Collective Security. How To Deal With Anxiety About The Future?

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Collective Security. How To Deal With Anxiety About The Future?
Collective Security. How To Deal With Anxiety About The Future?

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Collective security. How to deal with anxiety about the future?

With the loss of this basic feeling, society collapses. People lose their civic activity and begin to make attempts to survive alone. But since man is a social being, nothing comes of it. Thus, the loss of this feeling threatens the degradation and destruction of the human community.

A series of events in recent years makes us talk about a massive loss of a sense of security and safety. The war in Ukraine, the terrorist attacks over the Sinai Peninsula and in Paris, the threat of terrorist attacks in Europe, the Russian Su-24 plane shot down by Turkey … Too often lately there has been a threat of annihilation not only of individuals, but of entire states, and even a threat to the survival of mankind. After all, the possibility of unleashing a third world war is the most direct path to the destruction of man on Earth, given the technical possibilities existing in our time.

Naturally, people feel tension: what awaits us tomorrow? What if a war starts tomorrow? Will we be able to survive? Questions, anxiety and excitement are quite reasonable, because security is the foundation of the human psyche. Lack of a sense of security and safety is fraught with social cataclysms, an epidemic of psychopathologies.

What is a sense of security and safety and why is it needed

At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, it is said that since ancient times, any self-organizing community of people rests on a sense of collective safety and security. Only on its basis is it possible to unite, consolidate people into a single community. Only thanks to this sensation is it possible to develop and realize all human properties for the benefit of society.

With the loss of this basic feeling, society collapses. People are losing civic engagement and trying to survive alone. But since man is a social being, nothing comes of it. Thus, the loss of this feeling threatens the degradation and destruction of the human community.

For an individual, a sense of security is also a basic need, so important for its formation in childhood that without it, the development of the child's properties does not occur, and he remains at the level of an archetypal (ancient) person. As a fruit deprived of the tree's nourishment, it remains immature for the rest of its life.

Who creates a sense of security and safety

Yuri Burlan's "system-vector psychology" divides people into owners of eight different sets of mental properties, which determine the specific role of a person in society and are called vectors. Congenital vectors set the potential of each person, his desires and capabilities.

In the ancient human flock, unmistakably organized on the basis of a natural hierarchy, a sense of security came from the leader, who was always the owner of the urethral vector. The urethral leader is a living realization of the principle of bestowal for lack, the highest justice and mercy. From the leader comes a sense of security and safety, which all members of his pack unmistakably feel. And therefore, in a natural way, they gather around the leader as around the core, because everyone seeks to feel completely safe.

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In addition, it is important for every person to feel justice, the key to confirming this feeling was the just distribution of food by the leader. Any member of the pack knew that he would get his piece based on his contribution to the life of the pack.

And to this day it is. Only at the head of the human community now is not always the urethral leader. But still, a person expects from the vertical of power, the state, a fair distribution of common goods, protection from external enemies, including as a result of a correct foreign policy. That is, the main guarantor of collective security is the state. And collective security is created by all members of society, applying their properties for the benefit of this society.

Traditionally, it turned out that it is important for a man to have a job, which the state should guarantee him in order to provide for his family. The man also participates in the creation of collective security by protecting the state from external intrusions. It creates security and safety for a woman so that she can safely raise children. And children, respectively, receive this basic feeling from the mother directly and from the father indirectly through the mother.

This is how the collective security system is being built. All members of society participate in its creation and maintenance. It is important to know what factors lead to its destruction in the first place in order to prevent its loss, so that society is psychologically healthy.

Which leads to the destruction of the sense of security

Lack of justice and law. Violation of the equitable distribution of benefits by the power vertical, the flourishing of corruption, violation of the law - these are the reasons why society feels insecure. In this case, the people understand that the authorities are unfair, do not trust them, and this shakes the foundations of society.

Violation of natural taboos. The prototype of the first laws was the primary natural taboos - on murder and cannibalism within the pack, on attraction to children, and others. That is why cases of pedophilia, cannibalism, the destruction of civilians by lone terrorists, which are, in fact, violations of these ancient taboos, are especially dangerous for the psychological state of society. As a result of such criminal actions, people suffer, but even this is not the worst thing. Worst of all is the massive loss of a sense of security and safety. The whole society begins to shake. People begin to be afraid of each other, and the ties between them are broken.

