The Meaning Of Life Is An Illusion Or A Perceived Need

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The Meaning Of Life Is An Illusion Or A Perceived Need
The Meaning Of Life Is An Illusion Or A Perceived Need

Video: The Meaning Of Life Is An Illusion Or A Perceived Need

Video: The Meaning Of Life Is An Illusion Or A Perceived Need
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The meaning of life is an illusion or a perceived need

Is it possible to choose such a meaning so that life is filled with pleasures and pleasures? Are we doomed to blindly run from one suffering to another? What, then, is the difference between the existence of an ant and a man? The same hustle and bustle, running around in search of food for yourself and your children, until you have enough health, and then … that's it? What then is the meaning of life and the meaning of death?

So it means, I do not know for myself and live, but for the development of some kind of absolute spirit?

I will begin to work for him!

V. G. Belinsky

Life is a segment between two dates, a moment between past and future, birth and death. Does it all make sense? And if so, which one? Is it possible to choose such a meaning so that life is filled with pleasures and pleasures? Are we doomed to blindly run from one suffering to another? What, then, is the difference between the existence of an ant and a man? The same hustle and bustle, running around in search of food for yourself and your children, until you have enough health, and then … that's it? What then is the meaning of life and the meaning of death? Each person at least once asked himself such questions, trying to find the meaning of his existence on this earth.


Plunging into the bustle of worries about our daily bread, we push aside the questions of being. The more successful a person's life is, the deeper questions about the meaning of life are. But when misfortune happens, the question of whether our life has any meaning comes up again from the depths of despair. Losing loved ones, disillusioned with chosen ideals, approaching old age, we, following Chekhov's Firs, exclaim: “Life has passed, but as if it didn’t live!” What's the point in such a life? When a catastrophe occurs, the whole world seems like cruel nonsense. Brownian motion of molecules … Is this really all, and there is no wise will beyond the visible, but only one blind repetition of birth, growth and death of organic compounds?

The entrance is only from the front entrance, the back door is boarded up!

Isn't it easier to stop pulling the strap and pull the aching tooth of the body out of this whirlwind, finally understand - what is the meaning of life, and end it once and for all? Every day people come to the trainings "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, trying to solve for themselves the question of the meaning of life in this very last way.

What happens to them? They will learn how everything works, and once and for all give up trying to get to the Lord God from the back door. Starting to comprehend himself in the psychic, receiving a picture of the world as a whole, and not in fragments, a person can no longer stop. When the problem of the meaning of life, death and immortality begins to find its solution round after round, there is no limit to comprehension.

We live in an amazing time when humanity got out of the control of hunger and got a unique opportunity to develop upward. Our requests for the universe are qualitatively different from those of our recent ancestors, the answers of religion or science to questions about life and death are not satisfying to anyone, we want to give this world a final diagnosis. And we do this by receiving systemic thinking - the key to understanding the most complex mechanisms of the world order for anyone in whom there is a desire to understand what happiness is and what is the meaning of human life.


How to choose the best meaning for your life

Russians tend to need, probably more than others, in search of the meaning of life. The kingdom of truth was expected as manna from heaven by generations of our predecessors. The urethral mentality of Russia - the quintessence of the mental unconscious of our people - thinks in terms of the future more readily than the present. Let everything be worthless now - children will live better than us. The meaning of life is to improve a person, so that in the future people can be happier than us. The catastrophes of 1917 and then the 1990s showed that the future can come suddenly, you need to live here and now, receiving all conceivable and inconceivable pleasures, consuming them more and more sophisticatedly. The meaning of life is understood by many as pleasure. Why not? The main thing is to choose the meaning that delivers the greatest, most unique pleasure.

Demand creates supply. The problem of happiness and meaning in life? No problem! A variety of goals and meanings of life are offered to choose from: wealth, success, career, power, love, in a word, everything necessary for the complete and final self-realization of the individual. Choose - and the world is at your feet. A person chooses, and at first everything is really going well, new impressions are exciting, there is even an illusion of progress in the right direction, but soon there comes a satiety with this sea of pleasure. And again the search for a stronger stimulus, for an increase - where now? To the temple, to politics, to the village, to the wilderness, to a desert island, to space? The problems of the meaning of human life remain unresolved.

The search for the meaning of life in our modern skin society is rational and individually selected. Ultimately, it all comes down to self-improvement, the meaning of life is in self-development, we are told. So I will sit in the lotus position and begin to develop, I will learn the energy of "qi", I will improve my health, I will not eat meat, I will free the world from evil. At first glance, these are cute thoughts, why not? But what do we see? There is more and more disappointment in such "spiritual" methods - it is impossible to go to nirvana. There are many stories, but in all honesty - no, it doesn't work.

Slavery for the good of the future orts from the universe here and now?

What's the matter? Isn't the problem of the meaning of life in the spiritual experience of the individual? In him. But not only. The time for individual comprehension of infinity has passed. Only together will we find meaning. We can find it if we want it together. Hard? Not. Almost everything has already been done over the past 6,000 years; the last spurt of desire remains. We are on the verge of solving the problem of the meaning of life, which consists in the spiritual experience of not one single sage arhat, but of all mankind.


