Intimate Life. Trust Is The Key To Female Orgasm

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Intimate Life. Trust Is The Key To Female Orgasm
Intimate Life. Trust Is The Key To Female Orgasm
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Intimate life. Trust is the key to female orgasm

Is it possible for every woman to learn to have an orgasm, or is this predetermined by nature? How to achieve more frequent and fuller orgasms? How to completely relax during sexual relations and get the most vivid experiences?

“I want an orgasm, but it doesn't work”, “An orgasm happens, but not the way I would like, and not every time. Why does it depend? "," I would like to experience this unearthly pleasure, which is written about in books, but I don't even know what it is, "- this is how many women describe their problem with getting an orgasm. Someone, with a wave of his hand, lives without these sensations, seeking to please their partner or even simulating an orgasm for the same purpose. But still, deep in her soul, every woman wants to experience this peak of pleasure, which has no equal on Earth. Feel waves of joy, happiness, complete merging with a loved one and gratitude to him for the fact that this pleasure exists.

Is it possible for every woman to learn to have an orgasm, or is this predetermined by nature? How to achieve more frequent and fuller orgasms? How to completely relax during sexual relations and get the most vivid experiences? Let's talk about all this, using the knowledge of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Female Orgasm - 100 Years

Undoubtedly, sex is one of the greatest pleasures in human life. For a man, this pleasure is obvious, because he reaches its peak - orgasm - purely physiologically, giving ejaculate. His every act normally ends with an orgasm. And since man was created for pleasure, he seeks to receive it more and more often. That is why at the heart of all the activities of a man, all his development, is an attraction to a woman - he wants a woman, therefore he does everything to achieve her.

For a woman, this pleasure is not so obvious. A woman in general began to experience an orgasm only a little over a century ago. Before that, belonging to a man, she received a sense of security and safety and the opportunity to give birth to a child from him.

But the desires of humanity and women in particular are growing. The beautiful half of humanity is no longer satisfied with sex without orgasm. They want to be satisfied, like a man - every time and in full. And there is good news for them - it is possible, you just need to know how.

Belong to a man

For a woman, achieving orgasm has little to do with the technique of sexual relations. Of course, there are erogenous zones that are most sensitive for her and are determined by her vectors. The environment also plays a role: the need to hide under the covers with your husband and be afraid of every creak of the bed, so that the children do not hear, does not contribute to relaxation. But this article is not about that.

A woman is so arranged that for her, achieving an orgasm is, first of all, a psychological task. An orgasm will take place and will be as complete as possible if a woman is relaxed, able to surrender to attraction without looking back and completely go into a feeling of mutual pleasure. To do this, she must have confidence in a man - complete, involuntary, psychological, turning into bodily. To experience vivid sensations, she needs sexual relations with her beloved man, with her man. She needs to feel complete belonging to her man. Sex for health or just for the sake of fun with the first person you meet will never give that fulfillment and pleasure as intercourse with a loved one.

Intimate life
Intimate life

Feeling safe and secure

An important stepping stone to trust is the feeling of security and safety that a woman receives from her man. Roles in a pair are predetermined by nature: a man is a giver, a woman is a receiver. A woman should feel her natural role: a man should give her protection and security (food), because the result of their relationship can be a child that a woman cannot feed if she is left alone.

In the distant past, a woman received a sense of security and safety from her man and society in the form of compulsory alimony. If a man for some reason could not provide for a woman (for example, he died during a hunt or war), the flock took care of her.

Now a woman is more independent and even able to feed herself, but she still unconsciously wants a man to take care of her, she needs confidence in alimony for her and the child. Only in this way can she completely relax psychologically.

Food is what is the basis of any relationship, a common table unites. When a man takes a woman to a restaurant, feeds delicious food, it disposes her to him. Everyone knows that a dinner together can be an important prelude to a romantic night out.

Other events, depending on the vectors, also set the woman up for special intimacy. For example, if she has a skin vector, gifts from her beloved man are simultaneously aroused and trusting. The owner of the anal vector needs long courtship, the opportunity to get used to her partner, and care. The sound person will feel a special disposition for a partner if they conduct conversations on metaphysical topics, jointly reveal the secrets of the Universe and the human psyche. For the owner of the visual vector, general impressions and emotions are important. Therefore, a joint trip to the theater and a festive evening can cause in a visual woman a strong attraction to her man.

The art of trusting relationships

And yet, the most important basis for trust in a couple, under any vectors, is an emotional connection. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan pays great attention to the art of creating an emotional connection and means, first of all, the ability to have a heart-to-heart conversation, to share intimate, to be open and sincere with your partner. And the woman sets the tone in creating an emotional connection.

An emotional bond between a man and a woman is that necessary element of life together, which, acting on an ongoing basis, will make sex incredibly desirable for both partners, will allow you to feel complete fusion, and therefore the most vivid pleasure from orgasm.

The key to female orgasm
The key to female orgasm

Woman's sexual disclosure

But even if things are going well, the woman needs time to open up sexually (except for the urethral woman, who is always ready for sex). She needs to tune in to her partner, especially at the beginning of the relationship, to feel like his woman in order to completely, without looking back, surrender to him.

Women with an anal vector and women with a skin-sound ligament of vectors experience particular difficulties with sexual opening. For the former, a long period of getting used to a partner is necessary, the latter may be asexual or have significant experience of sex for the sake of sex, sex without love, when they do not experience any pleasure from this process. And in fact, and in another case, a man will need patience to reveal such a woman.

And yet a woman has the right to say "no" when she is not disposed to sex. Knowing that a man respects her wishes also gives her the opportunity to trust and relax during intimacy.

Maintain intimacy

An important element of trust is intimacy. What happens in the bedroom should remain a secret exclusively of two loving people. When a wife discusses the details of her sexual relations with her friends, psychologists, sexologists, and the husband - with his friends, this leads to a blurring of the emotional connection in a couple, a loss of intimacy and, ultimately, the destruction of the relationship. If something does not work out, it is better to undergo training in systemic vector psychology together, get complete knowledge about human psychology and sexuality and actively apply them in practice, discussing together what is happening in bed.

After all, talking to each other on sexual topics, discussing their needs, recognizing and truly understanding the desires of their partner is simply necessary for the current generation. We have gone much ahead in establishing any types of ties between people in comparison with the generation of our grandparents, for whom it was embarrassing, embarrassing, and unacceptable to talk about this "simple matter".

Talking about sex, especially after intimacy, in a state of particular fullness with each other, deepens trust, enhances pleasure during intercourse. Again, the woman should take responsibility for starting this conversation. And although by nature she is more bashful, only she can do it delicately, wisely, with love, in order to reveal her man, push him to frankness.

Together to the highest pleasure

Any woman can be sexually revealed and can have an orgasm (except for rare cases associated with physiological reasons), if there is an understanding of how to build an intimate relationship. After undergoing training in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, which gives this understanding, sex begins to bring such pleasure, which had never been dreamed of before, and orgasm in women is becoming the norm.

When a woman begins to trust her man with her body, her smell and pheromone background change, and this causes a new surge of interest from the man. Sexual relations are reaching a qualitatively new level, even if the marriage is many years old and the period of the first passionate love is long over. This period is returning, and passion flares up with even greater force. This is evidenced by the reviews of those who completed the training.

How to build trust
How to build trust

This knowledge is now available to everyone. Within the framework of Yuri Burlan's training on system-vector psychology, thematic classes "Women's sexuality" are held. And you can start studying the secrets of the human psyche at free online lectures. Register for them using the link:

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