Between The Ultrasound Of A Bat And Sonic Erectus. The Four Stages Of Humanity's Mad Desires

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Between The Ultrasound Of A Bat And Sonic Erectus. The Four Stages Of Humanity's Mad Desires
Between The Ultrasound Of A Bat And Sonic Erectus. The Four Stages Of Humanity's Mad Desires

Video: Between The Ultrasound Of A Bat And Sonic Erectus. The Four Stages Of Humanity's Mad Desires

Video: Between The Ultrasound Of A Bat And Sonic Erectus. The Four Stages Of Humanity's Mad Desires
Video: Echolocation 2023, March

Between the ultrasound of a bat and Sonic erectus. The four stages of humanity's mad desires

Does the story make sense? What are the forces driving the historical process? The questions of the fate of mankind are known for their enduring relevance; these are always questions of meaning in life. They are universal, as well as personal at the same time. Is it possible to understand the meaning of life in isolation from this life itself?

Does the story make sense? Can we talk about its direction? What is the connection in the history of the private and the collective? What are the forces driving the historical process? The questions of the fate of mankind are known for their enduring relevance; these are always questions of meaning in life. They are universal, as well as personal at the same time. Is it possible to understand the meaning of life in isolation from this life itself?

History is a reality created by the actions of people, private and collective actions, intentions … DESIRES! What motivates a person, makes him happy or suffer? His desires. The desire for their satisfaction is translated into action. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, differentiating the characters of people, highlights the basic desires that set the characteristics of the human psyche and, accordingly, form its special life scenario.

And according to what scenario does all humanity live?

To understand the actions of people, to see the invisible canvas of reality, woven from human aspirations, to be able to clearly recognize the cause-and-effect relationships of social conditions, it is important to be aware of their driving causes. In other words, the key to understanding the life scenario of mankind is to understand the NATURE OF HUMAN - the creator of reality.


System-vector psychoanalysis of Yuri Burlan, revealing the deep layers of the human psyche, allows you to accurately see the action of these forces in our life. Such awareness can lead to an understanding of the causes of psychological ailments that deprive life of the fullness of meaning, joy and pleasure: fears, depression, suicidal thoughts, resentment, envy, jealousy, negative life scenarios …

The most important advantage of the training "System-vector psychology" is that, based on the acquired knowledge of the objective laws of the functioning of the Unconscious, we are able to notice trends in the development of events and states, to see the beginnings of future structural changes. And this applies to both the actions of a specific person, a group of persons, and the actions of mental communities, society as a whole.

Desire makes history

“We are very simply arranged,” says Yuri Burlan at the lectures. - Simple and systemic. We want to receive happiness and do not want to suffer. " Behind these simple words, the systemic view reveals the eight components of reality, of which Man is a part.

In its development, humanity goes through certain phases. "System-vector psychology" differentiates them according to value systems that form the foundation of the integrity of society for a given historical period of time. It is the values that determine the form and content of a social organization. And they, in turn, grow from a special group of collective desires.

Their development and implementation cause changes in individual, personal and social conditions. We are driven by desires - they create our life. In an effort to realize them and get pleasure, we change ourselves and the world around us, develop, shaping the surrounding reality.

One satisfied desire gives birth to another - stronger one. And so it is constantly - incrementally. Each next step towards happiness requires new discoveries from us: new abilities, new comprehensions, new needs, new desires. The eight-dimensional volume of desire requires its fulfillment. Private and collective in this volume are merged into one.

In pursuit of happiness, along the road of desire, the development of mankind proceeded from one shortage and void to another. In every period of history, all eight measures (muscular, skin, anal, urethral, visual, sound, oral, olfactory) master certain stages of development, thus revealing their essence. The implementation and satisfaction of each of them is associated with the implementation of a common collective task. As cells in the body work for a single purpose, so the vital activity of the social whole depends on each of the measures, therefore, the happiness or unhappiness of each element of the single eight-dimensional system.


Muscular, anal, cutaneous and urethral - such periods of human development are revealed in Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology". In each of them, their collective values and abilities are being worked out, which are necessary to advance humanity into the future. The four lower vectors set the type of collective libido (this concept is used in the meaning of "driving force" of development). The upper vectors determine the “direction” of its implementation and, as a result, provide the social ties between people necessary for collective advancement, forming unity.

Survive by all means!

