired state seemed to me very attractive in the method of "positive thinking" …

Today, while surfing the Internet, I came across an article on positive thinking on a psychological site. Reading it, I could not believe that I had once been seriously involved in this: diligently memorizing various affirmations, I believed that my life was about to change for the better …

“If you cannot change the situation, change your attitude towards it” - the slogan “positive thinking” sounded so tempting, promising a new life through self-hypnosis of positive thoughts.

I have always been distinguished by heightened suggestibility and impressionability, and the ability to control reality through working with thoughts, through the presentation of the desired state seemed very attractive to me. Imagination is a really powerful force, so it's no surprise that this method worked for me for a while.


Now I systematically understand that temporary relief and internal recovery were nothing more than an ordinary swaying of images, thoughts and imaginary sensations - "my life really began to change!" Alas, it was self-deception. The return to reality was very painful.

The far-fetchedness of positive changes was revealed very soon. Despite the daily repeated repetition of positive phrases: “I love myself. I love life. I accept myself for who I am. I give my thoughts freedom. The past is over. My soul is calm,”- life did not reciprocate. When I first encountered a serious problem, my positive thinking cracked. Old thoughts, saturated with many years of self-hatred, began to rapidly return, and with them all the previous negative emotions and states, the psychology of family relations still remained a mystery to me. Like devils from a box, childhood resentments against my parents, so many who had not given me enough money, had not taught me how to adapt to life, raised me helpless and lack of initiative, jumped out of the dark corners of my soul. Internal psychological stiffness and eternal dissatisfaction with oneself returned. It was very difficult to part with the hope of liberation from the power of the past and to lose faith in the possibility of accepting and loving myself this way, so my experience of positive thinking turned into a strong depression that lasted for several months.

Having recovered from the bad experience, I continued my search: I took Norbekov's training, studied independently using Tensegrity tapes, read books by fashionable esotericists, and was fond of the holotropic breathing technique. But each time I went through the same scenario: a slight temporary relief - and an inevitable depression, each time becoming more and more protracted. Yuri Burlan's "system-vector psychology" knocked on me at the very moment when disappointment and fatigue reached an almost critical point. My last depression in my life stretched out for three whole years, during which time I lost interest in life, the desire to strive somewhere has gone. I slept all day long, I hardly talked to anyone, I suffered from headaches, and my only thought was: “Lord, I wish it would all be over as soon as possible! My birth was a clear mistake!"


My sister became my guide to the world of Yuri Burlan's "System-Vector Psychology". If not for her, I would not have paid any attention to this training. Unlike me, my sister never went through any training, she did not need it, everything was fine in her life - family, work, clear goals in life and amazing performance. I was very surprised that it was she who called me for some kind of psychological training. Defending myself at first with distrust, I listened to what she told about Yuri Burlan's training, and my faded interest began to flare up again.

The sister said things that sounded very tempting and convincing. In the end, I decided to take a chance for the last time in my life, saying to myself that if not now, then never again.

Now, possessing the knowledge gained at the training "System-vector psychology", I understand very well why any methods based on working with thoughts provide only temporary relief and, in fact, do not work. These techniques cannot give the most important thing - INDEPENDENT thinking.

Our thoughts are beyond our control. Not a single person has such psychic energy to control his thoughts! Thoughts are not levers of control, but the servants of our unconscious desires, who control each of us. Thought is only a superficial layer of the psychic. The reasons for our behavior and all our emotional states lie much deeper than the level of consciousness - in our Unconscious. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan is a unique technique that allows you to work precisely at the level of unconscious mental processes. This allows us to penetrate into the farthest corners of our soul, into the deepest layers of our psychic.

Each person is a certain system of desires. Our whole life is built on a rather simple principle of pleasure. The desire to receive pleasure is something that unconsciously controls us, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

Realizing the hidden psychic, we get the opportunity to see our real desires and understand the hidden, eluding us the cause of inner anxiety. Only the filling with pleasure of our innate desires, awareness of our essence and our purpose can give us a sense of balance, joy, harmony, fullness with life (desires mean not a primitive desire to “eat delicious ice cream”, but real deep desires of our mental).

At the training "System-vector psychology" it becomes clearly visible that each of our thoughts is not accidental, it serves one or another of our unconscious desire. I want - and I have thoughts that provide pleasure in this action of my "I want".

The only task that each person faces is to know himself, his desires and maximize his innate potential. Everything else in our life depends on how much we learn to do this.


It is not our thoughts that change our desires, but our desires, the state of their fulfillment and fulfillment determine what thoughts are born in our head.

When something hurts us - it gives one perception of the surrounding reality, when we are healthy and full of energy - the perception is completely different. A realized, balanced person thinks in the appropriate way, and in the same way manifests himself in space by actions.

Our thoughts, like signals of beacons, show us how well we move through life, how balanced and satisfied we are within ourselves. If we begin to fill OUR desires, choose OUR destiny, live OUR life, then our thoughts and behavior change themselves, and with them the perception of the world around us, new horizons and new opportunities open up.

We do not need to look for answers in books, memorize facts and other people's conclusions. The reason for all our states is only within ourselves, it is there that we need to look for answers to the questions that our own life puts before us. To change it, one does not need to invent an imaginary reality for oneself and pull on other people's artificial statements. It is important to learn to look inside yourself, carefully monitoring every movement of thought, asking yourself the right questions: “Where does this come from in me? Why is this so?"

You can change your life only by understanding the mechanisms of your desires.

Real thinking is formed only when we make real, independent efforts.

A positive life scenario is the maximum realization of yourself and your desires!