Systemic Typology Of Sexuality

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Systemic Typology Of Sexuality
Systemic Typology Of Sexuality
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Systemic typology of sexuality

First, let's ask questions. Do we discern the sexuality of people? Is there a typology of sexuality at all? If types of sexuality exist, why are they needed in ordinary life for ordinary people - not psychoanalysts and not sexologists? What will it give me?


Early in the morning at the Khajuraho temple complex in northeastern India, I was reminded of Freud, who lived in a completely different part of the world. The stone of the huge temple walls turning pink in the rays of the fresh gentle sun was completely covered with skillfully carved figures that formed plots from medieval life, including many explicit erotic plots with quite acrobatic twists and turns of stone joints, a kind of huge stone illustration for the Kama Sutra. Inside the temple, steep-hip celestial maidens-apsaras with genitals detailed with an ancient sculptor's chisel hovered at the altar, which was a lingam (phallic symbol) of the Hindu god Shiva. I thought - this is the triumph of energy that generates and motivates, embodied in the soft reddish stone still mined not far from Khajuraho,which only five centuries later, in distant from here Austria, Sigmund Freud will designate the term "libido".

From the background of the issue. Psychoanalytic theory of sexuality and the concept of libido.

In the history of academic science, Sigmund Freud holds the palm in the psychoanalytic theory of sexuality. With the name of the discoverer of psychoanalysis, fundamental psychological concepts - libido and sublimation, as well as the phenomena of projection, transference, etc., have forever remained associated. It was Freud who first noticed and began to study that certain character traits correlate with the accentuation of certain erogenous zones. Freud's article "Character and Anal Erotica" (1909) blew up the then, practically not yet formed into a real scientific, community of psychiatrists and psychotherapists, which mainly consisted of conservatives who were afraid of overturning the mossy minds of discoveries. As the Viennese follower of Freud J. Sadger wrote: “None of the provisions of the Freudian theory of sexuality has met such a bitter,took an almost personal protest … "Fortunately, Sigmund Freud managed to create a psychoanalytic school and lay the foundation for the scientific theory of sexuality. And this is despite the fierce resistance of the then majority in the psychotherapeutic community, which we, from the height of the modern systemic approach, clearly see as not very developed representatives of the inner part of the quartet of time, people of the past - a type of anal vector (in an underdeveloped state, conserving the old and unable accept new). And, as the legacy of Freud in our time, the term "anal vector" at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology" reminds of the discoverer of psychoanalysis. And also, sometimes fiercely, it is rejected by the carriers of the properties of this vector, a vector from the quartels of the past.Yet, for the most part, this rejection occurs only at the beginning, since the present human generation as a whole has developed and advanced in a whole century that has passed since the moment the great crown opened the door to the unconscious.

So, the libidinal desire discovered by Freud (like a clot of sexual energy or a gradient of the eternal sexual instinct) makes all interconnected and complex drive motors and gears of the mental whole rotate, both inside one person and when paired with a sexual partner. And on a larger scale, after the global sublimation melting furnace, it is expressed in significant events of all mankind - revolutions, riots, wars, victories and defeats.

Freud's disciple, who later abandoned the Freudian school, Carl Jung, who did not escape the influence of oriental philosophies fashionable during the Art Deco era, understood by the libido energy as a whole all the psychic energy of a person, including sexual desire as an integral part. The Jungian school made its important contribution to the development of psychology, identifying topics such as the collective unconscious, archetypes, and, finally, divided people into psychotypes - so far only two: extroverts and introverts.

The concept of mortido as the antipode of libido, its discovery and modern development

Two pillars in psychoanalytic history are closely related to the fate of another, undeservedly left in the shadows and almost forgotten psychoanalyst - Sabina Spielrein, a native of Rostov-on-Don, who from Dr. Jung's patient turned into an independent scientist and practicing analyst and had a great influence on both fathers - founders of psychoanalytic schools. Sabina Spielrein discovered the phenomenon of mortido - the death drive. Mortido, like the other side of the moon, is the dark antipode of the libido's vital drive energy. Freud used the phenomenon of mortido in his further developments. In Yuri Burlan's lectures "System-Vector Psychology", the phenomenon of mortido is precisely differentiated by vectors-psychotypes.For the first time, the deep causes of the emergence of suicidological behavior and the practical ways of its correction and prevention in accordance with the erogenics set from birth, but receiving psychotrauma, are understood; as well as root disorders or archetypal underdevelopment of the natural type of sexuality of people prone to murder.

