Constipation In A Child. Causes And Effects

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Constipation In A Child. Causes And Effects
Constipation In A Child. Causes And Effects

Video: Constipation In A Child. Causes And Effects

Video: Constipation In A Child. Causes And Effects
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Constipation in a child. Causes and Effects

And what to do with it, with constipation? We've already tried everything. Who will finally say what is the reason? Constipation in an anal child is the first signal of trouble in the anal vector, due primarily to the relationship with the mother.

And what to do with it, with constipation? Everyone has already tried: the food was changed and laxatives were given, but there was no effect. Who will finally say what is the reason? Typing "zapor u rebenk" on the Internet is not an option. All the proposed options can only help temporarily.

Constipation in an anal child is the first signal of trouble in the anal vector, due primarily to the relationship with the mother. The health and further fate of such a child largely depends on how these relations develop.

The hardest combination is dermal mom and anal baby. The main causes of conflicts lie in the difference in their characters, in the contradiction of their natural properties and desires.

So he painstakingly does his homework, tries, sniffs with zeal.

- Well, what are you digging there? - she urges, - Let's get ready, we'll be late.

Telling something, he describes in detail all the details. He does not know otherwise, such are his properties. "That's boring!" - she thinks and interrupts him impatiently: "Let's be short!"

He's too slow for her. She has "once, once and everything is done", no matter how, the main thing is fast! And at this time he is just getting ready to start, and having started, he does it thoroughly, and therefore takes a long time.

She has all the time allocated to the minutes, she is not able to take into account that before leaving the house, he suddenly wants to potty and will sit there for a full hour. This knocks off her strict timeline. What she does next is absolutely natural for her, but for him it is a disaster.

constipation, crying
constipation, crying

"Why are you sitting there, come on already, I'm going out!" She literally rips it off the pot. She absolutely does not understand why he has been sitting there for so long. She herself does it quickly, like everything else. She may even sincerely believe that sitting on the potty is unhealthy. Whereas for an anal person, going to the toilet in a big way is a whole process! At this time, the child learns to cleanse and it is important for him to do it to the end, thoroughly. Pay attention, even for an adult with an anal vector, sitting in the toilet is his pleasure! He will even take a book with him. And the more stress in the anal's life, which he hardly adapts, the more difficult it will be for him to do it quickly.

Meanwhile, the skin mother continues to "pluck the child from the pot" not only literally, but simply not allowing him to calmly finish what he started. Every now and then he interrupts him in mid-sentence, changes his mind right along the way. Then she tells him to put away the toys, and in a minute you have to rush to meet dad. The poor toddler is unable to adapt to such rapid changes in instructions. It is important for an anal person to finish what he started. He sways for a long time for some action, but once he starts, he makes it perfect, always bringing it to the end.

As a result of constant interruption, the child squeezes all the sphincters one by one: as a result of clamping the first of them - the rectal sphincter - the anal child develops constipation. If the situation remains unchanged, then gradually all the sphincters of the alimentary tract are clamped up to the throat - this is how the child stutters.

The anal child has a hard time adapting to change. Of all the children, he is the least independent and most dependent on his mother, she is the guarantor of his survival. He needs to be gently guided, encouraged to take the first step, and be sure to be praised and rewarded for his efforts. Feeling supported, he will be happy to do everything. Mom's love and understanding is the only thing that gives him a sense of security, support, being a guarantee of confidence in the future.

If, instead of praise and consistency, the flickering skin mother now and then compensates for her stress at the expense of the child, constantly urging, limiting and interrupting him: “Don't go there! Come quickly! why are you seated! well, what are you digging there, let's go already!.. "- then the anal child enters a stupor, his memory completely knocks off, and he loses the ability to act.

The child begins to resist such pressure, expresses dissatisfaction. As a result, he turns from the most obedient child into an incorrigible obstinate. Such children, frowning, repeat: “I will not tie the shoelaces! I won't go to school! " At all indiscriminately, he hums: "No, I won't, I don't want to!"

Stressing, the small anal sex compensates for the lack of pleasure in the desires of the vector through direct irritation, the initiation of its erogenous zone by the feces, unconsciously squeezing the sphincter and driving them back and forth in the rectum - this is how constipation occurs.

After a few days of such pleasure, he satiates his desires, and during this time the masses harden, and when he decides to empty his intestines, it happens with pain. After that, he feels relief. In the future, he will experience fear of the act of defecation, fear in anticipation of pain. This will forever be fixed in him as a fear of starting a business, he will sigh and adjust with great difficulty - these are the roots of his indecision throughout his life.

This experience, in which the pain caused by repeated constipation precedes relief, becomes the cause of a lifelong fixation of this sequence of states: to experience relief, you must first experience pain. This is one of the reasons for the emergence of sadistic aspirations. In the future, such a person, wanting to do something nice, will deliver pain physically or verbally. When you see a child torturing a cat with obvious pleasure, remember, this is a very dangerous sign - if nothing is done, a sadist and rapist can grow out of a child.

constipation, sadist
constipation, sadist

Constipation is a reaction to stress. Why does diarrhea occur? For no apparent reason, the stomach begins to seethe, and with horror you realize that you urgently need to look for a toilet! Diarrhea in an anal person occurs in a state of anticipation of a stressful situation, before some responsible future - a performance, an exam. This also applies to adults with an anal vector: the first blow from them always gets the stomach. Stomach ulcers, abdominal pains, indigestion - disorders inherent in the anal vector are a signal of stress that exceeds its ability to adapt what is happening.

The gastrointestinal tract of an anal person reflects his condition. There are children who often have stomach pains, and when doctors check them for illness, they usually find nothing. These are almost without exception, anal children with the above problems in the anal vector.

How can I help them? These violations are not consciously controlled by us. We live our states, unable to realize them and even more so to change anything. A deep understanding of the natural characteristics of each vector, the mechanisms of occurrence of certain manifestations, systemic knowledge about raising children helps to restore balance in children and adults, consciously realize everyone's desires and live a completely different life!

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