A Feminine Guy: How Not To Become Gay

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A Feminine Guy: How Not To Become Gay
A Feminine Guy: How Not To Become Gay
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Feminine guy: stereotypes of the past

By what criteria do we understand - a masculine guy or a feminine one? What women do we compare with? As soon as you answer this question yourself, you understand the absurdity of such comparisons. Many people try to argue that modern girls have become too masculine, and guys, on the contrary, are feminine. Of course, they refer to all kinds of violations of the body and mistakes of nature. But in order to dot the "i", it is enough to have basic knowledge of system-vector psychology …

Misunderstanding, condemnation, insults, ridicule and offensive nicknames … Any guy who is very different from others knows this palette of relationships from childhood. And a feminine guy often gets almost a double portion of all this "pleasure". Not only is he different from other boys, he is also "like a girl." Growing up and advice “to be a man” does not solve the problem. Where to such?

I'm a feminine guy: how to reshape your character

Outwardly, there is nothing masculine in him. Soft voice and manner of speech. Delicate, sensual, vulnerable. Sometimes he even throws tantrums for any reason. What if a guy is so feminine?

Yes, he is not a brutal man. Nature has prepared for him a different role. He is the person in whom the animal component is most weakly manifested. So far, however, not yet too adapted to the world. And for the world itself, he is a new phenomenon, incomprehensible.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan makes it possible to understand the nature of this “man of the future”. When you understand this, the question - whether you like feminine guys or not - fades into the background. And it also allows you to understand and see trends in the development of humanity as a whole. In order not to wonder where this world is heading. In this case, understanding is the best way to avoid the stress of unpredictable changes and not to be “ancient man” in the modern world.

It is useful for all of us to understand what kind of people live around and why they are as they are.

Of course, for the guys themselves, who look too feminine, it is important to understand what to do with this feature of theirs. How to become happy by realizing the maximum of your natural talents. Therefore, the article is primarily for them.

Masculine and feminine - only stereotypes

By what criteria do we understand - a masculine guy or a feminine one? What women do we compare with? As soon as you answer this question yourself, you understand the absurdity of such comparisons. Many people try to argue that modern girls have become too masculine, and guys, on the contrary, are feminine. In addition, when calling a guy feminine, no one means the image of the Madonna and child or the super caring mother of the family.

Of course, they refer to all kinds of violations of the body and mistakes of nature. But in order to dot the "i", it is enough to have basic knowledge of system-vector psychology. Generally speaking, the picture is as follows:

  1. There are eight vectors - eight groups of unique properties of the psyche, supported by the corresponding features of the body.
  2. The owners of one vector or another, men and women, are much more similar to each other than to representatives of the same sex with other vectors.
  3. From the previous point it follows that it is useless to try to compare men with each other without understanding the properties of their psyche.
  4. Nature is not wrong. A feminine guy, even if he is gay or trans, even if he feels in someone else's body, is a full-fledged man.
Feminine guy picture
Feminine guy picture

Boy or girl - nature is not wrong

Who wants it even easier, let's put it this way: cats, regardless of gender, look softer and "more feminine" than bears. They are different. We are used to thinking that people are the same. This is not true. We differ from each other much more than bears are from cats. This is important to understand, especially if you have diagnosed yourself "I am a feminine guy." Or, for whatever reason, you want to know how to become a feminine guy.

It should be noted that we generally understand little of what it means to be feminine, guided by imposed images. An example of femininity since the time of man's emergence is the skin-visual girl. Weak, fragile, shy, as if woven out of fear. It is she who needs protection more than others. From the fear of death begins her sensual development, capable of reaching the highest level of compassion and love - fear for the lives of others, for the life of every insect and all of humanity.

A skin-visual girl is the most feminine because she is the most sensual. Being able with her incredible sensuality and love to awaken reciprocal feelings in a man, she set the standard of femininity for all women.

A feminine guy has a right to happiness

If girls saved their lives using their vivid emotionality and sexuality, weak skin-visual boys died very early. Therefore, their image seems unusual, too feminine. But in fact, every visual-skin guy just has similar properties with the feminine, in the conventional sense, skin-visual girl. Such a simple formula.

A modern guy with a bundle of skin and visual vectors did not have time to develop his role in society. Emotionality and powerful figurative intelligence of the visual vector in conjunction, for example, with the anal vector, allow a man to realize himself in the field of art or science. And skin-visual men are still achieving success mainly in areas where a high level of development of the properties of the visual vector is not required.

Although we can observe skin-visual men with quite developed properties. The most striking examples are the actor Alexei Batalov and Evgeni Plushenko. None of them will turn the tongue to call a feminine guy. However, they have exactly the same properties as boys who don't know what to do with their overly feminine behavior.

However, some boys sometimes wonder how to become a feminine guy in order to resemble some of the heroes of cult youth films and TV series. And ultimately just to please the girls.

Why girls like gentle guys

Some girls just like feminine guys. This is easily explained by the properties of the visual vector - it is the opposite of animal nature. A visual woman - cannot give birth, continue the family. A visual man - cannot kill to feed himself and his offspring. The body wants to live, but the psyche is not able to do it. In the tension between the lust for life and the fear of death, an emotion of incredible strength is born.

A primitive skin-visual girl built an emotional connection with a man to save her life. She had no other opportunity to gain a sense of security and safety, because she could not belong to a man like the mother of his children. But her vivid emotions gave the man additional strong experiences at the moment of intimacy. Later it was called love and was included in the mandatory element of the feminine image.

Therefore, some girls like feminine guys more than others. After all, they are not only ready for a romantic relationship, but also rather inventive in cute surprises. In addition, they are literally safe - the visual vector is completely devoid of aggression. And if we are talking about a skin-visual guy, his sexual desire is based more on emotional closeness than on animal attraction. He seduces and charms, empathizes and gets emotionally involved in the girl's problems. He is an affectionate fan and best friend rolled into one.

How to become a feminine guy picture
How to become a feminine guy picture

However, few of the girls see a defender in a feminine guy - their future husband and father of children.

Why men hate feminine guys

Not all girls like feminine guys, and some men hate them fiercely. They believe that every feminine guy is gay. The influence of mentality is great here, which can be easily traced using system-vector psychology. We perceive all relationships in a vertical natural hierarchy, where the man is always higher, and the woman needs protection. A feminine guy in this case is seen as a non-man, a sub-human.

But even so, if you conduct a survey, it turns out that most men are not annoyed by either feminine gays, or trans women, or any other guys. Only the owners of the anal vector care about this "problem of society." Why - this topic, among others, is sorted out at the free online training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology", here we will only outline general trends for understanding the essence.

A man with an anal vector has a double powerful libido - he is attracted to both the boy and the woman. In the course of normal development, attraction to adolescent boys turns into a desire to pass on experience - this is how the best fathers and talented teachers are made. Attraction to a woman forms the desire to create a family, to take care of his chosen one.

And if there was a delay in psychosexual development? If there is no pleasure in life due to lack of realization, resentment, bad experience? Moreover, sexual dissatisfaction. The tension between "want" and "not" without awareness of desires causes a strong fear of one's own sexuality. All this gives rise to hatred for the subject of desire - feminine guys, trans men, gays and everyone who in any way seems to be such.

What to do if a guy is too feminine, and how to become more brutal, read in the next part.

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