Recommendations For Parents On Raising Sound Children

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Recommendations For Parents On Raising Sound Children
Recommendations For Parents On Raising Sound Children

Video: Recommendations For Parents On Raising Sound Children

Video: Recommendations For Parents On Raising Sound Children
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Recommendations for parents on raising sound children

A sound child is often thoughtful and, on the whole, "self-sufficient": does not require much attention, can play alone for hours, quickly gets tired of noisy games. Such a baby can hide in a closet or a dark closet and sit there quietly, even fall asleep while they are looking for him. However, he is not hiding to be looked for …

In childhood, a child with a sound vector can manifest himself in different ways. He can be silent, loving silence, as if immersed in his thoughts, for a long time not to start talking. Or, on the contrary, to speak first among peers and immediately communicate in an adult way, quickly memorizing new words. The exact vector set of a child is easier to determine when he is a little older.

recommendations for sound specialists1
recommendations for sound specialists1

A sound child is often thoughtful and, on the whole, "self-sufficient": does not require much attention, can play alone for hours, quickly gets tired of noisy games. Such a baby can hide in a closet or a dark closet and sit there quietly, even fall asleep while they are looking for him. However, he hides not to be looked for, but to be in silence and think. Thinking is generally his favorite pastime since childhood.

Surprises with a serious, "childish" look. You are "uchi-way" to him, and he will look at you so that you feel like a complete idiot!

From early childhood he begins to ask questions about the meaning of life and infinity: “Why do we live? Why is the water wet? And what happened when we were not there?"

"And if everyone dies, then who will buy all these products?" - a small skin tone is worried in the grocery store.

You can't go to bed in the evening, and you can't wake up in the morning - what the people call an "owl". It is always very difficult for him to get up in kindergarten or school, in the first lessons he literally sleeps or behaves like a somnambulist.

"AND? What? I? Are you talking to me?" - his typical reaction to a teacher's question. But! He is not at all inhibited, as some people around him might think. He just needs time to "get out" of himself, return to the outside world and answer your "stupid" questions.

All children are like children - at recess they run, play, but not a sound engineer immersed in himself. He is eccentric, uncommunicative, relatively inactive and noisy peers. Up to the point that he is called "out of this world", although if the child has other upper vectors, in addition to the sound, this detachment will not necessarily be so obvious.

Read a lot. Boys in childhood read science fiction, and girls are more often fond of poetry. But it could be the other way around. Then they switch to philosophy, astronomy. They love music, very different, have a fine ear for music.

They are fascinated by the moon and stars. May be interested in social utopias and ideas of social transformation, as well as astrology, palmistry and esotericism. They surf the Internet at night. From an early age, sound children feel at home on the Internet; a small sound player often helps a mother install various computer programs. Some of them become programmers in the future.

recommendations for sound engineers2
recommendations for sound engineers2

With age, some arrogance can also come to him: due to the fact that he does not find "equals in mind" among those around him, it seems to him that he is smarter.

Does it sound like yours? In this case, you have the greatest responsibility for his upbringing and development. Indeed, in your child, nature has a huge potential!

Geniuses of all times and peoples, ranging from the founders of the oldest world religions to the best minds of mankind today, including the great philosophers, scientists, musicians, poets, writers, mathematicians, physicists, creating special works of art, making the greatest discoveries and making colossal breakthroughs in science, - for the most part carriers of a well-developed and realized sound vector.

How to educate a future genius?

Recommendations for parents on raising children with a sound vector are as follows. Try not to harm in the first place. Respect the need of the sound person from time to time to be alone in a state of concentration, immersion in himself - this is a vital necessity for him. Remember, in no case should you pull him out of this state with harsh sounds, noise. Do not distract him every five minutes with your questions, assignments, instructions.

At the same time, it is important not to allow the child to withdraw into himself, but to gently and unobtrusively teach him to establish contact with the outside world. After all, it is the sound people who have the most serious communication problems, up to autism. And here ordinary knowledge of the psychology of communication will not help.

SCREAM CONTRAINDICATED! In no case should you raise your voice at such a child, annoy him with noise, yell at each other in front of him. In general, it is best to make him soundproof room. You should also avoid creaking doors, loud clinking of dishes.

Screaming for a sound engineer is the worst thing you can think of. Under stress, at first, the neural connections responsible for learning are disrupted - this is a kind of protection from constant pressure by screaming. The child simply ceases to distinguish these sounds and, as a result, ceases to be taught through the ear, completely withdraws into himself, which can serve as the beginning of mental disorders.

recommendations for sound engineers3
recommendations for sound engineers3

Moreover, negative emotions directed at him affect his mental health no less destructively than screams and scandals. Some words, even spoken in a whisper, can leave him in a neurosis forever. "Idiot! Brake! Why did I give birth to you! " - his mother hisses in his ear, who is obviously annoyed by the child's detachment. She does not realize that she is crippling him for life.

Neither autists, nor schizophrenics are born - they become sound specialists thanks to the "efforts" and misunderstanding of parents and society in the person of educators and teachers.

Often teachers and parents are concerned about whether the sound child is developing normally. They do this, unaware of his innate abilities and characteristics, not knowing that they are dealing with a sound specialist, but comparing him with all other children.

If a primary school teacher sees such a child sitting quietly in a corner during recess, while the other children run and make noise, it seems strange to her, and she concludes that he is most likely mentally retarded. In the lesson, she asks a question and does not even suspect that the sound engineer is the first to find an answer to it. And the delay in response occurs solely due to the fact that he needs time to go "outside".

The older the sound people become, the more childish spontaneity can “fade away” in them, the more they tend to be alone. By the transitional age, "unreasonable" depression can already begin. The latter is a very bad sign, read about it in the topics "depression", "suicide".

The sound child very subtly perceives the word, sound, meaning. When you are dealing with such a delicate and fragile instrument as the psyche of a small sound player, the cost of a mistake increases many times over. Instead of a theoretical physicist, astronomer, linguist, musician, poet or philologist, you can raise an autistic, drug addict, fanatic sectarian, suicide or schizophrenic. It's very easy to do - just a few wrong steps separate the summit from the abyss. There are no trifles here, you need accurate knowledge and understanding of cause and effect relationships.

At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, this understanding will be fully formed, you will receive not just general recommendations on education. You can literally look into the complex, mysterious inner world of your baby and learn to understand him like no other. It should also be remembered that a sound child cannot exist without lower vectors, and the average number of vectors in a person is three or four. The full, comprehensive development of all vectors of the child is important!

You will not waste precious time teaching a sound engineer to academic drawing or boxing, but immediately take him, for example, to a circle of young physicists, programmers, poets or a music school.

All these training recommendations allow you not only to take into account, but to feel how important they are for the full development of a sound child, then it will be easy for you to follow them.

You will bring up and develop your child not by typing, but purposefully and creatively. After all, the best that parents can do for their children is to provide them with healthy mental and mental development for future realization in adult life.