Hunting For Pedophiles: Who Are The Judges?

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Hunting For Pedophiles: Who Are The Judges?
Hunting For Pedophiles: Who Are The Judges?

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Hunting for pedophiles: who are the judges?

Fear for the health and life of children is becoming an uncontrollable, but well-founded phenomenon: catching pedophiles with live bait exposes a hidden, but rapidly maturing wave of crimes, increasingly manifested in the unstoppable desires of lovers of children, threatening at one moment to cover society.

Tough guys with smug faces in front of a man covered in cold sweat. They are the noble defenders of children from vile lascivious thugs, one of whom has so easily fallen into the cleverly placed networks of pedophile hunters.

"Surname, name, patronymic", - one of the thugs chants in a dashing tone of a dashing opera. The monster doesn't even try to resist. Only the answer cannot be squeezed out of him: stupor and fear were shackled hand and foot. “Answer, scum, why did you offer the boy to meet? - Weighty cuffs mercilessly pour on the failed criminal. - Why, I ask again, did I make an appointment with a thirteen-year-old child?

The execution is carefully recorded on a video camera, so watch and rejoice: real guys live "according to concepts" and in a concrete conversation, interspersed with the periodic tapping of a "fagot" on the bald top of the head with an artificial rubber member, prioritize using the correct spreading and appropriate expressions. A kind of sophisticated "lowering", dressed in the appropriate form, which even highly cultured viewers, judging by the comments to the videos, perceive with a bang.

Hundreds of videos spread over the Internet, hundreds of exposed pedophiles. Bravo!

But do you really think that in this way it is possible to eradicate pedophilia as a phenomenon?


Meanwhile, pedophilia is inexorably gaining momentum, fear for the health and life of children is becoming an uncontrollable, but well-grounded phenomenon: catching pedophiles with live bait exposes a hidden, but rapidly maturing wave of crimes, increasingly manifested in the revealed irresistible desires of lovers of children, threatening at one moment to cover society …

We are frightened by the unknown: there is little hope for preventive measures by the police, because even venerable experts still cannot answer exactly the urgent and socially significant questions:

- How to accurately and accurately recognize a pedophile?

- Is pedophilia a disease or a manifestation of immorality and promiscuity of people prone to it?

- Is it possible to get rid of attraction to a child a man with a corresponding sexual desire?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan is the only science capable of answering burning questions.

Pedophiles are not born?

According to system-vector psychology, the human psyche is formed from 8 vectors. Vectors manifest themselves both physically - by the structure of the body, physiological characteristics of the organism, special sensitivity of the corresponding zones (called erogenous), metabolic rate, and mentally: vector-conditioned drives, abilities, corresponding character traits that determine the life scenario of their carrier.

A modern person, on average, is the owner of 3-4 vectors (in general, one individual can have from 1 to 8 vectors), each of which is at a certain level of development, in a certain state.

Among the 8 erogenous zones, only one causes tremendous tension in the human psyche, even at its mere mention. Guess what kind of vector we are talking about.

Bewilderment, light chuckle, embarrassment - almost every person reacts to the concept of "anal vector" with special inner excitement. But if a person is not at all able to withstand the stress from just the word "anal", he experiences a whole storm of feelings inside: from indignation to hatred towards the one who said or wrote it, then this absolutely definitely means that this person has the notorious anal vector in a special condition.

A person with an anal vector has a corresponding erogenous zone. In childhood, such a child initiates it, sitting for a long time on the potty and getting great pleasure from the act of defecation (by the way, the same phenomenon carried over into adulthood is the presence of a toilet equipped for a long stay in it, where the owner of the anal vector comes seriously and for a long time while not forgetting to bring along books, magazines and crosswords for double pleasure).

In modern man, the anal vector is most often combined with other vectors. However, if in the presence of several vectors the anal one predominates, then it will be a slow, inclined to be overweight child due to a slow metabolism, thoughtful, slowly, but with detailed accuracy and memorizing any information for a long time.


