The Series "Method". The Film Is About Ourselves. Part 2. High Court And Human Judgment

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The Series "Method". The Film Is About Ourselves. Part 2. High Court And Human Judgment
The Series "Method". The Film Is About Ourselves. Part 2. High Court And Human Judgment
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The series "Method". The film is about ourselves. Part 2. High court and human judgment

When solving crimes, the main character behaves in a painfully strange way: from time to time he falls to the ground and fights in convulsions, terrible visions sweep before his mind's eye. At the same time, he always swallows some pills and constantly applies to the bottle … The viewer is offered to independently decide the question, what is it: psychopathology or genius?

Read about what maniacs are in the first part of the article …

But let's leave the maniacs for a while and turn our systemic look at the main character of "Method" - the genius detective Rodion Meglin. It is more than worthy of careful analysis. So, our hero works in the organs, performing dangerous and unpredictable work to calculate and capture maniacs. At the same time, he has the broadest powers. The organs do not like him, but they tolerate him, because he gives almost one hundred percent disclosure. How he does it? A riddle for everyone …

Rodion Meglin: Psychopathology or Genius?

He is credited with a special method of work, which he keeps secret. The film explains his special abilities in solving serial murders - this is a child's trauma, which led to the deformation of the psyche. And this traumatized past, as it were, puts him on a par with the maniacs he is looking for.

When solving crimes, the main character behaves in a painfully strange way: from time to time he falls to the ground and fights in convulsions, terrible visions sweep before his mind's eye. At the same time, he always swallows some pills and constantly kisses the bottle … In such a visual way, the creators of the series show the astonished viewer how hard it is for a genius investigator to deal with maniacs, how destructively they affect his own psyche. The viewer is asked to independently decide the question, what is it: psychopathology or genius?

Was there a "method"?

Towards the end of the series, Meglin's hard work to capture the maniacs leads to the death of his tired brain. However, after him, his student remains (knowing about his inevitable death, he was preparing a change for himself). When asked what the essence of his famous method was, she replies: “There is no method. He just tried to be considerate of people. " This answer leaves a feeling of understatement. Is it that simple?

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan leaves no questions here either, giving a clear explanation of the nature of the detective's special abilities. The fact is that humanity has a collective unconscious, which consists of the unconscious of every representative of the human species - from a drunkard or a maniac to a great scientist or a prominent figure in the arts. Having learned to recognize the general unconscious, one can look from the inside into the psychic of any person, how to include it in oneself.

The ability to reveal the psyche of other people is a skill that can be developed in oneself with the help of system-vector psychology. And this is not at all a pathology and not even a genius: to feel oneself as a part of humanity, to understand others as oneself - soon it will be available to any person, and first of all, to a sound engineer with developed properties. This is the next stage of human development.

The connection of everything to everything

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan teaches the recognition of a person by mental vectors. Once you truly understand the other, you justify him with all your heart. And this does not mean at all that we must forgive and pity everyone, as well as justify misanthropic thoughts that no, no, yes, and will arise in the head.

Having learned to "connect" to the psychic of another person, inside there is a clear understanding of why a person has become such, what chain of events and cause-and-effect relationships led to this. From that moment on, you realize that in such circumstances he simply could not become different - and in the end he became what he became. And that at a certain moment in his life he did what he could not do. And no will is able to restrain the irresistible force of unconscious desires.


System-vector psychology, in the words of Yuri Burlan, was the first to talk about the fact that recognizing each other's psyche is the next, newest stage in the development of mankind. A person cannot live by himself, but only as a part of humanity. If we cannot yet see the connection between everything and everything, this does not mean that there is no such connection.

Many scientists and people of art have already guessed how everything is interconnected in this world. For example, new discoveries in quantum physics suggest that subatomic particles mutually influence each other, even if they are in distant galaxies. And the series "The Eighth Sense" is a creative attempt to present a new level of connection between people, a connection that is not subject to distance.

How are “ours”?