Oh, the discerning reader will say, somewhere we have already heard this! Work for the future, work hard for the coming paradise on earth. If life is finite, and the meaning is beyond it, in the future, then why do I need such a meaning, after all, having died, I will not even be able to use the fruits of comprehension? The meaning of life and mortality of an individual - are these concepts compatible at all? Living for the good of future generations is, of course, complementary to the Russian mentality, but how much sense does it make for those who provide this very good with the routine of their present existence? To be slaves for the accumulation of wealth for future generations - all this sounds somehow bleak! And what kind of life will those to come, who got everything on a saucer with a border? Where will they go?

Trying to find meaning in his life, a person wants to understand what he will have here and now from this. But the fact of the matter is that, discovering for ourselves the structure of the psychic, feeling this structure in ourselves and in others, as in ourselves, with our awareness we repeatedly strengthen the properties of our psychic, as a result of which a powerful harmonization of the world inside and the world outside occurs, a person begins to receive bonuses from the universe immediately, right now. The problem of happiness and the meaning of life begins to be solved immediately!

Gratitude for the intention to change the intention

This is not yet spiritual, but a small spark, a starting point for the beginning of cognition of the nature of the spiritual. We get this spark already in the third or fifth lesson. Whoever has enough can stop and use this knowledge in their daily life - positive changes will not keep you waiting. There are probably already a million reviews of how people find work, start earning more, solve problems with children. But the fact of the matter is that it is very difficult to stop here: a person wants more, and this is normal.

Coming to the training with his own specific loneliness, a person does not think about any global problems of the meaning of life, he just wants to understand how to find a suitable bride. In the course of his studies, our hero naturally marries, and now he is already worried about the problems of the meaning of human life. Having solved his pressing problems, a person begins to see the sky and wonder what is there, next? Questions arise about the origin of man, and the search for the meaning of life for humanity as a whole begins.

Many people ask what positive changes will happen in my life if I start studying systemic vector psychology. Each of them will have their own changes, which exactly reflect the filling of true desires in the vector matrix of the psychic. Someone will get a job, someone will meet love, someone will get rid of fear, someone will improve relationships with loved ones. These will be the firstts for realizing the evil in oneself as it is. It turns out that without really doing anything, a person already receives positive for himself! Nature thanks you for the intention to change your intention, for the desire to know your device, which means that we are on the right track, once we receive such advances. Even if it is still very far from knowing the meaning of life and even if such a task is not at all set, the prospects of a person who decides to look into themselves are the most favorable.


What is evil and why should we be aware of it in ourselves?

No casting out of demons and no repentance. Evil in this case does not mean something bad, low, unworthy. We ourselves divide into good and bad, in nature there is no good and evil in human understanding. Awareness of evil in oneself means awareness of one's inner "animal" essence, one's vector set of eight possible measures of the mental unconscious in various combinations, development and realization. Having recognized ourselves, we begin to recognize others as well, communication becomes optimal, we do not make unjustified predictions, disappointments and resentments, anger, hostility, hatred go away. And this is only the first step, at the household level!

Knowing our nature, revealing evil in ourselves, we begin to understand round by round what is happening outside. The idea of how everything works is being rethought. The best books are read anew, the best films are revised, the postulates and dogmas that seemed unshakable are discarded. There is a global shake-up of consciousness, from the chaos of other people's quotes and fragmentary information there is an integral and very systemic world outside, which fully corresponds to what is inside us. The problem of the meaning of human life, without having time to arise, is solved automatically.

We feel our involvement in everything that happens in society. There is a feeling of joy from this, because we are so tired of fruitlessly picking in the shells of our selfish little "I". One can only cognize the whole collectively, in a group, together, and for this it is necessary to change the intention from receiving to giving. This can be done without any tricks, in a natural way, by revealing the eight-dimensional volume of opposites inside and outside, that is, again realizing evil in ourselves, where evil is our nature, receiving for the sake of receiving.

Do you want to be happy - choose

Man is selfish at his root, he was created to receive, but one can receive not for the sake of receiving as such - this is an animal level and zero development, but to receive for the sake of bestowing outward, into society. We ourselves, and not someone from above, decides what to choose. This is human freedom of choice. Only by realizing the evil in ourselves, that is, our psychic, can we move from reproaching fate to gratitude for life, this wonderfult. Realizing evil in ourselves, we cease to justify ourselves and begin to justify the Creator in the external world. Only then can we be happy.

It turns out that being happy or wearing a grimace of reproach is a voluntary choice of everyone, his freedom of choice. Is there a meaning in our life, or are we living like ants driven by hunger, is the decision of each individual ant-man. How exactly this choice to make, which button to press, tells Yuri Burlan at the training "System-vector psychology" to each listener, regardless of his vector set and even regardless of whether there is a sound vector in this set, which we are primarily about remember when it comes to spiritual search.


