Impotence: Causes And Methods Of Treatment, The Result Is Guaranteed

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Impotence: Causes And Methods Of Treatment, The Result Is Guaranteed
Impotence: Causes And Methods Of Treatment, The Result Is Guaranteed

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Impotence: psychological causes of intimate problems

The topic of impotence is so delicate that it is embarrassing for men to discuss it not only with their own wife, but even with a doctor. After all, stereotypes of society instruct the stronger sex to solve their problems on their own. Meanwhile, impotence deprives a man of fullness and joy.

It is no easier for a woman: she does not want to offend her beloved, it is not easy to find the right words. Or is it just that a conversation about impotence causes him quite understandable rejection: is it easy for a man to discuss his inadequacy? Sexual dissatisfaction builds up, the woman becomes irritable, the relationship collapses.

The modern world offers various ways to solve the problem of impotence: drug treatment, psychological counseling, the use of all kinds of stimulants. Even non-traditional methods are connected to the solution of the issue: impotence is treated with herbs, "prayed for in church" or "expelled" with the help of rituals. But things are still there - inexorable statistics and massive inquiries on this topic confirm that the problem has not been solved at the level of society.

The standardized approach does not work for impotence

A uniform approach to the treatment of impotence is failing because it contradicts the very nature of the human mental and physical structure. Only outside, in the shape of the body, people are similar to each other. But the internal structure of their psyche and the features of physiology are fundamentally different.

Agree that before you deal with any problem, you need to definitely determine where it came from. You need to know exactly what the mental and physiological characteristics of this particular person are and what are the causes of impotence in a particular case.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan identifies eight basic vectors (a set of innate desires and properties) in the structure of the human psyche. They determine not only the characteristics of a person's character and temperament, but also the characteristics of his sexuality, physiological reactions, and metabolic processes of the body.

Based on systemic knowledge, it is possible to accurately determine the causes of impotence in each particular man. Let's try to consider through the prism of this scientific knowledge several basic mechanisms of such a "breakdown" in the sexual sphere of men.


Trouble "from childhood" or psychological causes of impotence

We endure a huge number of our psychological traumas, "anchors" and complexes from childhood. This is relevant for the owners of any vector, but the most serious damage is suffered by people whom Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology defines as carriers of the anal vector.

For an anal person, family is his fundamental value. The parents' opinion and their assessment are of great importance for such a child. Since childhood, he sincerely strives to be the best, obedient, wants to please his parents. And if he receives a harsh, negative condemnation from them, he experiences colossal stress, which affects his sexuality and touches on such a delicate topic as impotence.

In childhood and adolescence, each child studies his body, touches it, learns to extract pleasant sensations. This is infantile sexuality, it is not yet directed at the opposite sex. If an anal boy is caught by his parents for such an intimate activity (especially his mother), he experiences the strongest shame. The situation is aggravated if the mother scolds the child, calls this occupation "dirty". In a boy with an anal vector, this can lead to impotence in the future.

People with an anal vector, due to the structure of their psyche, feel the world in the category of "clean-dirty". And if they are developed and implemented adequately, then in everything they strive for purity. And mom is just the main, "holy" person for an anal boy. And suddenly it is from the mother's side that he receives such a sharp "blow" to sexuality: everything that is connected with sexual desire is later associated as dirty, unworthy, unacceptable.

Sometimes parents "add fuel to the fire", kneading the child's shame on fear: they say, the causal organ from such activities "will dry up, fall away", etc. This can lead to impotence, both complete and partial.

Dirty words in the mouth of a good boy

We receive the first information about sex at the age of 5-6 from peers in the yard. Usually it is framed through obscene language, using swear words. After all, mate is the word "about it." The topic is new for the child, he is excited, unconsciously he knows exactly what is behind these words. But he tries to comprehend and comprehend what he heard, and often turns to the parent for clarification. Or, in a fit of emotional excitement, he utters obscene words.

The wrong reaction of the parents to the boy's behavior can lead to his impotence in the future. Indeed, often at this moment, adults make a big mistake: they are so concerned that the child will swear that he basically utters obscene words that they begin to shame the baby, slap his lips or send him to “wash your mouth with soap and water”.

A sharp, negative reaction from parents against a background of excitement negatively affects the child's psyche. At first glance, it seems that after a couple of days everything was forgotten. But this is not the case. The trauma is simply repressed into the unconscious.

As a result, everything connected with the topic of sexuality and relations between men and women becomes "dirty" for the child. This contributes to the subsequent formation of impotence in men.


First experience and experience with a new partner: the root of impotence

Anal men are by nature conservative, for them the past is of great value. They have a phenomenal memory, in which any experience, including negative ones, is forever imprinted.

This is especially true of the first experience with a woman. If, for one reason or another, he was unsuccessful, the anal man transfers this to relations with all subsequent women. It can also lead to complete or partial impotence.

Separately, it should be said that any novelty, changes for the conservative owner of the anal vector is stress. Therefore, with a new partner, an anal man is often afraid of starting a relationship. This is aggravated through his natural fear - "disgrace". And as a result, in the first sexual contact with a new partner, such a man may “misfire”.

If a woman is delicate enough, does not focus on his failure, does not rush, smooths out this situation - in the future she will get a wonderful lover in his face. He just needs time to get used to his partner.

Can't or doesn't want?

Quite different causes of impotence may be in men, whom Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology defines as the owners of the skin vector. They are agile and agile, ambitious and competitive. The novelty factor is of great importance for such a man.

If a dermal man realizes his need for change and novelty through useful social activity, then in a pair relationship he is completely monogamous, building a successful relationship with one partner. New impressions of business trips around the world or novelty in design and inventive work are enough for him. There will be no problem with impotence.

With insufficient social realization, such a man begins to "get" novelty through the intimate sphere: first, through experiments with poses and unusual places where you can have sex. And later he begins to change partners. Natural libido in dermal men is low, but ambitions in conditions of social underrealization push him to compile the longest list of his "victories".

This does not mean that he is able to sexually satisfy each of them. His natural libido is not designed for this. But women often confuse the concepts of “cannot” and “does not want to”. And they believe that a man has a problem of impotence.

He doesn't need anything at all …

A particular problem is faced by the wives and partners of men who have skin-sound vectors. The skin vector itself gives its owner a low libido. And the sound vector, according to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, is generally not directed towards anything material. He "soars" in the world of ideas, strives to understand the meaning of life. And he is not distracted by such earthly "little things" as relationships and sex. The sound vector suppresses any other desires. For months a skin-sound man may not feel sexual desire at all, which is often interpreted by his partner as a sign of impotence.

Intimate problems of the "leader"

There is a small percentage of men in human society who are leaders by nature. It would seem that for such men impotence is not a problem. According to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, these are the owners of the urethral vector. To such a person there is an inexplicable attraction, his pheromones "smell" of security and safety.


In the nature of the urethral, ​​the return of its ejaculate is based on shortages: to those women who were left without a pair for various reasons. It is so arranged by merciful nature to continue the human race.

The urethral libido is stronger than any other, it is designed to impregnate all "unproduced" women who can give birth. But even such a man may experience impotence. Its cause is neurosis in the urethral vector, rooted in childhood.

One solution to problems with impotence

Is there a single solution for a whole list of reasons leading to sexual impotence in a man?

Yes, and this is the only way - knowing yourself, your psyche, the characteristics of sexuality. At the training on system-vector psychology, Yuri Burlan thoroughly understands the sexuality of each vector, reveals the causes of all psychotraumas and "anchors" that prevent a man, and after him, a woman, from enjoying sex life.

After completing the training, students leave feedback on how their sex life has changed:

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