Trainings For Women Part 1 - Temptation Of The City Snake

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Trainings For Women Part 1 - Temptation Of The City Snake
Trainings For Women Part 1 - Temptation Of The City Snake

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Trainings for women part 1 - Temptation of the city snake

- How to become a bitch? - said our teacher, holding one of the books from the pile on the table. She paused meaningfully - now - your BIBLE. She handed out the manuals one by one, giving a short speech on the role of training for women in her life.

Training for women "how to become a bitch": lesson one

As I chew on the tip of my pen, I stare at the white board in front of me. A fly has flown into the audience and is now annoyingly spinning circles around our little female team. Everyone is focused: pens in hands, notebooks on the table. We expect.

- I am a Woman, and, therefore, I am an Actress, I have a hundred faces and a thousand roles

came from behind me. We simultaneously turned our heads to meet our teacher. My gaze fell on bright scarlet lips and an exquisite chain of pearls around my neck. She was lovely. Woman is the poet's dream. Short hair, youthful face with a sensual grin, as Yesenin would say. She came downstairs to us, as an actress would go on stage after her performance. I could hardly restrain myself from clapping.


Finally, she went to the table and we held our breath. Meanwhile, she didn’t seem to notice us. Sitting on the first desk, I clearly saw the golden rings on her hands, and at that moment only one thought pounded in my head: “Here she is, the guru of trainings for women. I want to be like her. " I knew that the rest of the students present, no, rather, the audience experiences the same feelings. At that moment we all wanted to be like her. Find out her mysterious secret, this magic with which she fascinated us. Moreover, we all envied her and admired her at the same time.

- How to become a bitch? - Our teacher said meanwhile, holding one of the books from the pile on the table. She paused meaningfully - now - your BIBLE.

She handed out the manuals one by one, giving a short speech on the role of training for women in her life. I enjoyed the sound of her voice: she made each word sound in a special way, highlighting the drum in the rhythm group and the main thing in the sentence. Her speech was perfect: they don't speak like that even in the movies, which is why it was so pleasant to listen to her.

She was inspiring, yes. Before the training, I was full of doubts that gnawed at me from the inside, but she seemed to read my mind:

- Drop all doubts. My training for women is a unique technique that will allow you to conquer the hearts of men, she broadcast. - Before entering the classroom, you probably noticed the photographs of many of my students? - proud of herself, she smiled, exposing her snow-white teeth.


- Recently my best student sent me pictures of herself from the Bahamas. They are resting there with her husband. He is an oligarch and owns the largest metallurgical plant in the west of Russia,”she said with inspiration, shaking her book How to Become a Bitch.

"Oh, what is the Bahamas … I would marry Igor," I thought, carefully watching her. Some people raised their hands, even asked questions.

- Do not worry. I will teach you everything, and there will be no end to fans. You yourself will choose whom to marry - her unshakable confidence was impossible to resist.

- One of the foundations of my training method for women is identifying you with famous queens. Therefore, in my classroom, I do not accept any Masha, Tan, etc. Each will become a queen with a corresponding name here. And you can call me simply - Cleopatra.

Training for women "How to become a bitch": lesson two

Arriving home, the first thing I did was to study the training manual for women "How to become a bitch." The book was very entertaining and, although I read it slowly and thoroughly, one day was enough to finish it.

The manual “How to become a bitch” began with a description of the appearance of a “bitch”: “She should be elegant, businesslike, not dress vulgar, follow fashion. Each of her outfits should have a zest that emphasizes her main advantages: be it breasts or hips, but in no case bare them - a real bitch does not chase male attention in such primitive ways. I went to the mirror and was skeptical about my figure "We urgently need to lose weight!" - I sighed and immediately returned to the book. They promised to tell in more detail about this directly at the training for women.

The second chapter of the book "How to Become a Bitch" described the behavior and dialogue options that can be applied in different situations. The author gave several examples from life and skillfully showed how to get to know a man, how to make him call more often, how to make him look after him. I imagined myself being trained for women, in the spotlight, surrounded by fans clinging to my feet. And now, among them, admiring my beauty, HE appears - my first school love. Handsome, handsome, shaggy. A favorite of women, among whom he will choose me alone. In about two weeks, a meeting of classmates was planned, and I hoped to meet him there and conquer.


The training manual for women ended with a description of some sex scenes and instructions on how to do a blow job correctly. The girl in the picture was shown with a banana and I also decided to work out. I looked in the refrigerator and, making sure that they were absent, postponed "training" for the next day.

Training for women "How to become a bitch": lesson three

Descending into the subway, I unsuccessfully ran into a thin, pimply kid. He knocked coffee onto my white coat and apologized for a long time. “Use every opportunity to meet,” the teacher's words thundered in my head and I, with difficulty suppressing my irritation, hinted to the guy that he could make up for the damage by meeting in a cafe for a new cup of coffee. He agreed, and I was happy to realize that the training for women is already starting to work.

Of course, this guy was not my goal, I thought only about my beloved Igor, but I perfectly understood that training in such a matter is simply necessary.

That evening I tried to be a girl from the pages of the book How to Become a Bitch, but I was ashamed to read poetry. I was just as late as it was written in the manual and sat down next to him. Tolik casually said something about his courier work, meanwhile, I was silent, because I felt a little stiff. I was glad that Tolik keeps the conversation so easy. We said goodbye in a friendly way, and I had no doubt that I made a good impression.

The next day he called, as I expected. At the training for women, we were taught not to pick up the phone immediately, as if you weren't expecting his call. Yeah. Having reached the last one, I answered the call. We agreed to meet again, and had to go to the store for a new dress.


After three dates, I was supposed to miss one - thereby offending his pride and intrigue. That day I could not find a place for myself: “How is it possible - to promise and not come? Ugly. It's uncomfortable in front of a man, he'll be offended by me,”I thought, biting my elbows. After rereading the paragraph from "How to Become a Bitch" again, I braced myself and did not go on a date. That night I slept very badly, in the morning I could not stand it and sent him an SMS with an apology. He didn't answer, which made me feel even worse. The feeling of guilt pressed on me with terrible force, and I promised myself not to do this again. We analyzed this case in detail at the training for women, they criticized me, but the teacher assured me that everything was fine. It didn't get any easier.

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