Smartest Suicide: I Am God, I Am Pain, I Am Zero

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Smartest Suicide: I Am God, I Am Pain, I Am Zero
Smartest Suicide: I Am God, I Am Pain, I Am Zero

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The smartest suicide: I am God, I am Pain, I am Zero …

17-year-old Maksim Mosny, who distinguished himself with success in the famous Russian-Ukrainian TV show "The Smartest", hanged himself on the balcony of his own apartment on a wire from a computer. 18-year-old Sergei Reznichenko, a semi-finalist of the same TV game, jumped out the window of the institute hostel, leaving a note at parting: "I am God."

17-year-old Maksim Mosny, who distinguished himself with success in the famous Russian-Ukrainian TV show "The Smartest", hanged himself on the balcony of his own apartment on a wire from a computer. 18-year-old Sergei Reznichenko - a semifinalist of the same TV game - jumped out the window of the institute's dormitory, leaving a note at parting: "I am God."

Maxim Mosny, who was born in Zelenograd near Moscow, first took part in the TV game "The smartest" at the age of 12. Even then, he showed amazing success in his studies - he drunkenly read history books, classical literature, was fond of chemistry. He was not an excellent student, but he was able to answer any question of the teacher. He was going to get an education at Moscow State University at the Faculty of History, but in the end he did not live to see his secondary education certificate.

Sergei Reznichenko spoke three languages ​​fluently, was fond of mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, from an early age he wrote poetry and prose. Sergei did not study excellently, but the teachers were simply afraid to call him to the blackboard, since in most cases he understood the subject better than the teacher. He was able to memorize the content of the book from one reading, he could easily manage in all subjects. The boy was predicted a bright future at the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University, where he entered at the age of 15.

But hopes were not justified - in the third year Reznichenko dropped out of school, began to skip lectures, drink, smoke and be interested in girls. He could not get a job because of his young age. Gambling on the Internet exchange led to the fact that he went into debt. In addition, his mother exerted psychological pressure on him, he did not pass the winter session, they were ready to expel him. Finally, he was finally finished off by the news that the girl he loved was getting married. One night, he took a frying pan, smashed a window in the hallway of the dormitory, and jumped downstairs. In the morning, his body was found by the wipers.

Why don't genius children want to live? What is the reason for the suicide of talented teenagers?

Today, thanks to the knowledge that Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" gives, there is an exact answer to these questions, namely: incorrectly placed emphasis of education in childhood did not allow these young people to take place in adulthood.


Let's analyze the details of the upbringing of Sergei Reznichenko, more known to the press.

It is known that he was brought up without a father - one mother, a domineering, reserved woman. In the process of upbringing, she resorted to harsh measures: she did not let him out into the yard to his peers - instead of this young genius, books on mathematics, chemistry and physics, an encyclopedia were waiting. His mother was obsessed with the idea of ​​making a real unique out of her son. In a team of peers, Sergei did not get along, he had to change school twice. Since in his studies, Reznichenko jumped over the class, ahead of his peers in the speed of learning, he always turned out to be the youngest in the team. He did not want to contact his classmates, avoided noisy companies, preferring them to the environment of his peers. “And with us he turned into an aggressive animal,” Oksana Varyan, a classmate of Reznichenko, recalled. - Even at a harmless request to write off the test, he exploded: “We got it! I know nothing!Leave me alone…"

Sergei loved to be clever, to find fault with teachers, to argue, insisting that he was right. Former classmate of Sergei Tatiana Kopych recalls: “He considered himself right in absolutely everything - he imagines himself the center of the Universe. And in the last grades, Reznichenko practically gave up his studies."

At the age of 15, when Sergei Reznichenko entered the Zaporozhye National University, the teachers were very happy about the student's abilities. But by the third year, studies completely ceased to interest him.

Here is what Sergey wrote on his page in one of the social networks:

April 29, 2010 - The day without sleep has begun.

May 11, 2010 - Everything is bad bl …

May 20, 2010 - I'm great.

May 23, 2010 - Don't give a damn about anything.

June 3, 2010 - Ya selfish scoundrel.

June 9, 2010 - Almost died.

June 26, 2010, 4 am - Who's up there with the clock? Spin slower bl …!

July 6, 2010 - I'll go to the movers!

September 5, 2010 - I'm a fool))

January 8, 2011 - Fallen Angel.


