Urethral Vector

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Urethral Vector
Urethral Vector

Video: Urethral Vector

Video: Urethral Vector
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Urethral vector

The entire being of the urethral is directed toward bestowal. "Yours is yours, and mine is also yours." Nothing of my own. He does not need any forms of ownership, does not feel them.

Typical speech turns:

  • To love is like a queen, to lose is like a million
  • And we will go the other way!
  • He who does not take risks does not drink champagne!
  • If not me, then who?

general characteristics

Number 5% is born, 1% survives
Archetype Continuation of living matter in time
Species role In peacetime - the leader: direct generation and responsibility for the life of living matter;

In wartime - the leader: expanding the living space of the pack

The most comfortable color Red
Geometry of the greatest comfort Triangle
Place in a quartet outside of the quartet of time, extrovert
Type of thinking Tactical, non-standard (not limited by laws and regulations)

Features of the psyche

Urethral people are people of the future, extroverts. The task of all mankind at all times has been to survive at all costs and to continue itself in time. The urethral is a leader by nature. It is he who ensures the movement into the future of the entire flock: he is responsible for expanding the living space and generating new living matter.


In primitive times, expansion was a prerequisite for the survival of the pack. If we sat in one place all the time, we would starve to death. Food around the cave ran out - we need to look for new pastures, expand. We must hunt and fight. Today the world has changed, we are no longer starving, but the need for expansion remains. Nowadays, it is at the level of promoting new ideas. Urethralists promote them among the masses, pushing the horizons of what is possible for all of humanity.

The urethral was led to war and hunt the flock. Fearless, brave, courageous, hero - so others say about him. He inspired the entire army by his example. With the urethral in the head, it became invincible.

Today, the functions of the leader have also been transformed. The urethral still needs his flock. He can become the head of state or a large company, or, in the negative version, the head of a criminal group. With his non-standard, innovative approach to solving any issues, he takes everything he undertakes to a new level.

Expansion of living space is impossible without the generation of a new living substance. Today the warriors of the pack went hunting and caught the mammoth, but not all returned - three hunters were killed. Tomorrow they will not be enough to catch new prey. We need new warriors. The part of the women of the cave that has husbands will give birth to new ones, but there are other women - those who did not marry or whose husbands were among the dead. What should they do? After all, this is an unused resource.

Urethral people with their natural polygamous sexuality solved this problem. The phenomenon of polygamy is by no means a change of sexual partners based on the principle of novelty, as is commonly believed today. All talk about polygamy of men is not true, unless we are talking about a urethral man. Polygamy is not even sex, but the provision of ejaculate shortages for the purpose of having children. Out of its natural mercy (not to be confused with visual pity), the urethral fertilizes these women. Mercy is only in the urethra, and its essence is an attraction to females "not taken" for one reason or another.


The urethral has a special connection with only one woman - with the defiantly not giving birth, the skin-visual female. She becomes his muse and companion in hunting and war.

The urethral specimen is dominant. If we compare a flock with a biological cell, then the urethra is its nucleus. A clot of live energy, strength, desire to live, incredibly attractive to other people (except for skin). Eyes are burning, dominant gaze. When the urethral teenager runs out into the yard, all the other children are instantly attracted to him. A second does not pass, and everyone is already running with him along the roofs, along the gullies, in spite of any prohibitions, forward, headlong. He leads, they follow him. These are unconscious processes.

In childhood, they say about such a child: “Tear it off, but throw it away” - his behavior is so uncontrollable, bold and unpredictable. He does not accept any authority. As a child, he already knows exactly what he wants and will not allow himself to be controlled or manipulated. From the outside, his disobedience may look like irresponsibility. In fact, he initially feels responsible for the survival of the pack. Only he implements it not through consent to be led, but on his own: he invents a strategy and finds a path that has never been known to anyone, so that the whole flock can reach a new round in the future.

The urethral individual is not limited by anything - neither by law, nor by morality. How can be limited what is responsible for survival? You need to survive at any cost! Even the trajectory of its movement is unpredictable - all the time for the flags.

Moreover, such unlimitedness is combined with innate altruism. The entire being of the urethral is directed toward bestowal. "Yours is yours, and mine is also yours." Nothing of my own. He does not need any forms of ownership, does not feel them. Lack of desire to preserve your body as a feedback to ensure the natural function of the urethral: "My life is nothing, the life of the pack is everything." Gastello, Talalikhin, Matrosov and others are people who carry the urethral vector.

It is the urethralists who become the pioneers in everything. Columbus, Miklouho-Maclay, Gagarin - not a single major event in the life of mankind was complete without a urethral. They are always ready to take risks, do not feel adrenaline. This is the reason for their high mortality rate.

No aspirations for prosperity, accumulation of property, etc. The only point is the attributes of power: he may not have a penny to his heart, but he will have chic clothes, expensive accessories. Loves all the best, the latest model, in the highest class. Urethralists are very generous people. The companies they run have the highest salary funds.

