Down With Shame. Blessed By Slander And Slander

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Down With Shame. Blessed By Slander And Slander
Down With Shame. Blessed By Slander And Slander

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Down with shame. Blessed by slander and slander

Freedom of speech in Russia has historically fluctuated between two extreme states - Pushkin's "The people were silent" (in horror) and "I am a witness, what happened?" (fine). Everyone says, sometimes in chorus: I haven't read it, but I condemn it, I don't know it personally, but I want to say I haven't, but I know …

It happens that other people cannot help but slander, but you still need to know when to stop.

JV Stalin on Churchill's speech at Fulton in 1946

Freedom of speech in Russia historically fluctuates between two extreme states: Pushkin's "The people were silent" (in horror) and "I am a witness, but what happened?" (normal), where the norm is the absence of executions on the spot without trial and investigation. They all say, sometimes in chorus: I have not read, but I condemn; Personally not familiar, but I want to say; I haven't, but I know …

Freedom of "speech and deed"

In a country where “word and deed” is an old and highly respected tradition, to slander a person means to hand him over to a swift and unrighteous judgment, the most Kafkaesque court in the world. The motives for slander can be different: envy of success, selfish interests (slander by L. D. Landau), fear that if not you, then you (slander against S. A. Korolev, D. S. Likhachev, Vs. E. Meyerhold), open shamelessness without fear and reproach, examples of which are innumerable.

According to the stipulation, many people sat in Russia for fear of dying in torment, such slander can, if not forgiven, then at least understand. Senseless and merciless slander, all-encompassing and penetrating everywhere, bubbling inside the country and generously sent from outside, slander that does not have a single drop of rational explanation, can be assessed only from the position of the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, which studies the structure and laws development of the mental unconscious of an individual, a group of people, society.

From the organized public vilification of the enemies of the people through the Aesopians, the language of kitchen "Mayevki" we did not smoothly, but moved to an uncontrolled flow of words, sometimes bordering on poorly structured delirium - the freedom of speech of the 1990 model. We again "exist completely free, that is, we vegetate, lie and we talk about it, by ourselves, without any foundations”, - as M.Ye. Saltykov-Shchedrin.

Marketplace slander, senseless and merciless

We do not disdain slander, not only in the name of promotion or other benefit-benefit, which would be at least somewhat understandable in the current phase of development of society, slander just like that, out of boredom, lies and idle talk, slander children, defame naive idealists.

All the conditions have been created for this, there is even a special TV program, which by its name alone answers the bashful question: "What will people say?" - "Let them talk!" With equal success, this program could be called "Down with shame!" How else, if not a complete loss of shame, can explain the behavior of a woman who agrees to show her 13-year-old daughter's tears in response to her sweeping accusations of seducing sexually mature village grooms? How else can one explain the desire of an audience of thousands to become savoring spies of someone else's misfortune?


I am ashamed therefore I exist

Shame is one of the main, if not the main concept in Russian ethics. "… I am ashamed, therefore, I exist, not only physically I exist, but morally … as a person," wrote Vl. S. Soloviev. VA Zenkovsky considered shame a moral "self-crucifixion", "a real tyranny of one spiritual principle." Tyranny! After all, shame is a feeling so negative that a person is often able to destroy himself, just not to feel how low he is, unworthy of his destiny.

Unlike animals, people tend to relate themselves to the universe, the ideal of nature, God. The feeling of shame is given to a person in order to feel how far away he is in his spiritual root from the ideal. This fills the soul with grief so unbearable that there is only one desire - to get rid of the pangs of shame as soon as possible, to disappear, dissolve, improve or … renounce spirituality. A person who slanders is spiritually dead, only the dead have no shame, i.e. cannot feel ashamed.

In addition to shame in front of oneself, there is also social shame when society decides that it is shameful. So, in a socialist society, built on a model close to urethral return, it was a shame not to work, parasitism, have unearned income, steal, study poorly. In the skin phase of the development of society, it is a shame not to provide oneself with a clearly defined and constantly increasing level of consumption, including the consumption of intangible values ​​of the corresponding rank.

I surround myself with a fence (O. Arefieva)

The contrariness of the landmarks of the modern skin society to the values ​​of the Russian urethral-muscular mentality already in itself leads to instability in the mental. People's hostility to each other is growing, conflicts of convictions and beliefs flare up more and more often, based on the same hostility and disunity. Compared to the wide range of past “social shame,” the present single “shame of under-consumption” is tantamount to no social shame at all.


On the other hand, there is no consolidated society as such, every man for himself, every one in his own capsule, the rest are not concerned. Even the pretense of the western with improvised hedges and pies, the new neighbors in Russia are not. It's a shame who can see it, but our fences are solid brick, you can not be shy. And what shame can there be in front of people whom I do not know and do not wish to know? You say, a swindler, pedophile and bloodsucker? I readily believe, although I personally do not know …

The penitential days of the restless

The clause works to destroy the spiritual root not only of each person individually. "System-vector psychology" shows that the laws of the mental unconscious are also true for society as a whole. Freedom of speech has played a cruel joke on us. Accustomed to tsarist censorship, then Soviet censorship, able to overcome any prohibitions on the way to hidden knowledge, we suddenly broke into emptiness and grabbed freedom with such a urethral gulp - to complete insanity!

