Putin Is To Blame For Everything! I Know Better From The Sofa

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Putin Is To Blame For Everything! I Know Better From The Sofa
Putin Is To Blame For Everything! I Know Better From The Sofa
Video: Putin Is To Blame For Everything! I Know Better From The Sofa
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Putin is to blame for everything! I know better from the sofa

Everything would be fine if it were not for the occasional discussion of raising taxes and buying out private land plots by the local "crime boss", ie. mayor of the city. The owner, who had just seemed so friendly, albeit a little harsh in his expressions, suddenly changed his face, turned purple and began to loudly indignant at what was happening “in this country”. And then there is an oil painting …

Sometimes a pleasant dinner in the company of friends turns into the program "Towards the Barrier", where everyone tries to shout down the other and prove the "truth" of their words. It is generally accepted that sports, religion and politics are not discussed in polite society. But it turns out that it is these themes that often reveal hidden corners of the human soul hidden under many masks and, like a litmus test, warn of a spoiled evening.

Family dinner

You work in a small company where employees live as a friendly "second family". And then one day your colleague, a very lively, sometimes flickering sales manager invites you and your husband to her family evening on the day off. You gladly agree, burning with curiosity to look at the husband of a colleague, in her words, a jack of all trades.

The X hour comes, and you, urging on your detailed hubby, still come to the appointed time. At the door you are greeted by a large man, a little plump with the back of his head already beginning to slightly bald. He, with a sense of his own dignity, gets to know the "honored" guests and then, giving each of them a pair of slippers, goes to the living room, where his wife is busy, clinking plates. At first, the conversation is going in a pleasant way.

The men drink strong drinks and discuss the secrets of the anglers, while the women sip on a pleasant viscous wine, which a few years ago was prepared by the owner himself for his wife several years ago. In the course of the conversation, you learn from snatches of phrases that he owns his own workshop for the manufacture of wood products, but for several years now, due to the crisis, the business has been more likely to bring losses than profit. He also tells you in some detail about his farm with chickens and even takes you to admire his hazel grouses.

It turns out that the owner of the house is a member of the “Return to the Roots” society and prefers to be closer to the earth, to live according to the canons of their ancestors, to restore the way and life of more “righteous” times. Your husband was even a little intrigued by this, but you still hold the opinion of the need to move with the times, and not look back into the past. After all, why were all these technologies created, if not for the benefit of society?

Guilty without guilt

Everything would be fine if it were not for the occasional discussion of raising taxes and buying out private land plots by the local "crime boss", ie. mayor of the city. The owner, who had just seemed so friendly, albeit a little harsh in his expressions, suddenly changed his face, turned purple and began to loudly indignant at what was happening “in this country”. And then comes the oil painting:

“Some bandits and thieves are everywhere, especially in power structures. See what's going on around! Mafia roofs illegal business, children from orphanages are sent to organs, factories are closed, depriving people of their last means of subsistence. What's going on with the economy? These economists don't understand anything about finance! They only know how to put money on the left in accounts abroad, and no one thinks about the people how to get the country out of this bottom.

Look, my neighbor Vanka, he studied as an economist in a paid department, he is not a good guy, he could not solve a simple problem at school, and now he is the Deputy Minister of Finance of the region. I have built some domina for myself, but you see, they have no money to repair the kindergarten. And what corruption in the country! All just take it on their paws, not a single honest person is left. The factories were closed, but new ones are not being opened. People don't know where to go now. Previously, at least they could feed themselves on the ground, but now all the land belongs to officials and bandits.

And with education, what's going on? What smart heads they used to be! What discoveries were made. And how professors were respected, appreciated. It was an honor to train new generations of scientists. Now all education is being bought. All large universities, supposedly free of charge, in fact, only take children for a separate large sum of money, and let the bright, but penniless heads around the world.

image description
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And what happens to medicine? Doctors do not cure, they only cripple. In medical universities, only drug addicts study. And the queues at the polyclinics are so! They also introduced some kind of registration of coupons, now you have to make an appointment with a doctor a week in advance. Previously, you will spend all day in the clinic, but you know for sure that you will get an appointment.

