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Coaching: One Million! - Page 2

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Coaching: one million

If you want to meet the shameful level of consumption - go through coaching. Long difficult years of advice have formed in the mentality of Russians a persistent formula “don't teach me how to live”, and advertising for coaching vows that there will be no advice. The solution to the problem will appear in the head as if by itself.

Training, master class, coaching [1] … Banal training is now out of fashion. If you want to meet the shameful level of consumption - go through coaching. Long difficult years of advice have formed in the mentality of Russians a persistent formula “don't teach me how to live”, and advertising for coaching vows that there will be no advice. The solution to the problem will appear in the head as if by itself. There is nothing to be afraid of. Coaching has already been tested on American citizens. Now he has come to us.

What kind of animal is this and with what is it eaten in runet?


Rhythmic music, a smile of a completely and unconditionally successful person, a sonorous, most likely fictitious name. This is how all or nearly all coaching webinars on the web begin: “Hello, I'll teach you how to succeed.” It soon becomes clear that success in the coach's understanding is money, of which he has a lot. How this happened, the guy expounds with pleasure. I did one and made the first million, made two and earned more. And here something incomprehensible happens!

All, as one, "successful millionaires", inviting people to their coaching, once in the past abandoned their millions of businesses and devoted themselves entirely to the troublesome task of teaching less fortunate citizens the mystery of making money. Well, the rich have their quirks. Let's listen further.


From the first words it is clear that humanity is divided in the head of the speaker (speaker) into two unequal parts: successful rich people, worthy of imitation, and unsuccessful losers, worthless. The rich man has one habits, the "average" - the other. Coaching is about adopting the habits of successful (wealthy) people. And although the question of what a habit is, the coach answers in a very confused way, his conviction in the need to copy someone else's experience is unshakable. In fact, why are we worse than Rockefeller? Yes, nothing!

Coaching masters believe that the habit of thinking in a certain way can and should be trained in oneself. Hence the name of the event "coaching" in its first sporting meaning "training". It doesn't work the first time - train. The coach warns: it will hurt, the process may take more than one year. The amount of money such a long-term coaching will result in is reasonably silent.

The irreparable harm of such activities, crippling the human psyche, can be reliably assessed only from the position of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.


The habit of thinking and acting in a certain way is not only influenced by external influences (wash your hands before eating). Habits are deeply rooted in the mental unconscious of a person. Eight vectors in various combinations determine the type of thinking, the preferred way to speak and act in a given situation. The dynamic stereotype of the personality in its desire for pleasure is given to us from birth by a certain vector set in order to develop and realize in accordance with its predestination.


A violent change in the type of thinking and the way of receiving pleasure is impossible, attempts to "install" someone else's way of life and thought (coaching) can lead to an absolute impossibility for a person to be happy. Knowing his psychic and harmoniously realizing his potential in a given vector set, a person does not experience anything but pleasure. It's another matter if, trying to break the existing personality type, the coach constantly points out mistakes and inconsistencies with the only true ideal of the getter. It hurts like any injury.


The breakdown of the deep structures of the psyche as a result of attempts to impose other people's desires, goals, habits on oneself has nothing to do with development and implementation. This is a destructive and often irreversible process that leads to severe mental disorders, neuroses, and depression. Anyone trying to do an experiment on himself called "coaching" often experiences severe headaches, insomnia, hyperkinesis, and pain in the heart. This is how the psychic sprouting by the body tries to stop the destructive process, so that the “loser” who has left the race in time remains alive.

It is clear that there are no reviews of failures on the websites of coaching companies. In the forums, the coaches themselves are promoting themselves, and those of the training participants who "received an overwhelming result" speak in memorized phrases that suggest suggestion and / or outright lies. The leaders are 5% of those who have found the "magic button", by clicking on which you can repeatedly force the client to part with their hard-earned money. These are starting new coaching already on their own behalf, otherwise they will not earn the amount required to continue communicating with the coach.



The very name of the coaching groups “business school” cries out a systemic contradiction. Two vectors of the psychic unconscious - anal (school) and skin (business) - are two sets of completely different properties, two mutually exclusive ways of getting pleasure from life!

Even when combined in one capsule of living matter, the anal and cutaneous vectors act "in turn", as if switching a person from one state to another. This happens, as a rule, under the influence of strong pressure from outside, the so-called "pressure of the landscape" (moving to another country, changing the social formation, etc.). According to the coaching dictates, the analyst will not become a businessman, like a leatherworker, he will not sit down for writing a scientific treatise. It is no coincidence that all the books in the How to Make a Million series are written by hired writers.

Betting on instilling other people's habits, alien way of thinking, other people's desires, coaching implants serious “anchors” into the minds of listeners, which can be very difficult to get rid of later. The success of this implementation depends on the training of the trainer and the suggestibility of the subject. People whose vector set does not correspond to the modern skin society find it difficult to adapt to life and most often find themselves in the arms of cunning coaches who promise something that is impossible in nature - to teach business.

