Seducing Nulliparous Ophthalmic Woman

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Seducing Nulliparous Ophthalmic Woman
Seducing Nulliparous Ophthalmic Woman

Video: Seducing Nulliparous Ophthalmic Woman

Video: Seducing Nulliparous Ophthalmic Woman
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Seducing nulliparous ophthalmic woman

She has a low sexual desire, expressed more compassion than real attraction, but it is she who throughout her life has a connection with the largest number of sexual partners. This is a woman who passes diagonally through everything masculine, through all its eight different measures, and in each such connection there is a natural relationship.

Attitude of men to nulliparous skin-visual woman

Always desired, demanded by any man, with each passing through a special, unique scenario of relationships. Always in sight, she is the one that everyone wants, and she is the one hiding pheromones, lonely, unmarried.

skin-visual woman
skin-visual woman

● Muse of the urethral leader, inspiring and guiding him to great achievements. Through her, he cannot advance his gene pool into the future, because she does not give birth, therefore, through this union, the ideas of culture and humanism are carried into the future, which are always patronized by the leader, natural power.

● A woman from the future for an urethral adolescent, directing him to the development of the main qualities of the urethral vector: mercy and justice for all, for the pack, raising a child so as to save him from the unenviable fate of a lone wolf.

● The dream of an ambitious skin leader, the first contender for the urethral throne. He chooses her as an attribute of power, as a woman confirming the rank of the leader, which he is aiming at. Especially valuable for a dermal man is that dermal-visual that was already with the leader.

● An irreplaceable friend of the pack in the war, a melodic tune to a guitar that soothes the disturbed rage of a muscle warrior, bringing him into a state of monotony and, conversely, exciting him to fight with a smooth bend of his naked body, dancing in the moonlight or at the pole …

● And a butterfly, eternally escaping from the clutches of an anal couch potato, who cannot forget her and is ready to wait for her return for the rest of his life, rereading old seductive SMS.

She has low sexual desire, expressed more with compassion than real attraction. However, it is she who has the greatest number of sexual partners throughout her life - she does not give birth, like all other women giving birth, and she does not fall under the regulation of the primary skin law that limits the range of sexuality.

This is a woman who passes diagonally through everything masculine, through all its eight different measures, and in each such connection there is a natural relationship.

not giving birth
not giving birth

Skin-visual - anti-woman

Skin-visual woman is the reverse of all feminine. As a child, she is in a team of boys: she runs around the doorways with them, plays as a nurse, gives them toy injections. Our own among strangers and a stranger among our own. In the company of women, she is called a witch: she will easily bewitch and take away any man …

Psychophysiologically, it is not designed for birth. This is a fighting female, a daytime guard who accompanies the flock in the war, seducing everyone indiscriminately, healing the wounds of the fighters. There is no time to give birth in battle.

Skin-visual front-line girlfriends (and there are no others) are all the same. They return home with a huge baggage of novels (and cheating for them is just another romance!), But none of them give birth, none of them get married, despite their indisputable beauty and attractiveness …

The skin-visual is the woman everyone follows. Even an anal one - a faithful, devoted family man - in a state of sexual shortage, can go to the left, to a skin-visual prostitute, not perceiving her otherwise as a body, not feeling guilty from treason, innocently denying its very fact. And the muscle ones follow her in a herd, falling for the bait of involuntary flirting of non-stop clapping eyes.

In peacetime, such a woman could become dangerous - for her sake, many anal men would abandon their families, even if afterwards they would repent before their lawful wife, promising never to do so again. But it is almost impossible to resist a skin-visual woman: too much temptation. Therefore, returning from the war, she hid the pheromones of attraction in the same undifferentiated way - from everyone indiscriminately, and they stopped noticing her. Only then did the women in labor not dislike her.

She became an educator, often a teacher of literature and language, adored by other people's children and emotionally attached to them. An intelligent, refined, sophisticated woman. Most often, she did not have children. Sometimes she was courted by an equally lonely anal history teacher, divorced or widower. She easily entered these calm, comfortable relationships of warmth and care, which also made it possible to avoid annoying gossip from colleagues.

“I gave all of myself to the children!”, “I devoted my whole life to the theater…”, “I didn't have enough for marriage and a child…” are the usual rationalizations of a skin-visual nulliparous woman. The absence of a family, loneliness, eternal crowds of fans, among whom none lingers with her for a long time - this requires an explanation that everyone understands.

Not so long ago, trying to be a woman among real (giving birth) women, struggling to get pregnant under the sidelong glances of her fellow tribesmen and a man sighing with desire to have an heir, she could not conceive for years. And if she got pregnant, she often did not wear it out or died during childbirth.

Skin visual female
Skin visual female

Today the situation has changed markedly, the desire for life in a person has increased by orders of magnitude since primitive times. Skin-visual women still have trouble conceiving, but give birth with the help of modern advances in medicine. Often it is he who is given a cesarean section during childbirth.

For her, her own son is a gentleman and suitor

It is very interesting to observe the reaction of a skin-visual woman to her newborn baby. She is afraid to take him in her arms, afraid to drop him, afraid to accidentally crush him if she sleeps next to her. Doesn't know at all what to do with it. The dermal-visual does not have an animal maternal instinct, therefore, up to three years old it is very difficult with a child. She constantly complains to her friends: “I am a bad mother, I cannot take care of a child normally. Masha and Katya do everything like clockwork, they have such confidence in their movements, but I just can't."

When the child grows up and begins to behave more meaningfully, the mother tries to establish the only possible contact with the child - through an emotional, sensory connection with him (through the visual vector).

She does not differentiate men: father, brother, friend's husband, sister's young man, boss, passer-by - for her, all males are, first of all, men.

For her, any man is a Man, a gentleman. The man is a history teacher when she is still in school. A man is a person who is even 30 years younger or older than her.

When such a woman comes to the dentist's appointment, she immediately begins to make eyes at him, straighten her hair, indicating her feminine charms for him with all gestures and movements. It's the same story with a locksmith or plumber who comes to fix something at home.

When a teenage boy, for example, a friend of her son's, comes to her house, conversations begin: “And how are you doing with the girls? And I, when I was your age, I remember, fell in love so much. " All the while, she looks at the teenager with flirting eyes. In all cases, the same behavior manifests itself - she seduces, flirts. This does not mean that she deliberately tries to seduce every man, these are unconscious processes.

She even sees a man in her own son. Her Psychic also perceives her own son as a Man, with whom she does not mind living her whole life together, regularly feeding the boy lunch and dinner. So she can bind her anal son to her forever. Then they say about him "married to my mother." In this case, the Complex of a good boy can form (a similar scenario happens in girls), and it is formed only in the presence of a skin-visual mother.


The skin-visual woman embodies the amazing phenomenon of a plurality of probable scenarios and counter-states depending on temperament, landscape pressure, and the state within oneself (war or peace).


With the highest development, sensuality, she gets a pair of the urethral leader. He is the only one who does not want to own. She is the only one who does not feel the need to belong. Her scenario with the leader is to some extent key, and it is she who is destined to be the performer of the main female role of our life …

The skin-visual woman always remains the decisive link in those moments when masculine and feminine meet, when it comes to moving into the future.

Her contribution is not in procreation, as in "normal" women, her level is somewhat different. She is a big riddle, the solution to which can become the subject of many more separate topics …

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