I don't even want to talk about modern youth: some drug addicts and prostitutes. The guys either play computers all day, they don't leave the house, or they wander and prick in the basements. Girls, instead of preserving their honor, dash around discos and bars, barely cover their skirts. There were times before! The girls were sitting at home, baking pies, getting ready to become decent wives. And the young men helped their fathers and thought about how to maintain and increase their household.

And all this propaganda and worthless politics! Look who is sitting in the Duma. Some incompetent people, they do not know how to do anything, but state affairs decide. Everyone just keeps repeating: United Russia, United Russia, Putin, Putin. Look, what happened to the country under your Putin. The West hates us, they imposed sanctions on us. Because of these political games of theirs, the dollar and the euro have risen, not like in the old days.

Why did Crimea surrender to us? Why did we chop him off from the unfortunate Ukraine and now we are at war with them? Putin is our leader, our father-king. Nothing of the kind! Putin is to blame for all the troubles that happen to us. The country is collapsing before our eyes, the Caucasus is "milking" our treasury, "guests" from Central Asia will soon overwhelm everything, the economy is bursting at the seams. But no, but "Crimea is ours."

All these censures of the president and the socio-economic situation in the country were well flavored with uncultured, one might say, "toilet" vocabulary. Any objections were met with a new flurry of criticism and discontent from the sofa "expert". The hostess of the house no longer knew how to calm her husband down, and then for a long time she apologized for his behavior. The evening, of course, was ruined, and when the guests left, it seemed to them that a barrel of tar had been poured on them, and chicken feathers (those very "hazel-hens") were sprinkled on top.

Scrubbing / staining is a difficult choice

But why do seemingly fully developed, educated people with families and from the outside who seem quite happy to themselves, unreasonably criticize certain phenomena, and in some cases openly throw mud at them?

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan allows us to answer this question, dividing the properties and values ​​of people according to eight vectors that form the perception of reality, desires, directions of activity and a person's life path. They are divided into four lower (muscular, cutaneous, anal and urethral) and four upper vectors (visual, sound, oral and olfactory).

Since ancient times, when people fought for their survival, each individual individual performed his role in the tribe according to his own set of mental properties, set by the innate vector.

To understand the behavior of the above-described owner of the house, it is necessary to understand who a person with an anal vector is.

The owner of the anal vector is born with an aspiration to the past, since he is aimed at accumulating knowledge and experience in the past to pass it on to future generations, which has been his specific role since ancient times. To do this, he needs to separate the grains from the chaff, be attentive, diligent and have a phenomenal memory. These properties are potentially assigned to their owner by the anal vector, but they must be developed from childhood.

image description
image description

What does development depend on? For a representative of the anal vector, as can be understood from the name, the act of defecation plays an important role in its development. This is an extremely important stage in the development of such a child, since it is the qualitative completion of the act of defecation that gives the skill of complete cleansing of the body from processed, unnecessary elements. In the future, by analogy with such a skill at the physical level, he will be able to become an expert in professional activities, knowing his subject perfectly and carefully separating the "fly in the ointment from the barrel of honey." That is, the skill of cleansing is necessary for such a person for the future self-realization in adult life.

Accordingly, in order for a developed person, a professional of the highest class, to grow from a child with an anal vector, it is absolutely necessary not to pull him off the pot. And also not to interrupt during a conversation, to let the little detailed man slowly express his thought, complete it, so that after many years he could pass on his knowledge to future generations.

Unfortunately, very often it turns out that the mother, being the owner of a different vector, looks at the child through herself. She is trying to make a person like her out of him, unwittingly interfering with the development of the baby's natural properties, which are opposite to her own properties.

For example, if a mother has a skin vector, the properties of which include speed, dexterity, mobility, she can constantly rush, disturb the child, prevent him from calmly completing the act of defecation. And with such upbringing, a person does not develop his properties, does not learn to separate "a drop of tar from a barrel of honey." This leads to the fact that being unable to realize their nature-set properties with the goal of "cleansing", the owner of the anal vector begins to enjoy the "soiling".

Each vector has its own imperatives. For example, in the skin vector - the concept of "internal-external", in the visual - "good-evil", in the muscle - "ours-foes", etc. In the anal vector, the concepts of “clean-dirty” are of particular importance. And if an individual realized in his properties strives to be neat, neat, to maintain cleanliness in everyday life and in relationships, to treat his wife as a “pure, holy” woman, then a person who has not developed his qualities aimed at cleansing is sadistic over his wife and loved ones both on the verbal and on the physical level, he perceives the world around him as “dirty, unworthy”.

