How To Break Up With A Touchy Man?

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How To Break Up With A Touchy Man?
How To Break Up With A Touchy Man?
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How to break up with a touchy man?

We are ready to stand at her entrance for three years, write: "Masha, come back, or I'll kill you." Then kneel down: “Masha, come back! I will forgive everything! " And so in a circle …

Fragment of the lecture notes of the First Level on the topic "Anal vector":

Most of all we, people with an anal vector, love to take revenge in pairs. We are ready to devote our lives to take revenge on her. Three years to stand at her entrance, write: "Masha, come back, or I'll kill you." Then kneel down: “Masha, come back! I will forgive everything! " And so in a circle.

People like us have a stuck psyche, viscous thinking, entering a stupor. People like us, yes, we can kill out of revenge.

Therefore, in America, where a woman is protected by a court, there is no presumption of innocence regarding these crimes. The man sends an SMS: "Well, look at me" - the woman reports to the police, and he is immediately under arrest without any investigation. Because there were many cases when the authorities did not immediately react, and men killed or maimed their wife even before the start of the trial.

It is very easy to kill an anal person for treason. Loyalty is for us the highest value system, this is our limit. In its pure form, the analnik always values ​​marriage, family, wife, children, home above all else. If a crime is committed against this super-meaning of our life - treason, then in a state of passion we can kill.


The same thing happens if she says, "I'm leaving you." This can over-stress the anal person and lead to murder.

What is important to understand for someone who is going to leave a relationship with an anal person?

The anal man is the one who ends up. When we talk - he has to say the last word, when we correspond - he has to write last. It happens that two anal sexes argue and get stuck. And when he argues "with this brute" wife, and she says two to him for every word, he can reach such a state that he will simply start beating her.

For us, the most important condition is "right / wrong", only we regulate this way. This is a super landmark. Therefore, there is no need to insist: "I am right and you are guilty." In order to part with him, you must give him the last word, repent before him that he is right, and you are to blame, that he is a pure, positive person, and you are such a dirty woman that his mother was right that you could not even warm cutlets you can.

“You are to your mother as to a saint. And what a devotee friend! And what a decent man - a stranger did not take a penny in his life! I turned out to be such a brute. " One must be able to part with the anal. He must feel that he is right, must remain in a normal state. And this is not manipulation - this is what will allow you both to get out of this relationship with the least loss …

Recorded by Bulat Galikhanov. July 23, 2014 A

comprehensive understanding of this and other topics is formed at the full oral training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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