How To Teach A Child To Read Correctly: What Mothers Don't Know About

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How To Teach A Child To Read Correctly: What Mothers Don't Know About
How To Teach A Child To Read Correctly: What Mothers Don't Know About

Video: How To Teach A Child To Read Correctly: What Mothers Don't Know About

Video: How To Teach A Child To Read Correctly: What Mothers Don't Know About
Video: How to Teach Your Child to Read in 2019! | Teacher Mom Vlog 2023, March

How to teach your child to read with pleasure: easy and fast

Teaching a child to read is not just a requirement of the modern world - it is a life-changing skill for him. After immersing a child in the wonderful world of literature, good and evil heroes, correctly selected books teach to distinguish between good and evil on a sensual level. How to teach a child to read correctly, so as not to discourage learning? How not to turn classes into a boring business? We will tell you about the most important psychological points that must be taken into account if you decide to teach your child to read …

How to teach a child to read correctly, so as not to discourage learning? How not to turn classes into a boring business? We will tell you about the most important psychological points that must be considered if you decide to teach your child to read.

The psychological secrets of the correct approach to this important matter are revealed in the training System-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. We will talk about these secrets in this article. It will be useful not only for parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, but also for educators. But before we learn how to properly involve a child in reading, let's talk about what to read to children, and what - in no case.

What exactly should children read?

Engaging the child in reading begins with reading together with mom, long before learning the letters. How do you choose the best books to read?

The child's brain is like a blank slate. At the same time, the brain is a powerful neural network that is built throughout life. A special period is childhood. We are worried that the crumb does not eat "byaka", but often do not notice what information field we surround him with, what books we read. Through reading books in childhood, the most important categories are laid - good and evil, mercy and justice. Such sensual sensations arise from reading the time-tested classic children's literature.

So, the most important point is choosing the right books.

You need to teach your child to read on time

For kids, reading is not only a magical world of fairy tales and communication with adults, but also a mysterious code of some kind of icons. At first, it seems to our crumbs that we are telling them stories from pictures. And only a little later they begin to understand what an adult reads, and while it is a mystery how he does it.

It is difficult for a child to decipher hooks and sticks correctly. So before trying to teach a child to read, be sure to make sure that he knows all the letters well.

This is a very special moment. After all, the child perceives everything sensually, and signs in the form of letters are still a little abstract concepts for him. Now there are many educational toys where letters and numbers are present as a background, and children remember them involuntarily. It's just that adults need to involve children in these games.

It is best for the child to already know the letters at the age of 3-4 years. At the same time, you can start learning to read simple syllables even after learning just a few letters. So from the very beginning of learning, the child begins to understand what the letters are for, this gives an incentive in learning. It must be remembered that the leading type of activity at this age is play, therefore lessons in teaching reading should have a game plot, supported by clarity - interesting pictures. For example, we read the syllable AH - this bunny is surprised, pulling out a huge carrot from the ground; OH - this is a bear sighing, because he has a toothache, etc.

If at the age of 6 the mother just woke up that the child does not read, then not learning, but torment may begin.

It is very important not to skip the stages of a child's development. It is always more difficult to catch up on what was missed. So we teach to read correctly on time. Modern children have great potential. They seem to be born with a tablet in their hands and want to learn to read much earlier than their parents.

Children can be taught to read quickly and at home, but special approaches are needed

The baby's greatest desire is to grow and develop. This is by nature. The desire to read in a child is of the same order. He wants to be taught to read - if this is not so, then a mistake has already been made somewhere.

It is very important to correctly understand the individual psychological characteristics of the baby. For example, children with visual, sound and anal vectors are the most reading children. But your child may be with other vectors, for example, with skin, which does not give perseverance. How then to be, how to properly teach a child to read if he is a fidget?

Teach a child to read the picture with pleasure
Teach a child to read the picture with pleasure

A baby with a skin vector, agile like a whirligig, can also be taught to read, you just need to do it a little differently. Do not demand perseverance from him, but involve him through the game. It can even be games for movement (running, jumping) on ladders with letters, you can search for letters from the magnetic alphabet hidden in the room and lay out syllables and simple words from them. At the very beginning, you can use modern methodological developments - special manuals for teaching reading. Or these are the ways to get involved:

"ABOUT! reading))) I'll tell you quickly my story a la books! I really liked the picture books. And once they bought me a book about how animals hibernated. There were not just pictures, but half-cut figures. And you could move them. I was so hooked that because of all this dynamic, I asked to read this book to me all the time. For the umpteenth time my grandmother read this book to me, I managed to memorize some passages. And one day I decided to “read” my grandmother)))) I opened it on any page and pronounced those passages that I managed to remember. Like reading))))) And then they began to study with me. Learned to read syllables. I was attracted by these "moving" books. They say that at the age of 4 I already read. " (from discussions on the 1st level forum)

Do not be upset if the crumbs cannot read correctly right away. Help him cope with this task, connect letters into syllables and syllables into words. And for kids it is often gibberish.