But back to the unusual detective Rodion Meglin, who personally knows many maniacs - realized and who are just getting ready. He looks after them, keeps a card index, from time to time "makes rounds", monitors their conditions, if necessary, when he is already balancing on the brink and barely restraining himself, arranges them in a psychiatric hospital. Stops before the last line, prevents the crime from taking place. In some ways, reckoning himself with them, he calls "our". Drinks dubious alcohol with them in a friendly manner …

Understanding his charges as himself, the main character feels compassion for them. What causes bewilderment and even disgust among others. But he sympathizes with those who are still holding on and have not crossed the line. And ruthless to those who already kill. Lynching for him is a common thing and does not cause torment and doubts in him: he will finish off the murderer of girls with a poisonous injection or crucify a pedophile over the entrance to the House of Culture, leaving his parents to be torn apart by grief and horror.

For an ordinary person, the behavior of the protagonist is inexplicable: how can mercy and cruel reprisal be combined? System-vector psychology will again help to understand deeper.

Supreme Court and Human Judgment

On the one hand, Meglin realizes that the maniac is not at all happy to do his dirty work. When a psychopath first begins to feel these urges for violence in himself, at first he is very frightened, for a long time restrained with all his might. But one day it turns out to be unable to resist the force of desire, and it "breaks through". And after committing a crime, having violated the taboo, he is doomed to experience the irresistible horror of social shame and fear of punishment for what he did. As someone said: "God sees everything, so he cannot judge, he can only regret." This is the High Court.

On the other hand, such a deep understanding of the full extent of the criminal's misfortune does not absolve the maniac from responsibility for what he did. A criminal cannot remain unpunished - on this earth he will be punished by human judgment. And Meglin himself sometimes becomes this judge, passing the sentence and carrying it out. Moreover, in some cases, the murder (or the possibility of suicide) of the offender is an act of mercy, because he can no longer change, because the psyche is irretrievably traumatized, and to live like this is only tormented, even if the instinct of self-preservation forces him to beg for mercy. In other cases, it is open lynching, which is wrong from the standpoint of the law, but it is true when it comes to protecting the human species, which needs a collective sense of security and safety to preserve itself and develop.

Of course, this is not a way to solve the problem, but Meglin sees no other way out, so his solution is deeply correct in the absence of other ways. So far, this can only be achieved through the physical destruction of the threat. However, system-vector psychology already today provides invaluable knowledge about the prevention of the emergence of psychopathologies in society, which, when used on a large scale, will provide humanity with a safer and happier future. In the meantime, we can and must protect ourselves from the consequences of a dysfunctional past. And of course, at an accelerated pace to master systems thinking en masse!

Prevention of psychopathology

We all want to live in a safe world, without constant oppressive fear for ourselves and our children. But what can we ourselves do for this? Earlier, when we were wallowing in obscurity, and law enforcement agencies often tried with ineffective methods to guess the motive of the criminal, to catch and neutralize him, the demand from an ordinary person was low. Everything has changed today.

The series "Method"
The series "Method"

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan specifically and in detail described the mechanism of transformation of an ordinary person into a cruel sexual maniac or moral and moral degenerate. Which people are at risk, what can lead to this and how to identify the danger before the worst happens - all this is already known. Therefore, today the task of all people, our task with you, is to learn how to raise children correctly in order to prevent the situation of the emergence of psychopathology.

Affects everyone

You can read these lines and brush it off … Until the situation of violence and murder has touched you personally or your loved ones, you don't even want to think about the terrible and unpleasant, right? Here are just "ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility." And do we have time for rocking and thinking? For laziness of mind and unwillingness to delve into new knowledge that is ready to bring tangible benefits to people, all of us will have to bear responsibility. And, unfortunately, to mourn the new losses, the number of which will grow.

While people are struggling only with the consequences of psychopathologies, so the situation cannot be radically changed. However, today it is already becoming clear that the reason lies in the psychic. That is why at the present time the whole world is rushing into psychology, in an attempt to realize the hidden. And cinema is a reflection of this process. It remains only to sincerely thank the creators of the series "Method" for a bold attempt to illuminate the terrible dark side of humanity and answer the question of what and how actually pushes a person into psychopathology.

Do you know who is breathing down your back?

