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Fear Of Communication
Fear Of Communication
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Fear of communication. How to learn to communicate with people?

It's unbearable to live like this, in constant stress, denying yourself the joy of going out, going to a party, meeting a man …

For half an hour now I have been putting off an important work call. More urgent matters are found all the time. But deep down, I know that the reason is different: I am terribly afraid to communicate with people, especially with strangers, especially with bosses and officials. I just don’t know how to overcome fear of people, I don’t know how to learn to communicate with people calmly.

I don’t remember exactly when I began to experience fear of communication. Probably since she began to turn into an awkward teenager. In the transport, it began to seem to me that everyone was looking only at me and seeing right through me. Under their gaze, I shrank all over, my head sank into my shoulders, my breath caught. Just talking to people was a feat. How to learn if at this moment your head stops thinking and you feel numb? I began to avoid public transport.


I did not participate in any school play or holiday, although I really wanted to. My arms and legs went numb, the text of the role evaporated from my head. I stood, paralyzed, in front of a hundred eyes aimed at me and understood that this was the end, that from now on everyone would despise me and point a finger: “There, the one who swallowed her tongue! Ha ha ha!"

Where did he come from - this fear of communicating with people?

Do you think I was not looking for the reasons for this fear of people? I was looking for it. I reviewed many courses on communication with people on the Web. It's unbearable to live like this, in constant stress, denying yourself the joy of going out, going to a party, meeting a man. I'm afraid to communicate with men too. I am all alone, "thanks" to my social phobia.

I went to see a healer. She laid her hands on me, and I felt relieved. But fear of people always returned. I read many books on psychology and looked for reasons. I understood that in the past I had psychological trauma when people (they are animals!) Hurt me. But this did not answer the question of how to get rid of the fear of communicating with people. I still couldn't push myself out of the house.

How to overcome your fear of communication? Training in systemic vector psychology

I have already put an end to my life and firmly decided that I would meet old age alone. But then … Providence intervened in the person of my only close friend who was fond of psychology.

- Have you already heard about the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan? These are the newest and most advanced developments in the field of psychoanalysis. I listened to free lectures, there were over 3,000 people, and I was absolutely delighted! These are the best courses, you should definitely try to learn to communicate, try it!

I grabbed onto a new opportunity:

- Give a link…

I immediately went to the reviews section - I'm used to judging by the results. Reading the reviews of people who underwent the training on the portal of system-vector psychology, I was amazed:

“I had a lot of fears. One of the strongest was the fear of people - social phobia. The presence of this ever-increasing fear throughout my life greatly complicated my life, significantly limiting my development, my social circle, and hindered the establishment of new social contacts, which I always tried to avoid.

Now, after almost two years have passed, I do not feel that former horror in front of people, I can calmly go outside, use public transport, talk on the phone and do many other things without wasting time and effort on thinking and overcoming my fear … the courses helped to solve the problem of communication once and for all."

Ural Kazakbaev, Process Engineer Read the full text of the result

“I began to enjoy communicating with people, each person opens up from a completely new side, each person is unique and interesting. Previously, even the thought of an upcoming communication with a new person caused fear, anxiety, and it was simply impossible to open your mouth or say something intelligible.

It's funny to say, but I was afraid to speak on the phone, I never answered the phone if an unknown number called, and if I needed to call me, for example, to the information desk, I asked another person to do it for me. Because otherwise my voice just disappeared, I stuttered, and I was terribly uncomfortable for my behavior. Now this problem is not something that does not exist, I have forgotten what it is all about …"

Anna Marty, designer Read the full text of the result


How to get rid of people's fear? Find a reason and realize your potential

Now I can say that after completing the training in System Vector Psychology, my life has changed dramatically. In these psychology courses, I understood the real reason for my fears - why I am afraid to talk to people, why I am panicky afraid of communicating with people, what is the real reason. It's all about the visual and sound vectors.

My visual vector, which made me the owner of a huge emotional amplitude, has never been realized in my life. Since childhood, I have not been accustomed to express my emotions, much less to somehow apply them in my professional field. And emotions directed inward give rise to a huge number of fears and phobias, including social phobia.

The problem was aggravated by the sound vector, which makes its owner a lover of silence and loneliness. With one part of myself I aspired to people, with the other I avoided communication in every possible way. This contradiction had no chance of being resolved without a deep understanding of what was going on. Realization happened, and it was it that radically changed the situation.

The fear of the people is gone. Now I feel good with them. I learned to talk to people. I feel absolutely comfortable in any company, in any team. I calmly communicate with the bosses and important persons. I'm not afraid to call and get acquainted. I understand myself and the people with whom I communicate. The question "How to overcome the fear of communication?" dropped by itself.

If you feel that life is passing by, that fear has swallowed up your entire being and prevents you from enjoying, communicating, loving, come to the training System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. Try free lectures for a start, after them you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. You can register for these online lectures here.

Later you will learn that fear is the opposite of love. You will learn how you can change the nature of your emotions to a positive one, how you can learn how to communicate with any person in an interesting way. And having discovered the potential of love in yourself, you will understand how bright, rich and full-blooded life can be. A life where there is simply no place for fears.

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