The Series "Method". The Film Is About Ourselves. Part 1. Look At Your Demons

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The Series "Method". The Film Is About Ourselves. Part 1. Look At Your Demons
The Series "Method". The Film Is About Ourselves. Part 1. Look At Your Demons
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The series "Method". The film is about ourselves. Part 1. Look at your demons

The Method is not just a detective story. This is a psychological detective story, in which, in fact, not a crime is being investigated, but its psychological background. The main question is: “Why did a person commit a crime? What brought the killer to this point?"

A flock of girls with schoolbags runs after the boy. This chase is not like a child's game, rather, the hunters drive the beast. Now the boy has fallen and writhes in horror. The girls surround him, laugh at him, then lose interest and leave. And the boy with tears scratches on the mossy stone the names of the offenders - the “killbill” of the future Lipetsk maniac strangler is ready.

Boys from disadvantaged families disappear from time to time in a provincial town. All of them visited the tourist club "Romantic", which is led by a distinguished teacher, the pride of the city. He is beyond suspicion, and only the investigator Rodion Meglin calculates the pedophile killer and finds the birches planted by him, under each of which is a grave.

The teenager kills his parents and arranges a shooting in the class …

And many more horrible and shocking stories. “Look at your demons” - this is how the TV series “Method” was announced on the Internet resource of Channel One. Basically, "get your kids off TV screens."

Why is it so catchy?

Already while watching the first episodes of The Method, a persistent feeling arises - “there is something in this”. True, impressionable spectators are horrified in earnest and begin to scold the series for its cruelty and bloodlust. But the essence of this does not change: the series is catchy, first of all, because it is not a fiction. The "Method" tells about real crimes that were committed in Russia in the 20th and 21st centuries. And from this frost on the skin: life as it is - not for the faint of heart …

At the same time, the ordinary viewer sees exciting scary stories, the secrets of which are revealed by the main character: the more terrible, the more interesting. But! A person who has systemic thinking, that is, who has undergone training in System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, sees a slightly different picture. Just imagine that you are putting on special glasses - and the image seems to appear: hitherto invisible details appear, the picture becomes bright, voluminous and so clear. Let's take a systematic look at the "Method" series.

Not just a detective

At first glance, this is another detective series that everyone has long been accustomed to. And again about maniacs - but what about without them, the main thing is that it was more scary, more terrible. And, of course, another superhero - an investigator who easily reveals "series" when others can do nothing. Without such geniuses, cinema is not made now, because it is not interesting to watch about ordinary policemen. The success of the audience to the series is added by the brilliant directorial work and the stellar cast, first of all - the leading actor, sound-visual actor Konstantin Khabensky.

However, The Method is not just a detective story. This is a psychological detective story, in which, in fact, not a crime is being investigated, but its psychological background. The main question is: “Why did a person commit a crime? What brought the killer to this point? " Here's what the filmmakers, who made a daring attempt to penetrate the psychology of every crime, have to say about their film:

Director Yuri Bykov: “For the main character Meglin, it is above all important why a person has become like that. In the mass consciousness, maniacs are subject to universal condemnation. The general audience never wonders what almost anyone can become. Method is a story about why a maniac becomes a maniac."

The series "Method"
The series "Method"

Screenwriter Oleg Malovichko: “Together with Dmitry Ivanov we tried to tell where evil comes from. What is important is what surrounds a person in childhood, what influenced him. This is a story about how not to do it."

Performer of the main role Konstantin Khabensky: “We are not just tickling our nerves with scary stories, but we are trying to convey to the audience, probably not the most joyful for them, but an important thought for us: all these, carefully speaking, inadequate people who have done what they have done are whoever you passed by, did not try to stop. These are the works of your hands. Our hands with you."

Producer Alexander Tsekalo: “This is primarily about disliking. About love that was not destined to happen. From children who were disliked in childhood, pathology is born."

Originally from childhood

The creators of the series "Method" make a very important emphasis on the fact that the roots of psychopathology lie in childhood. Any most cruel criminal was once born into this world as an innocent baby. Villains are not born - they become villains. It is we, parents, educators and teachers, society, who make them that way. We shout, humiliate, beat, make children witness to adult quarrels and fights at home, we bully, exert mental pressure or ignore at school, not knowing how small and large psychological trauma can turn into a child.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan not only confirms that childhood is the most important period in a child's life, but clearly explains what needs to be done in raising a child and what is strictly prohibited. The feeling of security and safety is a basic feeling, upon loss of which the child stops in mental development, and his life scenario is grossly deformed.

Werewolf people

Each episode of "Method" has a new maniac with his own special mania. They slaughter, gut, burn citizens alive, seduce and kill innocent children … Who is a maniac for an ordinary person? A monster unworthy to live among people (we ourselves are normal!). Why are maniacs especially scary for us? Because they are incomprehensible to us …

Often they seem to be quite normal, even respected people in society: a teacher who leads a tourist club or explains to students the psychological foundations of family relations, a famous opera singer, or even a law enforcement officer. But they all lead a double life and in their free time they lure, strangle, rape, dismember and bury them. Why? What for?

Sex maniacs - who are they?

Psychiatry, of course, studies serial killers - those who have already killed dozens of lives. Psychiatrists defend scientific works by studying the stories of maniacs, trying to explain their anti-human actions. But only the past tense does not work here, because those killed by painful death cannot be saved. Where is the answer to the main question? How to identify a serial killer BEFORE he starts committing crimes?