Our task with you is not to perceive the film "Method" only as an entertaining movie: we watched it, were afraid - turned away and forgot. After all, this is not someone's fantasy - this is a film about our world, about you and me.

Do you know who lives in the next house, entrance, outside the wall of your apartment? Who sleeps in the same bed with you, flinching nervously in their sleep? There is such an episode in the film. After the maniac was caught, who raped and killed the girls, after which he put a bouquet of flowers on their chests, the confused policemen explain to his wife that they need to collect things: they will be taken out of the city with their daughter at night, and in the future they will have to change their surname and place of residence.

A woman in a state of shock is trying to collect the most necessary things. Suddenly it dawns on her that the jewelry that her attentive husband gave her was taken from the girls tortured and killed by him. In a frenzy, she rips off the chains and rings, but one ring - the one that the groom gave to the last murdered girl - cannot be removed in any way … And so she runs to the kitchen, grabs the biggest knife and begins to cut off her finger!

Now answer the question for yourself: knowing that today life already has answers to many innermost questions, is it possible to refuse to know and just continue to live as before? System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan allows you to learn to identify maniacs at a glance, and not live for years next to a monster, remaining completely in the dark.

Are you ready to face the violence?

There is another unusual episode in the film. In one provincial town, Meglin staged a demonstration action. I saw a beautiful woman calmly returning home late at night. Then he noticed a police patrol. He caught up with the woman in the yard, grabbed, twisted and began to tear off her clothes. And what did the victim do? From surprise, shock, and most importantly - not ready for such a development of events - she just opened her mouth like a fish, unable to make a sound. And Meglin shouted: “Well, what are you, what? Shout, call for help! " And when she nevertheless began to shout, and the patrol came running, he rebuked the police: "Well, why did you take so long?"

For some, this episode is just another crazy trick of a crazy detective. In fact, with such a provocative act, he clearly shows how much an ordinary person is not ready to face violence. And therefore, he is always doomed to become a victim, because the criminal is cunning and cruel, carefully plans and prepares his crimes.

What to do? Build muscles, go to self-defense courses? The answer this time is in the field of the psychic. The ability not only to identify the rapist and murderer, but also to understand the peculiarities of his psyche, which Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology gives, allows us to predict his behavior and increases the chances of saving his life and mental health at times!

The series "Method"
The series "Method"

How real is the danger?

All of the above arguments can be objected: after all, such crimes do not happen often - God forbid, it will carry over, and this will not affect us. I would like to calm down and end our analysis on this positive note - but it didn't work!

There are clear, undeniable signs by which one can accurately determine that our society today lives in a state of heightened danger. Mass murderers do not need to be mentioned - they are spoken about in the news almost every day, as if reminding them of the terrible state in which many people with a sound vector are today.

And the growth of frustrations in the anal vector is evidenced by the Runet, simply shouting and torn from the abundance of comments full of anger and resentment at life, criticism of everything and everyone, swearing and toilet vocabulary, nationalist slogans and calls for violence. All these signs indicate that there is a huge number of unrealized anal men in Russia, who in their resentment towards life are steadily and inevitably slipping into barely restrained social and sexual frustrations. This means that an increase in the number of violent crimes awaits us in Russia, and the number of sexual maniacs and pedophiles will grow …

How to learn to think systematically?

Each of us must do everything in our power to make our world safer, more friendly and happier. It is in our hands, and it concerns everyone.

Knowledge of system-vector psychology is useful for everyone! Detectives - to catch maniacs. For us, ordinary people, to be able to identify a person capable of a violent crime, and, accordingly, to avoid dangerous situations and feel more secure. And also - in order to properly educate your children, to raise them into normal, mentally healthy and happy people. After all, maniacs are not born - they become as a result of improper upbringing, children's psychological traumas that hide in the unconscious and affect our lives.

Seeing the surrounding world and people as they are, without illusions, gives systemic thinking. To obtain it, you need to undergo training in systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Do you want to live without fear and unmistakably understand what is happening in life? Register for free online lectures right now using the link! This will give you an inner feeling of security and safety - and the world around you from a dark scary labyrinth will become a bright home.

What's next? Let's be together, already at a new level of consciousness, await the airing of the second season of our favorite series.

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