A Thief Shouldn't Go To Jail

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A Thief Shouldn't Go To Jail
A Thief Shouldn't Go To Jail
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A thief shouldn't go to jail

The world has changed. With the onset of globalization, the economic processes taking place in different countries have become interconnected. The value of anal tradition, which was based on a perfect reputation, is giving way to skin ambition. The priority was the motive to get rich …

What do we want from life? Each of us will answer differently. And at the same time, we all want one thing - happiness.

Have you ever wondered why, in search of happiness, young skin-visual girls of model appearance often choose a wealthy man for their mate, regardless of his unsightly appearance, old age, mysterious occupation, not paying attention to his mental disability, the presence of a criminal record? What is the criterion for success now? What determines the rank of a modern man and his right to bite?

Since the second half of the 20th century, the spiritual and moral values ​​of previous generations began to outlive themselves. Teachers, doctors, scientists, engineers have become much less in demand, most of them eke out a half-miserable existence. In the new landscape, their children and grandchildren refuse to live by the ideals of the past.

The world has changed. With the onset of globalization, the economic processes taking place in different countries have become interconnected. The value of anal traditions, which were based on a perfect reputation, is everywhere giving way to skin ambition. The motive to get rich became a priority.

a thief should not sit1
a thief should not sit1

The word "reputation" today is either not used at all, or has lost its primary meaning even in reputable companies, since it contradicts the main skin principle - "make money." How do you feel about the reputation of companies that produce and advertise alcohol and tobacco products? Today everything is aimed at making a profit, and Vespasian's catchphrase: “Money does not smell” is in use as never before.

The world in the skin stage of development dictates its standards to us: "Any whim for your money!" Material values ​​have become the main priority of the skin age. From TV screens and covers of glossy magazines, they are presented to us as attributes of success. Gourmet food, beautiful clothes, a prestigious car, a luxurious house, an expensive vacation - the list is endless.

The urethral-muscular mentality of Russia and the CIS countries is by its nature opposed to skin values. "Skin" is archetypal here, since there are no conditions for its development. The image of a thief is romanticized. He becomes the protagonist of modern serials, whole programs are created on television screens dedicated to thieves' topics, books are written about him.

Coming free, some "heroes of the new time" open a business and run it according to their own "laws". The cruelty and unscrupulousness of modern entrepreneurs is not limited to internal feuds. Raiding - in other words, theft of someone else's business - began to grow at the rate of a cancerous tumor in modern Russia. Sometimes businessmen try to eliminate their competitors with the help of justice.

In my law practice, there was a criminal case against archetypal leather businessmen who were convicted of unlawful compulsion to pay off a debt, tax evasion. When they were arrested, they could not believe the reality of what was happening, because their methods of doing business were no different from how everyone else in their field worked. In this particular case, they were simply out of luck: they ended up behind barbed wire only because their competitors planned to take over their business. But this case is an exception to the rule, because the business world is often more violent. The skin vector in the archetype does not take into account the interests of a person, even human life is not of great value for him, money and only money is what matters.

Undoubtedly, within the walls of correctional institutions in any of the countries of the world, there are many criminals serving sentences for property crimes: theft, robbery, robbery, fraud, banditry. Today a new type of theft has been added - with the use of computer technology. In accordance with the law, anyone who crosses its line must be punished. But does criminal punishment really become a means of correction and re-education, does it stop the growth of crime?

a thief shouldn't sit2
a thief shouldn't sit2

Once the brothers Weiners, through the mouth of the legendary Gleb Zheglov, said: "A thief should be in prison!" But a thief in the modern world is no longer only one who steals bread cards or a wallet. A modern businessman anywhere in the world is a thief: either legalized or illegal.

No state has enough prisons to jail every single one, from petty pickpockets to big thieves. As long as the world lives by the principle of double standards, the prison will never change the current situation, because only petty thieves will be imprisoned there.

So is it possible to globally solve the problem of theft?

Modern society needs to change thinking, getting rid of a tolerant attitude towards thieves of any scale and rank. Only the fear of experiencing a general social shame, depriving the right to bite, is able to stop the thief and force him to comply with the law.

And then the long-awaited Era of Mercy will come!

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