The Story Of One Boy Who Wanted To Be A Girl

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The Story Of One Boy Who Wanted To Be A Girl
The Story Of One Boy Who Wanted To Be A Girl

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The story of one boy who wanted to be a girl

“Dad, I have long wanted to say. You're right, God was wrong! I'm not a boy, I'm a girl!"

Alyosha's father, a strong man, seeing his son's tears, vowed to grow him into a real man. “What have you dismissed the nuns! Like a snotty girl! " - thundered the father, clenching his fists. The fragile boy looked at his father with eyes full of fear. Both his father and the boys from the yard terrified him, he himself preferred to play with the girls. “What a sweet boy you have! Just like a girl! " - the words of the acquaintances were for my father, like salt on a wound. When his son turned 15, his father found him trying on his mother's underwear. And I was dumbfounded … “Dad, I have long wanted to say. You're right, God was wrong! I'm not a boy, I'm a girl!"

The father began to drink, unable to bear the feeling of shame for the "heiress". Mother in desperation tried to figure out what to do.

In fact, no one is safe from the fact that your child, in whom you are putting all your strength, will not come one day and admit that he is a drug addict or wants to change sex. In shock, we are looking for help from doctors, psychologists, healers, anyone. The psychologist is trying to persuade the guy to leave bad thoughts. The results of such persuasion are nil. Then - sedatives for parents and hormones for the son … As a result - planted health, but all the same thoughts in my head. And all because traditional psychology does not even know where such thoughts come from.

Unlike traditional psychology, the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains for the first time why fragile and graceful boys with large frightened eyes so often come to the conclusion that nature made a mistake and placed the female soul in the male body. It's all about their exceptional emotionality. This is a special type of men. They are sensual, impressionable, fearful. They want to be in the spotlight, want to be liked and spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. No, these are not feminine traits, these are features of the visual vector, owned by 5% of both men and women. The visual vector is the only one who is capable of experiencing two extreme emotions - the strongest fear and love.

The fear of death can take different guises - it manifests itself in the form of panic attacks, fainting at the sight of blood, various phobias and fears, hypochondria and … a desire to change sex. It is the fear of death that makes sensual boys acquire more and more feminine features. Unconsciously he guesses that if he were a woman, it would be easier for him to survive …

Is it possible to influence negative states? Yes. Through awareness of the unconscious. More than 10 thousand people have already left their feedback on the training in system-vector psychology. Such massive results, affecting different spheres of life, do not exist in any other direction of psychology. Among those who passed the training there are those who wanted to change their sex. Below is one of the reviews from a woman who wanted to become a man:

“When I came to the trainings, I was still“in the same image”. And the worst thing, I seriously thought about expensive operations. And along the way, about how to earn all these tens of thousands, and whether I will survive, and about many other things … I did not expect at all that the training would remove the long-term obsession as if by hand … It is strange, but after so many years of boyhood, only a couple of them "sausage" me weeks. And the transition - to a real, beloved, beautiful, clever girl - was practically painless … "Full text of the review

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan allows you to look into the unconscious and thoroughly study how the human psyche works. To understand his behavior, where our feelings, thoughts, desires come from, so accurately that you can predict how a person will behave in a certain situation. Because these are laws. And the consequences. And they can be observed in life. Read excerpts from some of the reviews:

“Fears disappeared in an unknown direction, and they are not going to return to mine: fear of death, fear of life, fear of the end of the world - now it makes me especially amused to hear about the end of the world, fears of people are gone - at first glance I intuitively understand what a person is and what to expect from him … "Kirill Golovnev, Full text of the result

The training allows you to understand yourself and others so deeply that the roots of conflicts, complexes, unsuccessful life scenarios, fears, resentments, depression, apathy are revealed - all this is resolved through awareness. More than 13 thousand detailed reviews in various fields tell what happened BEFORE and how life changed AFTER the training.

You can get acquainted with new knowledge about the human soul already at the free online trainings on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here!

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