Pedophile - Who Is He? Any Monster Can Justify Itself

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Pedophile - Who Is He? Any Monster Can Justify Itself
Pedophile - Who Is He? Any Monster Can Justify Itself
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Pedophile - who is he? Any monster can justify itself

The pedophile gains confidence in the child slowly but surely. He adjusts everything so perfectly that the victim cannot even understand when and how he became imbued with warm feelings for “this good uncle”. A beautiful mask, worn by a "dark entity" posing as a human being, will glow and give an illusory feeling of calmness and joy. But in an instant, the child's world will turn upside down when the curtain falls, and the theater of a talented actor turns out to be a freak circus.

Have you ever tried to get into the head of someone whose actions, deeds and desires cause only an acute feeling of dislike and an attack of nausea? Have you tried to get in the head of a pedophile? It seems that only pathologists were awarded this "honor". You don't even want to think about why pedophiles do this. And at this time, these monsters laugh in your face, stroking the child's head and talking about unearthly love.

Very often they put on a mask of this so high feeling, sung by poets. You will spit after the pedophile and dream of scratching his face as he scratched your souls, and he will prove that it was love, and there are no barriers to love. But that won't help him. It doesn't matter if it was one of the thousands of news stories shown on TV, or the story told by neighbor Zina, the pedophile will not deserve an excuse even from the very last criminal thief.

You pick up the TV remote, turn up the volume and hear the pedophile justify himself: “The hardest part is to admit to yourself your sexual preferences. Social ideas about the norm and correctness put you in a rigid framework, violation of which first of all shakes your inner peace, because the fear of censure or criminal punishment devours no less than the passion for the forbidden fruit. But at one moment, the latter still takes up, plunging you into a pool of experiences of animal joys. You may think that I think only about my lustful desires, but this is not true. I sincerely love these children, worry about them and try to inflict as little pain as possible …"

The pedophile gains confidence in the child slowly but surely. He adjusts everything so perfectly that the victim cannot even understand when and how he became imbued with warm feelings for “this good uncle”. A beautiful mask, worn by a "dark entity" posing as a human being, will glow and give an illusory feeling of calmness and joy. But in an instant, the child's world will turn upside down when the curtain falls, and the theater of a talented actor turns out to be a freak circus.

Pedophile Brain Anatomy

And yet, let's try to figure out who pedophiles are, why it is so difficult for us to recognize them among all seemingly decent and law-abiding citizens. Let us try, no matter how hard, unpleasant and painful it is, to "climb" into their heads. The System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan will help us in this, revealing the mysteries of the human psyche, all the hidden passions of people.

According to system-vector psychology, each person has a certain set of properties, which are called vectors. They define his life priorities and practically shape his destiny. 20% of the world's population possesses the so-called anal vector, which, with proper development and implementation, endows its owner with all the qualities in order to be the best family man, a professional in his field, an authoritative and respected person.

As you know, personality formation occurs both in the family and in society. Parents instill in the child certain life values, are engaged in his upbringing. The older a person becomes, the more society begins to influence him. As a consequence, for all of us, an important component of psychological comfort and balance is social fulfillment. In society, we apply all our accumulated knowledge and experience, we contact people and influence the environment around us.

If a person loses his realization in society, he gradually begins to experience severe psychological conditions, which can lead to dire consequences not only for himself, but also for the family and society that raised him. In the modern world of breakneck speeds and constant shocks, a person with an anal vector has a harder time than many. He is faced with the devaluation of his basic values ​​in the form of family, traditions, professionalism. Now it is important not to be a master, but to be able to spin and adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Because of this, a person with an anal vector often loses in the competitive struggle and hardly makes his way up the social ladder, or even ends up on the sidelines of life. Many professional spheres, where the qualities of such people were previously valued, are either receding into the past or are poorly paid, which, in turn, also affects the psychological balance.

At the same time, a person with an anal vector from birth is tuned in to a detailed, thorough study of the subject. He needs a long and painstaking understanding of the information provided to him so that he structured, systematized and remembered everything for centuries. It is such people, thanks to their potential for phenomenal memory, are able to memorize mountains of information and convey it to others. That is why we most often meet such people in the educational field.

A critical situation arises when a man with an anal vector loses or does not find himself in life. It is important to understand that this is not only his personal problem. It concerns all of us. After all, it is with the loss of realization that he has severe frustrations, and he can become dangerous for others, including children.