The latest theory of sexuality based on materials from the training "System-vector psychology"

After a short excursion into history, let's ask ourselves the following questions:

- Does the sexuality of people differ?

- Is there a typology of sexuality at all?

- If types of sexuality exist, why are they needed in ordinary life for ordinary people - not psychoanalysts and not sexologists? Do we need sexuality training?

Appearing at the end of the twentieth century and especially rapidly developing at the beginning of the twenty-first century, literally before our eyes, the revolutionary theory of sexuality in the paradigm of "System-Vector Psychology" answers all these questions, and you can no longer hesitate to ask about everything that we have long wanted to know in this area so important for every person. Opponents will immediately answer that asexuality, declared or actual, is also a confirmation of the general system-vector theory of sexuality.

Typology of sexuality at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-Vector Psychology"

"System-vector psychology" distinguishes between four types of sexuality and four types of eroticism.

sex eroticism
sex eroticism

The types of sexuality are made up of lower vectors: two from the quartels of time - urethral and anal, and two from the quartels of space - cutaneous and muscular. The upper vectors are not sexual in the literal sense, although they give tonality and color to the lower sexual vectors. These upper vectors define the types of eroticism: two of the quartels of information - sound and visual, and two of the quartels of energy - olfactory and oral.

“All men are cheating”, “the best lovers are Latinos”, “first love is the only true and eternal one”, “he / she doesn’t suit me because he / she is shorter / taller than me, much older / much younger than me, rides the wrong car ", etc. These and numerous other vernacular cliches are found at every turn, from kitchen conversations replicated to soap series and glossy magazines. All media sources are stuffed with stereotypes, and this is by no means good for people - not for average samples of a "sexological" survey, but for living people who differ in their vector-psychological inclinations from birth, and therefore differ in their types from the nature of given sexuality or eroticism …

Urethral type of sexuality

And yet, about "betrayal" … Not all men are polygamous, real polygamy is characteristic only of carriers of the urethral vector (about 5 percent of humanity, of which about half of those born survive and are realized). Polygamy of the urethral individual is a way of giving out, which has nothing in common with the frequent change of partners by carriers of the vector cutaneous type. The polygamy of the urethral is four-dimensional, there are many examples of this in literary and historical sources, and to limit this polygamy … Firstly, it is impossible - the psychotype of the future tense does not feel restrictions, including its sexual potential, and secondly, if such a restriction happened due to the influence of very developed upper vectors (for example, a woman with a sound-visual from above managed to suppress the polygamous potential of her urethral libido for a while), then this, unfortunately,ends with diseases typical of the urethral vector.

The urethral type of sexuality is associated with the functional social role of the urethral psychotype, a natural leader who is responsible for the advancement of the flock into the future, for the survival of the flock at any cost, even at the cost of the life of the leader himself. Since the function is set and provided by the task director himself - nature, the urethral person has the most stable and surviving genotype, the greatest hot and fiery libido. The urethral function of generating new living matter and guaranteeing the future for the entire group (whether such a group is a primitive flock or a modern large collective, up to the whole country) is provided with the mental, physiological and biochemical qualities of the owner of the urethral vector. He is biologically altruistic,the attraction to which is experienced at the pheromone biochemical level by almost all individuals of the opposite sex.

seks para
seks para

Anal sexuality

As it should be according to the natural law of dualism, in the quartels of time there is an inner part that complements the outer with opposite properties. This is an anal vector with a complex type of sexuality inherent only in it. This type, like the urethral type, also has a powerful sexual potential with a qualitative difference in functionality. With the wrong pre-pubertal development and upbringing, the direction of the great natural libido of the anal type in the male version can be inverted and turn to partners of the same sex. The discovery of an undifferentiated libido in the anal vector, a deep psychological background of such a scenario and a detailed description of exactly how such a break in sexual behavior arises and occurs - this is one of the powerful innovative breakthroughs of the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

In a developed state, the carriers of the anal vector are the best spouses, keepers of the hearth, the only people who keep (a real anal verb!) The value of the bonds of Hymen in the modern frantic rhythm of changing social and social scenery, when the institution of marriage itself will soon be finally thrown into the scrap under the onslaught skin values ​​of the modern skin mental phase of the development of human civilization. In the meantime, only the system-vector theory of sexuality answers the applied life question that is asked by almost all young ladies at a private consultation with a psychologist: "How to find a faithful, unchanging husband?" The systemic answer: look for a man, and not just a man, but with a developed and sublimated anal vector.