Pseudo-thoughts are presented beautifully, in a bright wrapper from common quotes, manipulated for any reason, or even frankly distorted. Taken out of context, not experienced, not obtained independently, someone else's knowledge replaces the thought process adequate to a given vector set, and a person learns to focus on ready-made indicators of someone else's happiness instead of realizing his true desires, his path in this world.



Disappointment doesn't come immediately. For a while, obsessive "do as I do" spells create the illusion of utility. Falling into an unhealthy agiotation, well observed from the outside, but invisible from within the bacchanalia, some experimental subjects even manage to earn something. Albeit not the promised million, but enough to continue to pay for coaching.

Reading the terms of participation in some coaching programs, it is difficult to get rid of the feeling of tough pressure. “All your free time will be occupied by my new project. Sleep is optional. Fast implementation with no questions asked. I'm impatient. VERY impatient. If you first need to understand what / how / why / why / will it be comfortable / … - skip the move. " So speaks the skin, flickering archetypal, concerned only with the momentary benefit for itself, after even a flood. Systemically, this can be seen immediately, but how many people sincerely believe that these draconian conditions can and should be met!

In the blink of an eye, a simple scheme unfolds to attract new victims with the hands of those already caught. There is only one beneficiary - the coaching dermal provider. The same skinners remain in the game, and those of the anal sufferers who, with an incredible strain of physical and mental forces, managed to distort their picture of the world for a while. The consequences of such self-torture are sad. The least that an anal person loses, who did not have time to understand what / how / why / why, is money, the only thing that gets in return is negative experience in the piggy bank of the growing stupor … Forcibly implanted "success" is short-lived, disappointment is inevitable.


"Don't think, just copy the result of what brings success!" The “million dollar coaching” requirement seems easy to meet. The diligent listeners have already prepared pens and paper for the valuable recommendations. But a monkey can also copy. What then? Will a person trained in copying be able to act independently in a situation where there will be no one to copy? Of course not. Neither is it beneficial to those conducting coaching. The more clients are attached to the coach, the more stable the cash flow. You can't deny the guys a skin logic.

Coaching does not give development, does not teach to think and act independently, only under the control of rigid feedback. Every coach has his own coach who works for him the same way he works for his clients: don't think, copy, pay.


Coaching is theater, an inner game. Pretend to be successful by copying the behavior of the successful, and the golden key is yours. It would seem that what could be easier for the skin, whose adaptive abilities are well known? Maybe coaching is the right thing for leather workers? 24% of skin people are a good target audience for a coaching business. The rest "miss the move" and no one leaves offended.

Alas, this is not the case. Coaching does not develop in the skin either. Copying someone else's experience is marking time in any vector. Truly their own business, their own business, are opened by people who find something that has not yet existed, their "chip". This is the happiness of the leather entrepreneur, his realization as an inventor and engine of progress, whose task in the landscape is to find new ways to save the flock's resources, invent new ingenious ways to reduce time and distance. None of this is even close to giving any coaching - a rigid system of following step-by-step instructions.

The stories of multimillion-dollar successful businesses supposedly built by a coach in a past life are nothing more than a publicity stunt. If you come across those who are engaged in something other than coaching itself (very rarely), these are the owners of some funds, i.e. people with one key skill - convincing the client to part with their money. The goal of any coach is to attract people from a free webinar to paid coaching. The goal of any conscious student is to become a coach. Romantics and visionaries miss the move.



Entrepreneurial coaches constantly strive to push the boundaries of their work. They are no longer satisfied with the rough side of business, they want the music of the spheres. Then they start flaunting the word "spirituality." Having picked up on the top from open sources, such an advanced "guru" left and right distributes especially valuable advice, for example, how to build "spiritual relationships" in a couple. “To become the girlfriend of a successful man, you need to have your own business,” the “enlightened” broadcasts. The young ladies in the windows nod in frustration.

Having leisure and extra money, you can listen to further discussions about the primordial wisdom of women, fools-men and other kitchen "spirituality". It turns out that "happiness can be measured from zero to ten." You will laugh, but "you should be wary of the pig people" who do not fulfill the universal law "you are for me, I am for you." Completely lost people. You give them a free webinar, but they don't care about paid coaching. I see, pigs, who else.

There is no law in Runet prohibiting people from hanging noodles. The sites of coaching traps for those wishing to become millionaires are full of just drawn "diplomas" and strained "letters of recommendation". It is important to know: none of the most beautiful coaching diplomas guarantee your success. None of the most stunning coach biographies will be yours. Only the development and realization of one's vector assignment, the fulfillment of one's desires constitute the true success of an individual.

An objective assessment of the quality of the work of any psychologist, coach is given only by positive feedback from people after a year or more from the moment they passed the training. When the euphoria goes away, a stable long-term psychotherapeutic result remains. There are a lot of such results on the SVP YB portal.

[1] coaching - 1) sport. training 2) tutoring 3) counseling, instructing, mentoring 4) coaching, instructing the witness before testifying to him in court

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