Why Are All Men Attracted To The Skin-visual Woman?

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Why Are All Men Attracted To The Skin-visual Woman?
Why Are All Men Attracted To The Skin-visual Woman?
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Why are all men attracted to the skin-visual woman?

The legendary Marilyn Monroe is the standard of female seduction, every man dreamed of her. Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Lydia Ruslanova, Zoya Fedorova, Klavdia Shulzhenko … What do these women have in common? What is the mystery of their desirability? How does their life scenario differ from millions of other women?

The legendary Audrey Hepburn is the standard of female seduction, every man dreamed of her. Sophia Loren, Lydia Ruslanova, Zoya Fedorova … What do these women have in common? What is the mystery of their desirability? How does their life scenario differ from millions of other women?

They all had cutaneous and visual vectors. The skin-visual woman is a special scenario. She is the only woman who has a male archetype - the combat friend of the pack in the hunt and war. Skin-visual - the opposite in properties from an ordinary woman.


All the women in the cave raise children, and she is always on the hunt, next to the men. In ancient times, she accompanied the flock on hikes for the mammoth, looking out for predators to warn the flock of danger. Compassionate, she helped the wounded, and after hunting around the fire she calmed the overexcited males with her chants and dances (in the modern version, these are actresses, singers, psychotherapists, nurses).

She helped them morally, was their fighting muse, and inspired the flock. During the campaign, in the war, she was their woman, slept with these soldiers, slept out of pity (!), Giving them, who went on a military campaign innocent, before a mortal battle at least once to know a woman (after all, for a man, the return of semen from himself, that is giving back to a woman on a physical level is a natural minimum task). In a sense, this is her mission. This, like everything in our world, has its own feedback. A skin-visual woman is desirable! Absolutely all men want her, but in different ways.

Previously, a skin-visual woman did not have a reproductive function, because it is impossible to endure the hardships of a military campaign for a pregnant woman. And in the modern world, such a woman experiences problems with conception, bearing.

The fact that she is "nulliparous" makes men feel that everything is possible with her. From the absence of "consequences" both for them and for herself, there is a feeling of permissiveness.

So, everyone wants a skin-visual woman. Natural marriage she can only be with a urethral man. The skin-visual woman is a challenge for the Leader: he is a “male-producer”, she is by nature nulliparous. The flock must be pushed into the future, and it is she who, by her inability to give birth, gives the Leader a powerful forward movement. The relationship between the urethral and the nulliparous skin-visual can be called a "short circuit for brighter forward movement"! (A vivid example of this from life is the relationship between Marina Vladi and Vladimir Vysotsky).

Therefore, we sometimes call the skin-visual "muse of the leader", although not every skin-visual becomes it.

why attraction to kz2
why attraction to kz2

A dermal woman in its pure form (without other vectors that change the picture) when choosing a partner (naturally, by attraction, she chooses an anal or urethral one) will proceed from rational considerations, calculating which of them can give her a life that will satisfy her. In the case when the anal is a high-class professional with a large income, and the urethral is marginal, she will choose anal. Skin-visual, however, under any circumstances, is more likely to go to a relationship with the urethral.

The dermal man has no natural attraction to the dermal-visual woman. Despite this, she always attracts him, but not as a sexual object, but due to his skin ambitions.

A woman chooses skin men (by attraction) in the last place, so they try to compensate for this choice with their higher social, financial, property or any other position in society. This is the reason for their "skin ambitions".

Leatherworkers strive up the career ladder in order to get an extension of sexual rights, the ability to be chosen by a woman to a greater extent. The skin-visual woman is the pinnacle of ambition for the skin man.

The position of a man is determined by his woman. The dermal man is no exception. When an ambitious leatherworker tries to ascend to the pinnacle of power, to be the first, then he claims to be a woman leader (not as a sexual object, but as an accompaniment to himself). By this he is trying to prove the legitimacy of his power, his position.

Although the top of the hierarchy is not his natural place, and unconsciously he knows this, he still aims at it. The main thing in a relationship with a skin-visual woman is to present her to society. She is to him like a scepter and orb, confirming his authority.

A developed skin-visual woman loves herself, gives, empathizes (like, for example, Chulpan Khamatova). The undeveloped allows herself to be loved, demands to be loved (Marilyn Monroe).

Undeveloped to the state of "love" in the visual vector, a skin-visual woman does not fall in love, but is "frightened". That is, it is not love that guides her, but fear, although she often does not realize this. In case of intrusion, she chooses two types of men - olfactory and muscular. About the muscle from her you can hear exclamations:

“Oh, what a big man! How strong! How strong! He has such pumped-up hands!"

This is a low level of embedding. A muscular man will have only misfortunes from such a skin-visual one. She is not of his rank. She chose him because she feels protected next to him. Feeling fear for her is a kind of pleasure, she strives for it in the same way as a more developed visual woman strives for love. Being in a state of fear, she loves to walk to dangerous places in his company, thereby bringing on herself and / or him danger. At the same time, when her fear reaches its peak, she feels extraordinary euphoria (fear and at the same time being protected by the muscle). Sometimes the muscle has to pay for such pleasure with his life.

why attraction to kz3
why attraction to kz3

In the olfactory skin-visual is intimidated because of the primal fear of him. In the primitive flock, the olfactory person was busy eliminating undeveloped skin-visual females so that they would not set the wrong direction for the leader, and therefore for the entire flock, with their underdevelopment. To this day, olfactory people, not adapted to modern society, stifle skin-visual undeveloped women in forest plantations.

Men often fight next to an undeveloped skin-visual woman. Where she appears, there will definitely be a fight. She will provoke these situations, leading to a fight. There are a lot of examples of this: the character of Olga Budilova from the series "School", the notorious star of the show "Dom-2" Victoria Bonya, Pamela Anderson. The list is endless.

An anal or urethral woman will never put a man in such a situation.

Anal women love skin-visual women, as they are by nature capable of obeying, making it possible for the anal bison to look masculine against her background. In the view of an anal man, the relationship should look like this. It is terrible for him when a woman does not obey him, laughs at him. Next to the visual skin, anyone can feel like a "real man."

The skin-visual woman has a relationship with all men, being desired by all. In polymorphic women, the optic cutaneous ligament is mixed with other vectors, acquiring a different shade. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, all the connections between a skin-visual woman and men are examined. The level of development, implementation, the state of "war-peace" and much more are also taken into account.

If you are interested in learning how the human psyche is structured, what laws are there for attraction between a man and a woman, how life scenarios are formed, and much more, then join the free online lectures on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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