Exchange Trades. Why Am I Always Unlucky?

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Exchange Trades. Why Am I Always Unlucky?
Exchange Trades. Why Am I Always Unlucky?
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Exchange trades. Why am I always unlucky?

You hate yourself and for the thousandth time ask yourself the question: "Why am I not lucky all the time?" You've tried all your life to achieve financial success, but with every attempt you ended up at the very bottom. Well-thought-out and implemented business ideas suddenly collapsed like a house of cards at the very moment when you were just starting to taste the good life. The crisis, unforeseen circumstances, changes in the market seemed to have conspired against your material well-being …

The peak of bad luck is when black cats make way for you.

Robert Pattison

The body froze in a motionless position, eyes froze on the monitor, a finger twitched on a mouse in full alertness. Only the heart interfered - at these moments it began to beat violently to the pain in the chest, to the stunning of the brain.

Another 10 seconds before trading opens. Inhale, exhale. And so the curve of the graph was madly sweeping up and down, the brain rushed to analyze the emerging trend. The decision is made, the deal is done! Adrenaline does not allow you to sit still, you jump up, but a second later you rush to the monitor again. Ugh, what a blessing - the market is accelerating in the direction you need! You see how the longed-for interest of profit accumulates, and exultation grows in your soul.

The joy is not overshadowed even by the fact that the trend is gradually changing. "It's nothing," you think, "it's just a correction, you can't fool me with it." But the correction is delayed, and you do not notice how you spent a couple of hours at the computer, watching the chart.

Bet on everything

From the agonizing tension, everything around begins to insanely irritate. Here's something my wife asked - what does she need in general, climbs with her trifles when this happens here! The child asks to play - what kind of games when dad earns money! Their every word is like a discharge through bare nerves.

A sharp movement of the market towards the price of your transaction brings you out of a hypnotic state. You can still close at zero, but something stubbornly discourages you: "wait, you did everything right, now the price will turn where it needs to be …". But this did not happen, and now on the screen red numbers with a minus sign lit up.

And you sit and watch how easily you lose your hard-earned money. And you do nothing at the same time, because the denial of your own mistake is stronger than all reasonable arguments. But there is something else. A strange mixture of despair and indifference, encouraged by an inner appeal: “Let it, let it go to hell! No money - no problem! Serves you right!"

Why i'm unlucky
Why i'm unlucky

It can be seen that your mother gave birth to you on Monday

You hate yourself and for the thousandth time ask yourself the question: "Why am I not lucky all the time?" You've tried all your life to achieve financial success, but with every attempt you ended up at the very bottom. Well-thought-out and implemented business ideas suddenly collapsed like a house of cards at the very moment when you were just starting to taste the good life. The crisis, unforeseen circumstances, changes in the market seemed to be conspiring against your material well-being.

And now - trading. You got fired up with this idea, underwent special training, studied all financial instruments - you were perfectly prepared. He promised his wife that soon you will finally live a luxurious life, and in the end he has already spent half of your savings.

Is that all? Do you really have to admit to yourself that you are a pathological loser and no good for anything?

If you are so smart, why are you so poor?

Many who have to systematically fail, really want to give up and give up on their dreams. However, if there are no objective reasons for a negative result, then the matter may be in a not always obvious unconscious scenario for failure.

Obviously for us - our consciousness. We deliberately think over our actions, assess opportunities and take actions. We try to control our thoughts and watch our words.

But we watch the manifestations of our life, like children at the characters in a puppet theater, confident that they are either directed by us, or happen by themselves. In fact, everything that our consciousness declares is controlled by the puppeteer - our unconscious.

It turns out that everything that happens to us, good or bad, we have a direct relationship. But we do not wish harm to ourselves, what happens then? Where does the failure scenario come from?

Money is happiness

Yuri Burlan at the training "System-vector psychology" talks about the mental properties that are given to us from birth. By applying these properties to achieve our desired goals, we feel joy and satisfaction in life.

Achieving financial success and increasing material wealth is the life credo of a person with a skin vector. These are people driven by a natural desire for them - to earn as much money as possible, climb the career ladder, and create a profitable business. And they have all the necessary qualities for this: a logical mind, quick thinking, dexterity and psychological flexibility in various circumstances, the ability to manage their time and finances, plan, calculate a budget, accumulate and save their capital.