One of her friends recalls what happened to Sergei before his death: “In recent days he was depressed, constantly repeating:“If I were older, my life would be easier, but now no one takes me seriously”. He said that it was difficult for him to get along in the company of older people, because they did not perceive him as an equal. He complained that he was too young for the situation in which he found himself. Then he started talking about the rebirth of a person, called himself God, in all seriousness believed that the power of thought can change the present. This was our last conversation."

On the last day of his life, Sergei Reznichenko distributed all his belongings to neighbors, and at night he committed suicide by throwing himself out of the window. On Sergei's computer there is a note with the Latin inscription: "I am God."

Summing up the results of the investigation carried out by the journalists of Moskovsky Komsomolets, I would like to express my gratitude to them for their excellent illustrations and the factual material that today allows us to accurately establish the cause of Sergei Reznichenko's death.


As usual, talented children with a great ability to learn, with a high potential for the development of intelligence are children with sound and visual vectors. The visual vector, as the most adapted to teaching, studying and exploring the physical world, is an integral part of the personal capital of any researcher, scientist. And finally, the sound vector is a vector aimed entirely at the study of the non-material world, the world of formulas and abstractions, physical laws and meanings of life. If it is developed, society gets a poet, musician, philosopher, writer, physicist, mathematician, programmer.

Especially talented and temperamental sound people are usually called geniuses - these are people who turned the world upside down with their thoughts. Like Archimedes, Einstein, like the mathematician Grigory Perelman, who solved Poincaré's hypothesis in a completely brilliant way. Such people are usually called "out of this world", they are detached, closed loners. The sound vector has the most powerful, deepest and most voluminous ability to think - abstract intelligence.

Feeling intellectually superior to their peers, an audiophile can show arrogance towards other people. Concentration on your “I” becomes the reason for the formation of egocentrism - the feeling of being the center of the Universe.

All these "quirks" are not so bad when a person realizes his properties for the good of society in the relevant profession. Therefore, the most important thing that parents can do for such children (as well as for any others) is to help them develop so that they can get the desired profession and realize themselves, directing all the power of their intellect in the right direction.


This is about intelligence, which sets the direction of movement. And where to get the strength and desire for the movement itself? Well-developed, adapted lower vectors, which include the urethral, ​​anal, cutaneous and muscular, are responsible for the action itself, which forms the fate of a genius. These vectors are also responsible for libido and sexuality of a person. Each of them has their own talents that also need to be developed.

The anal vector is responsible for the collection and accumulation of knowledge, systematization and formation of a knowledge base, which in the future helps a person to become a professional in his field, a teacher and even a scientist. Dermal lays the innate ability to discipline and organize oneself and others, the ability to be a leader, logical thinking and engineering ability.

The urethral vector gives innate responsibility for the group of people around, this is a vector that allows you to make breakthroughs and bring the creative (in the broadest sense of the word) potential of humanity to a new level. And only the muscle vector will not help especially in the formation of genius talents and skills, since the libido of the muscle vector is too low to be able to pull on such a complex intellectual machine of the upper vectors. This is not a problem, as people with one lower muscle vector and an additional upper muscle vector are rare.

The real problem is different. When an ambitious mother, after reading popular magazines about education, decides to raise a genius out of her child, the first thing that comes to her mind is to send him to general education studies as early as possible. With this, she almost immediately puts an end to the fate of the little man. He not only will not grow up a genius, but simply cannot live like an ordinary person. Why is this happening?

The fact is that for the possibility of future realization of intellectual potential, a person must first learn basic adaptation in a team of his own kind, learn to find his place in a group, and be able to stand up for himself. The development of these skills in the lower vectors of a person is called ranking, and usually these primitive social roles are played out by young children in kindergarten, school, in the yard.


If a child in these years (from 3 to 7 years old) sits at home over books, without contacting peers, then in future life every year it will become more difficult for him to adapt to society, he can simply become an outcast of the class, the object of bullying and cruel jokes, a whipping boy. The early pressure on the upper vectors, which forms the children of prodigies, literally not only steals from them a happy childhood, but also deprives them of the opportunity for a full-fledged adult life.

Sergei Reznichenko's mother did just that. The boy grew up an absolute outcast. Unreleased ranking skills made him react inappropriately and aggressively to requests from classmates.

If the natural development was not disturbed and the future intellectual ranked normally, then, having matured, he is able to find a suitable activity for himself, to maximize all his skills.

The state of the sound vector deserves special attention in cases of uneven education. Having intellectually detached from his peers at a young age, the sound engineer gets used to the feeling of himself as an intellectual peak, and “conceit” appears, which feeds egocentrism. On the other hand, he receives a negative impact from his peers, which makes him increasingly distant from people, withdraw into himself, into his virtual world of thoughts and a feeling of his own genius.


