Underdeveloped Skin Vector: Theft, Drunkenness, Masochism

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Underdeveloped Skin Vector: Theft, Drunkenness, Masochism
Underdeveloped Skin Vector: Theft, Drunkenness, Masochism

Video: Underdeveloped Skin Vector: Theft, Drunkenness, Masochism

Video: Underdeveloped Skin Vector: Theft, Drunkenness, Masochism
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Underdeveloped skin vector: theft, drunkenness, masochism

In this article, we will talk about people with skin vector. What happens to a little skinny man who was unlucky as a child? What happens when skin babies are beaten? But dad wanted the best!

Why does a person consider his childhood to be happy? The abundance of toys and candy? Of course not!

The only measure of our happy childhood is the feeling of protection from our parents. This applies to absolutely everyone - both those who lived in luxury in the palace, and those who went to bed hungry. If the child had confidence in his safety, the memories will be the brightest, if it was not, childhood will be remembered as unhappy.

This article is about people with a cutaneous vector and how the lack of a sense of security affects the cutaneous child by triggering certain programs in his mental.


What happens when we skin children are beaten by our parents?

At this moment, we cease to feel the protection that they must guarantee, and this, on an unconscious level, launches our primitive survival program, developed over thousands of years. Our entire mental focus is on only one task - to preserve our own body. Read more about this in the articles: You are not born a thief, Skin vector.

undeveloped cutaneous1
undeveloped cutaneous1

We are still children. We have not yet had time to develop, to work out more advanced ways of adapting the landscape, and therefore we begin to survive at the most elementary, primitive level - by realizing our archetypal program.

In fact, the lack of guarantees of safety from parents for a child means one thing - he will have to perform these functions on his own, to defend himself. Moreover, its properties have not yet been developed. Thus, the skin child has not yet learned how to ensure its survival, for example, as an engineer or designer. And his psychic signals to him about danger, and he needs to somehow survive!

By receiving the first hard hit on the sensor, the dermal baby relieves stress using this archetypal program: he steals. If the blows continue, then the archetypal scenario of behavior is fixed in him as the only one that ensures survival. It is as if we are plucking an unripe fruit from a branch. Yes, we can put it under artificial light, it will acquire the desired color, but vitamins will no longer appear in it.


So the skin child begins to steal - relieves the stress of petty theft, steals money from schoolmates' briefcases. He is caught, and this further aggravates the situation. The anal dad, having learned about the theft, is horrified and begins to re-educate him - to beat him "in the ass" with a belt.

And again the child finds himself in a situation where he needs to relieve stress! Do you think he doesn't understand that he might be caught? Of course, he understands, but the desire is stronger, the desire to preserve integrity is stronger, and he again goes for petty theft. The circle closes: the anal underdeveloped father beats, and I steal.

As a result of the fact that I was prevented from developing normally before puberty, I leave it undeveloped, not adapted to modern landscape conditions, almost a primitive person. All that I have learned in the period of time given to me to develop my properties is to steal.

So we got a petty pickpocket, whose life scenario is a cycle: stole a toothbrush - prison, stole a loaf of bread - prison, stole-sat-out-stole …

undeveloped skin4
undeveloped skin4

But dad wanted the best! Here he stands in court - all gray-haired, with two heart attacks, the third heart attack will already be extensive - and makes a helpless gesture: “So much effort and effort put in, I have already weaned him out of stealing with a belt, but still I grew up a thief. Well, not mine, so the blood, tainted, went to my mother."


Sometimes the question is asked: “I am a skin, I was beaten, and I did not grow up as a thief. How so? " … We answer: it depends on the temperament, that is, the strength of life "I want". Yes, for some, a spanking is a direct ticket to a petty thieves' life filled with suffering and total dissatisfaction. But if a person's temperament is high, and the beating is not too frequent and is not overpressure for him, then development does not stop completely. In this case, it only slows down, and in more favorable conditions the same person could develop his properties much stronger - to the extent of the given temperament. This needs to be differentiated.

