Quiet I Want To Hear The Meaning Of Life

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Quiet  I Want To Hear The Meaning Of Life
Quiet I Want To Hear The Meaning Of Life
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Quiet … I want to hear the meaning of life

Night is my favorite time of day. At such moments in the whole world there is only Me, night and silence … But sometimes such immense longing and longing covers my whole being … Why is it so bad for me here?

The last rays of the sun are extinguished … The colors of the day are fading in the quietly descending twilight … The sound cocoon unravels into separate strands-waves that melt one after another … brighter, and now myriads of stars adorn the black firmament. The haze of the Milky Way stretches from horizon to horizon. In the gap between the two tracks, the infinity of the Universe is guessed …

Throwing my head back, I peer and listen to the ringing in my ears at this bottomless abyss … Earth's gravity is almost not felt, and it seems that just push off - and you can easily slide upward, attracted by an unknown force …: the oncoming waves of the starry surf hit the distant shore of the universe or the blood in the veins pulsates, reminding of a mortal body …

The soil leaves from under my feet, I lose my balance and fall … Eyes open and watch a frenzied whirlpool of stars, swirling faster and faster … And then everything capsizes … The Earth turns out to be above, and there, below me, a rotating funnel of the night sky … I fall into this stellar spiral, carried away by an invisible stream lower and lower … The stars continue their run in a circle, silently winking at me … I am about to reach the very bottom of this swirling snail …

Exploded morning …

But what suddenly happened? A supernova exploded? Burst the firmament? I close my ears and open my eyes. My ears are ringing unbearably. My mother bends over me and screams heart-rendingly in my ear: “Idiot, when will you learn to go to bed on time and get up on time ?! And why did I give birth to you?..”She backhand whips me in the face with a towel. Stars flash in the eyes for a moment and immediately go out, falling along with tears …

I agree with my mother, I shouldn't have been born. I failed like an ugly duckling. The teacher also says all the time that she is not of this world. When she suddenly calls me to the board, I do not immediately respond, although I can hear her well. It’s just that at this time I’m as if in another dimension or reflecting on the structure of the world … The guys from the class are making fun of me. And at breaks I generally stay away from them. They scream and stomp in such a way that they chase each other in such a way that it stuns me. And it’s not interesting with them: they would only fool around, but I’m bored.

Silence of heaven

Night is my favorite time of day. At such moments in the whole world there is only Me, night and silence … But sometimes such immense longing and longing covers my whole being … Why is it so bad for me here? Why am I not happy with the simple earthly life? Maybe my home is there, on some planet lost in the Universe and time? What attracts me every night to peer into these distant stars? Why do I need my short life among these eternal luminaries? A meteorite flying across the sky and extinguished forever? What's the point? The dark skies are coldly silent …

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Maybe you've had similar thoughts at least once? Maybe even you are already desperate to find answers to your questions? Or maybe a man lives next to you out of this world? I will tell you one secret, although for many years it has not been a secret for thousands of people who have undergone training in System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. It is at the training that all these questions are answered! And you yourself answer them …

The best sound is silence

In System-Vector Psychology, people who ask questions about the meaning of life are called sound specialists or carriers of the sound vector. A vector is, one might say, a constellation of all the properties, desires, and abilities of a person, with the help of which a person manifests himself in this world so as to receive the greatest pleasure. There are eight vectors in total. There are not so many sound specialists among us: only 5% of all people are the owners of this vector.

Introverts. They are called cold and arrogant. Laconic, eternally immersed in themselves, often staring at one point, emotionless outside, inside they experience storms of feelings. They are gifted with abstract intelligence, capable of embracing the immensity.

It is very important to allow the sound child to develop their abilities, bringing them out, and not closing on themselves. And for this it is necessary to create a "sound ecology" for him. Every sharp sound, scream, noise echoes painfully in his ears, causing irreparable harm to his subtlest psychic.

Unpleasant and loud sounds confuse the sound engineer. It depends on the direction of this concentration, whether ingenious thoughts will be born in his head or only false thoughts about his own genius. When the sound engineer in silence focuses on the sounds on the other side of the eardrum, a process is triggered in his head to generate thoughts and ideas. Deafened by sounds from outside, the sound engineer concentrates on this side of the eardrum, that is, on himself, and instead of brilliant thoughts, only thoughts of his own genius are born, which he is never able to express.

That is why it is so important to understand the inner world of the sound child growing next to you, give him the necessary support, help him learn to concentrate outside and develop the gigantic potential given to him by nature.

From the meaning of words to the meaning of life

A person's ear with a sound vector is his sensitive instrument, with the help of which he is able to cognize the metaphysical world. It is enough to speak with him even in a whisper, he hears everything perfectly, and if he does not answer you right away, then wait a little … He will now return from his journey through the worlds invisible to you and will definitely answer. Just do not frighten him off with a harsh word, do not stun him with your shout, insult, and then a future genius will grow up next to you … Otherwise, a future villain. The line between these two sides is as thin as the membrane in a sound's ear.

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For thousands of years, the sound engineer listened to the world outside, spending nights alone under the stars, because his specific role was to guard the human flock at night, listening intently to the silence of the savanna in anticipation of disturbing sounds. And today he focuses on the meanings of words, recognizing through them the unconscious, that which is hidden from us. A word thrown in a fit of anger at the sound engineer is as destructive as shouting straight into his ear.

If you want to understand the inner world of a person, how it is arranged and why exactly this way, is there any purpose in our stay in this world, then you are in the right place. The answers to these and other questions are hidden by our unconscious, which is what Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology offers to reveal.

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