“I will share my feelings as it was when my mother taught me little to read. We had a large paper alphabet and all sorts of drawings with letters. And it was a real test for me, because my mother wanted me to answer her impeccably, and I did not understand at all then, well, why do I need these letters when there are so many interesting things around. And every time I wondered, why should you swear at me because of these hooks and sticks? Nothing happened, really! If, for example, I incorrectly called her a letter or thought for a long time over the encrypted word. And these lessons with my mother were a real hard labor for me. " (from discussions on the 1st level forum)

Correctly teaching to read - special secrets

Each book has three components: the hero, the plot, and the narrator's voice. We have already decided that we are choosing classic children's literature - there are time-tested heroes and a fascinating plot. Now it remains for us to read correctly to children, then they will involuntarily become involved in the process and gradually a DESIRE to read for themselves.

The child reads himself with pleasure the picture
The child reads himself with pleasure the picture

Yuri Burlan at the training focuses on this point. We teach children, involving as much as possible in the process, motivating them - then coercion is not required.

Correctly teaching to read is much easier if you understand the peculiarities of the perception of your baby. Delight seizes when you see that your baby adds words from syllables and reads! After all, he discovers a new, absolutely limitless world!

But you can't even imagine what kind of inner bliss and violent emotions of joy awaken in the very little one. He feels with every cell that he is growing and developing, that he is able to read.

The child wants to please his mother and learn to read. This is a special emotional state for both. Mom gets no less pleasure when the child begins to read correctly. It's like the first step, just on a different level. And both get the prize. It is important for a mother to accept the individual characteristics of the baby and not prepare him for competitions for speed or artistry. The very process of reading should be enjoyable.

The selfish desire of the mother for the child to quickly learn to read often leaves the baby behind the brackets. At this moment he is like an object for experiments.

“Recently I saw on Instagram how a little girl read in public. She was taught to read, but not to empathize, to feel what she reads about. Is it correct? It can be seen that my mother had other tasks - to show her blood in all social networks, that is, to show everyone what a wonderful mother she is."

Why do you want to teach your child to read? So that he feels good or so that you can show everyone what a wonderful mother you are? By the way, when you start evaluating a child in comparative categories, comparing it with Vasya or Petya in reading skills, you thereby discourage your child from reading.

That is why systemic vector psychology focuses on intentions and the atmosphere in which learning takes place.

Learning to read correctly through the pleasure principle

The most important thing during training is a joyful and warm atmosphere. In no case should there be coercion or abuse during training. You need to read correctly. This means not only articulating words clearly, but also showing emotions. Arrange a mini-performance from each read word or sentence.

Learn to read through the principle of enjoying picture
Learn to read through the principle of enjoying picture

Thus, the child is sensually involved in the process and receives great pleasure.

While reading, it will be correct to fully focus on the child, on his emotions and sensations. Hug, cry together over the girl with the matches.

Change intonation, sing somewhere, slow down the tempo in another place, and somewhere go to almost a whisper so that the child listens. Thus, you can teach a child to read much earlier. After all, he becomes fully involved in the process.

How to teach a child to read - recommendations:

  • The example of adults reading nearby is very important. Moreover, they read with enthusiasm and interest. Children have visual-active thinking, and they tend to repeat what adults do around them. Parents do exercises - the baby will imitate you. You read books with gusto - your baby will strive for this.

  • It is very good if you can make the process of evening reading with your baby regular and turn it into a kind of magical ritual. The kid in these minutes should be only with his mother. Warn your loved ones not to be disturbed, interrupted, or called to the phone. All this time is devoted to the child.
  • The most important point - Queen Scheherazade told us about it: always finish at the most interesting place, but always on a positive and bright one. At the same time, even sad moments of history can be emotionally shown as bright and happy.
  • Read slowly, in a low voice, and very sensually. If your baby fell asleep happy under mom's tales, then everything was done correctly.

Emotionally involving adults in reading with a child creates the strongest emotional connection we carry through the years. The emotions experienced together unite, making us truly close people. Associative rows, feelings and experiences that arose when reading children's books become the foundation of your future relationships. As the child grows up, you will always have a "spare magic wand" in the form of these emotions. You will no longer lecture and teach the child, but simply refer to the image of the hero of a children's book.

How to teach a child compassion?

The human psyche is formed from impressions when interacting with other people. The impressions of the heroes of the books are the same for a child. And the visual child revives all the characters and empathizes with them.

