Systemic Recruiting: A Person In His Place

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Systemic Recruiting: A Person In His Place
Systemic Recruiting: A Person In His Place

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Systemic recruiting: a person in his place

Cadres really matter a lot, if not everything. And effective recruiting is critical to the success of the entire business. Despite all the efforts of recruiters and the costs of both professional training and retraining of personnel officers, and the process of personnel selection itself, there are incidents here and there …

"Cadres are everything!" - this widespread truth is known to everyone. During my more than fifteen years of work as a teacher, psychologist, and then an outsourced translator, copywriter and project manager, I had to deal with various situations in terms of recruiting. And often I was sincerely surprised at how well this or that person fit into the production process.

Unfortunately, we had to see many situations when, on the contrary, a professional with a capital letter, with remarkable experience and the best recommendations, created an impulse to the beginning of a conflict in the team or was the reason for the failure of the project. Only after completing the training "System Vector Psychology", I was able to dot all the recruiting i.


"They are looking for firefighters, the police are looking for …"

To an inexperienced reader it may seem that the situation with labor resources in our market should be distinguished by exemplary orderliness and almost ideal results. In reality, unfortunately, this is not the case. Despite all the efforts of recruiters and the costs of both professional training and retraining of personnel officers, and the process of personnel selection itself, here and there there are incidents associated with the notorious human factor.

It turns out that our professional activity is one of the reflections of our specific role in human society. The species role, determined by the vector set, is assigned from birth - you cannot argue with that: it is absurd and useless to force a born theoretical physicist to unload sacks of potatoes at a sponsored vegetable warehouse, as was done in our very recent Soviet past. There are eight vectors in total, each person can have a set of 3 to 5 and even more. It is their combination that determines a person's inclinations for certain types of activity.

It is much more reasonable to consider in the applicant sitting in front of the recruiter his vectors, and then, starting from the information received, to determine the optimal field of activity for him.

A recruiter, armed with knowledge from the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, will do two good deeds at once. Firstly, it will select really ideal employees for the company, and secondly, it will help the applicant "find his place in life" - the fact is that fulfilling his specific role, each person gets pleasure both on the psycho-emotional and physiological levels. Realization of a specific role brings a person great satisfaction.

Gallery of portraits "Diligent and scrupulous" - manager with anal vector

K. is a twenty-five-year-old young man working as a purchasing manager for a medium-sized company. He has been in this position for almost a year. Previously, he worked in the same firm, but simply translated contracts. Such a prestigious promotion was, rather, the initiative of the management, who launched a new project, where there was a need to purchase equipment.

When we met, K. was in despair. On the one hand, a more prestigious position and, naturally, a higher salary kept him from being fired, on the other, according to him, he had long been on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to the constant flow of events, a series of calls, faxes, negotiations, and most importantly - "The impossibility of focusing on one thing." It just threw him off balance.


This, unfortunately, is a common example of a person out of place. A manager is unthinkable without a skin vector, characterized by flexibility, dynamism, stress resistance, the ability to do several things at once and quickly switch from one to another … And our hero is a developed and realized technical translator, a representative of the anal vector, for whom it is most important to bring any business started to perfection, fully and comprehensively study the issue in which he is engaged, and do all this without haste, with all his thoroughness.

He has all the makings to become an expert in any field. He has perseverance, scrupulousness and the ability to focus on the business he is doing. The best thing for our hero is to ask him to return to his previous position, this is the only way he can avoid emotional discomfort and return to his favorite work. Let it be to the detriment of his salary, but here he has every chance to show his professionalism, prove that he is irreplaceable as a translator, and in this way achieve career growth in the direction of professional activity that suits him.

"Failed" - musculocutaneous labor teacher

"This is probably the darkest page in my career as a school principal!" - With bitterness in my voice exclaimed my ex-boss, director of one of the elite schools in the capital, under which I once worked in one of the regional centers. We were both pleased to meet, and after the usual exchange of news, we switched to colleagues from the same place of work.

Actually, this exclamation concerned our then-Trudovik - my counterpart considered herself to some extent guilty that her former colleague did not have a professional life. It would seem that a man who knows how to carve all sorts of crafts from wood, God himself commanded to be a teacher of labor. But no: he did not know how, and he did not want to teach his students something, his lessons were boring, it seemed that he himself was not interested in what he was forced to do. But after school, he seemed to be transformed when he sat behind the wheel of an old motorcycle and drove through the villages to buy potatoes or apples from grandmothers, which later his wife, “a cunning trader,” as she was called behind her eyes in our school, sold in the market.

Our “failed” teacher with a skin vector could not be a teacher - this is the species role of a representative of the anal vector. But the small market business "buy and sell" is just the element of an undeveloped musculocutaneous person. He went to the position of a teacher for only one reason, behind which there is also a minor skin interest - some kind of increase in his pension will be useful to him in his old age.

There are examples of successful realization of a person, when he finds his place in life - he does what he loves, receiving incomparable satisfaction from it.

"Porcelain Doll" - dermal-visual director of the drama club

I met N. on the very first day of my work in an out-of-school institution for children and adolescents: there I led a foreign language club, and she led a drama club. Our classes were in the neighborhood, and for a long time I wondered how the children obey this thin, fragile, short Princess Mary (that's how she was christened). She seemed to be not talking, but whispering. When she gave open classes, it was a holiday for our entire teaching staff: N. did not just tell her pupils how to play this or that image on stage - she herself instantly reincarnated now into a sensual Juliet, now into a cold Snow Queen or cruel Stepmother Cinderella …


Skin-visual N. performed its specific role as well as possible in the conditions of the modern landscape. In a state of "war", a skin-visual woman is an actress, singer, dancer, and when "peace" comes, she is a teacher, a teacher of the humanities. We still occasionally call each other, and the other day I learned that for the merits in the work of her team she was presented to a prestigious government award.

