"Perfume" By Patrick Suskind - An Olfactory Sentence To Humanity Canceled

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"Perfume" By Patrick Suskind - An Olfactory Sentence To Humanity  Canceled
"Perfume" By Patrick Suskind - An Olfactory Sentence To Humanity Canceled

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"Perfumer" by Patrick Suskind - an olfactory sentence to humanity … canceled

The olfactory vector is perhaps the most mysterious vector of the mental. The dominant sense of smell determines the perception and behavior of its owner, who lives in the world of smells from birth. Such an amazing perception of the world around us through the prism of unique aromas is vividly and vividly described in his novel by the olfactory writer Patrick Süskind.

The mystery of this "elite novel", which became a reading "for the masses", remained unsolved. For most. But not for those who are familiar with the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan. I propose to research this work right here and now with the help of system knowledge. It will not be just interesting - all the secrets will be revealed: we will be able to see the author's intention and understand the secret of the popularity of The Story of a Murderer.

A novel that cannot be forgotten

"A novel that cannot be forgotten!" - this is the inscription we can see on some covers of numerous reprints of this book. And this is not said at all for a catchphrase: the content of the book is so surprising, shocking and terrifying at the same time that it is imprinted with a deep scar in the memory for life. I testify that this is exactly the case: I read this novel 20 years ago, but even today I can retell its content in many details.

Publishers, critics and booksellers have made repeated attempts to dissect this work, look into the depths of the author's intention, disassemble the structure of the text and thoroughly study its content with one goal - to understand the secret of the extraordinary success of the novel "Perfumer". After all, this amazing book has been translated into several dozen languages ​​and reprinted several times since its publication in 1985. Its total circulation exceeded 10 million copies. A stunning result in our not very reading time!

I must say that repeated attempts were made to repeat the success of this work - many novels were written "in the image and likeness"! And, of course, none of these attempts succeeded.

Prince of this world

The olfactory vector is perhaps the most mysterious vector of the mental. The dominant sense of smell determines the perception and behavior of its owner, who lives in the world of smells from birth. Such an amazing perception of the world around us through the prism of unique aromas is vividly and vividly described in his novel by the olfactory writer Patrick Süskind.

All that is interesting to his hero Grenoy, who is also the owner of the olfactory vector, is smells. He lives by smells, having gone in the described story a long way from the stench of the slums to the aromas of an elite perfume. At the same time, Grenouille himself does not smell. This phenomenon is described in detail by Yuri Burlan at the training: wishing to preserve himself at all costs, the olfactory "hides" his smell, reduces it to nothing. After all, emotions "smell", and the olfactory person is completely emotionless. Melacholia, lack of emotions is the most desirable state for him.

As a result, he becomes invisible to others, because they "do not smell" him. People point blank do not notice him when he wants to hide. We can watch with trepidation and horror as the hero of the novel commits his crimes, remaining as if invisible to other people. For some, this may cause mystical horror, but for the owner of systems thinking, there are no contradictions.

Other properties of the olfactory vector, which are very clearly and figuratively described in the novel, are the extraordinary strength and vitality of the protagonist. We are observing simply monstrous survival in the most difficult conditions, starting from infancy. Grenouille's unassuming, downright look creates a deceptive impression. At the same time, before us is a dangerous and strong beast: everyone who in any way tried to force him, had a bad end …

Bad end picture
Bad end picture

The one everyone wants

The hero of the book makes his way in the invisible world of fragrances. His only interest in life is collecting and researching new scents. But one day the future killer discovers that the strongest emotions can be caused by the smell of a person, namely the smell of a woman.

One day, walking along the Rue Moreau, he felt an unusual fragrance. His nose unmistakably led him to the source of the scent - a young girl who smelled "like beauty itself." And then Grenouille was seized by an irresistible desire to take possession of this scent - he strangled the girl, enjoyed her scent and disappeared without a trace. A successful killer does not have any regret or remorse - only the happiness of possessing the most valuable aroma in the world. It is a pity that possession does not last long: death dispels the charm - life leaves the body and its smell disappears forever. From that moment on, Grenouille is obsessed: he longs not only to take possession, but also to preserve this fragrance, and in his desire he will stop at nothing …

The novel "Perfumer" is also a hymn to admiration for beauty. The author describes in detail and in detail the red-haired beauties exuding that very amazing scent that becomes a source of attraction, admiration and adoration for other people. The scent that attracts the main character so much, forcing him to take the path of crime, just to take possession of him.