Similar to a clubfoot bear, a simple-minded kid with a serious look, in addition to a clumsy body that makes his gait awkward, has the same rigid psyche, which, in the case of normal development, determines his consistency and perseverance in work, under the influence of stress it becomes the reason for him getting stuck in resentment and negativism, becoming the cause of stubbornness and stupor. Anal people are conservative, focused on the past, which for them is always better than the present, and even more so the future, the mere mention of which is in itself a stressful factor.

In the ancient world, the specific role of a person with an anal vector consisted, on the one hand, in protecting women and children in the cave, while warriors and hunters procured food for the whole flock, and on the other hand, in accumulating knowledge and experience with the aim of further transferring them to boys - adolescents, i.e., future hunters and warriors.

The body and mental of each person work harmoniously, giving the owner of each vector physical and mental characteristics, abilities and desires corresponding to the fulfillment of a role in the survival of the entire pack. In an anal person, both metabolism and desires correspond to natural tasks: the real "master of the cave" is not adapted to the production of food (read - to business, career growth and the desire to earn more money). Although in mixing with the skin vector, which gives desires for property and social superiority, such needs are possible, but when relying on the anal vector and life tasks, and, accordingly, the implementation will be different. A homebody man with a huge bald head (high testosterone of an anal person very often gives a bald head,which is often found already at the age of 20 and is a kind of "visiting card" of an anal person) is focused on the family and children, which are the highest value for him. Monogamous, unable to switch to any other woman, an anal man in good condition is the most devoted family man and father, sometimes coping with raising children better than a mother.

Direct, simple-minded, ingenuous and honest, he trusts people as he does himself, but once burned, he does not trust anyone anymore: constant doubts and distrust, demands for reliability and certainty are other vivid manifestations of the rigid psyche of an anal person.


Like any other person, parents play a huge role in the formation of a man's personality with an anal vector, and the fate and life scenario of an anal person depends on how well they develop or, conversely, ignore his desires, abilities and qualities in childhood. …

When a slow anal baby is not rushed, but is developed in accordance with his mental characteristics, albeit at a slow, but comfortable pace for him (they let him finish, without interrupting his detailed speech in mid-sentence, and most importantly, they do not rip off the pot), then the child grows up consistent, stubborn, doing any business from start to finish. Perfectionism is formed as a character trait - the desire and ability to bring work to perfection, identifying and eradicating flaws and shortcomings.

This makes the anal person a real expert in areas where perseverance and hard work is required. Anal people are often corrosive and meticulous, but you can really rely on them: real professionals will never let you down and will complete the assigned task (thus, in their psyche, the habit worked out in childhood to complete the act of defecation is fixed and transformed into useful actions, if parents do not rush and do not interrupt the child at these moments).

What happens when a twitchy, always in a hurry mother hurries and urges her slow child?

For any child, it is especially important for proper development to ensure the safety and security that parents give him before puberty. In addition to the basic needs inherent in all people (for food, sleep, etc.), there are also individual needs that are vectorially conditioned and fundamentally different from the needs of other people who do not have these characteristics, and therefore the corresponding abilities and desires.

LIVING AND DEVELOPING AT ITS SLOW PACE is the basic need of an anal child, completely different from what other children who do not have this vector need. When an anal child is called a pig, demanding to do everything faster, which completely contradicts the peculiarities of his body and psyche, which is inextricably linked with him (even if the child does not want to upset his mother - and anal children are very obedient and always want to deserve praise from their mother! - he never will not be able to do this, since he is neither physically nor mentally adapted to actions at a fast pace), the baby immediately loses the feeling of security. Pushing the child, and even more so ripping him off the pot, the parents, without realizing it, raise a future sadist and pedophile instead of a thoughtful professional and a wonderful family man.

Every person strives for pleasure, and under stress, in order to balance the biochemistry of the brain, he begins to unconsciously initiate his erogenous zone. For example, a dermal person begins to itch, sometimes scratching the skin until it bleeds, the visual one rubs the eyes, the olfactory one - the nose.

The erogenous zone of the anal person begins to shrink from stress, resulting in prolonged constipation. The child, who previously received the pleasure of cleansing the rectum, is now simply forced to adapt to new conditions and initiate his erogenous zone in a different way - keeping feces inside. After a few days, the little sufferer still has to go on a painful act of defecation, after which he feels relief and joy. When stress is repeated often, the following scheme is consolidated in the mental: compression of the anal sphincter from stress when interrupting the act of defecation - keeping fecal masses inside oneself and thus initiating an erogenous zone - a few days after constipation, release through pain - a feeling of relief.

