Horses Die From Work. Is Workaholism Good Or Bad?

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Horses Die From Work. Is Workaholism Good Or Bad?
Horses Die From Work. Is Workaholism Good Or Bad?
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Horses die from work. Is workaholism good or bad?

Not understanding what we really want, we cannot get real pleasure and try to get at least some, albeit scanty, replacing our real desires with invented rationalizations. Dependence on sweets, on alcohol, on a man, and even on work have the same basis - the lack of awareness of their true desires and ways to fulfill them.

“You are a real workaholic. Stop working! Horses die from work! " - people who prefer work to all other types of pastime often hear in their address. However, from the inside, this commitment to work is not always straightforward. And whether a person is a workaholic, that is, a victim of a painful dependence on work, or not, is determined primarily by the feelings of the person himself.

There are people for whom the full realization of their talents in work brings true satisfaction from life and happiness. They are passionate about their work and devote most of their lives to it. And although from the outside it may seem that they are workaholics, they are not. They do not feel any harm to themselves from such a lifestyle. They just live to the fullest.

It's another matter when you seem to like your job and put your soul into it, and as a result, only deep fatigue and devastation remain: “How long can you plow? Will it ever end? " This article is for those who are tired of their workaholism and want to change something. And knowledge of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan will help in this.

What is addiction?

The cause of any addiction lies in unsatisfied desires. Man is the realization of the pleasure principle. He was born to enjoy life. But often we are not able to do this, because we are not always aware of our true desires. Not understanding what we really want, we cannot get real pleasure and try to get at least some, albeit scanty, replacing our real desires with invented rationalizations. Dependence on sweets, on alcohol, on a man, and even on work have the same basis - the lack of awareness of their true desires and ways to fulfill them.

In order to reveal what we really want, Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology offers to get acquainted with the concept of “vector”. A vector is a set of innate desires and mental properties of a person necessary for their realization. The vector forms a system of values, behavioral features, a type of thinking. There are eight vectors in total. Their names are determined by the most sensitive area of ​​the body - skin, visual, sound, and so on.

Knowing the innate desires in vectors, one can easily understand the reason why a person becomes dependent on work, ceasing to feel satisfaction from life.

Workaholic when it's profitable

For example, the owner of the skin vector, according to his innate properties, is naturally passionate about work, as he strives for a career and material success and intends to receive a monetary reward or promotion for his processing.

At the same time, always guided by the criterion of benefit-benefit, the owner of the skin vector will never work overtime if it does not have consequences for him in terms of his goal. He always knows when to stop and strictly adheres to the time frame of the working day. Exactly at 18.00 the leather worker leaves his workplace in a disciplined manner.

So the victims of dependence on the work of people with the skin vector can be attributed to a stretch. Rather, they are volunteer workaholics who benefit from their passion for work. And since they follow their natural desires, they do not feel infringed on something.

Who are workaholics
Who are workaholics

When you want to be the best

A workaholic with an anal vector feels completely differently. This is a person who wants to be the best in everything, delves into all the details, wants to do everything with high quality. Sometimes, striving to achieve a perfect result, he gets carried away and cannot stop in time, put an end to it.

Since people with the anal vector are very executive and obligatory, they are often used at work, overloading them. Being obedient by nature, guided by the authority of the boss, they cannot refuse a request. And they often sit up at work long after the end of the working day, trying to finish the job they have begun. They definitely need to finish, because they love to bring any business to the end.

It would seem that the owners of the anal vector realize their properties in this way and should enjoy working in this mode. However, there are other values ​​in the anal vector - family, children, home, family ties. For a workaholic with an anal vector who disappears at work and realizes his perfectionism, the other side of life remains behind the scenes, which can make him feel deeply dissatisfied.

If at work he is still rushed all the time (and this is a person who has a tendency to a leisurely lifestyle), then he feels like a driven horse.

The cost of versatility

Among modern people, polymorphs are often found, that is, people who have three or more vectors in their mental. For example, among the inhabitants of large cities, one can often find owners of five vectors - anal, skin, muscle, visual and sound.

This is a very complex and multifaceted person who can find it difficult to realize all his properties in work. It often happens that one or two vectors are implemented, and the rest are out of work. A person experiences the greatest pleasure from the realization of his properties. And the greatest suffering, emptiness, is from non-realization.

For example, in his work such a person uses exclusively the properties of the skin vector. On the one hand, he likes the work, because it is carried out in line with his skin desires. But on the other hand, in other vectors, he has shortages. Not always realizing how to fill them, he simply feels a growing dissatisfaction with life, trying to compensate for it with work, increasing momentum.

He would be glad to stop, but being alone with himself, feeling the inner emptiness growing in loneliness, he again runs to work in order to forget about her, fill her with vigorous activity.

Such a person needs a family as the realization of the values ​​of the anal vector, and communication, the creation of emotional connections in the visual vector, and the search for the meaning of life in the sound vector. But he tries to replace all these needs with work, in which only the desires of the skin vector for a career and material well-being are realized.

It is precisely such a person who needs to understand in time that enjoying life is possible not only through building a career and feeling social and material superiority over others. It is important to learn to understand yourself, all your real desires and fulfill them.

Is a workaholic good or bad?
Is a workaholic good or bad?

Otherwise, sooner or later, unrealized properties, for example, a dominant sound vector, will make themselves felt, and then a person will not have time to fill his desires in the skin and other vectors. He will feel suffering from a lack of sound realization, which can lead to serious conditions up to depression. In this case, it makes sense to consider options for changing activities.

It would be ideal if we could realize all our many talents in our work. If for some reason this is not feasible, you need to implement your unused vector properties in your free time from work.

System-vector psychology teaches how to bring all your vectors-desires into balance, to stop being hostage to your own workaholism. A clear awareness of our properties and desires allows us to be more effective, prioritize correctly and get more pleasure from work without harming ourselves and others. Everyday work begins to bring real joy. The more you do, the less you get tired. This is evidenced by the results of Yuri Burlan's trained.

Feedback on how the trainees of the training began to do more and do not feel driven out, discovered an amazing performance in themselves.

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