The muscular developmental phase is the first. The primitive human flock begins a historical race along the corridor of life and death. The collective desire is focused on the fulfillment of a common task: to survive at all costs and to continue oneself in time. It determines the corresponding value system. And action! All properties-desires of the muscle vector are aimed at ensuring the four basic human needs: to eat, drink, breathe, and sleep. At that time, humanity has a primary task - to survive! The main factor of development is hunger.

Physical development and survival was possible only in such a social form as a single pack, a close-knit "we". The complete dependence of the private on the collective is expressed in the fact that a person feels himself as a part of a single social organism. Collectives unite according to the principle “we are ours” - “we are aliens”. Within communities - the same type of connections.

In the struggle for existence, mankind is working out the most important programs of social interaction, as well as relations with Nature, with which a person still feels physical involvement. The character of each of the eight measures is revealed on the basis of the muscular value system. Species roles and life scenarios are being worked out.

Save and transfer

The accumulating collective experience and knowledge demanded the properties of another measure - anal. Organize and organize. What for? To move on! It is necessary to analyze the achievements of previous generations. On the one hand, in order to create traditions, dogmas, "house building" on the basis of past experience. On the other hand, learn from the mistakes of the past. And no one, except representatives of the anal measure, is able to master this skill and pass it on to subsequent generations. Thus, the need for the development of a new group of desires and properties is maturing - a transition to a new stage in history takes place.

The anal phase of development, which replaced the muscular one, fulfills the next measure of desires - humanity develops in the anal value system. The need for collective survival and the fight against hunger is no longer as acute as before. The human flock has grown so much that its extinction is already unlikely. Thanks to the skin measure, we collectively learned to accumulate and store surplus, invented the tools necessary for survival.

Other desires appear - you can move on to other goals. The need for close collective ties is no longer there, but they, with so many people, are impossible. The flock, previously united, breaks up into clans, tribes. A new way of realizing basic human needs is being created - to survive and continue the race. The family becomes it - the tribal system ends with the division of the once united society into separate "cells".


Monogamous by nature, analogs create a system of “marital” values and attitudes. The so-called nuclear family is becoming widespread. Marriage is becoming a social norm for sexual relations. Monogamous marriage is accepted as the only socially acceptable form of uniting a man and a woman for managing a household and having children.

Even what is generally considered a "polygamous family," a form of which is called "polygamy," for example, is essentially anal monogamous marriage. At the head, as it should be, is the sovereign, the only husband and father. How many wives does such a "sultan" have - three, thirty-three? In this case, the number of women is not important. There is a family in which children born of one blood father receive material support and development opportunities from him. The essence of an anal value system remains the same.

In the future, nations are formed according to the principle of blood and family.

The most important event in the anal phase of development is the separation of the personal "I" from the collective "we". One night, the sound guard, sitting in maximum concentration on the sounds of the night savannah and listening to the world outside the cave, the safety of which he was supposed to protect, made a fateful discovery. On the other side of the eardrum, he felt a world that no one had ever known existed before.

Until now, only the sound representatives of humanity are aware of the reality of his being. A huge bottomless universe opened in the concentration of external sounds: “I! I am!" The world inside and the world outside became separate parts. "Is there a connection between them?" - this is a problem for the sound engineer.

This discovery was followed by the realization of oneself as a person - a person separated from the collective, in a certain sense self-valuable - egocentric. The need awakens in comprehending one's own I, in understanding the connection between the world and man. Science, philosophy, and religion are born as ways of such knowledge. For the first time a new element of collective management appears - IDEA! “Where and how should we develop? What to strive for? " - ask the sonic pack ideologist.

It is natural that it was in the anal phase that writing was invented. Gather knowledge and experience, systematize, record and transmit. Writing becomes a tool for the dissemination of information and collective states, a way of unification, a means of human development. The so-called "historical" era begins. We can now study the events of the past not only from specific subjects, but also from written sources.

Personality as the main subject of history - this also characterizes this era. “The end of history”, “the end of ideology” - many pages of reasoning, conjectures, hypotheses have been written about this. Through the prism of "System-Vector Psychology" the events of our time become obvious and natural. "The End of History" marked the transition from the anal to a new phase of development - the cutaneous. And in her there is no personality, no "history." But more on that later.

The end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries is a time marked by a riot of ideas. They often provoked bloody wars, because for the sound vector (the creator of all possible religions, philosophies, ideologies) the Idea itself is primary, and its embodiment justifies the means. Thousands and millions of people died for ideas. However, in general, despite significant losses in the physical plane, people felt happier than they are today: life had an IDEA, that is, a SENSE.