Incompetent foreign policy. The ill-considered actions of the country's leadership lead to the threat of aggravation of relations with other states. When the authorities are not distinguished by adequate actions in the international arena, people cannot calmly continue their lives. When the leaders of the state declare that it is necessary to put up with life on pain of death, that is, they admit their powerlessness to change the situation, this inevitably leads to the disintegration of society, because it violates the foundation of the feeling of the security of life for the whole people.

And vice versa, when the head of state in every possible way demonstrates his readiness to protect the citizens of his country from outside encroachments, as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is doing now, this will undoubtedly consolidate the people. Russia is now the only country that is taking concrete steps in the fight against terrorism.

However, citizens of even the most prosperous state will worry about their future if they are surrounded by hostile neighbors. We are all in the same boat, the name of which is "planet Earth". That is why it is especially important these days to understand the deep reasons for a person's dislike for his own kind.

Dislike. Hatred of another person is the desire to eat him, repressed into the unconscious. The human species is initially a hungry species, since nature did not give it horns, fangs, or hooves to facilitate the process of obtaining food, and the primary restriction on killing within the flock in order to preserve it led to the fact that it was impossible to eat a neighbor. The accumulating tension between the members of the flock was discharged in the course of ritual cannibalism, when the weakest and most unadapted member of the flock, the skin-visual boy, was eaten.

However, this was also forbidden - thanks to the intercession of the woman of the leader. She stood up for the boy in front of the leader of the pack and stopped cannibalism, thereby laying the foundation for the development of a culture that has long been a factor that curbs hostility between people.

Why is there a massive loss of sense of security now?

At the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, it is explained that now the times have come when neither culture nor the law can no longer cope with their role - to protect people from killing their own kind. Recently, the feeling of security and safety has been “bursting at the seams” for everyone. Humanity has come to the threshold when overcoming hatred for each other is no longer possible due to artificial restraints.

The desires of people have become too strong, which means that the shortages are great, especially if they are not realized. When a strong desire is not realized, it causes great suffering to a person. Moreover, quite often a person does not realize what he really wants, entangled in the imposed values ​​and collective myths.

This is especially true for people with a sound vector, whose desires do not relate to material things. They strive to get to know a person and the meaning of his presence in this world, but often do not realize these desires, cannot realize them and therefore fall into depression, start using drugs. Not seeing value in earthly life, they easily part with it, often taking the lives of those around them. The recent surge in terrorism is a manifestation of the enormous tension experienced by the owners of the sound vector in the modern world. Unfortunately, the trend is that this phenomenon will only grow.

What do we do? Do we really have to learn to live in a world like a volcano, ready at any moment to spew out its fiery content and destroy our future? Shudder every time when you hear a message about another terrorist act? Anxious to peer into people's faces, trying to discern their intentions? To lock ourselves in our homes, to turn the institutions where we work into impregnable fortresses? Limit our movements around the world? Stop being a society, just become a mass of scared and angry loners? Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" offers a different solution.

What needs to be done to bring back a sense of collective security

To maintain a sense of security, you need to be aware of what is happening. We need to turn to the very root, to the true cause of what is happening - to our unconscious. It is there that the answers to all our questions are hidden. This is where the solution to the problem lies.

Understanding ourselves and another person completely deprives us of hostility. We begin to see the reasons for his behavior and justify him with all our hearts. Is this possible? Is it possible to justify a cold-blooded killer who in one fell swoop sends hundreds of people to death? From the point of view of the laws of this world, of course not. But when a person begins to see all the interrelationships between phenomena, the hidden mental mechanisms of what is happening, he finds inner peace. We are convinced of this by the experience of passing the training "System Vector Psychology" by residents of Donbass.

If what is happening in the world more and more weighs you down and frightens you, the feeling of anxiety about the future does not let you sleep at night and deprives you of joy, come to the introductory free online lectures "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan. After all, knowing yourself has helped even people who are in the very center of hostilities to cope with such problems. Register here:

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