Depression Treatment: From Simple To Complex

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Depression Treatment: From Simple To Complex
Depression Treatment: From Simple To Complex

Video: Depression Treatment: From Simple To Complex

Video: Depression Treatment: From Simple To Complex
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Depression treatment: from simple to complex

To answer the question about the effectiveness of a particular method of treating depression, it is necessary to figure out who, and most importantly, why, this condition occurs. In search of an answer, let's look into the unconscious …

Treating depression is a pressing issue for many people who suffer from chronic depression and loss of desires. "I don't want anything," "what's the point in that?" ─ keywords that unite people who cannot find a way out of depression.

In depression, a person is not able to experience joy from anything. Any desire, which usually gives rise to an intention to act, does not cause anything but apathy and a feeling of complete meaninglessness. All the vanity of the outside world is disgusting. A person is more and more removed from communication, withdraws into himself, exacerbating the separation from reality. The main symptoms of latent depression are the same as in the case of more severe forms, the only difference is in their severity and degree of suffering.

How to treat depression and nerves, how to treat depression in women and how to treat depression in men? What happens if depression is not treated? Is it realistic to cure depression at home and what methods of treating depression are most effective ─ we will figure it out in this article.

To answer these questions, you need to understand what depression is. Who, and most importantly, why this condition occurs. Without this knowledge, any attempt to treat depression will be doomed to failure.

Where and how to treat severe depression

Much is now being written about serotonin receptors, the hormones of joy, and the need for antidepressants. At the level of physiology, large studies have been carried out, certain changes in the biochemistry of the brain have been recorded, which take place in depression. But if a lack of serotonin were the very reason that triggers a cascade of pathological reactions that lead a person to a joyless existence, then antidepressants would be a salutary answer to the crying question of how to cure depression. However, another thing is obvious: treatment with antidepressants is not a panacea, otherwise we would not talk about chronic depression, the ineffectiveness of treatment of major depression even in clinics, the growth of suicides and would not look for other methods that can return a person's desire to live.

In the case of the treatment of clinical depression, it is impossible to bypass the human psyche, it is in it that the answers to the questions posed are hidden.

What is depression and why it occurs

In search of an answer to the question of how to cure depression, let's look into the unconscious, using the knowledge of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology. Depression with its characteristic symptoms - anhedonia (inability to enjoy something), apathy (lack of interest in something), sleep disturbances and an existential crisis - occurs in only one type of people - owners of a sound vector. Only they are naturally assigned aspirations that have nothing to do with the achievements of the material world. The main desire of the sound engineer is the cognition of one's I, comprehension of the meaning, design. Neither more nor less, but it is exactly so. And this is observable.


Conditions that are mistakenly called depression, but which are not, are easily removed by various benefits offered to us by the world around us. "Depression" from the loss of a loved one passes without a trace when a new feeling arises. "Depression" from failures or lack of recognition is forgotten under more successful circumstances - moving up the career ladder, gaining approval, attention, etc. Each type of psyche has its own. It is clear that in this context the question of how and how much depression is treated has completely different meanings.

Endogenous depressionSound vector in search of the meaning of life

And only real depression, called in psychiatry endogenous depression, which occurs for no apparent reason, is not removed by any benefits of the material world. Because the desires of the sound engineer are different, they are associated with abstract categories ─ cognition of the metaphysical world, the unconscious person, that which cannot be touched, earned or bought.

It is not so easy in a world focused on material values and consumption to realize that you are different, that you do not fit into this world, that you do not feel the desires that all other people live. The environment with values alien to the sound engineer presses on him, causing internal protest, a desire to hide in his shell, a disgust for life where he does not see the meaning.

Not being able to understand and fulfill their desires, an already introverted person with a sound vector completely withdraws into himself, gradually losing contact with the outside world, which further exacerbates his lack.

The sound engineer is the only one who divides the world into internal and external, separates body and soul, associating his Self with the soul, and not with the body. He does not feel the value of the body (as well as the value of life). The body is perceived by him as a part of the physical world and, just like the external world, seems to him more or less illusory. This is further exacerbated by depression. It is difficult for a sound engineer to have any contacts and even basic maintenance of his own life.

Even in a normal state, the sound engineer may forget to eat and, experiencing discomfort from hunger, may not understand why he is feeling bad. It is not surprising that with depression, he often loses socialization, the ability to take care of himself, and can become completely exhausted.

Coming against this background, thoughts of suicide are perceived by him as the liberation of the soul from the body, which is the cause of suffering. And he experiences colossal suffering. Sound desire is dominant, that is, the strongest of all possible desires. Until the sound vector of a person is filled, he is not able to feel in himself any desire for another vector (a person, as a rule, is a carrier of 3-4 vectors out of eight available).

Depression is treated and everyone can do it

Such a long description of the essence and psychological causes of depression is necessary in order to understand that the treatment of severe chronic depression, the treatment of masked or latent depression and any other variants of endogenous depression cannot be successful without the main thing - filling the desire with the sound vector.


Can depression be cured with self-medication, hypnosis, and other non-drug treatments? The answer is obvious. After all, none of the methods proposed so far allowed a person to approach himself in order to deeply understand his I, his place in the world. Treatment of depression by psychoanalysis, which is offered by the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, is a unique tool for its effectiveness in getting rid of all types of depression. Read reviews on depression treatment here.

An excerpt from one of the 500 reviews on the disappearance of depression after training:

The biggest result I got after completing the training is getting rid of depression. I have been taking antidepressants for 5 years. Then I realized that for a young girl at the age of 24, sitting on pills for so long is, to put it mildly, stupid. And attempts to abandon them began. But it was extremely difficult, since I was pestering with withdrawal syndrome, and depression was piling up with greater force, and it seemed to me that I could never cope without pills.

Over time, antidepressants could no longer completely rid me of my depression, only alleviate it a little. The last time I decided to be from them at the beginning of the training, so that my head was clear for the perception of information.

And for the first time I learned what depression is, what are its causes, what people are prone to it, and most importantly, how to get out of it. No psychologist could explain this to me. During the training, I easily went through the withdrawal syndrome. And by the way, most of the symptoms are from suspiciousness. A month after the end of the first level training, I confidently took the pills to the trash and realized that I no longer need them …

Alina M., software engineer Read the full text of the result For those who doubt: there was a deep depression for more than 5 years, various psychologists, migraines, analgesics, hatred of the whole world, computer, death metal, before suicide there was only one step left after the lectures SVP I'm another LIVING person! smile, sports, painting again, I can NOT get angry! I constantly note the vectors in myself and those around me, I already roughly imagine what to expect from whom. Wait absolutely calmly … Tatiana K., Zaporozhye Read full text of the result

Is Depression Treated? Yes! Only by eliminating the real cause, filling the unsatisfied desire of the sound vector, the treatment of deep lingering depression becomes a feasible task and has a lasting result. Training in System-Vector Psychology gives the sound engineer what he unconsciously searches all his life - the opportunity to know himself, to reveal the laws by which humanity lives, to understand the cause-and-effect relationships of everything that happens, the very essence of the world order.

The newest trend in psychoanalysis ─ "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan ─ will not leave blank spots in the knowledge of the unconscious person, even for the most sophisticated minds. You will know exactly how to recover from depression. All that is needed is to listen carefully and analyze, listen and compare with life, testing in practice any postulate of System-Vector Psychology.

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