Tips For Depression. The Result Is Guaranteed

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Tips For Depression. The Result Is Guaranteed
Tips For Depression. The Result Is Guaranteed
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Tips for depression. The result is guaranteed

Before you start looking for tips for getting rid of depression, you need to understand what it is. It's not just bad mood, sadness, or accumulated fatigue. Anyone who has truly experienced a depressive state will tell you that no sadness, no overwork and are not close to the intolerable state that a person experiences with depression …

Psychologist's advice for depression

Everyone, absolutely all people love to advise on how best to live for you. Starting from grandmothers at the entrance, ending with qualified psychologists, it is important to sit in a leather chair. So I have now stocked up with another baggage of "invaluable" advice from a psychologist for depression. They would have worked more, and then, I swear, I would have stopped laughing at this profession. And sometimes they say that they know everything about human souls. And if you come to them with a problem, they will tell you long-known truths. And how to solve the problem, find a way out of the impasse - no one says.

The same advice for depression: “Walk more in the fresh air. Observe your sleep and diet regimen and exercise. Spend more time with your loved ones. Drink sleeping pills, sedatives, St. John's wort, for example … "Well at least antidepressants have not been prescribed yet. There is absolutely no desire to sit "on wheels".

What am I? And I'm playing tic-tac-toe with my life. Cross? Zero.

Endless inner dialogue

The pendulum swung once … My head is bursting with pain. I'm ready to climb the wall, but there's no use. The pain grows, throbbing pain. I, I, I … who am I? What am I? Lord, shut up that voice inside my skull … shut up, I beg you! The music is louder. I scream that there is urine: "Shut up!"

The pendulum swung two. I'm apathetic. He spent the whole day without sleep. But I don't want to do anything either. I just look at the ceiling and count the stars in my eyes, which appeared due to the long contemplation of the light bulb on. I don't understand why move at all. And who needs it at all. I am terribly disgusted, and I want to either shoot someone, or to be shot. Kill me, anyone!

Zero. My whole life began with the question: "Who am I?" Apparently, they will end. My whole existence is one big zero, which from within with unbearable pain tears the emptiness apart.


I have forgotten how to rejoice, have forgotten how to enjoy all earthly goods. Food? Meetings with friends? Sex? Yes, gods, even alcohol does not save me from this disgusting feeling. Unless to get drunk to death in order to fall asleep for an hour or two. And then bend into three deaths over the basin, trying to vomit his endless emptiness. I can say "Everything is ashes," but I will be unoriginal. Everything is nothing. Life is nothing, death is nothing. The world doesn't care if you are alive or dead. Humanity suffers from the problem of overpopulation, so by my death I may make room for one Chinese child who has nowhere to stick his head in. Cross.

Many people say that the treatment of depression cannot be done without the help of a qualified specialist. Therefore, when asked "How to get out of depression," everyone wants to hear the advice of a psychologist, hoping to find a panacea. But they just shrug their shoulders awkwardly: in fact, no ready-made advice for depression exists, no matter how glossy magazines and books on popular psychology shout about it to the right and left. The patient is prescribed therapy, and antidepressants are often prescribed. Someone manages to somehow get out of the depressive state. The rest either exist all their lives on crutches made of pills, or … step out of the windows.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that there is no advice for depression, and cannot be, many people have already been able to get rid of this terrible "disease". No, they did not go either to magic fortune tellers or to the priest in the church. They just … finally got the answers!

Psychologist's advice - depression as a lack of meaning

Before you start looking for tips for getting rid of depression, you need to understand what it is. This is not just a bad mood, sadness from the loss of a loved one, or accumulated fatigue. Anyone who has truly experienced a depressive state will tell you that no sadness, no overwork, and does not stand next to the intolerable state that a person experiences with depression.

The pleasure principle

People are ruled by desires. If these desires are not satisfied, dissatisfaction begins to grow inside the person. Any person whose properties inherent in nature cannot be realized is unhappy. But if we are talking about the sound vector, then the unrealized sound engineer is doubly unhappy.

All people are born of God for a reason. Each nature has endowed with its own characteristics - physical and mental, which are necessary to perform a particular role in the flock (society). But it's one thing when this role is obvious and, in general, quite real and tangible. Vaughn, for example, skin leaders and hunters ran after another prey. But what is to be done by a person whose function seems impracticable?


We are talking about a person with a sound vector, whose role is to cognize the metaphysical world, to find answers to questions about the meaning of life - the most important questions. It is not for nothing that such a child, having not yet begun to speak normally, already asks his parents: "Why do we live?"

How to get out of depression. "Stick" and "carrot" sound vector

And it is a person with a sound vector that is overtaken by depression - a reaction to unsatisfied desires, not found answers, to giant voids of lacks, multiplying inside every year. The depressive state is the very "whip" of dissatisfaction that overtakes the sound engineer over and over again. And since the sound vector is dominant, his desires are muffled by all the others. Unsurprisingly, a depressed person doesn't feel like sleeping, eating, or anything else. He often falls into such apathy, when even getting to the bathroom is an incredible effort.

All the lacks of the sound vector are accompanied by hatred of oneself and one's own body, hatred of the people around, the desire to hide within four walls, and suicidal thoughts.

If there is no advice for depression, then how can such people live with these unbearable torments?

The void inside needs to be filled. And you can fill it only with answers to questions - you can't run away from yourself. It all starts with knowing yourself and the people around you.

Where can I get these answers? In Philosophy? Physics? Biology? Medicine? Religion? If at one time such things allowed sound engineers to satisfy their search, now our needs have become several hundred times greater. Unsurprisingly, depression is called the disease of the 21st century. A person with a sound vector can try everything - from scientific circles to esoteric sects - but still remain with a gaping abyss inside, into which you strive to break.

Taste for life in all its manifestations

Fortunately, a universal tool has appeared, thanks to which hundreds of people were able to part with severe depressive conditions once and for all. System-vector psychology gives everyone, and especially sound professionals, a real opportunity to understand themselves, the causes of their severe conditions, the characteristics of other people … This is the first and most important step towards getting rid of prolonged bouts of depression.

Here is just an excerpt from one of hundreds of others written after the training:

Thank you for the opportunity to feel more happiness in this life, to feel the taste of life in all its manifestations. Feel life itself and touch what we call the meaning of life. To say with confidence that there is a God.

Already after the first free introductory lessons, resentment towards parents, irritation and misunderstanding of other people began to go away … Depressive states, which rolled suddenly and mercilessly, did not allow to live fully. Depression blocked all other desires. I didn't know what to do about it. Dozens of books, teachings, philosophies, sciences, lectures, practices gave only a temporary effect that quickly passed and again did not get out of bed, again there was no strength and desire to go somewhere, to do something. You tear yourself off the bed, the player in your ears, the music is louder and somewhere far away from here into the world of pleasant sounds and beautiful poetry. Taking off the headphones, you realize that nothing has changed … in you …

Now depression has been replaced by the process of understanding, thinking, the process of creativity, concentration of thoughts and going out … into the world. Feeling the desires of other people is incomparable to anything. This is real happiness!

Fedor Tarasenko, engineer Read the full text of the result

If you are still hoping to find effective advice for depression, then I will give you one and only: just sign up for free lectures on Systems Vector Psychology, and after two online classes you will see significant changes.

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