At The Height Of Culture, We Gnaw Each Other's Throats. Death Of The Jaded Gods

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At The Height Of Culture, We Gnaw Each Other's Throats. Death Of The Jaded Gods
At The Height Of Culture, We Gnaw Each Other's Throats. Death Of The Jaded Gods

Video: At The Height Of Culture, We Gnaw Each Other's Throats. Death Of The Jaded Gods

Video: At The Height Of Culture, We Gnaw Each Other's Throats. Death Of The Jaded Gods
Video: Twin Peaks ACTUALLY EXPLAINED (No, Really) 2023, March

At the height of culture, we gnaw each other's throats. Death of the jaded gods

We are so satiated with the available, as never before, all kinds of benefits of civilization that we no longer feel the value of food, warmth, free will and freedom of choice …

Freedom of choice for everyone - down or up.

Today we choose: animal or human.


We are so satiated with the available, as never before, all kinds of benefits of civilization that we no longer feel the value of food, warmth, free will and freedom of choice. We have no confidence in tomorrow, there is no feeling that it will be at all, this day. There is no general meaningfulness of life, no direction, no common goal that would unite the efforts, actions and decisions of millions. There is no collective idea that would move everyone into the future and create the outlines of this very future, as it was in the recent Soviet past.

Today, everyone for himself, everyone builds their own lives, in their own separate world behind the high fence of individualism, fencing themselves off more and more from society in an attempt to create their own little paradise and realizing every day that they have actually built a real personal hell.

Some are waiting for the end of the world, explaining its coming by the fact that humanity has hardened and forgotten how to love, others go into downshifting, having reached all conceivable and inconceivable career heights and boundaries and thereby losing interest in them, others are looking for the meaning of their lives in the solitude of lost monasteries, conquering Himalayas, the fifth test themselves for strength, risking their lives in any way: from walking along the cornices of skyscrapers to downhill skiing on prohibited ski slopes.

Even filling ourselves with pleasure, it would seem, at 100%, we do not feel happiness to the end, there is no feeling that this is life, there is no joy, simple and sincere childish delight from soap bubbles. We try, poke, search and get lost in search of the source of our joy, pleasure, fulfillment, and so we spend our whole life, because today there are millions of options, but how to find the right one?


The problem of choice is compounded by the easy availability of all options and a complete lack of awareness. Everything is possible, but how to choose your own ?!

Here it is, the threat that Carl Jung spoke about, here it is, that hydrogen bomb, ready to explode at any moment and destroy the entire fragile human world. It is not in the secret laboratories of the military industry in Russia or the United States, it is in the head of each of us, in the thoughts and suffering of any passer-by, in the frozen gaze of a strange teenager directed at the monitor all night long, in the furious exclamation of painted demonstrators shouting "Death to your enemies!" whoever they consider enemies to be, in a girl who disgustedly turned away from an old man who fell on the sidewalk so as not to stain her new dress - here she is, a bomb of psychological action of mass destruction.

And it is already working, the time has come!

Step over the abyss

We have been developing for 50 thousand years. From generation to generation we are born with more potential and opportunities for the realization of our mental properties. Man made fire, invented a bridge, a stone ax, a wheel, man learned to calculate time and keep history, man began to experience emotions, love and compassion, man tried to understand the physics of the Earth and space … and still man seeks to comprehend the meaning of his life.

Each vector throughout the entire existence of mankind goes through all the stages of its development, reaching its peak. So, the skin vector, for the first time limiting the early person in his desire to eat his neighbor, creates the first law and thereby makes him sublimate the existing desire, that is, develop further, satisfy, fill himself in a different way, more creative, beneficial to the whole society.

From primitive tools and warfare over many millennia, the skin vector has evolved to modern legislation and outstanding engineering solutions. The anal vector, starting from guarding the cave, women and children, teaching boys about war and hunting, develops to the level of unique teaching that kindles interest in any subject in its students. Starting with ensuring the survival of a small tribe, the urethral vector becomes capable of turning the whole world around, promoting its idea of a new social formation for the benefit of society. Initially not adapted for survival, the visual vector, frightened by a spotted predator or enemy, saved the entire flock, which also protected its fragile life. For 50 thousand years, the spectator has developed from fear to compassion, having learned to fear not for himself, but for another, embodying his compassion into love for the whole world,creating culture and enhancing the value of human life to the peak.

Each vector has passed a gigantic path in its development, bringing new and new contributions to the collective psychic, creating a higher base for further development for the next generations.

The only vector out of eight that has not reached its maximum, which means that it is directly in the process of development, which today does not have the opportunity to fully realize its desires, suffers from shortages and emptiness, is the sound vector. A dominant giant layer of the psychic, requiring from its owner titanic mental efforts for at least partial realization of innate properties, pressing with voids of non-filling so much that it takes into the background the needs of other vectors.

Until recently, even in the twentieth century, the sound search for the meaning of life, knowledge of the essence of things could be satisfied with the study of the laws of physics, the work of a composer, writer, philosopher, the work of a linguist, psychiatrist, religious search, and the like. But today the sonic potential has grown so much that all this is not able to fill the lack of sound. Sound scientists embody modern attempts to implement abstract thinking in online work as programmers and in other Internet specialties, but this also does not give them complete satisfaction.


