Conspiracies Of Healers. Psychotherapist On The Loose

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Conspiracies Of Healers. Psychotherapist On The Loose
Conspiracies Of Healers. Psychotherapist On The Loose
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Conspiracies of healers. Psychotherapist on the loose

At one time, I thoroughly studied with a sorcerer or, as is more often said, a psychic in removing damage, treating various ailments, pumping my sensitivity with various techniques, developing clairvoyance and other abilities. In general, I moved into psychics and very well got to know the whole inner kitchen of healing.

Have you tried to put protection against the evil eye, damage and other evil spirits? Have you tried to get rid of the disease using healers' conspiracies or wax casts? And did they go to grandmothers-healers and healers to make a conspiracy from pain or illness? And they turned to sorcerers to remove some conspiracy from a loved one? Are you familiar with trade conspiracies? Or maybe you watched the battle of psychics on TV? In this case, you are aware of what conspiracies and magic are.

Even if you were not interested in anything mysterious, then at least once in your life you used some kind of conspiracy to lose weight, or at least wondered on cards to find out your fate. I don't know about you, but I have always been interested in the topic of healing, quackery and other mysterious secret teachings and practices. And apart from simple interest, I tried to find out in practice what it is and how it works.

At one time, I thoroughly studied with a sorcerer or, as is more often said, a psychic in removing damage, treating various ailments, pumping my sensitivity with various techniques, developing clairvoyance and other abilities, and even tried to fix an unsuccessful business using conspiracies for trade. In general, I moved into psychics and very well got to know the whole inner kitchen of healing. There were good results, you could easily open your office and treat clients who were already starting to arrive. Gradually, I compiled an approximate list of services that people most often used:

  • A conspiracy against a husband, wife, to preserve the family and strengthen family ties.
  • Love conspiracies, love spells and lapels.
  • Conspiracies and love spells for good luck, for success in business.
  • Conspiracy on trade and enterprise success.
  • Conspiracies from diseases, removal of damage and the evil eye.
  • Conspiracy from pain of teeth and joints.
  • Conspiracies from the evil eye, strengthening the connection with the guardian angel.
  • Conspiracy from enemies, protection of home from thieves.
  • Individual selection of prayers and conspiracies of various objects, amulets and personal belongings.
  • Search for missing people and things by photography.

Everything was fine, but after a few months of this practice, I increasingly asked myself: why do I need all this? More and more women turned to me to make a conspiracy against my husband. I felt neither my calling to heal, nor the point in doing such an activity other than making money. Clients felt temporary healing, and then they came again to shoot new conspiracies, or asked to put stronger love spells, were healed again, and everything went in a circle. One got the impression that they liked the process itself: first, suffering and fear, then treatment in a halo of magical and mysterious rituals and, finally, magical healing.

Once a young girl came and asked to do “speak in kohannya”. It's amazing how desperate she was at the beginning and how radiant she was after all the procedures I had done. I wanted more and more to figure out how it all works? The fact is that the result of the sessions did not depend at all on how concentrated I was and how accurately I pronounce the conspiracies or perform manipulations. Sometimes, when I had absolutely no desire to work, I told the client that today is not the right energy, the wrong position of the stars, or just not the right day for removing damage or healing. I offered to drink tea and just talk about his problems. Of course, I warned the client that even a simple conversation with me on these topics helps to get rid of the disease. Interestingly, this often happened.

One day a patient came who complained that she had been exposed to black magic, and no conspiracies helped her. For a long time she could not step on her foot without pain. I talked to her over a cup of tea, discussed all her problems, and she went home contentedly. We agreed that we will deal with the treatment another time. Half an hour later, she called and said that she herself did not notice how on the way home she easily stepped on her sore leg. She was just shocked by this effect.

I knew a lot of theories that in one way or another explain the superpowers of a person, but practice showed that the main thing in working with a person is psychology. No subtle energies work if there is no emotional contact with the person himself or with his loved ones. Even when working on the phone or through a photo. You ask, why psychology, if there is clairvoyance and parapsychology? Knowing well the whole witchcraft kitchen from the inside, I can assure you that any good sorcerer is a subtle psychologist. A bad sorcerer is a psychologist only on the level of "how to intimidate you and rip off your money." That is, this is a common scammer.

I read a huge amount of psychological literature until I realized that I was moving in the wrong direction. Any gypsy was a more subtle psychologist in practice than a professor who wrote or read a bunch of books. The huge amount of information and research in psychology seemed to me a competition: whoever writes a thicker, meaningless and incomprehensible book on psychology, he will receive more degrees and titles. Perhaps, of all those I read, the works of Freud and Gilyarovsky are the most memorable. But about Freud and Gilyarovsky, about the subconscious and hallucinations - a separate and big conversation next time, this time I decided to practice.

I drew attention to various trainings. What interested me in them was that they had practice and a real psychological impact on people. I went through several trainings, in which I was more engaged in studying the techniques of a coach. In the classroom, I got to know the students, then contacted them and asked about the results. The results of the participants were basically the following: first, euphoria and the feeling that everything is now available to you, then this feeling goes away, and all the previous states come back, that is, an emotional outburst, and then a return to the previous state, and again the search for a new, more effective training. Everything was repeated in the same way as in the case with my clients in the practice of healing.

The training in system-vector psychology turned out to be completely unusual and different from the rest, which literally put everything in its place and put it on the shelves. The training was conducted by Yuri Burlan. In addition to what was stated at the beginning of the training, I received much more. I had in my hands a tool with which I could understand much deeper with all the problems of human relationships, I could find the causes of different states of people, and not engage in correcting the consequences that appear again and again, if the cause is not removed.

I began to listen in a different way to the stories of people about myself, about their friends and relatives. I realized how much human relationships are saturated with lies and self-deception. I realized that the bulk of the clients of sorcerers and psychics are people with a visual vector. They are the ones who need conspiracies for trade, and zagovori ot vragov, and all the others. These people can be endlessly put into a state of tension and fear, and then in a "magical" way to heal and make good money on it. What is most interesting is that they themselves very well warm themselves up with fears and fantasies, they hang themselves and damage, and the evil eye, and other ailments, which they then rush to get rid of.

I realized what combines esotericism and magic with trainings and various psychological and political games. It would seem that you have an invaluable tool in your hands, now you can get even more income from practice. You can treat, conduct trainings and healing sessions more abruptly than Kashpirovsky. Some students did just that after training in systemic vector psychology. They began to pass this knowledge off as their own and conduct consultations, trainings and other activities, earning money. They speak in different words about the method, but they cannot convey it to others, since they did not understand the main thing. What is revealed at the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan is deeply hidden in the unconscious of every person. Without revealing the secrets of your subconscious, it is impossible to pass them on to others.

But the fact is that more and more people undergo trainings directly from Yuri Burlan and receive an invaluable tool directly from first hand. After that, they will never again become a victim of deception by sorcerers and magicians, astrologers and “ufologists” of all stripes, they will never look for conspiracies for trade or personal life.

But what about subtle energies, clairvoyance and parapsychology? How to explain various mysterious phenomena: prophetic dreams, altered states of consciousness, exits from the body, communication with spirits and other interesting things? All this has its own explanation, very accurate and much more interesting than we are used to thinking, but more on that next time. In the meantime, you can sign up for free lectures on system-vector psychology and discover the first two steps into this mysterious world called MAN.

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