"Position: director's friend" - olfactory manager. department

“T. she works for us as a “friend of the director”, without her our boss doesn’t decide anything,”a colleague at a new place of work told me over a cup of tea. I myself asked to introduce the team from the inside: I wanted to immediately determine who was breathing what.

The woman of Balzac's age, T., which will be discussed, was listed as the head of the department, however, not the one in which my interlocutor and I worked. But everyone in the team knew: her real job was the director's friend. Personally, during all the time I worked, I very rarely saw her: she could only be in two places: either in her office at the end of the corridor, or at the headmistress. Moreover, our boss often came to T. to whisper herself.

How she managed her department without the usual scheduling-showdown-meetings is still a mystery to me. Everything becomes clear if you are guided by the knowledge from the training "System-vector psychology". Olfactory T. performed its specific role as well as possible. She didn’t have to leave her office: she literally could smell with her nose what, where and how was happening. And behind every wise decision of the authorities there was her word.

Freelancer - sound engineer in times of crisis

The global financial crisis, which began in Black September 2008, among other things, burst into the labor market like a hawk. Many people followed the principle “if you don’t give us a job, we will create jobs for ourselves”. Today, the concept of "freelancer" also applies to representatives of intellectual professions: first of all, programmers, designers, translators, copywriters and others who have recently worked in the staff of companies and agencies, and today work with one or several customers. From hired workers, they turned into business partners for their former employers.

This type of activity is called freelance, and a person working on such conditions, regardless of profession, is a freelancer (literally translated from English - “free spearman, freelancer”). The main requirement for a freelancer is to be a “man-orchestra”: to find a potential customer on his own, to negotiate with him on mutually beneficial terms, of course, to do the job, report for it, control payments, pay taxes.

the control
the control

The "free spearman" of the modern market is his own manager, accountant, personnel officer, and director. Freelancing is a kind of business, and a freelancer is more or less similar to an individual entrepreneur. Success in this field is unthinkable without the skin vector with its flexibility, the ability to do many things at the same time and keep everything under control.

But the ability for tough self-organization is only one of the components of success on free bread. For any freelancer, the quality of his product is a matter of honor, be it text, program code, logo or website design. And it is not surprising, because an impeccable result is a guarantee of a high reputation, which, in turn, will ensure new orders and customers in the future. And only people who have an anal vector can work for quality. And no one, except a person with an anal vector, is able to sit for many hours in front of a computer monitor, "licking" his creation.

Be that as it may, freelancing is an intellectual field. And here the first violin is played by representatives of the sound vector, whose creative genius feels so uncomfortable when it is necessary to obey a tough schedule, daily routine in the office. We can say that the ability to work remotely on a flexible schedule is a kind of manna from heaven for an audio engineer who “works better in the silence of the night” (nothing can be done, his specific role in the primitive flock is a night guard, whom God himself ordered not to close his eyes at night !).

In addition, representatives of the sound vector are often unsociable, difficult to make contact, and feel uncomfortable in crowded places. That is why it is best to create a soundtrack alone with yourself and in complete silence.

Finally, some representatives of the "trade union of free spearmen" will not be hindered by the visual vector - primarily graphic designers and copywriters, whose task is to demonstrate to the client a product or service in all colors and colors, so to speak, "to show the goods with their face."

Thus, a successful freelancer must have anal, skin, and sound vectors. The sound-visual ligament is also common. The owner of such a vector set has every chance (provided the vectors are sufficiently developed and professional, of course) to be realized in any of the creative intellectual spheres that allow remote work with a flexible schedule.

System-vector translator professiogram

"Post horses of progress" - translators - today have become representatives of the so-called "mass" professions. What vectors should a successful translator have? First of all, this is a sound vector: the word is the “sphere of responsibility” of this particular vector (namely, with the word, oral or written, translators of all specialties work).

Developed sound scientists easily learn foreign languages: a naturally thin ear allows them to quickly learn a new articulatory base, so they speak without an accent, and “species” abstract intelligence is the best help in mastering the laws and models of the new grammar. Besides, sound is one of the “reading vectors”, and mastering a foreign language is unthinkable without reading. An interesting detail: the sound engineer is awake at night, many translators (written, of course!) Work best at night.

A written translator is unthinkable without an anal vector: all “writing people” necessarily have an anal vector in their set. The realization of the innate need to check and double-check facts - the properties of the anal vector - makes a translator a professional with a capital letter.


For a specialist in technical texts, an anal vector from below and an audio vector from above is enough. But a translator of fiction must also have a visual vector: without imaginative thinking and empathy, that is, the ability to empathize, it is unlikely that it will be possible not just to “rewrite” a work of fiction, but to really create a new version that is interesting to readers.

Oral interpreters (originally this word was applied only to interpreters) must have a skin vector. Interpretation, both simultaneous and sequential, involves simultaneous thinking in two different languages, and this can only be provided by this vector.

* * *

To summarize, let's say that cadres really decide a lot, if not everything. And effective recruiting is critical to the success of the entire business. It is important not to make one trivial mistake: for the sake of saving on little things, to lose a lot. A manager who understands this does not skimp on paying for various trainings and seminars for his recruiters.

It is safe to say that the participation of personnel officers in the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan will give them the opportunity to carry out error-free recruiting and effectively form teams of professionals capable of successfully implementing the most complex production tasks.

Proofreaders: Elena Gorshkova, Galina Rzhannikova

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