Wait, do not rush, they told us, we will swallow you in no time, it hurts the couscous is large and hard, softening and separating is required. First you need to repent. Remember the 1987 film "Repentance", where the incarnate evil bites a Christian fish? It was this road (on the way to the temple) that we should have moved, that is, back to the past, which needed to be rethought from the position of a loser. The time has come for Slander. Cunning heads quickly juggled the deck of history, a marked cheating joker jumped out: we, the Soviet people, are a criminal people, we must repent of restlessness …

60 years there is no Stalin, 20 years there is no USSR, and we are still in the process of "de-Stalinization", a special council for the development of civil society was created under the President, whose leaders, among other things, call on the people to the same repentance and revision of history.


Historian-bookkeeper: how to turn the Russian field into a patchwork quilt of universal democratization

The urethral vector in the eight-dimensional mental unconscious, both at the level of an individual and at the level of society, the state, is characterized by an aspiration for the future. Time is estimated by the urethral vector according to Mayakovsky: "It will be done and is already being done." The present is seen as a springboard to the future, there is no past.

The muscle vector, which reinforces the urethra in the structure of the Russian mentality, evaluates time as “time”: time to eat, time to work, time to sleep. What I ate yesterday, it doesn't matter, is already worked out. The urethral-muscular mentality is confident that the future is inevitable and that tomorrow will be better than today. The past is over.

People are engaged in historical research in whose psychic unconscious the past is primary. They are carriers of the anal vector, solid and painstaking accumulators of knowledge, systematizing facts. “God cannot change the past, but historians can,” said Samuel Butler and was partly right: if not history itself, then they are trying to change the attitude towards it. Some abuse, especially those who have not found use in modern life, except to criticize, delving into trifles.

The "seekers of truth" rationalize their tendentiousness with speculative benefits for the future. Why speculative? Yes, because in the psychic of critics, the image of the future is a tracing of the past: this cannot be, because this has never happened in history. "So it was and so it will be in the future."


"And you hate us …"

AS Pushkin wrote "Slanderers of Russia" in 1831, and since then, in fact, little has changed: the same unrest in Lithuania, the same tensions with Poland. It's not new for us to argue with Europe. The question is, from what position to conduct this dispute - from the standpoint of your original mentality, or, excuse me, repenting?

History falsifiers (= slanderers) do not always use direct distortion of facts, although they do not disdain such. There are more subtle methods - silence, emphasis. Now it is fashionable to present the USSR as an aggressor who unleashed a war on a par with Hitler, there are a lot of "confirming" facts! The only thing that they cannot refute so far is the fact of the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazism, but they are coming up here too. Museums of anti-Bolshevik resistance are being created in Russia, attempts are being made to justify the accomplices of Nazism. Smart people do all this, "associate professors with candidates", that's what is insulting!

What does this lead to in the psychic? Besides the fact that the people are defeated in the spiritual part of the "I", the self-identification of the urethral person as a winner, a leader is violated, and he begins to work out a scenario for giving his life, for self-destruction through alcohol, drugs, mass suicide. All this happens daily before our eyes, but it is possible to understand the internal mechanisms, to understand the essence of visible events in society only through the prism of the training "System-vector psychology": a decrease in rank is incompatible with life for the urethral mental.

For comparison: Germany relatively quickly recovered from the moral costs of the war, in the skin a lowering of rank is a thing, although unpleasant, not fatal, the skin man easily adapts, quickly gains momentum, if necessary, and will repent without much loss for himself.

The fruits of repentance in our country are visible to the naked eye. Only Lithuania makes claims to Russia for 23 billion euros! There are also territorial claims. The meanest thing is that they impose on us a feeling of shame for our victories, they judge the victors of fascism on the same level as the fascists. However, what the anal-cutaneous-muscle Germans with their idea of ​​"processing the past" were able to chew and digest is simply impossible for Russia due to its mentality, we do not have a past in such a form to poke around in it, repent, and then go to drink beer.

Attempts to shame the urethral man end with the fact that he takes a cudgel and rises from the trenches (film "Citadel", episode Mikhalkov-Makovetsky). Or the first - or death!


That is why to bring a "scientific basis" to the need for repentance in Russia at the present stage of the development of society means to stigmatize its people to please our enemies. No matter how much we want to cooperate with Europe, no matter how much is done in this direction, we will always be in a ring of fronts, we are mentally different for the West and geopolitically tasty for everyone else in the world. Therefore, you need to have a solid inner ideology. And in order not to make mistakes while studying history, so as not to harm the general whole with your personal knowledge, it would be good to take into account the psychic in all sciences concerning the life of a person and society, including in History.

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