When you read classical literature with him, engaging, intoning, you awaken the child's feelings of empathy and compassion.

The child should cry, compassion, empathize with the heroes. This is correct and normal, and it does not matter whether you have a boy or a girl. This is how the senses develop.

How to interest a child and teach him to read:

What is the right way to create scarcity?

  • Reading an interesting book not every day, but five times a week, not according to the schedule, but by chance, they say, does not work today. And read in such a way that you can almost act out a performance! There is no point in reading a bored dad or an immensely tired mom. In anticipation of reading together, the child will have the idea that if he could read himself, he would not have to miss the day when his mother cannot, and will ask him to teach him to read.

  • If such a thought does not arise, then gradually, gently lead him to this thought. For example, to tell dad in front of him (not explicitly, but so that he was overheard) that "imagine, Aunt Masha's daughter is already reading herself." And then the child will understand that there are children who can read, and that he too could learn.
  • When the child himself asked to teach him to read, do not do it right away, say that “these days I can’t, because … let's go on Sunday!”. And then remind him, they say, "imagine, there are only three days left, and we will learn to read." Then two, then tomorrow! Create impatience, anticipation.
  • In an amicable way - a visual kid can be taught to read in one day - at most in two. Of course, the child will not be able to immediately read quickly and without mistakes, but the skill of correct reading - fast and meaningful - is already practiced during practice, when the child reads himself!

  • It is necessary very carefully and thoughtfully to select books for the first independent reading of the child. The volume of the text, the plot, and the sensual content are also important. Of course, it is right to complicate all these components gradually.
  • Ask your child to retell the story he has read - to mom, grandmother, little brother, friends in the yard. In this case, the child will be able to feel like the owner of unique information, be in the center of everyone's attention and practice in the manifestation of artistry.
  • Going to school can be a great motivation for learning to read! By the 1st grade, the child should read fluently, correctly and understand 80% of what he read.

When reading to a child and offering him books for independent reading, it is important to saturate the child with classical literature as much as possible, it is much easier to set this direction until 6 years old. Then the school will begin, a new environment, and if you do not give him the most important thing before that, then he can pick up, which should not be. And that's why…

A child's fate depends on reading skills

Teaching a child to read is not just a requirement of the modern world - it is a life-changing skill for him. After immersing a child in the wonderful world of literature, good and evil heroes, correctly selected books teach to distinguish between good and evil on a sensual level. Classical literature is the best we can give a child. At the age of 6, he will have his own freedom of choice at school - with whom to sit, with whom to be friends at school. He will choose his best friends, will be drawn to those who are more developed.

And when a child first gets into a new environment at school, he already has a vaccination against bad luck. He always has a "spare door to Narnia": through reading to surround himself with the most intelligent, noble, honest and brave people.

“I remember being proud of my first-grader son, when the director took him to the best teacher in the school and said:“Look who I brought to you, how he reads !!!!” And before that he checked in the office: what would give the child to read … He had a newspaper on the table. I say: "Yes, at least this newspaper is okay." I was surprised how my son fluently read several paragraphs to him correctly … and ran to the best class to the best teacher in school … We didn't even ask. " (from discussions on the 1st level forum)

In household chores and worries, it is difficult to find time to teach a child to read correctly, and we send him to development centers. But the mother should bear in mind that in this case the child will have a sensual connection with the teacher, and not with the mother - this was the case with Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin with his nanny Arina Rodionovna.

If time is lost and the child has not received by the age of 6 years the experience of reading together in a family and reading books on his own, then often he will not choose the environment, but they will choose him. That is, the situation will often arise "where the wind is, there are leaves": the child will be much more susceptible to the influence of others, and this influence will not always be good. This happens when a child has no moral core, no guidelines. And this is formed at home and only through correctly selected classical literature.

Photo to teach a child to read correctly
Photo to teach a child to read correctly

The results of the training participants are simply amazing:

How to teach to read - take the first step towards understanding your baby

You can try different methods and even drive to different centers of child development. But the most important thing in the development of any baby is emotional contact with the mother. If a mother reads herself, is passionate about this, then she will be able to involve and captivate her child with reading. Then he will quickly learn to read.

A correctly selected approach to a child while learning to read will be the key to success, will help him become a real connoisseur of fiction, the importance of which in the development and upbringing of a child remains important at all times.

When you understand what is behind the words, actions, whims of the child, it is very easy to teach him to read. You easily support the child at the level of his unconscious desires and act on the basis of his natural inclinations. Respect his interests and desires.

It is not difficult to understand how to teach a child to read correctly, it is much more difficult to do it regularly and observe that very magical atmosphere. How to better understand your baby, how easy it is to involve him in the world of fairy tales and reading, you can learn at the upcoming free online training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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