How To Be Calm: The True Causes Of Anxiety And Nervousness

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How To Be Calm: The True Causes Of Anxiety And Nervousness
How To Be Calm: The True Causes Of Anxiety And Nervousness
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How to calm down and stop worrying

We are not always aware of unconscious desires. When we get the opportunity to realize them, we get pleasure, satisfaction. Not realizing our desires, we are in bad states, including being nervous, experiencing.

How unbearable it all is! I am constantly nervous and twitching. Crazy with or without. Everything is bad - my daughter does not obey, I have no time, my friend let me down, people are stupid, they do the wrong thing. Everything falls out of hand … I worry about every trifle, sedatives have not helped for a long time. How can I calm down ?!

How to stop being nervous and become calm? We understand it using System-Vector Psychology.

Man is his desires

Why, in fact, are we nervous? There are two main reasons.

  1. Because we don't get what we want.
  2. Because we expect one thing from people, but we get another. We try to "push" others, but nothing comes of it. We are losing control and we cannot cope.

How to calm yourself down in such circumstances?

What do we actually want? And how does knowing this help you stay calm in any situation? As Yuri Burlan shows at the training "System-vector psychology", a person is his unconscious desires. Groups of desires and properties for their realization are called vectors. We are not always aware of unconscious desires. When we get the opportunity to realize them, we get pleasure, satisfaction. Not realizing our desires, we are in bad states, we get frustrations.

How to stop being nervous? - Fill your desires

A bad condition - when a person twitches and gets nervous - most often occurs in people with skin and visual vectors. To understand how to be calm, let's take a closer look at them.

How to calm down picture
How to calm down picture

The skin vector gives its owner the desire to be the fastest, most successful and richest. These people enjoy efficiency, the rational use of resources, time and effort. They are agile and agile, can do several things at the same time, are flexible and easily adapt to changes in the environment. These people appreciate the benefits and benefits in business and relationships, know how and love to limit others, organize the process.

How to be calm and not nervous? Fill desires in the skin vector. There are two options for this:

  1. Simple forms of enjoyment can be used. The dermal person enjoys dieting, sports, dancing, a healthy lifestyle, a change of scenery, extreme entertainment, etc.
  2. There are pleasures of a higher order: the realization of your talents for other people. Skin people are talented businessmen, managers, organizers, engineers. The novelty factor is exciting for them, they like multitasking and activity in activities. If such a person is engaged in sedentary work in the office, it will introduce him to stress.

But it happens that a person strives for success, sets goals and moves towards them, and as a result, only failures and defeats are obtained. This is how a scenario for failure, hidden deep in the unconscious, can manifest itself, when a person is retrained to enjoy failures, and not from achievements and victories. You can work on this at the full training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

How to tidy up the nervous system

The visual vector, in turn, gives its owner great emotionality. People with a visual vector in a realized state are very kind, open, warm in relationships, empathetic. The visual vector in a poor state intensifies with emotionality "jerking" in the skin vector; a person freaks out over every little thing, unable to calm down, breaking down on everyone around and throwing tantrums. How to be calm and not be nervous in this case?

To get out of bad states and know how to calm down, you need to understand the deep nature of your emotionality: why it arose in people and what is its role.

Once upon a time, in the early human flock, the appearance of visual humans allowed the species to be preserved. Thanks to people with a visual vector, culture and art arose. Real art is designed to evoke compassion, empathy and reduce hostility in society. The principle of pleasure for visual people is that which is "beautiful", the meaning of life is love.

To understand how to stop being nervous and strengthen your nervous system, consider the types of implementation in the visual vector:

  1. Simple ones - changing impressions, communicating with people, beautiful things, drawing, watching sensual films and reading classical literature.
  2. Realization of a higher order - in society, when the owner of the visual vector realizes all the power of his emotions for other people in the profession of an actor, artist, doctor, teacher, educator, teacher, social worker. When a person realizes his emotions properly - in love and compassion for people, he is happy and satisfied and he does not have a question of how to calm himself down and not get nervous.
Picture how to stop worrying
Picture how to stop worrying

If the visual vector has not received sufficient development or is not implemented properly, then the person is in fear, experiences visual swings, does not know how to relax and calm down. This can be reflected in the form of hysterics, inadequate response to routine situations, when emotions simply go off scale. There may be a feeling that you are not loved, that they are bringing you on purpose.

If a person, in addition to the visual one, also has an anal vector, this emotional instability can be experienced as hypertrophied anxiety and excitement for loved ones: husband, children, mother - pictures of some terrible incidents, misfortunes, injuries and even death constantly appear before our eyes. It always seems like something bad is going to happen.

How to stop worrying and worrying? Deeply understand your psyche. You can realize your fears and learn how to realize your emotional needs in an adequate way at the training "System Vector Psychology".

How not to worry at work, afraid of doing something wrong

People with an anal vector worry not only about their relatives and friends, but also about the quality of their work. They are perfectionists by nature and try to do everything in the best possible way. Their natural fear is the fear of dishonor. In combination with shattered emotions, this fear sometimes reaches the point that a person cannot do his job at all, fearing to do it imperfectly. How not to worry? How to stop worrying about doing something wrong?

Knowing yourself, your psyche gives you an understanding of how not to get nervous at work. The fear of being dishonored is given to a person as an assistant for development, encouraging him to study the details more deeply, to improve the quality of everything he does. After all, the development of mastery occurs only through practice. Advice on how to stay calm at work: remember about the peculiarities of your psyche and continue to do your job, because fear recedes precisely when we act and realize the best that is inherent in us by nature.

How not to be nervous? Systems psychologist advice

Consider the second part of the question - "we are nervous because other people do not live up to our expectations." You expect him to do it quickly - and he is digging something there, trying to do it flawlessly. You do a lot of things at the same time, and someone can't handle more than one thing at a time. Of course, this is annoying - because time is wasted. And this one is generally infuriating - you can't get enough! You talk to him for half an hour, and he: “Oh, what? Are you talking to me?"

What to do with them? How to stay calm when everyone around is so incomprehensible ?!

The way out is just to understand them. There are people with completely different desires and completely different mental properties. As an example - people with an anal vector, solid, diligent, scrupulous, giving quality. They are thorough and do things one after the other. Respect and recognition of their work is very important to them. Understanding their properties, you give them a little more time, you warn about everything in advance. And it all adds up. You get a quality that no one else is capable of except them. And if speed is important to you, then you need to contact not them, but skin people, and everything will work out.

Interacting with people becomes more successful when you understand their characteristics. The question of how to be calm becomes solvable.

How to calm down and start living

When you understand what drives a person from the inside, you are no longer irritated. There is a deep understanding of what is happening and why, and this is the main secret of how to be calm in any situation.

How to calm yourself with an image
How to calm yourself with an image

The world ceases to be incomprehensible and unpredictable for you. All your states also become clear, moreover, you learn to see what needs to be done in order to feel good, and the question of how to remain calm in any situation becomes clear for you.

System-vector psychology - knowledge about our unconscious desires and about why we are in this world. Give yourself the opportunity to live in joy. Discover new spaces by getting to know yourself and other people. Get started with a free online training on System Vector Psychology, coming soon. Register here.

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