For such people, earning, preserving and increasing their savings is a vital value, in contrast, for example, to people with an anal vector, for whom the recognition and respect of colleagues is primary, the desire to become the best in their specialty.

However, why are not all leather workers equally successful? And some of them do their best and only lose, not gain?

What is the reason for failure
What is the reason for failure

Hurt me

Take, for example, two sprouts of a rose, one we will place in the most favorable conditions and we will regularly look after, and the other in a cold dark corner and we will not water. Potentially, there can be two beautiful, eye-pleasing plants, and due to the different approach to cultivation, only one. The second will never bloom.

Likewise, the quality of our life, development and implementation largely depend on our childhood. An important guarantor of proper development is a sense of security and safety, which our parents provide us from the moment of birth until the moment when we become adults and are already responsible for our own lives.

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the fact that it is impossible to beat and shout at children, but only at the training "System-vector psychology" it becomes clear how this affects children. In the case of a child with a skin vector, physical punishment is an extremely painful effect on his most sensitive area - the skin. This is over-stress, incredible suffering, and in order to protect the psyche, the brain begins to produce natural opiates in response to pain. While receiving this kind of pain relief, the child gradually begins to unconsciously enjoy the pain.

The same applies to verbal sadism. From birth, a skin child is endowed with a desire to be successful in everything, but when he is constantly humiliated, this also includes the mechanism of psychological defense, "pain relief" of suffering produced by the body in response to psychological pain with endorphins.

Bad luck on the needle

With such regular exposure, the child gradually gets used to the "pleasant effect" of humiliation and pain, which makes him actually a drug addict who needs another dose of endorphins to feel good. He unconsciously begins to provoke situations in which he will inevitably be punished. Parents think that he is doing them in spite, and they punish them even more violently, further reinforcing the destructive attitude.

Thus, a scenario for failure is formed, which manifests itself in fatal bad luck on all fronts of life. A person seems to be trying, doing everything to achieve success, but failure follows at every step. Either did not submit the report on time - the boss deprived of the bonus, then he did not make an important call - suffered losses. The unconscious desire to enjoy failure turns out to be stronger than the conscious attitudes toward success. So it turns out that people are constantly fired from work, the business is falling apart right before our eyes. And with every blow of fate, a person feels a strange, inexplicable pleasure somewhere deep inside, under a heap of indignation, despair and sadness.

Best investment

Fortunately, it's never too late to fix everything, no matter how old you are or what life situation you are in right now. There are two ways out:

  1. The failure scenario is a manifestation of masochism and can be neutralized by realizing the need to be humiliated in sexual relations. The main thing is that the mechanism "pain / humiliation - the release of endorphins" works, but it will be with a woman or on the carpet with the boss - the psyche does not matter.
  2. If you are afraid to scare away your loved one, then there is an even more effective way. Radical changes begin with the awareness of the mechanism of the psyche, which controls our life in secret from us. At the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, with every word heard, with every realized meaning, a complete picture of a new worldview is gradually formed, and life is irreversibly changing for the better.

Someone learns about the scenario of failure and gets rid of it through self-knowledge, and someone, perhaps, will find out that there is no scenario, it just has an anal vector with imposed cutaneous attitudes, which also directs you to the wrong path and does not allow you to enjoy life … In any case, everyone gets their own result, as evidenced by numerous reviews:

Thanks to the SVP, I began to consciously select staff for jobs, which led to a decrease in staff turnover. As for the money, somehow, when I tried to save on something, I subsequently lost much more of what I saved. After completing the training, I realized the reason for such failures. Today, the monetary losses have become several times less, because he did not save on small things, and accordingly lose on a large scale.

Ivan B., entrepreneur Read the full text of the result

There was a great desire to write out another stable result - before that I was afraid to jinx it (ahahah, joke!). For a long time, failures in the financial sphere were pursued: either the money will be stolen, then you will get stuck in financial fraud, then you will give all the last money to the garbage, then you will climb into loans, then you will borrow from all relatives and close friends, and then there is nothing to give.

With work, I was constantly strained - I went to work wherever I felt like it, and then I hated myself for the chosen place, well, it didn't end well - I was either kicked out, or I quickly retired myself.

For more than a year now, everyone who is not lazy has borrowed money from me myself, some, however, do not give it back, they make excuses themselves, although I don’t ask - I myself was like that).

Alexander L., seller Read full result text

If it seems that there is nowhere worse to lose and there is nothing to lose, then it's time to sign up for the free online training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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