It also happens that a broken leatherman with a low vitality does not grow up as a petty thief, but as a drunkard of the under-fence type. That is, he also has a desire to steal as the only way to ensure his survival, but social fear is stronger. And then all that remains for him is to pour himself into alcohol. All the drunks who collect change at the bus stops to buy a bottle of cheap port are skinners who were beaten in childhood. They are lovers of freebies: they will pour there, they will pour here, and as a result, he is lying under the fence.


We skinners are flexible people. We know how to adapt to any conditions, we adapt the new landscape best of all. BENEFIT-BENEFIT! This is what lives on us. A skinner can learn to adapt everything - even pain. They beat him, and the body begins to secrete special substances - opiates, which extinguish pain. Yes, hit every day, and we will learn from this to endure benefits and benefits. And now they are beating us, but we are pleased!

One thing must be understood here: man was not born for suffering. Anything that brings us pleasure becomes our desire. Therefore, as soon as the leatherworker learns to take pleasure in beating, his psychic will constantly demand pain. This is how we become masochists.

Masochism can be direct or indirect. Direct - through giving yourself physical pain, indirect - through emotional pain.

undeveloped skin2
undeveloped skin2

So, if we were not beaten in childhood, but were verbally sadistic, they said, for example: “What kind of moron are you and why did you give birth to you, a freak!”, Then we go through puberty with a desire for all kinds of humiliation. We want to be humiliated, insulted, morally depressed, this is our scanty pleasure.

In the West, all sex perversions with beating and humiliation have long been taken into the arsenal. There are even special offices of dominantrises, where skin men, heads of the largest companies, go once a week to remove accumulated stress. In Russia, with its urethral mentality, it is practically impossible to realize one's masochistic tendencies. Where have you seen a woman hitting a "real man". Therefore, there is such a phenomenon as a "scenario for failure."


And then it gets even more interesting! I went through puberty undeveloped, that is, I have a colossal desire for masochistic tendencies that are unrealizable in Russia, but the desire is there, and it is the only one that can give me satisfaction, that is, to balance the biochemistry of the brain. Failure to realize these aspirations is brought into the unconscious, thus forming an unconscious life scenario for failure.

Skin is success, prey, desire and ability to grab, catch up, catch up. And here on the contrary - failure, the life scenario of a “loser” in everything. I unconsciously strive to do the job unacceptable, bad, unsuccessful, unsuccessful, and ultimately get reprimanded, punished, verbal sadistic. They scold me, but I enjoy it.

Of course, this does not bring real, potentially huge, pleasure from life - I get only a small, scanty, fleeting. But since there is a desire to balance the biochemistry of the brain, albeit in such a poor way, it means that I unconsciously strive to do the work worse and worse.


Roughly the same is the case with the skin girl. But this has its own specifics. When its development is inhibited due to beating, then the archetypal program is included in the benefit-benefit option. Anal dad or mom beat her, she cried, they took pity on her and gave her something. Over time, she gains a sense of her body as an asset. And in the future, she begins to build her relationship with a man according to the primitive model: brought a banana - come in! This is called indirect prostitution. Frequent beatings lead to the fact that such a girl becomes a real prostitute. This is not good.

If there was verbal sadism on the part of the parents, then constant humiliation is carried out into adulthood in this form: the choice of a partner is based on her desire to receive verbal sadism from him, to be humiliated, insulted during sex. An undeveloped skin is most often paired with an anal sadist, who has his own special idea of \ u200b \ u200bthe "painful-pleasant" ligament. He treats her roughly, insults her. She enjoys it.

undeveloped skin3
undeveloped skin3

Such a woman will fidget, fuss, chat, constantly tug at the anal husband, disrupting the rhythm of his heart muscle. This marriage is likely to end with an early heart attack, unless he kills her early. He hits her, she jerks him, he hits, she jerks … Both are in danger, both are suffering, both cannot live otherwise.

That is how we live!

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