Will The United States Introduce "draconian Measures" And Why Can't We Do Without Them?

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Will The United States Introduce "draconian Measures" And Why Can't We Do Without Them?
Will The United States Introduce "draconian Measures" And Why Can't We Do Without Them?
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Will the United States introduce "draconian measures" and why can't we do without them?

Have you already heard about America's "draconian sanctions" against Russia? The second package, connected with the case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, has been going to be introduced for more than six months, but recently they decided to postpone it again. The former GRU officer and his daughter were poisoned in Great Britain with the nerve agent Novichok. The West blamed Russia for the incident, which served as another reason for the deterioration of relations.

The first, "sparing" wave of sanctions took place in August 2018. Russia, of course, did not comply with the condition of the American authorities - to provide access to military plants and warehouses to international inspections, and a stronger blow was expected within three months. A ban on the export to the country of all American goods, except food; on imports of domestic oil to the United States; for the issuance of loans by US banks and, by the way, the complete absence of flights from Russia to America - that's what we were promised. But, no matter what the US authorities warned about, three times the original deadline has passed, and everyone in the State Department is hesitating.

As recent events show, the American government is woven of contradictions. Most recently, on April 15, Nicky Haley, the US representative to the UN, announced that the draconian measures would be announced the next day, but the events were replayed in just a day. A day later, Donald Trump postponed indefinitely the introduction of sanctions against Russia, and on May 3 he called Vladimir Putin himself. A meeting of the parties is already planned in Japan in June.

Of course, after several years of low diplomatic activity, the two countries have something to discuss. But what prevented the initiation of negotiations earlier? The point is, possibly, that a month ago, on April 18, US Attorney General William Barr presented the results of an investigation into illegal interference in the 2016 elections, proving the innocence of the current president. Democrats are still trying to argue, but the fact remains. Now Donald Trump's hands are free, he can calmly establish contact with Russia without fear of accusations of too close ties.

But what does the president of America want to achieve? Just keep your campaign promise? I remember that he said that he saw no obstacles on the way to establishing mutually beneficial relations with Russia. Although most colleagues support sanctions and see no point in dialogue with our homeland, Trump seems to have other plans in this regard. What - no one knows, and it's hard to even guess.

"Draconian Measures" USA picture
"Draconian Measures" USA picture

But let's look at the situation in the White House through the prism of System Vector Psychology and still try to figure it out.

Each nation has a certain set of properties characteristic of each of its members - a mentality. Depending on geographic factors, people develop certain traits necessary for survival and development in the landscape. Hardly anyone would argue that Westerners are more punctual, calculating and rational than Russians. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" Yuri Burlan identifies four fundamental mentality: muscular, anal, cutaneous and urethral. Of course, nations are not endowed with the same erogenous zones, but the characteristics characteristic of individuals are manifested with the same success in social groups.

Urethral, ​​irrational, unpredictable, reckless Russia lives by concepts, bathes in frost in an ice-hole, and in a fountain in summer, believes in an infallible and only ruler and does not recognize the letter of the law. America, made up of settlers from the tight, scattered kingdoms of Europe, follows logic and profit-orientation, adapts, changes and seeks to achieve the highest rank in the international arena, using all available resources and limiting others. Well, how have you found at least one point of contact between democratic "equality" and communist "comradeship", between Western freedom, which ends where someone else's begins, and our boundless freedom?

The most contradictory mentality, providing the strongest tension and the most powerful development. The arms race, the Cold War and, as a reason, a complete misunderstanding of each other. But there is no more equal confrontation between the USSR and America. Neither the policy of American democratization (the 1990s is an example of this) nor international pressure and scandals apply to us, and unleashing a war with a nuclear power is a stupid idea. But still, as noted by Trump, "it is difficult for us to understand this" mysterious "country, but we have no right to ignore it."

And what remains in the end? The US government apparently sees an economic boycott as a reasonable decision - what else can be done? And the president, on the contrary, advocates constructive dialogue and cooperation, ignoring the word of legislators. Indeed, only he can overcome the barriers between the two powers. Trump's psyche is, in a sense, a smaller copy of Russia. A person with the properties of the urethral vector does not feel any danger, there are no barriers for him. He is a born leader and acts in the interests of those whose safety he undertakes to provide, but never in his own.

Urethrals are dangerous, and each of their properties screams about it, and Americans hear and, of course, want to protect themselves, but they do not realize specifically from what. For dermatologists, of which the state apparatus of any country mainly consists, the urethral model of behavior is unthinkable and absurd, they do not find a rational grain in it. It is more convenient for them to see as the president “the first among equals”, and not “the leader of nations”. So the system would work harmoniously and balanced, but Trump introduces his own variable into the set of constants and forces everyone around to mobilize, rebuild and reach the limit of their capabilities.

Over the past couple of years, the result is already clearly visible in the economic state of the United States: GDP growth has doubled, and exports have increased by 10%. But as far as Russia is concerned, the American president has at least some opportunity to turn around only now that all charges have been cleared from him. Indeed, in this field there is a chance for success: the urethral Trump is the point of contact between the United States and our Motherland.

The habits and traits of the Russian people find a response in its unconscious. Had Trump been born in Russia, he would have felt like a fish in water here - so much is he consistent with our collectivist-communal ideas. Urethralists who grew up abroad often feel an unconscious sympathy for Russia - for the state, where they would be accepted as their own. But, endowed by nature with instant, irrational thinking, Trump will never be able to explain to himself why he "thinks he will get along just fine with Vladimir Putin." He "just thinks so."

And yet, how and on what does an uncompromising urethral fitter agree, if for him the contract takes into account, first of all, the interests of his own party? A non-standard perception of reality, a look beyond the horizon line helps him find a suitable, albeit sometimes extraordinary solution. It is only necessary to reckon with the rank of the other, because Russia also does not tolerate humiliation, but this urethral does not control the mind. The people feel threatened, which means that you are our enemies, otherwise we may well get along. We can only hope that the sides will not cross the line of urethral anger, because both urethral personalities and people with such a mentality resolve conflicts equally swiftly and uncompromisingly.

The American government connected Trump with Russia, which was equivalent to being accused of all deadly sins, but he managed to prove his relevance and productivity in the skin field - the economy - and find a positive response in his state. Skinners will obey the urethral leader, and not plot behind his back, if he is sufficiently developed and applies his properties to the benefit of society. Eccentricity, illogicality and unpredictability are special qualities for the president of the country, and they carry certain consequences. Where he will lead his state depends primarily on those whose needs he provides at his post. And the first of them is security, and the main unconscious threat, alas, is Russia.

But maybe now it's worth concluding: Trump can do anything, so why not give him the right to cope with the Russians himself - instead of the path of war, destruction and hatred? Russia, due to its mental characteristics, will never submit to America, but if objectively the state of the state leaves much to be desired, whether there is Trump or not, there will be conflicts and disagreements with skin countries, of which there are many in the modern world: the European Union and America are the main representatives.

The only truly reliable way out for Russia is to develop its own ideology and not be guided by Western standards. Despite the development of the United States, a Russian person lives there no better, if not worse, than at home. Mentally, we need neither benefit nor benefit, but something completely different. What exactly is revealed at the training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology".

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