Cutaneous type of sexuality

In the system-vector typology, the skin vector forms the outer part of the space quartet. The sexual potential of the types from the spatial quartet is not as high as that of the psychotypes from the time quartet in terms of the “absolute” value, although such a direct comparison is correct only with the coarsest scaling, since each property is unique and organic in its specific vector expression.

The topological harmony of the postulates of "System-vector psychology" results in simple and accessible to everyone visual-life concepts that can be used for the benefit of oneself, near and far. For example, the skin is physically on the surface of the body, on the border of my entire inner (bodily and other) and outer world. By the simplest analogy, it is easy to remember that the main function of the skin vector is to restrict the primary urge to have sex and to kill, in general, any RESTRICTION. Therefore, only skin types can limit themselves in primary sexual function, going to extremes. As, for example, Catholic cardinals with asexual sound top, who established celibacy in the past - a restriction that they themselves could easily fulfill due to their own vector properties. The same limitationwhich since the last century has turned into the underwater part of the iceberg of all sexual and pedophilic scandals in the Catholic Church, hidden from any non-systemic understanding.

The cutaneous sexual partner needs initiation of the cutaneous erogenous zone. It is the skinners in the realized state (let's say, "procedural-affectionate" in an intimate matter) and get their great pleasure from the treatment that coincides with their typical psycho-physiological request.

sex skin 2
sex skin 2

And the same skinheads in a stressful or neurotic state are masochists, both in a sexual scenario (which is still an easy option) and in the execution of a life scenario for a masochistic failure, when a stressful skin vector cannot express itself even sexually in order to prevent its unconscious masochistic leaning outside your bedroom.

Muscular sexuality

The muscle vector (or muscle psychotype) is the "younger brother" of the space of the skin in the quartet, the inner, introverted part of this quartet.

"Salt of the earth", the material foundation of everything human, a tiller and carpenter, physically powerful and mentally clumsy in bodily expression, is just as simple, unpretentious, monotonous and tireless muscle in its sexual hypostasis.

The sexual realization of a typical representative of muscle properties, without admixture of other vectors, depends on how taught in the pre-adolescent period. Taught "like a human, according to custom" - he or she will be married, all his life he will work, earning his daily bread by hard physical labor without complaints and expectations of gratitude. And his family duty will be monotonous and without fuss, in a male performance with the ability to prolong the act with sometimes typically muscle difficulties at certain moments. In the female version - to give birth a lot, almost without interrupting the labor process in the peasant field or in the workshop.

It is dangerous to play flirting with "pure" muscle, in premarital "one night stand" sex. There are many tragic examples of such misunderstanding of an inappropriate sexual partner in crime reports. The format of this article does not allow writing about the connection with the olfactory, or sound, or oral vector. A certain critical state of such confusion with the muscle vector gives a terrifying marginal picture of the embodiment of the mortido energy, making even seasoned criminal police detectives and investigators of the murder police department shudder.

And according to the system-vector typology, which has revealed in a new way the volumetric and multidimensional already in our time the entire depth of the unconscious in the energy of mortido, these are the embodiment of the archetypal state of the olfactory-muscular, sound-muscular, oral-muscular mixing of vectors.


The training "System-vector psychology" allows for the first time in history to differentiate the types of sexuality, both normal and marginal and perverse.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the innovative system-vector theory of sexuality for specialists: psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, sexologists, forensic investigators, etc., whose work rises to an unprecedented level of a non-flat, detailed, voluminous systemic approach.

Moreover and furthermore:

- the private life of each person is enriched by the positive sexual realization of his own unique and given by nature libido;

- it becomes possible to understand your sexual partner and build a satisfying relationship;

- getting rid of the pre-systemic unconscious method of "trial and error" in the eternal question of personal relationships.

As a result, an almost total undeclared "war of the sexes" can turn into a harmony of systemically competent duets.

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