According to this scheme, the psychological traits of the anal person also change.

Only in the anal vector is there a division into "clean" and "dirty", but the manifestation of this feature directly depends on the development of the child in childhood. Completing his work on the potty, the child learns to enjoy purification, that is, in the future, he will strive for purity, both in the physical sense and in the moral (cleanliness in the house, clean relationships, clean reputation).

In case of loss of a sense of security in childhood, as a result of the formation of constipation and the associated ambiguous sensations of the anal child, in the future he will have problems with completing what he started, and it will be problematic for him to become a real professional. In addition, the feeling of satisfaction fixed in childhood through pain during the act of defecation, he will necessarily project onto the world around him: he will begin to tear off the wings of a fly, in case of continued negative pressure on his properties, he will go up in his sadism - he will torment animals, enjoying their reactions of horror and pain, and in the future will transfer the patterns unconsciously learned in childhood to his loved ones: he will beat his wife and children, sadistic over other people, citing various rationalizations as an argument that justify him to himself and others.


What does this have to do with pedophilia?

Nature has endowed anal people with a large undifferentiated libido directed towards both the woman and the teenage boy. The desire for a boy, sublimating, manifests itself in the need to educate the younger generation, that is, it is entirely aimed at ensuring the fulfillment of the specific role of the anal person - the transfer of knowledge and experience to the younger generation. Anal men are excellent trainers and teachers, selflessly devoted to children, teaching and raising them at the call of their hearts, even for a meager salary. It was the inhibited attraction of anal people to teenage boys that gave the world the world's best educators and teachers, such as Janusz Korczak, Sukhomlinsky, and Makarenko.

Normally, if the anal boy was properly developed, then his undifferentiated libido from birth does not pose any threat to society and gives us the best teachers. If the anal child was constantly pulled from the pot, cut off, he did not receive the praise and encouragement that he needed so much from his mother, then in a difficult case, we can literally raise a future pedophile out of this boy. The second option, when the libido of an anal person switches towards adolescent boys, is possible already in an adult state - due to prolonged social and sexual unrealization.

At first, an anal person does not even realize his desire vaguely appearing on the outskirts of consciousness, but unconsciously already begins to experience discomfort, which he tries to remove through the manifestation of dissatisfaction and some aggression towards others, especially those reminiscent of a hidden attraction (for example, the problems of homosexuality and pedophilia cause particular excitement, which is simply impossible for such a person to hide).

With an increase in desire, outwardly expressed aggression will also progress: a frustrated anal person desperately struggling with his own taboo desires will begin to hate homosexuals (because homosexuality and pedophilia are directly linked!), Will begin to throw dirt around him, criticize and relieve tension through sadism and humiliation of other people.


Take a closer look at the pedophile hunters: not everyone goes there for ideological convictions. After completing the training in system-vector psychology, each of you will be able to feel the inner fear of individual rulers of the “people's court” through external window dressing and the appearance of righteous anger of not coping with their own pedophilic desires, manifested through especially sophisticated aggression, and notice typical for those experiencing an irresistible attraction to children gestures and expressions. And be sure to think about it when such a "fighter for morality" with genuine indignation declares that it is better to "have" a 14-year-old girl than her peer-boy.

Go for a girl - mean a boy

When the desire for a boy in a frustrated anal person stumbles upon natural Russian homophobia, an obliging consciousness offers him, as a substitute, the image of a girl who looks like a boy: small, frail and defenseless. The best scenario in this case is possible if an adult girl with the corresponding physical traits of a teenager meets on the way of such an anal person: by creating a relationship with her, the frustrant is able to partially relieve tension.

But, unfortunately, we face a different picture: cases of rape of underage girls are becoming more frequent, and this threatens with the most severe consequences. When the image of a teenage boy is replaced by the image of a girl, the attraction of the anal person overcomes the oldest taboo that humanity preserves as a guarantee of its survival: not to use sexually unripe females for childbirth.