Pedophile - who is he?
Pedophile - who is he?

I can't take it anymore - I want it, period

Not being realized in society, a man with an anal vector often faces problems in family life. A wife suffering from a lack of money in the family and the poor condition of her husband can leave him. And then he, a person with high libido (sexual desire), is also faced with sexual frustrations associated with dissatisfaction in intimate life.

A feature of the libido of men with an anal vector is the undifferentiated attraction - along with sexual desire for a woman, they are also endowed with an unconscious attraction to adolescent boys. This is the reverse side of their specific role: in order to enjoy the teaching of future generations, you need to feel a strong desire for this, a craving for those to whom he should transfer this knowledge. The natural prohibition of sexual intercourse that does not lead to procreation leads to the transformation (sublimation) of attraction to boys into a desire to transfer knowledge and skills to them.

In the absence of realization in society and / or sexual life, the owner of the anal vector plunges into severe states of frustration. Lacking a natural sexual realization with a woman, the accumulated desire for an undifferentiated libido can break through the deep taboo on communication with a child.

A pedophile will walk along the street, quite often decently and neatly dressed, quite even tastefully. Will help a pensioner cross the road and give way to public transport. It is likely that he will even work as a teacher at school, and the children will consider him the best teacher in the world. After all, he sincerely loves each of them!

Girl want some candy? Maybe an iPhone?

Often, a pedophile is also the owner of a visual vector that gives a person the ability to build emotional connections with people. It is much easier for such people to gain confidence in children and build a "relationship" with them. It is visual people who easily fall in love and experience the strongest emotional experiences.

Possessing such qualities, it is much easier for a pedophile to get close to a child, to fall in love with him, and then, having established a connection, to fulfill his true intentions. Since children have not yet fully passed all the stages of their development, they may not even be fully aware of what is happening between them and the future rapist. Naturally, this inflicts tremendous trauma on the child when friendship and trust develop into something terrifying.

Light face and dark side

Since people with an anal vector value honor and respect in society, they very rarely show their dark side. In public, they try to be polite and not arouse any suspicion in their address. However, it is they who, in the absence of proper implementation (or in the presence of childhood traumas, resentment against the mother), are domestic tyrants and sadists.

In the presence of the anal-visual ligament of vectors, a frustrated person will sadist only verbally, constantly using words related to the so-called toilet vocabulary in his speech. Neighbors and even friends may not suspect what psychological pressure his household is under. It is in such cases that there is a hidden craving for pedophilia, when the head of the family with an anal and visual vector exhausts everyone with his constant nagging, foul language and discontent. Of course, not all domestic tyrants become pedophiles, but such behavior is a signal of deep psychological deviations that have already begun.

Uncle Vasya we have such a good, golden man

There are cases when teachers turned out to be pedophiles, raping their students or wards that they liked. The unfortunate victim initially did not even suspect that her good and trusting relationship with the teacher could result in a sexual relationship. The owners of the anal-visual ligament of vectors can be on friendly terms with students and fellow teachers. They are often perceived as decent members of society, not suspecting what this monster is actually capable of.

A person with a visual vector often arouses sympathy for himself without flaunting his heavy anal frustrations. “Yes, he lost a good position two years ago due to layoffs and was forced to take a job at our local school. Yes, his wife left him and ran away with some rogue. But he is such a good man, just a golden man who loves children so much."

This is how we often see pedophiles, ideally hiding their inner essence. And it is precisely these loners that are most difficult to recognize, since they keep everyone a little away from their personal lives.

Pedophile - who is he?
Pedophile - who is he?

The worst thing is that anal frustrants with a visual vector can inspire confidence with their attitude, filled with emotion. Such people can drag you into their emotional games, intimidate, confuse, but up to a certain point they are still able to restrain themselves from direct violence, because the nature of the visual vector is opposite to any physical manifestation of cruelty. For this reason, they rarely kill their victims. Only in a state of passion can they take this extreme step, horrified at what they had done or realizing that they could not otherwise escape punishment.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan discovers the mental reasons for the behavior of such people, shows how their life scenarios are formed, and at the same time gives us the tools to recognize them among others.

Already at free lectures, you can learn about the psyche of people with an anal vector, understand what pushes them to such manifestations as sadism, homosexuality and pedophilia. You will be able to protect yourself and your children from people with such disabilities, or you can stop seeing every man you meet as a threat to your child. Register for free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan now using the link.

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