In the relentlessly globalizing world, the collapse of anal value systems has become inevitable. The last burst of the anal-sound idea - fascism - and its offspring - World War II - marked the final transition to a new stage. The system of values of the skin vector has become a social priority for further development. It was the skin properties and abilities that were necessary for the natural development of mankind.

The triumph of skin measure

The next phase brings the skin system of values into the channel of social development: individualism, pragmatism, law, standard, private property, the factor of novelty, property (material) benefits, technological development. Not collective muscular desires, as in muscular times, and not family-generic traditions, as in the anal phase of development, but skin desires - individual and personal values, information technology progress.

The development of society takes place in the tension of two tendencies - individualization and "massification". In this contradiction, the basic desires of the skin measure develop - to limit (separate) and standardize (and therefore unite).

On the one hand, we live in a world where each person is proclaimed a personality, unique and self-worth. The whole society is called upon to provide any individual with a set of all the necessary goods necessary for the existence of material wealth. Everyone has rights and freedoms - to be themselves, to develop, to be happy. Every person is considered sovereign and free; at the same time and, therefore, he should not go beyond the established framework of behavior.

In an effort to meet the "requirements of the times", the overwhelming majority of states today claim the status of democratic, often without sufficient real grounds for this.

On the other hand, there is general unification, standardization, regulation. Institutions of modern society aim to unite all spheres and manifestations of social life into a single monolith. One humanity is the dream of skin time. But what is the basis of this unity? Skin civilization is able to offer only material-material connections for him. In the state of the modern world, we see that this is not enough.

The cutaneous phase makes women and men equal. Today a woman has received rights and freedoms, opportunities for realization on an equal basis with a man. With her head held high, she went hunting. The woman of the new era strives to have the same roles and statuses as the man. She no longer needs alimony on his part. The modern woman strives to provide for herself and her children on her own.

The family as a unit of society is leaving, the institution of marriage is bursting at the seams - there is no family value in the skin vector, traditions have lost their meaning. There is a search for new forms of relations between the sexes. We try: civil and guest marriage, girlfriend boyfriend, free marriage (marriage of two skinners), friendship marriage (two anal sex), same-sex marriage, three people, group sexual relations. There are many options! But so far unsuccessfully … Sexual dissatisfaction in the scale of society only multiplies.

In the skin society, consumption turns into consumer and sexual relations. Frequent change of partners, search for new experiences, love as a commodity, play of packaging and signs - copulation for physical satisfaction and nothing more. What makes relationships complete, truly fulfilling, intimacy, emotional and spiritual intimacy, is leaving the relationship.


To build a personal life and family happiness in the spirit of the times, we save time, energy, emotions in a skinny way, not realizing that we are losing on a big scale … We do not want to "give", because according to the laws of consumption it is more important to "receive". This attitude inevitably leads to sexual discontent in society and, as a result, the growth of collective frustrations with all the ensuing consequences.

Integration and standardization have brought humanity onto the path of globalization. Initially, it was based on economic growth. Subsequently, according to the skin principle, globalization unified the spheres of public life - production and the economy, education and culture, politics and the social sphere. International lawmaking, world financial system, global migration, cultural space - without "cultural boundaries" and territorial boundaries.

The world is becoming one. This process is facilitated by information and communication technologies, such as the Internet. The scale of modern events is unprecedented. Whatever happens in one corner of the planet, it somehow resonates at the other end.

Skin Law today, becoming a global phenomenon, becomes the basis for the widespread dissemination of visual values, the main of which is Life as it is in all its manifestations. Its unconditional importance becomes a priority in everything. The rights and freedoms of every person are worth their weight in gold. Today we are all in a single impulse, transmitted through television and Internet wires, we experience the joys and sufferings of every unit of the social whole. The downpour left a savage in the jungle homeless - we are sending humanitarian aid on this occasion from all over the world, including warm clothes, blankets, and children's toys. And the birth of five tigress cubs in the zoo of city N by tigress Masha is also becoming news of world TV channels.

By spreading the ideals of goodness, mercy, compassion, beauty in the public consciousness, the visual measure made the best achievements of human genius available to the masses. What was previously considered elitist and was the prerogative of a few, today is becoming generally available, consumed on a massive scale.


The visual measure tried to ensure that all the benefits of civilization were directed to the enjoyment of man. And there is no happiness … The development of culture is one-sided: the desire to preserve and enjoy the physical body has reached the peak of its realization - the spiritual intention of civilizational progress, the conductor of which is the male part of the visual measure, is weak and helpless.

