Why Did Chester Bennington Die? Because The Sound Didn't Have Enough Music

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Why Did Chester Bennington Die? Because The Sound Didn't Have Enough Music
Why Did Chester Bennington Die? Because The Sound Didn't Have Enough Music

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Why did Chester Bennington die? Because the Sound didn't have enough music

Chester's drugs are a thing of the past, even before he came to Linkin Park. Yes, there were problems with alcohol, but he also overcame this addiction.

What actually happened? Why, in the midst of complete prosperity, having finally received all sorts of benefits from life, the rock musician decided to settle scores with her?

Rock musician Chester Bennington, songwriter and frontman of Linkin Park, committed suicide at the age of 41 at the height of his fame. No apparent prerequisites, no obvious reason, no suicide note.

So many plans: a tour in support of the new album, work in the studio, photo shoots, shooting videos, new songs, a beautiful wife, six children, a millionaire … It would seem - live and enjoy!

None of his friends and relatives can explain Chester's fateful decision to take his own life. The police state suicide by hanging, and an open bottle of alcohol is found in the house.

A popular explanation for this outcome among rock musicians is bohemian life, affordable entertainment of any kind, drugs, but drugs are in the past with Chester, even before he came to Linkin Park. Yes, there were problems with alcohol, but he also overcame this addiction.

What actually happened? Why, in the midst of complete prosperity, having finally received all sorts of benefits from life, the rock musician decided to settle scores with her?

From childhood, Chester had a difficult fate. Sexual abuse at age seven leaves an indelible mark on a boy's immature psyche. The divorce of his parents, after which he remains in the care of his father, deprives 11-year-old Bennington of the sense of security and safety that he received from his mother. Then alcohol and drugs enter his life. They beat him at school.

From the age of 14, Chester begins to study music, and it is this, as well as moving to his mother, that saves him from addictions. It is creativity, the search for new sounds, the creation of rhymes, the reproduction of music and vocals, and not the narcotic substitution of a sense of reality, that fill the adolescent's sound vector.

Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington

Chester's first instrument was the piano, later the guitar, keyboards, drums, but a unique voice brings vocals to the first place.

Music becomes the main business of his life. Still, the dominant sound vector requires filling in the first place. Chester's musical potential is impressive given that he had no education other than school and real estate courses. During Bennington's audition for the lead vocalist for the band Xero (future Linkin Park), some applicants simply left when they heard Chester's oral voice. After his death, they will write about this voice: "Sings like an angel, screams like a devil."

However, the potential of the sound vector turned out to be even greater.

Each of his songs - his thoughts set to music - is a revelation. Often they contain the theme of death, the search for the meaning of life, fear of losing control over your mind - the main fear of the sound engineer.

Linkin Park's debut album soars to the top of the charts and is a huge commercial success, as the lyrics and music fall precisely into the lack of young new generation sound artists. Born with a deliberately larger volume of psyche than their fathers and grandfathers, people with a sound vector do not find opportunities for the realization of psychological properties. The increased desire cannot be fully satisfied with the usual substitutes. Sound emptiness becomes pain.

Sincere live performance "at the limit" by Chester of those very deep meanings, sensations and experiences of the sound engineer becomes recognizable by many, touches and sinks into the soul. According to the equality of properties, sound adolescents immediately perceive Chester as "their own", believe and are imbued with his music.

It is no exaggeration to say that entire generations have grown up on the music of Linkin Park, of which Bennington was the voice.

Why Chester Bennington died
Why Chester Bennington died

The expressive emotionality of Chester's vocals was given by his visual vector. He owes him his passion for tattoos, he even opened several tattoo parlors in Los Angeles, the ability to dress stylishly - he created his own line of clothing Ve'cel.

The same visual properties of the psyche contribute to writing songs about the world around us, relationships, love. Without Chester's visual vector, there would be no participation of Linkin Park in charity events, there would be no six children, two of whom are adopted. Not every visual person is capable of such an emotional return.

In his songs, Chester exposes his soul, reveals the darkest, most distant and even unsightly corners of it, and not everyone is ready to decide on this. The group worked on the composition Breaking the Habit for six years, while Chester worked on himself, struggled with addictions. Only after a while he was able to perform this song without tears.

Each new album lifted Linkin Park higher, there was more and more money and fame, but even creativity at the limit could not fill Chester's mental lack.

It was impossible to fill the gigantic potential of Bennington's sound vector with music alone, he wanted to dig deeper - to feel the true meaning of his life. He was constantly trying to figure out himself, what was going on in his head. The constant circulation of thoughts, internal questions without answers did not give him rest.

And here his torments are reflected in the songs, and these, in turn, resonate deeply in the hearts and minds of the same sounding people who are looking for the meaning of their lives.

Why Chester Bennington committed suicide
Why Chester Bennington committed suicide

Chester's sonic temperament allowed him to create and perform his music to the limit of his capabilities, he always gave all the best at concerts, in the studio he achieved the perfect sound, was able to perform any composition of any author.

Along with this, Bennington was almost constantly haunted by a state of depression, which has intensified in recent years. His words: "Nothing else makes me happy … I even told my therapist that I don't want to feel anything else!"

His family and friends helped him to fight with himself. Chester himself guessed the direction in which to move in the fight against depression: “When I am outside of myself, I feel great. When I am inside myself all the time, I feel terrible. " However, this was not enough to defeat the inner "demons".

He found a special understanding of his inner state by the proximity of properties from his close friend Chris Cornell, the leader of the Soundgarden group. Cornell's suicide was a double blow to Chester. Against the background of a difficult psychological state, Bennington suddenly loses the person who, like no one else, understood him, who inspired and brought a certain amount of meaning and understanding into his life.

The severing of emotional connection with a close friend in a visual way, the loss of a like-minded person and inspirer in a sound way crippled Bennington's determination and strength in the fight against sound frustrations.

Only the sound engineer connects his psychological suffering with the physical body, since he perceives his I - consciousness - as separate from the body. Experiencing painful sensations in the psyche caused by the voids of unrealized properties, he mistakenly believes that by getting rid of the body, he will rid himself of suffering.

On July 20, 2017, left alone with his "demons", Chester made a fatal mistake in trying to rid himself of psychological pain. Having committed suicide, he received this pain in the endless power of the suffering of the soul.

The physical body is able to endure only a small fraction of painful sensations, sharply limited in time, it quickly dies from shock. But the soul … oh, that's a whole different story. It exists outside of time, therefore, at the point of no return, at the moment when a person can no longer return to a stool with a noose around his neck, the soul experiences a shock, unlimited in its strength, feeling more pain than all the mental suffering that a person lived during all of my life.

Why Chester Bennington Committed Suicide
Why Chester Bennington Committed Suicide

Suicide completely erases from the collective mental humanity the contribution that was made by a person during the past period of his life, it nullifies the soul. It is suicide that makes life meaningless. This is what the sound engineer suffered and ran from all these years.

Now, realizing the causes of the suffering of the sound musicians, the true roots of those terrible states that Chester spoke about in his music, one can understand his state before death, his desire to commit suicide. Understand, but not accept.

Forgive me for not saving …

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