An Exhausted Heart Under A Nightgown. What To Do If Depression?

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An Exhausted Heart Under A Nightgown. What To Do If Depression?
An Exhausted Heart Under A Nightgown. What To Do If Depression?
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An exhausted heart under a nightgown. What to do if depression?

What is depression? Is it a bad mood, resentment, lack of love, or a crushing weight of unanswered answers? Many people confuse depression with other conditions. Let's leave the popular sources of information and look inside ourselves …

Depression: What To Do? What are the real signs of depression and is there a cure for it? How to get out of depression on your own? What is depression? Is it a bad mood, resentment, lack of love, or a crushing burden of problems? Many people confuse depression with other conditions. How can you really fight depression if we don't even know for sure what it is? Let's leave the popular sources of information, such as psychological journals, medical almanacs, interviews with the luminaries of psychotherapy, and go our own way: look inside ourselves.

Depression is an inner emptiness and a lack of meaning in one's own life, it is a load of not found answers to eternal questions: “Who am I? Why do I live? What is the sense of life?".

Depression is a closed door to the depths of our roots, which provide light and strength for our lives and full realization. It is a force that does not allow one to take a step out, to the world, to people, to nature and simple earthly happiness. In essence, depression is only a stop and emptiness from not being filled with understanding and feeling of one's purpose, mission and direction of true realization.

Depression is a state when in the soul the next search for answers to the questions that many have been asking almost from childhood is showered with gray leaves of meaninglessness …


Lack of meaning in life and misunderstanding. "Who am I? Why am I?" - from here begins a depression, the signs of which press with an exorbitant weight on the soul and fill with their gray mass all living space inside. This is the feeling that carries in itself the stoppage of the process of active life, fatigue, oblivion. It's like a dark flat bottom, on which there is only eternal emptiness and lack of connection with your source of life and a lack of understanding how to come to it and feel it!

Walking and looking for answers in the social plane only delay the moment of revelation with oneself, when the moment of truth comes, everything becomes clear and comes out: "What will remain after me, except emptiness?" Social achievements, scientific discoveries, children, relatives? But it can dissipate like smoke. Where are we? What will happen after us? Just a cast of emptiness? Are there answers and can you find them?

Someone has ambitions, someone has a profession, someone is engaged in creativity, and someone is looking for meaning in all this. Each has its own assigned role, and this can only be accepted. But how? To begin with, to realize this role that is given to us from birth, but not by parents, but by nature. And only after realizing the inherent desires and properties for their realization, you can feel the direction of development that will bring the long-awaited meaningfulness and pleasure from the life you live. After all, we get pleasure only when we manage to find the corridor in which we must go through life!

At the training "System-vector psychology" there is an opportunity to understand one's essence in properties and desires. Here you can get out of the power of stereotypes of religion, society, family, work collectives and realize within yourself what kind of wealth nature has awarded you and in which direction of realization you need to go in order to find what everyone aspires to - to the pleasure of life! !!

We have a choice: start looking for answers, or just brush off another internal question about meaning and do something simple, understandable, just so as not to think about it and quickly switch to something else. After all, all the swarming and fiddling about this life is just a way, an escape from answers to oneself. Just not to think, not to seek, to live like everyone else … After all, here everything is clear, worked out by ancestors and society. Live and be happy!

There is only one moment …

Not everyone can do this … Or almost not everyone! There are people for whom the search for the meaning of life is almost the most pressing issue that needs to be addressed, regardless of anything. Those who ignore their inner call sooner or later realize that they have depression, the signs of which made themselves felt by apathy and the inability to find themselves in any chosen case. In the most severe cases, this leads to suicide even at a young age. And this is already becoming a social problem, which they are trying to solve, but …

… But it is necessary to decide where these issues arise. Namely: within ourselves through awareness, understanding of those desires that require answers and filling with meaning and depth of knowledge.


How to deal with depression?

How to understand what is depression at night and what to do in case of depression? Special attention is paid to the issues of depression and the search for the meaning of life at the training "System-vector psychology". There is a huge potential and opportunity here for those who are looking for how to get out of depression forever, for people who, according to their natural role, should lead all of humanity forward through awareness of themselves and the structure of the universe! No matter how severe this condition may be, remember: DEPRESSION IS NOT THE END!

After the training, it becomes clear how to cope with depression. The signs of depression and suicidal tendencies go away. And after the depression, the long-awaited keen interest in this world, the thirst for life and a great desire to enjoy every minute spent in this world, in this body, among these people, is finally returning!

Systems thinking is like changing from a cart to a jet plane and going on a journey through the expanses of your inner world through a systemic awareness of the laws and programs that control a person at the level of his behavior, thoughts, desires and the assigned role of manifestation in this world! It's very deep, interesting and exciting!

The ticket is inexpensive! And the first three lectures are generally free.

Welcome aboard!

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