Only Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology can answer this question today. The fact is that the propensity to violent crimes is present in the owners of the anal vector, who have very bad past experience in their mental baggage. Only representatives of this vector, which make up 20% of the total population of the planet, in the worst circumstances of life can become rapists, pedophiles, sadists and cruel killers.

System-vector psychology shows the entire chain of cause-and-effect relationships that turns a person into a monster. Now just imagine how important it is to be able to identify a person by vectors, weeding out those who, in principle, are not capable of killing, and leaving on the trail of those who are really capable of it. Unfortunately, during the existence of the death penalty in the investigation of serial murders, many innocent people paid with their lives for such a lack of understanding of the human psyche, being accused of other people's crimes.

Yuri Burlan's training in system-vector psychology forms a new, systemic thinking, which allows not only to define a person by vectors, but also to understand what state they are in. After all, a developed and realized person with an anal vector can become an excellent teacher or historian, a reliable and faithful friend, a better husband and an attentive father. And in your worst condition - you already know by whom …


Moral and moral degenerates - who are they?

If the sound vector suffers from shortages and frustrations, we see a completely different picture. The sick sound is completely asexual, but full of hatred for all of humanity. All the great scientists, poets, composers and writers were also sound scientists, exemplifying the developed and realized state of the sound vector. If the sound vector was not properly developed in childhood, if it is full of shortages and frustrations, then it will lead its owner not to potentially possible genius breakthroughs, but to depression, suicide and possibly mass murder.

An introvert by nature, and if he is focused exclusively on himself, then over time he begins to fiercely hate those around him, whom he perceives as idiots. So gradually a person with a powerful abstract intellect becomes not a genius, providing another breakthrough into the future for all mankind, but a moral and ethical degenerate, for whom the lives of people mean nothing.

Massacres are already our reality today. Breivik, Vinogradov … This black list of degenerate mass murderers is being replenished almost every day. He himself does not want to live - and in his hatred he seeks to take with him as many other people's lives as possible! And again, the worst thing is that it can be a quiet, calm person, and meanwhile an invisible time bomb is ticking in his head …

“What to do then? To do what?" - the reader exclaims again in horror. Paradoxically, the answer to the question is already there - take it and use it. System-vector psychology teaches to determine the vectors and states of a person. Today one of us can feel so bad inside that he is ready to die, and no one around, even the closest ones, can see it. What are suicides among adolescents and young people, which come as a complete surprise to their parents. Training in system-vector psychology is guaranteed to take the sound engineer out of this terrible dive into nowhere, gives meaning, shows where to go next and how to use their unique properties. And not to kill yourself and others …

A blow to the collective unconscious

Maniacs and mass murderers are dangerous to those around them - that's for sure. But on their bloody account not only the lives of the victims tortured and brutally killed by them. A serial or mass murderer is a danger not only for each individual person, but for the whole society, a danger squared. And again, only the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan can clearly and reasonably explain this statement.

This kind of crime is a huge danger to society, because it costs us not only individual human lives. The damage is done to all people, because it leads to the loss of a sense of security and safety of the whole society. Agree, when we learn about a series of crimes, we are seized by a deep horror: we are frightened by the unpredictability of a fanatic's actions, we do not understand his motives. And if a mass murderer falls into the hands of justice (dead or alive) already at the scene of the crime, then it is difficult to catch and neutralize the maniac. From the moment of the first crime, he can remain at large for years and at any moment strike the next blow …

System-vector psychology not only says that a maniac always hits the collective unconscious, but can give a clear recommendation to the authorities on what strategy to choose in covering news about the capture of a serial killer, so that frightening rumors do not spread, panic does not start, so that people know that they remain protected, and the perpetrator will definitely be caught.

The series "Method"
The series "Method"

A collective security system is everyone's business

There is such an episode in the film: a taxi driver, a serial killer of young girls, tracks down and tries to kill a witness. But the children playing nearby frightened off the killer, and the woman remains alive. To her, half-dead, investigator Meglin comes to the hospital. How can she help? She is on the verge of life and death. With a screwdriver stricken with her chest, she can't help but say - she can barely breathe with the help of medical equipment …

Meglin takes her hand and asks her to move her fingers if she hears and understands him. And then he takes an oath that he will catch the criminal and lead him to her - right to the hospital ward. The woman's gaze changes: melancholy and doom disappear, tears of hope roll from her eyes …

Someone will think: why is this necessary? Why is the investigator wasting time when he has to follow the trail of the maniac? But what happens next is amazing! With the help of a witness, experts create a recognizable composite of the criminal - one to one similarity. Taking into account her condition, when you can only barely move your fingers, it is even difficult to imagine what a huge work has been done. A real feat!

And it was Meglin who inspired her to such an act, as no one else understands the importance of collective security. And now the unfortunate woman, forgetting about herself, devoted all her strength to helping others. Overcoming pain and agony, forgetting about suffering and fear, she did everything possible to help in the capture of a dangerous serial killer! Not self-pity, but concern for everyone - this is how the collective security system should work, which gives people that very basic sense of security that allows them to live, work, love and create normally.

Read about the investigator Rodion Meglina and his "method" in the sequel …

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