Meanwhile, a real tsunami of pedophilia is approaching us

The correct development of a child with an anal vector improves the overall prognosis of the development and realization of a person, but, alas, does not guarantee the absence of pedophilic desires in the future, although it significantly reduces the risk of their occurrence. Chronic non-realization of an anal person in adult life against the background of a general, extremely difficult state of Russian society can lead to the most terrible consequences.


The modern skin era (times are also vectorally conditioned), which has changed the anal phase of development, is itself a stressful factor for rigid anal people: the painstaking work of an expert is no longer appreciated, everything is decided by money and the ability to spin, dodge and sell, i.e., social realization problematic for many anal people. In addition, everything changes so quickly and radically (as befits a skin measure) that an anal person is not able to rebuild so quickly. The anal person, who hardly fits into the present times, relieves stress, yearning for the past and finding solace, for example, in the revival and respect for folk traditions, in the observance of rituals.

However, if the stress is too strong and lasts a very long time, there is a great threat of the appearance of the manifestations of aggression described in the article, which are externally expressed - on the rise - criticism, verbal and physical sadism up to serious domestic violence, nationalism and at the peak inexorably growing, no longer able to curtail himself with desire for teenage boys. And no hunt for pedophiles, no exhortations and appeals to morality, ethics and conscience can eradicate this desire!

When an anal man suddenly realizes what he really wants, fear fetters him hand and foot. Sometimes the heart muscle cannot withstand such stress: a heart attack from the horror of awareness is a frequent phenomenon. Having got used to a conscious desire a little, the frustrant continues to fight it in the available ways: he often releases his inner tension into alcohol, gets drunk until he is unconscious. At the same time, he so zealously and with such emotions shows others how much he hates "homosexuals" and pedophiles, that no one doubts that he does not have such desires. At the same time, at the same time, he will watch porn with children, more and more often these thoughts will haunt him in dreams and fantasies, and one day, a desire brought to an extreme point, ready to tear him apart, will still lead him to a crime. Because libido is stronger than any prohibitionand fear of punishment will not help here.

Morality is meaningless

Alas, identifying individual pedophiles and exposing them to the public is ineffective both as a preventive measure (the sexual desire of a frustrated person will not disappear from this, and reaching its peak, it will still be stronger than any prohibition), and in a more global sense.

Social and cultural taboos have made us human by limiting our animal urges by law and culture. Law and culture are designed to contain our animal animosity towards each other. Problems of crime should be dealt with by the appropriate bodies that ensure our safety. When we arrange lynching or give the reins of government into the hands of people without restrictions by culture and law, making them responsible for solving such important issues, we automatically express our distrust of the state and the law.

For the collective unconscious, there is no more terrible thought than distrust of the authorities' ability to be the guarantor of our security. Arranging lynching, we arouse in society the manifestation of natural animal instincts, urges for sex and murder. All this time, legal and cultural restrictions restrained the constantly growing hatred and enmity of people for each other, but if now we remove all the taboos that have been developed over the centuries (and when we rely not on the law, not on the state, but on dashing guys with special notions, society automatically removes these restrictions), we will no longer be able to restrain animal instincts and enmity.


Few understand that increased manifestation of hostility will only accelerate the disintegration of society.

However, the growing pedophilia will certainly lead to the same consequences for the same reason.

What to do?

Only the elimination of psychological illiteracy and full awareness of the processes taking place in the world, in the country and society, and most importantly, the acceptance by each person of responsibility for everything that happens around, will help us not only to eradicate pedophilia as a phenomenon, but also to move into a completely new era of development, the most humane and merciful, where every member of society, realizing himself for the good of society, will be able to live without restrictions.

The task is global, the first step is obvious - to start with yourself, with understanding and awareness of your own states and actions. Understanding unconscious processes, which becomes possible thanks to system-vector psychology, allows you to track down the causes of internal dissatisfaction and learn how to constructively solve any problem, both at the level of an individual and at the level of society.

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan not only reveals the deep mechanisms of the formation of pedophilia, very accurately demonstrating the psychological traits of people who are attracted to children, but also shows the most reliable and sure way to get rid of the internal decay of both individual individuals and society as a whole through awareness of the processes occurring in it.

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