Urethral values are especially close to Russians, this is due to the peculiarities of the Russian mentality. Everyone is well aware of the phenomenon of Russian hospitality, when with our hearts wide open we receive guests and, as with the last money, we set a chic, generous table. For a Russian, one of the most negative concepts is the concept of greed, it is condemned, while in the West it turns into “reasonable economy” and is welcomed. Russians love to brag in a urethral way, talk about their achievements. Urethral courage is also close to us. It is because of the influence of urethral values that the Russian person does not understand the limitations of the law, but judges everyone fairly.


Urethralists have the highest libido. The erogenous zone - the urethral canal - is initiated by urine and ejaculate. It is the urethral who conquers and marks new territories and receives the greatest pleasure from sexual relations, this is the feedback from his natural task. Its high libido is provided by a corresponding opportunity: the pheromones of the urethral man are the most attractive to women. He wants all women, and all women want him.

Urethralists have a special, real justice. Not according to the principle "so that everyone is equal" and not according to the principle "who is entitled to what is required by law." Real justice is in scarcity. Mothers of five children get five pieces of bread, and mothers of one child get one piece. However, in the event of war, everyone has the same demand: the first has five going to war, and the second sends her only son. One is impossible without the other.

Freedom is always giving and responsibility. Freedom is only outward. We are not free to receive where we want, and the amount of receiving is limited by the needs of our body, but we are free to give where we want and how much we want. It is the urethral person who has innate freedom.

The urethralist has this: “what I want, I will do, and what I don’t want to do, I will never do”. A urethral child at school will study great in those subjects that he wants to do, that are interesting to him, but in others he will not do anything at all. The urethral is able to go to what he does not want to do only for the sake of some higher priority.

The urethral person does not compete, he can only enter into confrontation with a person in the person of another urethral (there are no two leaders in a pack). He has no such ambitions, he does not claim anything. He has an inner feeling that he is the first, which means that there is no one to compete with. It is with him that leather workers can begin to compete - he himself will never become a rival.

The weak point of the urethral is a decrease in rank. When someone sat on his chair or interfered with his speech. Reacts with an instant strong flash - anger. And then he forgets. In general, urethral patients have a special memory device. Since all their thoughts are directed towards the future, the past is not particularly remembered. Everything that happened to them, for example, in childhood, they can remember only in general terms.

Another weak point is the inability to lose, to give up. The urethral person will never go back, will not give up what he is doing.

The cry of the urethral makes others want to go lower and bow our head, we unconsciously obey him, even the body takes this position.


A distinctive feature of the urethral is a smile from ear to ear, similar to a grin (not to be confused with Hollywood).

The urethral person always has the fastest reaction - both in body and mind. The peculiarity of their thinking is non-standard, unreadable, unique ability to find new solutions and ways. In everything they do, there is audacity and courage, which is sometimes confused with skin arrogance. So, it is the urethralists who pass out of line in queues, and even under the approving glances of others (and how else can you look at the leader?).

The urethral is enjoying the very process of life. Loves to eat, drink, walk, women - life in all forms! It goes beyond the horizon in everything. "To love - so to love, to walk - so to walk!" This is the root of urethral addiction. They become addicted to everything they like: vodka, sex, etc. Urethral people get drunk very quickly. In their quest to reach the horizon, they drink more and more, and the horizon keeps moving away. Urethral sound specialists by the same mechanism quickly die from drug overdose.

They have a high body temperature. Once they discovered new lands, were the first to sail the cold seas and walk along the snow-capped mountains. For this, they were given the highest ability to maintain body temperature. Hot, loose. You will not see a pure urethral person buttoned up or wrapped in a scarf - they are always hot. Unbuttoned clothes.

Urethra do not last long. In their pure form (without other vectors) they rarely die in their beds.

Urethral babies are the lightest. They are absolutely adequate, responsible from birth. They do not obey in an anal way, do not obey in a skin way, they are not cultured, not moral, not moral in a visual way, they are not spiritual in a sound way - they are above all by nature. But at the same time, the most developed optic is less moral than the altruistic urethral from birth.

So it is necessary to educate him - focusing on his sense of responsibility, being a regent, as under a tsar. "If not you, then who?" It is important not to limit it and not demand obedience.


You need to understand that such a child will resist escaping to pressure and violence, while experiencing courage. The feeling that the "world is hostile" will be fixed, and then in the future the urethral will create his flock in opposition to the world, he will fight with it. This is how the leaders of the most dangerous gangs grow. At the same time, urethralists are not criminals by birth, but they become the most dangerous gang leaders, leaders of uprisings. Stenka Razin, Pugachev, Spartak - these are all urethral patients.

Today, urethral children are diagnosed with "hyperactivity", crippling them with suppressive treatment. This is a dangerous tendency. We have no future without healthy, leading society forward. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan gives us the opportunity to move on to a correct understanding of their nature, as well as to change the existing approaches to their education.

Detailed information about the peculiarities of the psyche of people with different vectors, scenarios of their relationships with others can be found already at the free online lectures "System Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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