Exhibitionism Or "Diagnosis" By Anastasia Volochkova

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Exhibitionism Or "Diagnosis" By Anastasia Volochkova
Exhibitionism Or "Diagnosis" By Anastasia Volochkova
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Exhibitionism or "Diagnosis" by Anastasia Volochkova

She seemed to be created to demonstrate herself, to be in sight, to transmit her violent emotions and pheromones to everyone else, especially men. Such a woman "blows the head" to almost anyone. In ancient times, legends were made about her, wars began in the struggle for her.

In mid-January 2011, the famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova published photos on the Internet where she starred naked. In one of the pictures, Anastasia is swimming topless with her 5-year-old daughter Ariadna. These pictures quickly scattered all over the Internet, causing a mixed reaction.


Famous psychotherapist Ramil Garifullin commented on Anastasia's photo session as follows:

“Anastasia suffers from social schizophrenization, that is, she ceases to feel moral norms.

This photo session will delight not only connoisseurs of Anastasia's choreographic talent, but also the male audience, while spending long nights on sites of questionable content. - When a mother undresses and poses naked with her 5-year-old daughter, this can provoke the development of exhibitionism in a child from an early age, given that girls are more prone to this disease than boys, says the psychotherapist. “I don’t think Anastasia was able to explain to Ariadne the need for such photographs.”

Let's figure it out from the point of view of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. It is obvious that Anastasia is a skin-visual woman.

It is this type of woman that is praised in modern society as the ideal of beauty, sexuality and the standard of desirability for every man. We see her on millions of city posters, she piercingly looks into our eyes from commercials. The skin-visual female is the queen of the catwalk, fashion and glamor. She is always on stage, in bright outfits dances and sings for men.

She is femininity itself, they envy her, envy her desirability and popularity among men. They envy her flexible, slender, feline body, as if specially created for dance and expressiveness. A skin-visual woman often has stunningly beautiful eyes and a huge inner world full of the brightest emotions. She seemed to be created to demonstrate herself, to be in sight, to transmit her violent emotions and pheromones to everyone else, especially men. Such a woman “blows her head off” to almost anyone. In ancient times, legends were made about her, wars began in the struggle for her. The skin-visual woman is seductive, and every man has an attraction for her.


She, the only one of the entire human race, was born to bare herself: to open her soul, express her emotions, and also be always in sight, open to eyes. She feels it: she loves her body, loves to show it, loves to expose it.

Her life path can have a great many roads - a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist, an actress, a teacher, a singer, a ballerina, a dancer, a non-working visitor of shopping centers, discos, a hysterical woman, and even a prostitute (if the skin vector has masochistic desires). It all depends on how much she was able to develop her vector potential: in the visual vector - to empathy, empathy and love, in the skin - to logical thinking, mental flexibility, rational limitation and control.

Women who feel the need to undress are skin-visual. And that is not always, but only when, apart from the body, they have nothing to show. Developed spectators exhibit with their souls, completely emasculating their emotions in the theater or through empathy for others (psychologists) and simply sympathizing with a neighbor in the kitchen. But don't undress in public.

In a sense, undressing is the last way to attract attention, and in this Garifullin is right. The rest of his statements are at least dubious.

Even an advanced skin-visual female in a state of over-stress may feel the need for exhibitionism. It is always pleasant for spectators to parade naked in front of a loved one, but the developed ones understand that doing this in front of everyone is inadequate.

A lot also depends on the lower vectors. An anal-visual girl would never publish such candid photos in magazines. First, she has a larger body, which she can be ashamed of, knowing that she loses in this to her skin-visual rival. Secondly (and most importantly), she does not have such desires and even thoughts at all. The desire to start a family, to be a mother, to take care of her husband and children is what such a woman wants.

Exhibitionism is not a disease, but a way for underdeveloped spectators to express themselves. Hence the great popularity of nudist beaches among the older population, since, losing the realization that their work used to give them, people begin to manifest themselves archetypally. Only spectators can walk in front of each other naked and not even get aroused!

The modern city in the summer simply gushes with frank, translucent and barely covering seductive forms of outfits. This is the same exhibitionism, only not reaching the cover of the magazine, where it is allowed to undress and show oneself to everyone legally, and still get money and fame for it. But, alas, not everyone is destined to get on the cover of a magazine.

As for the bad influence on the daughter, it all depends on the vector set of the child. If the girl is not skin-visual, the chance of provoking her exhibitionism is zero. A person cannot be instilled with something that was initially completely uncharacteristic of him, especially with only a few half-naked public photographs.


Each is naturally given its own specific role. There is what is given. And what is given may be developed or not developed. No woman with an anal vector can become a ballerina. Don't expect the incredible. It is necessary to analyze what is happening precisely, according to the vector tasks, to understand the vector set of the child, all the “dangers” and pitfalls that may stand in the way of his maturation.

Even if Anastasia Volochkova's daughter is skin-visual, inclined to show herself, it is not a fact that she will do it in exactly the same way as her mother. Her life scenario will take shape only depending on her own development.

You can learn about various variants of life scenarios and how to correctly develop and implement the mental properties of representatives of each of the eight vectors at the training on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. You can register for free online lectures at the link:

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