Died Golden Labrador, Or Visual Woman's Catch For The External Life Form

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Died Golden Labrador, Or Visual Woman's Catch For The External Life Form
Died Golden Labrador, Or Visual Woman's Catch For The External Life Form
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Died Golden Labrador, or Visual Woman's Catch for the External Life Form

Misha also loved his dog very much. It was his dog. They watched TV together, and Misha gladly patted him on the shaggy withers: "Family member!" At the same time, the dog's hair flew into the air in shreds and scattered in the corners …

My neighbors' dog died. Favorite Labrador who lived with them for almost thirteen years.

This tragedy was perceived as immeasurable, irreparable grief, from which they have not been able to recover for a week. A neighbor, a good girl, cries day and night, stopped eating, her cystitis worsened and her eyes began to hurt. Attempts by relatives and friends to reduce this suffering do not bring any result, the arguments of reason do not penetrate into the heartbroken mind.

Being involved in these indicative and instructive passions, I involuntarily consider what is happening from the point of view of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. Let the good neighbors forgive me, but I simply cannot pass by such a "teaching aid", because I am in the midst of training in group number sixty-two, and thoughts fly in my head like notes.

He + She

The married couple, which I am thinking about now, is an ordinary vector union, of which there are probably millions. Anal husband and skin-visual wife. Let's call them Masha and Misha. By the way, today is Masha's birthday, she turns thirty-eight years old. Misha is the same.

Masha is charm itself. She is a small, blonde, blue-eyed saleswoman in a clothing store. An incredibly talented saleswoman who in one second will determine all your sizes, styles, colors and choose exactly the things you need. She does it without hesitation, on a whim. Thanks to my acquaintance with Masha, I was completely lazy in shopping and I don't even know the size of my children, because she picks things up for them herself, by eye. And I just agree with the skin-visual saleswoman, I love it when professionals work.

Misha's husband is another story. I just put up with him, because it's not for me to live with him, after all. He's just an anatomical atlas of the frustrated anal man.

This huge nowadays fellow was in childhood the sweetest black-eyed, curly-haired boy, the favorite of a caring Jewish mother. You should have seen this mom! Another character from a horror movie, the lives of young people are subject to her complete control. Last year, she even bought an apartment in the house opposite and now, from her kitchen window, she watches with binoculars what her son is doing, as well as how his wife looks after him “wrong”.

A very large Misha weighs one hundred and seven kilograms. For a long time his belly does not fit on his beloved leather sofa, which has sat down to a deep hole. Misha works as a security guard in a store. After work and on weekends, his whole life takes place between the sofa and the TV, which are separated only by a coffee table littered with open packages of biscuits, cookies and chocolate. And this feast for his incipient diabetes is crowned with a huge ashtray of three-day cigarette butts, the ashes from which are scattered in a draft throughout the apartment. Misha has set up an empty, unclaimed children's room for his smoking-room with a dusty computer strewn with cigarette ash, on which he fiercely destroys goblins and elves on Saturdays in a curtain of smoke and in the heat of a bloody battle …

Died golden labrador
Died golden labrador

The dream of children remained in a test tube

There are no children in this family. Twelve years of marriage, hormonal treatment, seven procedures of in vitro fertilization did not give any results. For some reason, Masha's endometrium does not grow, with all other medical standards and conformities, so the fertilized cells cannot take root. Several times it almost worked, but - no, not destiny, fell out.

Masha was completely exhausted. Hormones, procedures, waiting - and all in vain. Tears and unfulfilled hopes are driven deep into oneself, and in the eyes of longing, longing …

Very visual, compassionate and adoring children, Masha nursed all her many nephews, she pampered them and presented them with gifts. Masha gave herself up to the children with rapture and delight, not saving time and effort, because a skin-visual woman is a born educator. But the nephews grew inexorably and demanded less attention.

Then Masha decided to take care of herself, learned to drive and even passed her license. But he doesn't go further than the store, he's afraid. Afraid of oncoming cars, rear parking lots. Masha does not read books, does not really like to cook, only out of necessity, she rarely watches TV, since she is frightened of horror and blood in the films that Misha watches.

Substitution therapy

And all these years the consolation and salvation from loneliness for Masha was their huge dog, a golden Labrador retriever, fifty kilograms of a teddy bear and endless explosive energy. She poured out her unclaimed care on him, and in return received dog loyalty and endless love. In fact, I was acting out a typical scenario of a visual woman who is looking for filling and realization of the vector, transferring her emotions to her beloved animal, which so needs protection and care.

The visual vector, when it is at its plant stage of development, is able to see salvation from loneliness in empathy with the living world around it, to perceive the animal's soul as its own, that is, to literally humanize it. And although this is clearly not enough to cover the huge emotional amplitude of the viewer, some vector filling is definitely taking place, and love for a pet dog or cat is addictive like a drug.

Anal Misha was also very fond of his dog. It was his dog. They watched TV together, and Misha gladly patted him on the shaggy withers: "Family member!" At the same time, the dog's hair flew into the air in shreds and scattered around the corners.

Why do you want to love someone
Why do you want to love someone

It was beneath Misha's dignity and understanding to comb the dog out, and Masha did not have enough strength or time for this. It was only enough to walk this hippopotamus in the mornings and evenings. Walking the dog was her responsibility, Misha was too tired at work. After preparing breakfast for her husband or coming home at eleven o'clock in the evening after the evening shift, Masha put on a leash on the dog and rushed after the not very smart, but cheerful dog around the area. She weighed less than a dog, so she flew like a balloon, sometimes braking, catching on a tree.

