My Child - What I Want Is What I Do? System-vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan At The Metro Family Day Festival

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My Child - What I Want Is What I Do? System-vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan At The Metro Family Day Festival
My Child - What I Want Is What I Do? System-vector Psychology Of Yuri Burlan At The Metro Family Day Festival
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My child - what I want is what I do? System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan at the Metro Family Day Festival

Within the framework of the Metro Family Day festival, in the lecture hall on Elagin Ostrov (St. Petersburg), on July 9, 2016, a lecture-presentation from the specialists of the portal for system-vector psychology Yuri Burlan on the topic “My child - what I want, I do? How to Raise a Happy Personality”, which caused a lively response from the audience.

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Metro Family Day is the largest family festival that takes place annually in St. Petersburg under the auspices of the Metro newspaper. The Palladian Elagin Palace, the first significant work of the architect Rossi in Russia, organically fits into the children's town that has grown up around it, with fun attractions, entertaining quests, mobile theater studios and master classes.

Adults also have plenty to do at the festival, with many staying at the open-air lecture hall outside the greenhouse building.

During the lecture, system experts answered questions of concern to every parent:

  • How to grow a talker from a talkative child, and not a talker?
  • From a silent thinker, not a psychopath?

  • A slow child - a curse or a virtue?
  • Why are some children very mobile, as if they have a perpetual motion machine inside, while others “where I planted, there I found”?
  • Are we doing the right thing when we are trying to make a nimble child sit evenly and for a long time, and a calm one - to run fast and jump high?
  • Is it always necessary to pull a brooding child out of his inner world, and scold a little crybaby for tears?
  • Perhaps, by approaching raising children without basic psychological literacy, we are destroying innate talents?

The differentiated approach of Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology to the upbringing and development of children makes it easy to solve such issues not only for specialists, but also for parents.

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The lecture was lively, and the lecture area quickly filled with parents, many of them were together with children - toddlers in strollers and older children of school age. The audience also took up residence on the palace staircase under the Doric columns. After the lecture, both mothers and fathers asked questions.

The time allotted for the lecture was not enough for detailed answers, communication continued even after, in the open area of ​​the festival. So, the coordinator of the lecture hall Nadezhda Grigorieva said: “Your lecture for me was the most interesting to date. The topic turned out to be quite close to me, professionally."

Many listeners who visited the lecture hall at the Elagin Palace registered on the spot for a free training course on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Having heard briefly about the newest methodology that answers the most important questions, the parents wanted to receive complete information at the online lectures of Yuri Burlan. (You can register for them here.)

All the secrets of the innate talents of children become clear through the prism of Yuri Burlan's latest discoveries in the field of psychology. How to help an individual young talent to reveal itself in the right direction, which is set by nature - effective system-vector recommendations help to do this with mathematical precision.

When the difficult task - raising a child - follows the route set by innate abilities and talents, the pitfalls of psychological illiteracy are eliminated, the broken grandfather's sextant is no longer needed, with which the only thing left to do was zigzags "blindly and gropingly." Yuri Burlan's innovative navigator of system-vector psychology is a tool that can be mastered by almost any parent and all specialists in parenting, easy to use, confirmed by scientific research and numerous results.

The lecture-presentation at the Metro Family Day festival was held by the specialists of the portal on system-vector psychology:

Victoria Vinnikova, Valentina Ochirova, Ekaterina Korotkikh

Report: Valentina Ochirova, Natalia Chaus

Video: Natalia Chaus, Ashkhen Gudkova

Photo: Ashkhen Gudkova

We express our gratitude to the organizers of Metro Family Day in St. Petersburg.

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