Visual series of sound meanings - I want more

In the sound vector, cognition of the meaning of life and death is a true desire. Zvukovik was originally conceived to focus on the issues of being-non-being. The sound vector, which for the first time separated the "I" from the rest of the world, received the ability to incredibly concentrate to solve problems of any complexity. If everything is in order with the sound engineer, he can be a brilliant scientist, in fact, only in sound is this possible.

But if, for some reason, the sound vector is not filled with meanings and is not engaged in solving problems worthy of its assignment, degeneration occurs in this part of the mental, and the person goes inward with emptiness instead of meaning. This can lead to at least depression, at most - to suicide. The sound engineer does not need life without meaning, he does not value his body, it is more or less illusory.

Sound comprehension of the meaning of life due to the infinity of the sound vector outward is also endless. Throughout his life, such a person is looking for meanings, trying on countless "spiritual" practices and still comes to disappointment. Even the Tibetan lamas do not find the sound person what he was looking for. When a person puts all his sound into the visual series, he comes to the conclusion that humanity has no right to life, because evil is ineradicable in the world, no matter how you fight it! This means that there is no meaning in life and a person's prospects are zero. Why does the visual series not satisfy the sound search, or why does the proposal of Christianity, with all due respect to it, no longer satisfy the demand for sound?

The path through the mortification of desire (humility of passions) is wrong and impossible. It is not necessary to humble desire, but to increase it and change the intention for true spiritual development. People with a sound vector "written by nature" feel through themselves the entire matrix of the eight-dimensional psychic, receive the light of truth, or remain a disappointed wanderer who has not outlived evil in themselves, where evil is already in human understanding - hostility, anger, hatred.

The problem of life and death: a systemic solution to a common fate

The spirituality of the sound engineer is given, but not provided. He must make a choice himself. To feel your true desires, to strengthen them, to change the direction of these desires into bestowal, to feel other people's desires as your own, to include your neighbor in yourself - all this is a very precise direction of spiritual development. When we feel this, we join eternity and infinity, where the departure of the body is imperceptible before the internal states of delight, the fear of death goes away, the enjoyment of every moment of priceless life replaces gloomy pessimism and reproaches of the universe. It is here that the problem of life and death finds the only correct solution, the life of a person who has risked using the freedom of choice, that is, who has chosen spiritual development, is filled with meaning.


By changing the relationship between the inner and outer worlds, we are able to change our common destiny. By changing our intention, we destroy hatred in the world, this is a very difficult job, where it is possible to fall into complete darkness. If you know what such falls are associated with, why they occur, and do not plunge yourself into the abyss of depression, then you can wait for dawn and continue again at a new level. Many sound musicians cannot stand the "darkness before dawn" and leave due to their own misunderstanding.

Those who do not survive the "darkness before dawn" die for good

The illusion of simplicity of suicide is attractive. But "once - and that's it" will not work! Two seconds of falling in the spiritual turn into suffering, the full depth of which cannot be felt even closely on the physical level. The suicide erases everything that his soul has worked out, his experience is useless and is discarded from the general matrix of mental humanity, the meaning of life and death of such a person is completely nullified! The search for meaning in sound is vital, trainings help to find it and get crazy development. I guarantee that suicidal thoughts will never come to you again.

We come into the world with our bodies for the only reason - to increase our psychic to the level of realizing a sound measure, to know ourselves and to exercise freedom of choice, that is, to choose spiritual development. Man has been moving along this path for the last 6000 years - ever since he felt the "I" separate from the world outside. Before that, our life was ruled only by the feeling of hunger. We must realize the collective meaning of life - to be happy, but we voluntarily refuse it, blaming the outside world!

Sleepless on the net start and win

We start small, from the bottom up, from simple to complex. From understanding and fulfilling your true desires. This happens almost immediately with every student. We can say that at this level, the search for the meaning of life gives a person quite practical returns. Realizing ourselves, we can realize ourselves in this world in the best way and not get upset from annoying mistakes. Understanding ourselves, and then others at a deep level, we can become infallible in choosing a partner, work, raising children, in relationships with people. Is this not an advance for the fact that we have not really started yet? Nature is generous, and our life can be much happier than it was until now, because happiness is the true meaning of human life.

While undergoing trainings, you gradually understand the true meaning of words, you begin to share the momentary scanty pleasure and pleasure from giving your properties to a common cause - not for a vague future, but for the momentary good - your life here and now. By changing the intention in ourselves to give, we receive as a result much more than we have received until now by consuming. This is called happiness, this is the answer to the question of what is the meaning of life. Knowledge, previously available only to a select few sages, can now be obtained by an ordinary person.

Nature is rapidly complicating our internal structure. Aware of the processes hidden in the psychic unconscious, we go to meet these complications and receive amazing revelations worthy of Ecclesiastes. It happened to me too …

The first disclosure of the hidden can be obtained already at the free nightly online lectures of Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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