True, in recent years the dog has often been sick. First, his thyroid gland was removed, then the prostate gland. After heavy operations, the dog developed head problems and epilepsy. But Masha and Misha stubbornly overcame all adversities, went into debt when there was not enough money for an operation or medicine, called a veterinarian when a dog in an epileptic seizure bit its tongue or got stuck in the refrigerator with its head.

Systemic suffering and vector delights

Compassion for your dying pet became the main meaning of life for the whole family for a whole year. With the help of system-vector psychology, this fact can be explained even to a first grader. The visual vector simply lives with compassion, it is filled with this state, empathizing with everything in a row - both living and non-living, everything that may experience pain or die. And Misha's anal vector was simply overwhelmed with pleasure from the feeling of "the unity of my family around my dog."

Misha told everyone: “My parents support us in this, when their dog was dying, they also watched it to the end and buried it with dignity in a private cemetery, which respected people advised. And we will do the same! " And in this all the basic values ​​of an anal person sound: family, property, parental influence, dignity, respect, inclination to advice and recommendations. And even a bit of sadism, in some way. Both the wife and the dog suffer, but they can be stroked on the withers and enjoy their own generosity.

"Decent" grave for all

Gradually, the neighboring apartment smelled so much of dog urine mixed with Misha's tobacco that neither friends nor relatives dared to visit. Misha was only glad of this, because his wife's friends are still “not friends, but only self-indulgence,” and he went to his “peasants” himself, strictly on Saturdays, to drink coffee and talk.

In recent months, the dog lived only on medication, almost did not move, did not understand anything and, apparently, suffered from pain. But he also recognized the owner, so Misha categorically did not agree to put him to sleep: "A family member will be with us to the end, he is his own and will die a natural death." And Masha, coming home from work, washed the dried urine of an almost paralyzed dog from the floor. Misha carefully lifted his legs above the sofa so as not to interfere with the cleaning.

And a week ago, the mortal earthly journey of the golden retriever ended. He was buried in a private cemetery for animals, a worthy monument with a plaque was erected, a dog bowl, a leash and a bone were glued to the stones. Everything is as it should be. Then they returned home, to an empty apartment, and wept for two days in a row. Unrestrained and bitter. Then, fortunately, the working week began.

Compassion for a dying pet
Compassion for a dying pet

Today, congratulating Masha on her birthday, I asked:

- Well, how are you there?

- Physically easier, - answered Masha, - but morally, horror, don't even ask. And Misha is suffering! Even the sugar began to jump, the pills do not help. He says that in the evenings he cannot hear this silence, so the TV is on all the time. And he smokes and muffles the goblins.

- Well, what about you?

- What am I …

And suddenly, for the first time in all the years of our acquaintance, I noticed that Masha had neither makeup on her eyes nor washed her hair. Oh, Lord, this has never happened before! For skin-visual Masha, her appearance, makeup and hairstyle were the only values ​​she understood. Taking care of her appearance, she realized, and this was the only moment in her life where she always wanted and could receive. Today even that desire of hers was absent.

The son quickly made a pencil sketch of the neighbor's Labrador and gave it to Masha. She froze, looking at the familiar face, shed tears and, quickly saying goodbye, ran away.

Getting rid of stereotypes

How to explain to Masha that her whole life is an unconscious focus on other people in search of a refuge from her fears? What are the words to tell her that she is a skin-visual woman, abandoned by everyone in childhood, so now she is trying to love Misha, this frustrated anal man, from whom she cannot even get pregnant?

It is necessary to somehow shift the focus of the Hook Machine on the life form to the essence of its vectors. But how to get a person to understand the essence of their fears?

The main emotion of the visual vector is fear.

The love and care of parents, who were supposed to become a support for the little visual girl Masha in childhood, did not come into her life. Dad died when she was six years old, mom began to live with another man, and sent her daughter to her aunt. The aunt had her own daughters, and Masha had to gain attention and love, doing what everyone liked. Childhood emotions, deprived of a sense of security and safety, forever plunged Masha into deep fear, with which she lives all her life.

The long-awaited husband also did not save Masha from fear, although he looked so big and reliable. He turned out to be a simple unrealized person with an anal vector, living under the vigilant care of his mother. But it seems to her that she loves him. After all, he is so helpless, he cannot do anything himself, like a child! The pressure is jumping, and now diabetes has begun, you need to monitor his health.

Now, after the death of the dog, Masha will probably concentrate all her attention on her husband. She will do it unconsciously, so as not to die alone, to love someone. Someone else's pain for the viewer is their own pain. Other people's problems are more important than their own. She will solve all problems with the last bit of strength, but if she remains in the small world of her small family called "husband and husband's parents", then she will carry her primal fear deeply in her psyche throughout her life.

How to enjoy life
How to enjoy life

How to enjoy life?

But the possibilities of the visual vector are enormous! What strong emotions, what bright colors of life, what an acute sensation of beauty - just to live and live! This is not a sound vector for you. The visual vector can be filled with a deep experience of what he saw, with the feelings of other people, shared with them - look, feel and enjoy!

Each of us at a certain point in our history must make efforts and understand personal life values. This will help get rid of fears and other problems and consciously start enjoying life. Of course, this analysis can be difficult to do on your own. But fortunately, systemic-vector psychology is already marching around the world, which can easily explain to a skin-visual person, and not only to him, the benefits and benefits of his vectors.

If Masha knew that she received an incredible gift of fate - a visual vector! After all, for a visual person, miracles happen simply from an elementary contemplation of the beautiful.

He should not cling to the form of life - to be happy, it must be created. Look inside yourself - it's so beautiful there! Just share your beauty with this world!

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