With the help of systemic knowledge, we discover another secret: the secret of attractiveness is not related to hair color, facial features or body shape. The fact is that all the girls who got into Grenouille's "criminal collection" are the owners of the cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors. A skin-visual woman who attracts attention and excites the imagination is the one everyone wants. And she attracts with the "smell" of her vivid emotions and deep feelings.

Invisible world

Patrick Suskind very inspiringly describes the charm of red-haired girls - in this he is helped by the visual vector, whose owners love and appreciate beauty. However, for his hero Grenouille, appearance is not important - only smell matters. What do beauties smell like? Is it the delicate scent of rose, the freshness of citrus, or the bitterness of an almond? Not…

The secret to attracting or alienating people from each other does not lie in the realm of smells, which we smell on our nose as a stench or a pleasant aroma. Since prehistoric times, the behavior of people continues to be governed by special body odors - pheromones. We do not smell pheromones with our nose, but perceive them at an unconscious level. For this perception, we have a special ancient instrument - the vomeronasal organ.

It's hard to believe, but, like thousands of years ago, we often make important life decisions not in accordance with common sense, modern knowledge and life experience, but at the behest of the unconscious, which is controlled by the smell of pheromones. Usually pheromones play a major role in choosing a couple, being the most important element of the relationship between a man and a woman: through pheromones, nature tells us who is suitable for us as a couple and who is not.

Scientists today are trying to find a formula for an attractive scent. Adult stores offer pheromone perfumes, making generous promises that the scent of this amazing perfume can increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. However, in fact, in the subtle realm of the unconscious, modern humanity is not far from the first people.

Modern humanity
Modern humanity

The owners of the olfactory vector, whose vomeronasal organ is a particularly sensitive area, is quite another matter. They can do much more: they are able to sense the state of people and even nature, unconsciously perceiving pheromones in the most accurate way, making unconscious conclusions based on the information received and acting according to them so as to survive at any cost.

The secret of the author

The secret of this novel lies in the personality of its author, namely in the peculiarities of his mental structure. At the training "System-vector psychology" Yuri Burlan says that the human psyche is made up of desires and abilities, which together make up the vectors of the psyche. The set of vectors differs from person to person. There can be more or less of them, they can be in varying degrees of development and realization. Having learned to determine the vectors, one can unmistakably see the potential talents of their owner, find out in what kind of activity he can achieve significant results.

To become a real writer, you also need a certain combination of mental vectors. So, the sound vector with its huge volume of abstract intelligence allows you to transmit ideas and meanings to the world. The presence of a visual vector will add imagery and emotionality to the story, help to awaken the feelings of the reader.

However, the creation of a complete large work (not a short story, but a long novel with many plot lines) is impossible without the presence of an anal vector. It is precisely such properties of this vector, as patience and perseverance, perseverance and meticulousness, the ability to process and structure large amounts of information, that ultimately make it possible to complete the matter - to transform your ideas, thoughts and feelings into a literary work that people can read.

If we study the personalities of writers with the help of systemic knowledge, then we can easily see in them different combinations of the vectors described above. It can be argued that literature is a "sound-visual" art.

But back to the author of the "Perfumer" - Patrick Suskind. Thanks to the training "System-Vector Psychology" it ceases to be a mystery to us: we see a sound-visual writer with an olfactory vector. And his brilliant novel is a surprisingly insightful work about the sense of smell, which could only be written with an olfactory vector, which allowed intuitively to feel some of the features of this type of psyche.

Olfactory sentence

This novel is about the hidden - the force that affects us, while remaining invisible. And people inevitably lose when faced with this force. Therefore, the novel "Perfume" is an allegory of the verdict: what are we, people, standing for if we act like animals - by smell? So much for the "crown of creation" …

It should be clarified that Grenouille is not really a person, but an allegory of evil, some abstract force, the devil (in ordinary life, the owner of an olfactory vector can be an excellent politician, financier or advisor). It is an invincible force from our unconscious that obeys smells. And not a single person has the ability to resist her. Even the father of the last victim, Laura, - Antoine Richy (urethral-olfactory, "great mind of France"), who was able to unravel Grenouille - and he was powerless before the killer.

Solve Grenouille
Solve Grenouille

And although today, like hundreds and thousands of years ago, human relations are still regulated by pheromones, we have come close to discovering the power that controls us - our psyche, desires that live on us. Realizing ourselves and other people, for the first time we gain freedom of choice and cease to be blind kittens, subject only to smells.

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