Coping With Depression Without Antidepressants

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Coping With Depression Without Antidepressants
Coping With Depression Without Antidepressants

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Coping with depression without antidepressants

Very rare people suffer from depressive states, literally a few percent are “chosen ones”, wanderers doomed to eternal search for the meaning of life …

It is very difficult to live. To exist detachedly, not understanding how to cope with depression. Wake up and live every next day. One by one, as if watching a series of colorless frames in a film strip. Today is no different from yesterday, and tomorrow from today.

The main thing is not to go far from home. Otherwise, there will not be enough strength to crawl back to fall on the bed and merge with it into a single whole. A bed is a piece of paradise, a charger for dead soul batteries. It is needed when everything inside is squeezed so that there is no strength even to rise.

I wish it had already passed. I just can't deal with depression. To skip at once this senseless period of time, ironically called "life". Why is it needed at all if it makes no sense? To step out the window is too scary, you just have to lie down. The main thing is to crawl to bed.

Prolonged depression. How to deal with heartache

Very rare people suffer from depressive states, literally a few percent are “chosen ones”, wanderers doomed to eternal search for the meaning of life.

The modern science of human psychology - the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan - defines such people as carriers of the sound vector. They are characterized by special desires directed beyond the material world. It is simply vital for them to know why they live in this world. Where are they going, is there a higher purpose, and what is the purpose of their existence?

Without clear guidelines and without answers to their questions, they plunge into protracted, life-long, depression. Trying to figure out how to cope with depression on his own, a person with a sound vector does not find an answer either from friends, or from relatives, or even on the Internet.

The outcome of the life of such people is often deplorable - these are early suicides, lingering alcoholism and drug addiction. Only the one who clearly answered all his inner questions can get joy from life, take place in a relationship, be happy in work.


Help cope with depression

Why is this happening? It's all about the desire of the sound vector to understand the meaning of life, to comprehend their own "I". It is so strong that it suppresses all other human tendencies. It is a given by nature - to have such a desire in priority over everyone else. This is the reason for the emergence of depression, the inability to enjoy simple things.

While the rest are in motion, earn money, build relationships - the sound engineer sits with "disabled" physical desires in complete solitude, scrolling through an endless internal dialogue, tormented by the meaninglessness of his existence.

It is possible to awaken oneself from lethargic sleep, to feel the taste for life again, only by fully satisfying the need of the sound vector for self-knowledge. To realize the unconscious and, thus, to understand the meanings hidden from the superficial observer. Only then will peace return to the wounded soul, as water returns to an exhausted river after a drought.

Depression. How to deal with the urge to end it all

A huge number of people turned at the last line. They chose to live and be happy, chose a family and a career instead of a step into emptiness or drug addiction.

Only Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology - psychoanalytic knowledge about the unconscious - can give a 100% result in getting rid of depression.

More than 10,000 people received their positive results after undergoing training in systemic vector psychology. These are saved lives, these are answers to insoluble questions, this is happiness in finding oneself and the answer to the question "how to cope with depression?"

Already at the free online lectures of Yuri Burlan, you can begin to discover for yourself the laws of the human psyche, learn to understand the mechanisms according to which the unconscious controls a person.

Awareness forms a new thinking, a new look at familiar things, gives a sense of meaningfulness and freedom of choice. You can sign up for free lectures on systemic vector psychology here.

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