When the time of puberty comes - puberty, which switches the biochemistry of the brain into an adult state forever, this quiet "nerd" is thrown by nature into underdeveloped and unadapted lower vectors. Suddenly a good, promising boy becomes a stubborn, scandalous bully, drops out of school, gets in touch with bad company. All those games with running around the yard, fighting, climbing trees, being never practiced, suddenly wake up so inappropriately in the manifestations of an almost adult person.

With the normal development of the lower vectors, these games are practiced in childhood, when the vectors are still underdeveloped - archetypal, after which, having fulfilled their function, they never return. And in the grown “genius” these vectors are not developed, and then he suddenly begins to behave archetypally - in a primitive image and likeness. For no apparent reason, he is drawn to all sorts of dubious activities: to thrill and risk, to suspicious people, to card games for money. In extremely negative scenarios, such a child may end up in a gang of criminals, where his life may end up inadvertently.

Reznichenko's departure to the archetypal state of the skin vector was accompanied by an interest in alcohol, cigarettes, and opportunities for easy money on Internet exchanges. And a complete reluctance to study further. At the same time, the egocentrism of the sound vector, nurtured over the years of intellectual superiority, remained, but there was no longer an opportunity to realize it.

This leads to severe depression, suicidal moods, inadequate self-esteem - from "I am God" to "I am a complete insignificance." In the end, not feeling the opportunity to realize himself, as if a used device, plucked prematurely unripe fruit, Sergei commits suicide, choosing a short path to the Lord God.

The case with Sergei Reznichenko reminds us of another victim of childhood glory - the urethral sound player Nika Turbina, whose parents made her a real star of poetry at the age of 5, transmitting her sound vector and preventing the urethral from developing. Considering that, in addition to the obvious mistakes of education, the urethral-sound combination of vectors forms the so-called suicidal complex, Nika was practically doomed to suicide. Although, with adequate education, another bright star could grow out of her, equal to the urethral-sound Zemfira, Diana Arbenina, Alla Pugacheva.


Was it possible to save Sergei Reznichenko? It may seem like blasphemy, but nevertheless - yes, it is possible. Having realized at the training those mechanisms of the unconscious that torment an unranked sound engineer, he could find the strength to smooth out these critical states and would have the opportunity to "steer" if not into the best life scenario of the scientist, as he would like (it would be already impossible), but find the best one possible.

In the practice of Yuri Burlan's trainings, there is a similar precedent, which ended with a certain success. The author of these lines experienced exactly the same internal states as the famous "The smartest" Sergei Reznichenko. I, too, grew up without a father, and my mother raised my children at random and partly the way it was customary in the Soviet Union - with an emphasis on the upper vectors. Of course, I was not forced to study science at the age of 5, but nevertheless, when I entered school, I was far ahead of my peers in intellectual data, completely unable to communicate with people.

Being initially frail and weak, I was completely unable to protect myself from the aggression of my peers. I didn't have the skills that a child learns in kindergarten: I didn't go to kindergarten. School period turned out to be a real hell for me, consisting of bullying, humiliation, bullying and collective contempt. Despite this, I finished the ninth grade with a gold certificate - that is, there is not a single grade in the certificate. After this achievement, the very transitional age began, during which I "forgot" to study, lost the desire and ability to learn, staying afloat only thanks to the previously accumulated powerful knowledge base.

At this age, until reaching the age of 20, I was seriously fond of parkour - extreme street sports, in simple Russian language - climbing the objects of urban architecture, like a child climbing trees. At the same time, I did not feel at all my place in this life, I did not want to live, work, study, become someone, I did not want to have anything to do with the people around me, I wanted in all seriousness to leave for spiritual enlightenment in a Tibetan monastery and forget myself there …


Fortunately, in the archetypal state of the skin vector, I was lucky not to get into a criminal company, to somehow survive adaptation, to acquire basic professional skills, practice and work experience. Just like the hero of this article, I was attracted by the possibility of making easy money on Internet exchanges and in network marketing, while I felt complete disgust for myself and my activities.

At the age of 21 I was lucky to get acquainted with the training "System-vector psychology", which literally pulled me by the hair out of the swamp of critical conditions. I don’t know how it would have ended if it had not been for the training.

Today I continue to develop in my profession - I work in a large IT holding. And I devote my free time to reading my own poems and writing such clever articles in the hope that they will find the addressee.

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