Waiting for the future

The number and density of social connections is constantly increasing, but at the same time with this force there is an opposing force - hostility. The level of hostility, mutual hatred increases. We feel it on ourselves. Previously, cultural constraints dealt with this tension. Today it becomes more and more difficult to do it. The time for ideas ended with the anal era. In the skin era, any idea fails in an attempt to unite society.

Human desires have grown so much that all the possibilities and achievements of the consumer society are not able to satisfy human desires to receive. Desires of the egoistic … On this soil dislike blooms violently. We do not understand why this is happening, why the measure of suffering, despite all the benefits of skin civilization, is constantly increasing. Vaguely sensing that the roots of everything must be sought within themselves, people seek knowledge about the NATURE of the HUMAN SOUL.

It is no coincidence that modern society is called a crisis society. Apocalyptic predictions and predictions multiply day by day. And the first contender for the place of the decisive nail in the lid of the coffin of the future is a man.

An analysis of anthropological crises and catastrophes in different historical eras and on different continents revealed a systemic relationship between three components: the technological level of development, the quality of cultural regulators and the internal consolidation of society. If one of the elements of the system does not correspond to the others, lags behind in relation to them in development and, accordingly, is not able to fulfill the mission entrusted to it, the system dies.

It is obvious that large holes have formed in the common boat of our time. The main respondents for the "holes" are the visual and sound components of the information quartels. Yuri Burlan's "system-vector psychology" determines the absence of the necessary full disclosure of the visual measure and, most importantly, the state of the sound part of the eight-dimensional psychic as the reasons for the crisis in society.

With the onset of the cutaneous phase of human development, the sound vector lags behind in development and is not totally realized, as evidenced by the increasing number of severe depressions, suicides, and drug addiction. Even children are affected by the crisis: their potential is enormous, but we are not able to fill and develop it. And this with all the baggage accumulated in previous eras!

The sound person, for whom the skin's aspirations for material things, for enrichment are of no value, looks like a black sheep in the general mass - alien and strange. A landscape alien to sound states and searches does not contribute to the filling of the vector. The sound engineer tries to drown out his inner pain and depression by going to sects, taking drugs, participating in the activities of terrorist organizations … "Give me the red button, finally!"


Since the beginning of time, the sound vector has been focused on knowing the nature of one's own I, because it is this discovery that can lead him to the realization of his metaphysical role: establishing a connection with the First Cause - through the realization of human nature.

This awareness will become a transition to a new stage in the development of mankind - the urethral phase of development, the era of mercy. Urethral vector. Urethral state. The future is on the foundation of ALTRUISM, MERCY, JUSTICE. Trainees of the training "System-vector psychology" note that Yuri Burlan's lectures on this topic are one of the brightest and make a stunning impression.

The urethral vector becomes the first real discovery in understanding the structure of the psychic - private and collective. Through it comes an awareness of the peculiarities of social community, an adequate understanding of the roots of social problems and the prospects for human development is formed.

The urethral-muscular Russian mentality is contrary to the system of skin values, because the urethral principle of altruism - bestowal in everything, the good of the pack as a priority - does not fit into the skin standard. How to limit the breadth of the Russian soul, the urethral freedom of the mind and heart ?! Instructions? By law? The urethral vector does not feel constrained.

The inability to adapt the skin value system to the urethral mentality of Russians - due to the natural contradiction, contraction of the urethra and the skin - manifested itself during the change of formations and led to consequences that go beyond the boundaries of a single state in a particular period of time. What is happening in Russia is causing changes far beyond its borders.

None of the spheres of life in Russian society can be said to be prosperous. There is no medicine, no education, no social sphere, no culture, no production, no economy, no politics. Feeling of total social ill-being, hopelessness. Running in a vicious circle - for acceleration: social unrealization of a person - frustrations - hatred of one's neighbor - mutual hostility - mutual destruction … This is a crisis that can have very serious consequences.



The modern consumer society is focused on issues of physical existence and human well-being, preserving the life of the body. Spiritual and moral development seems to be an insignificant, secondary issue. Or even less significant … And at this time, humanity rushes about in search of other, intangible values and grounds for coexistence. Painful and desperate … The failure of these attempts is fraught with disaster for the future of humanity.

The preservation of the integrity of society and its survival today rests on the shoulders of the information quartet and requires colossal efforts in the shortest possible time. What is needed for this? Just an awareness of yourself, your NATURE! Only this is able to get rid of hostility, opening the understanding that we are all in the same boat, where everyone's actions create a Life common to everyone.

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