He needs to show his importance, to feel like the owner of the cave, and he achieves this through humiliation of his household. Most often, such a person has a grudge against his mother since childhood, which is then projected onto the woman with whom he enters into a paired relationship. And in this situation, insufficiently developed natural properties force a person with an anal vector to look for a "dirty" life partner in order to reproach her all his life and show her her place, as if "cleansing" her exactly the opposite. At the same time, he will see any woman as "dirty", regardless of what she really is.

A similar attitude to his wife and to the world around him can also be shown by a person with developed, but unrealized properties of the anal vector.

Offended by the nineties

In the case considered in the first part, we are dealing with a developed but frustrated owner of the anal vector. What are the frustrations in the anal vector? First, they are social and sexual. In order not to go far into theory, we immediately note that this article will focus on social frustration.

Since the first half of the 20th century. humanity is gradually moving from the historical (anal) phase of development to the skin phase, where the main values ​​are the properties inherent in the skin vector: flexibility, mobility, resourcefulness, enterprise, tolerance, and others.

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image description

At the same time, the values ​​of the anal phase of development are becoming a thing of the past: honesty, justice, professionalism, brotherhood, consanguinity, the institution of marriage, and much more. During the period of the USSR, anal values ​​were held in high esteem, and the owners of the anal vector were the most mentally healthy (as opposed to people with a cutaneous vector who wandered along the sides of the "kingdom of anal values"). In those days, people with an anal vector felt stability, comfort, security and complete confidence in the future.

But in the 90s there was a catastrophe - the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our state has abruptly entered the skin phase of development, which is why millions of people who were representatives of the anal vector have lost their footing. Their values ​​were ridiculed, professionalism was out of favor. Because of this, many of them died of heart attacks.

Those who remained to live in completely changed conditions, developed, often very smart and intelligent people, received a lot of social frustrations, unable to realize themselves in society. And since they could not enjoy their positive qualities, they began to find solace in negative ones, such as criticism, reproach, foul language.

Once wonderful and fulfilled people, they turned out to be completely devastated, angry with the state and, first of all, with the authorities that failed to provide stability to citizens.

No negative without positive

Likewise, the hero of our story, a developed person with an anal vector, working with his hands and being a master of his craft, having honed his skill for years, in an economically difficult period of time practically lost his social realization - his work is no longer needed by anyone. Now he tries to find solace in societies that are reviving ancient traditions (so beloved by anal people aimed at the past), takes care of his plot and runs a household, but every year his resentment against the state grows. Why is this happening?

The fact is that a person with an anal vector, who has a potentially phenomenal memory, usually remembers all the details of his past, therefore any negative memories are acutely imprinted in his consciousness, giving rise to resentment. And the described owner of the house blames Putin for all the people's troubles, transfers his resentment to him.

In addition, because of his frustrations, he criticizes everything that happens in the state, sometimes deliberately exaggerating colors and denigrating some "gray" moments. Feeling his lack of fulfillment, he seeks to find someone to blame for his troubles, and goes to the highest level in the form of the president.

Since it is generally accepted in our country to keep abreast of political events, anal people, sometimes, being not experts in this field with "anal" stubbornness (characteristic of them due to the rigidity of the psyche), prove their opinion, often citing unfounded facts.

With severe forms of frustration, their vocabulary can also slip through the "toilet" vocabulary, "dirtying" a particular topic under discussion. But one must understand that any situation, if desired, can be considered both from a negative and a positive side.

People are not getting stupider, new schools, clinics and factories are being built, children think in completely different categories, potentially aimed at the future. The fact that there are a lot of crooks around, "fault" not only of the state (which cannot keep track of everything), but also of the citizens themselves, who are accustomed to the "dashing 90s" and do not want to adapt to changing conditions. Everyone is keen to accuse the president of his "sins", but not everyone understands what he is doing for our country and what goals he is pursuing. However, some people think that "lying on the couch" knows better …

Naturally, criticism of frustrated people with an anal vector repels relatives and friends from them, further aggravating their internal states. But this is not an incurable condition that cannot be dealt with. Read more about such people, ways to cure them - on free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology. Register:

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