Nightly Hopes For The End Of The World. Lost Dreams

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Nightly Hopes For The End Of The World. Lost Dreams
Nightly Hopes For The End Of The World. Lost Dreams
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Nightly hopes for the end of the world. Lost dreams

Waiting for the end of the world is not a novelty. From time to time, a new date for the apocalypse is set, each time designated by its own reasons. And each time, one part of humanity awaits him with hope, and another with horror.

This fateful day is already very close. On December 21, 2012, a great shock awaits all of humanity. Or maybe it’s the end. Part of humanity is waiting with bated breath for this date. Someone shrugs off - they say, all this is nonsense. But deep down, each of us is afraid - and if it really comes, this apocalypse? What if this world really crashes?

But why exactly should we take the rap for the sins of humanity? Why are our children destined to break the chain of life? Or … or is it not meant to be?

konec svet1
konec svet1

The end of the world is described in the Bible, predicted by many soothsayers, and most importantly, the Mayan calendar clearly indicates the apocalypse. In fact, this is why we are waiting for it on December 21, 2012, because this is the last day of the notorious calendar.

Apparently, thousands of years ago in the Mayan civilization something was known that is not given to comprehend modern mankind. Apparently, the gods of the cannibal tribe informed them of the future for their countless human sacrifices - for the ritual eating of enemies and their own relatives, for draining blood and simply for mass murders at the altar of captured inhabitants of other tribes.

Wildness? Why then? The Maya honored their gods and believed that the sacrifice of human sacrifice increased the duration of their divine life. It was such a time - a terrible stage in the development of man and culture.

Thousands of years have passed since the heyday of the Mayan civilization. Humanity has stepped far forward in its development, and it is at least naive to believe that the ancient civilization of wild and cruel cannibals was initiated into something incomprehensible to us.

And at the same time, humanity - a rational, cultured and progressive modern humanity, creating miracles of technological progress - believes in this. Why?

Doomsday phenomenon

Waiting for the end of the world is far from a novelty. From time to time, a new date for the apocalypse is set, each time designated by its own reasons. And each time, one part of humanity awaits him with hope, and another with horror.

konec svet2
konec svet2

… On the eve of 2000, we were also tensely awaiting the end of the world. Our computerized world, in whose programs everything ended on 1999-31-12, according to many, should have self-destructed at the last second of 1999. It seems silly now, but then it caused fear in the whole world.

On the eve of 1999, many religious leaders were convinced that this figure contained an inverted "number of the beast." The end of the world was destined to come exactly this year. Yes, all deciphered predictions testified to this!

So, the new reason why we are waiting for the end of the world is the calendar of the Mayan cannibal tribe, which is destined to end very soon. There is a feeling that humanity simply needs this ridiculous expectation of the end, and it, humanity, clings to any reason, just to wait for it.

In fact, for a certain part of it, this expectation is really necessary.

Who benefits from the end of the world?

The answer to the “doomsday” phenomenon lies in the collective shortages of that part of humanity that possesses sound and visual vectors.

The innate inner need of a person with a sound vector is knowledge of oneself, comprehension of the secrets of the Universe. If a sound engineer realizes his shortcomings, he tries to find answers to his questions in philosophy, various teachings, esotericism. Even without realizing his inner desires, the sound engineer unconsciously rushes into this search. The price to pay for not filling this lack is always high, and especially today, when the general level of temperament has grown. Depression, which in a 40-year-old person is experienced as a little suffering, in the generation of 20-year-olds is already so strong that it pushes them to suicide. And … all sorts of fantasies about pressing the red button and getting rid of this world at once.


If the previous generations of sound specialists could fill their shortages with music, philosophy, poetry, now the situation has changed. Each next generation is born with an ever-higher potential, a strong inner desire, since it includes the mental achievements of previous generations.

It is the suffering people with the sound vector who commit suicide for no apparent reason. There is no news more joyful for a sound engineer with such internal shortcomings, as the news that soon it will all end - bang, fly to hell! At this time, they are already anticipating how they will, as if from the outside, calmly and fearlessly watch the film the lost dreams of humanity, its complete and absolute end.

It is they who cling to the idea of ​​the end of the world. It is their collective desire that seeks out any opportunity that will give new hope for the end of it all. This hope relieves sonic suffering - it won't be long. Soon, soon …

Each new sound idea about the end of the world receives powerful support from the part of humanity that has a visual vector. It is thanks to the collective lack of spectators that the news of the next approaching apocalypse is rapidly flying around the entire planet.

The fear of death - here it is, the root of the psychic in the visual vector. The viewer can push fear outward only through love and compassion. Any shortage, lack of fullness in the visual vector - and the viewer falls into a state of "fear". Unimaginably, he can be afraid of anything - heights, spiders, snakes and much more. But most of all he is afraid of death, nightmare scenes of the apocalypse, the death of his loved ones and all of humanity.

konec svet4
konec svet4

The spectator who does not channel his innate greatest emotional amplitude into compassion, empathy and empathy, inevitably finds himself at the other pole, where he is already sitting and endlessly watching horror films. He experiences a kind of pleasant experience - he watches scary scenes an infinite number of times, experiences them in great fear, and then sighs with relief - "not so scary." Scary or not so scary - the amplitude of fluctuations of his emotions.

Our collective shortfalls have caused apocalypse films to appear. So realistic that our confidence in the approaching end of the world only increases.

The end of the world is not canceled

Of course, the end of the world is not canceled. Be sure, dear reader, - after December 21, 2012, there will certainly be some other reason to set a new date for it. This will continue until the collective shortfalls in the sound vector begin to fill.

Nevertheless, humanity is indeed in danger. This is evidenced by the video interview about the human psyche of Carl Jung, in which he says: “The world hangs by a thread and depends on the human psyche. This is not a threat from conventional disasters or a nuclear bomb. These are all the deeds of people. We are a great danger. The psyche is a danger. What, someone is worried about the disorder with the psyche? And knowledge about what the psyche is can save us.

Do we know what the human psyche is? Someone thinks that the processes taking place inside a person are not important. Someone thinks that he only has what is in his head, but all this came from his environment. He was taught to think so, to believe so. And what is the basis of this - he has no considerations. THIS IS A GREAT MISTAKE! Because he is what he was born with, and he was born not as a tabula rasa, but as a reality."

konec svet5
konec svet5

The genius of psychoanalysis knew what he was talking about. The point is that a person is part of the world. We are connected with living and inanimate nature, and our mental directly affects the processes taking place in it.

The growing acute shortages in the sound vector - our depression and suffering - can cause a huge catastrophe for all of humanity. Danger can come from the microcosm or from inanimate nature in such a way that nature can again resume the control it once lost over man.

Nature reveals its secrets to humanity as it develops. Right now, when we are faced with an urgent need to cognize ourselves, a series of discoveries led to the emergence of System-Vector Psychology - a science, thanks to which the sound vector can finally fill its deficiencies. Science, which leads to deep knowledge of the psychic Man, until recently hidden in the unconscious.

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