Due to the strong tension, more and more sound professionals are in negative states - depression, drug addiction, gambling addiction. Unable to withstand the suffering, many decide to commit suicide. Only sound people, perceiving the world as an illusion, can consider suicide as a way to alleviate the pain that their “meaningless” existence causes them.

The unrealized sound engineer tries in this way to rid himself of the suffering that life brings him. The consumption of material values and benefits of civilization does not give it any fulfillment, therefore it is regarded by it as unnecessary, interfering, from which you can get rid of. All this is a side effect of the process of cognition, the search for meaning, comprehension of the essence of everything that exists and one's own life.

And it is in this delusion that, while committing suicide, the sound engineer inflicts the strongest blow on his psychic and inflicts the greatest suffering on himself, feeling at the last moment all the pain and pressure of the voids of the unrealized sound vector.

Self-deprivation of life completely erases from the general psychic any trace that a deceased sonicist could leave; it is at this moment that his life loses all meaning, since it disappears without a trace, without making any contribution to the development of the collective psychic humanity.

Sound suffers - everyone suffers

The negative states of modern sound specialists affect the general state of mankind. Even without a sound vector, a person nowadays feels a sound lack of fullness, an inner emptiness, although, of course, to a lesser extent than the sound people themselves.

Today's lack of any ideas, as a purely sound prerogative at all times, the lack of meaningfulness and a common goal is primarily associated with those negative states in which a significant part of people with a sound vector are. That is why society as a whole does not have confidence in the future and does not find satisfaction in filling its properties, even if fully realized in accordance with innate vectors. Through sound there is a projection onto the whole.

Realizing oneself, a person feels pleasure, which, with adequate fulfillment, should be absolute, complete, intense, bringing joy and happiness. Such a realization is not so common these days, but even in this case a person feels a certain shade of emptiness, meaninglessness of mortal life, lack of direction of his actions and coordination of goals with other people. Fencing off from each other individualism alienates a person from himself. Today everyone feels the general tension of all humanity. This creates additional difficulties in implementation, it becomes even more difficult to understand your own aspirations, understand your true desires and choose your personal path and method of filling properties.

Unfulfilled needs are felt as suffering, revealing an ancient animal hostility to one's neighbor, covered with a thin layer of restrictions, both cultural and legislative.

Under the pressure of growing shortages, cultural restrictions, like those acquired relatively recently, are swept away quite easily and simply. A person brought to a certain state of boiling hostility is able to show his aggression, grabbing for any reason: nationalistic beliefs, political views, religious, racial differences - the reason does not really matter in this case. The main thing is to throw out the accumulated hatred, somehow alleviate your condition, relieve tension, restore the disturbed balance of the biochemistry of the brain.

And now we have clashes of demonstrators, street fights and riots, political coups, armed conflicts and civil wars that claim thousands of lives of those who do not even participate in these conflicts.

A person who has reached the state of loss of cultural restrictions becomes an easy and accessible target for various kinds of manipulations by influential forces that are able to direct the streams of aggression of the angry masses in the right direction. Such levers are used by modern leaders of information wars, who destroy lives with the wrong hands to please their own plans and ambitions, as if remaining aloof, with “clean” hands and a “clear” conscience. Throwing more and more reasons for a surge of mutual hatred in a society with a high degree of mental stress, world political leaders kindle wars that destroy the country they do not like and create an advantageous position to preserve their influence.


A person suffering from hatred is practically incapable of impartially assessing and realizing the current situation, extracting from the information flow only fragments and messages that are “necessary” for him, giving him moral “permission” for the manifestation of aggression, and all “for the sake of a lofty goal”, with the most “good »Intentions.

In such a situation, any exhortations, rational arguments, and even visual evidence in favor of a different state of affairs are discarded as falsified or hostile. A person subconsciously looks for the path of least resistance, because it is easier to throw out his dislike on a neighbor than to look for a way to sublimate it into creative activity. Later he will find, invent and convince himself of the correctness and justification of his actions, no matter how blasphemous they may be.

Everyone determines the common future

Today we live in an era of great changes, we are shaken by crises and upheavals, the stronger and more influential are struggling to preserve their fragile peace and unscrupulously manipulate the less powerful and influential players in the political arena, trying to avoid the threat and retain power at any cost.

We have already started killing each other …

What's ahead? Apocalypse?

What is the price of one step in development? How many lives does it take for everyone to think for a minute and doubt the reasons for what is happening?

Will we really live better when we destroy all our "enemies"? Will it really be easier for us then?

Perhaps it is worth looking into yourself? To finally figure out what is going on inside, what makes it so painful, what makes you want to kill so badly, and why there are suddenly so many enemies around?

If it is so hard, if suffering is psychologically felt, if there is no pleasure that could have been, perhaps it is worth taking a look at your psychological nature and finding out how those mechanisms work that move our desires, decisions, actions that determine our goals, our way of life?

It's easy to take a step towards yourself. No, it's just necessary! After all, today, right now, at this minute, the general degree of hostility can be reduced by taking this single step towards yourself, towards awareness, towards accepting your nature, which means that you can gain strength, the opportunity and the chance to get that most complete and strong pleasure from life, which leaves no room, no crack for dislike. Realization of oneself at the highest level cuts off any need for manifestation of hatred, because this is primitive in comparison with favorite work, creativity and any occupation that brings benefit to society and joy to you personally.

Now there is already an opportunity to stand one step above the elementary angry beast, to become a man in every sense of the word, a systemic man who knows himself!

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